YONEX Thailand Open | Day 3: Anthony Sinisuka Ginting (INA) [5] vs. Kunlavut Vitidsarn (THA)

13-Yan, 2021
93 383 Ko‘rishlar soni

HSBC BWF World Tour | Super 1000
YONEX Thailand Open
Men's Singles | Round of 16
Anthony Sinisuka Ginting (INA) [5] vs. Kunlavut Vitidsarn (THA)
#HSBCbadminton #BWFWorldTour #YonexThailandOpen
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    Pennington J KnickernackerPennington J Knickernacker18 soat oldin
  • Why are the girls playing in the background screaming while these 2 play so quietly?

    Trav SudzTrav SudzKun oldin
  • Kunlavut is hyun bin

    NobitaNobitaKun oldin
  • Why is this on trending with 32k views?

    CPTAZ StudiosCPTAZ StudiosKun oldin
  • Can imagine mosquitoes destiny in that hall

    fouad maghamezfouad maghamezKun oldin
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    T-Virus TerranceT-Virus TerranceKun oldin
  • Bang Ginting sukses sampai final dan juara ❤

    boru Sasadaboru SasadaKun oldin
  • Kunlavut Vitidsarn is very impressive!!!

    Lung ChanLung ChanKun oldin
  • When coming into the Arena everyone's wearing masks including the players ! Exceptions are implying to Umpires' & players' unmasking while in action ! Service Judges & Coaches are still obliged to wear them at all time ! Except the Dane(s), speaking of the rule hahaha typical huh !!!??? By the way is this Dane wearing a mask like everyone does in the bus from & to the hotel ? Could someone tell us ?!

    FlibbertigibbetFlibbertigibbetKun oldin
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    Daughter of the KINGDaughter of the KINGKun oldin
  • Godamn the lady on the other court is grunting loud as hell

    Greg MGreg MKun oldin
    • No wonder. It's Carolina Marin 😆

      hibells!hibells!Kun oldin
  • Vitidsarn's gameplay is very mature given his age. He could be really good if he keeps it up

    Jim YangJim YangKun oldin
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    Cynthia JonesCynthia JonesKun oldin
  • I reckon Vittidsarn may well be world number one within five years

    Robert PriceRobert PriceKun oldin
    • Rasmus gemke i think

      MuhammadKhairulMuhammadKhairulKun oldin
  • Ini botak nyusahin ginting aje yeee.. siapa sih nih orang ga pernah keliatan sebelumnya

    oom Turtleoom TurtleKun oldin
    • @Dana Slosar cuman skedar info aj bang kunlavut ini sdh pernah di kalahin sama boby setiabudi yaitu junior nya ginting yg skrg msh di gembleng di platnas pbsi dia blm naik kelas ke senior level nya msh di kelas bwf level 100-500 yg dia ikutin

      Rockin SageRockin Sage3 soat oldin
    • @De Rann the next number one ini mah gantiin momota,skrg aja udah bertengger diperingkat 28 padahal baru naik kelevel senior.

      boru Sasadaboru SasadaKun oldin
    • Dia emang baru naek kelas senior. Dl Jarang main2 level senior, jd gk ke sorot aja. Dia 3x juara dunia junior berturut2. Jd next mngkin bakal populer krn skill nya bagus

      De RannDe RannKun oldin
    • kata saya mah kunlavut ini the next number one,secara dijunior dia juara dunia beruntun slma 3x. dia seangkatan sama Leo/Daniel

      boru Sasadaboru SasadaKun oldin
    • @Dana Slosar lah junior ginting ga bs kalahin dia, skrg ginting yg udah ga junior bs ngalahin dia.. lah kudet gmn Tuh mana ada tuh berita soal junior, aya2 wae dikau

      oom Turtleoom TurtleKun oldin
  • Kunlavut kenapa rambutnya di potong pendek bingiiittttssss

    Lost DeweanLost DeweanKun oldin
    • *banyak percaya begituan mereka mah.

      Dana SlosarDana SlosarKun oldin
    • Buang sial kali wkwkwk, gatau dah kenapa atlet thailand suka buang sial. Pattarasuda Chaiwan ganti nama jadi Phittayaporn Chaiwan, menurut dese sih biar lebih maju lagi kali ya badminton nya. Tapi malah makin kelelep daripada dulu pas masih bernama Pattarasuda. Kwanchanok Sudjaipraparat juga ganti nama jadi Jhenicha Sudjaipraparat dan makin tenggelam juga dia. Banyak pecpp

      Dana SlosarDana SlosarKun oldin
  • Is Kunlavut 181 cm or 173 cm. Google says 173 cm but in this video it says 181 cm. He does look closer to 173 cm than 181 cm 🤔🤨

    Jesse DumontJesse Dumont2 kun oldin
    • I think he still growing, maybe google doesn't update his recent height

      Procyon 15Procyon 15Kun oldin
  • Fighting Ginting ❤️🤍🇮🇩

    DearannissaDearannissa2 kun oldin
  • Pelatihnya ginting, apakah ganti? Atau gimana? Ada yg bs bantu jelasin. Maaf, saya kudet

    Mas PrasMas Pras2 kun oldin
    • Wilujeng Damayanti makasih penjelasannya... manfaat sekali

      Mas PrasMas Pras2 kun oldin
    • Engga ini asisten pelatih ms yg nemenin di thailand nama nya coach irwan dia emang biasa nemenin yg ms pratama

      Wilujeng DamayantiWilujeng Damayanti2 kun oldin
  • Insya allah ginting pemenangnya thailand open.

    Murtini HariyantoMurtini Hariyanto2 kun oldin
  • On fire for QF tomorrow, Ting!

    mitha s.mitha s.2 kun oldin
  • Ginting win

    Neni WahyuniNeni Wahyuni2 kun oldin
  • Mantappp.. semoga bs juara ting

    Sarok KuaciSarok Kuaci2 kun oldin
  • Ginting ❤️

    ika aristaika arista2 kun oldin
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    stri GraysHarrstri GraysHarr2 kun oldin
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    Andrew BurnAndrew Burn2 kun oldin
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    tali FlaviFlavtali FlaviFlav2 kun oldin
  • emang Ginting gaada obat! semangat terus ginting!!!

    Mashuri Putra WaluyojatiMashuri Putra Waluyojati2 kun oldin
    • Masih banyak eror sendiri...hrs di benahi....

      Ganter OtanxGanter OtanxKun oldin
  • Congrats Ginting

    Fikri HandikoFikri Handiko2 kun oldin
  • Nice Ginting

    Muhammad Khozinul AsrorMuhammad Khozinul Asror2 kun oldin
  • iam beautiful

    Nadiyah NadiyahNadiyah Nadiyah2 kun oldin
    • Yes u are

      JustWantBetter LifeJustWantBetter Life2 kun oldin
  • Ginting juara

    Budie JebudBudie Jebud2 kun oldin
  • eggcelent Ginting ❤️

    Fauzan Karim sdit fajar ilahi 2 bengkongFauzan Karim sdit fajar ilahi 2 bengkong2 kun oldin