Yelawolf - Rowdy ft. Machine Gun Kelly & DJ Paul (Official Music Video)

18-Sen, 2020
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Yelawolf - Rowdy ft. Machine Gun Kelly & DJ Paul (Official Music Video)
Trunk Muzik 3' out now:
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Music in this video
Song - Rowdy
Artist - YelaWolf / Machine Gun Kelly
Album - Trunk Muzik 3
Licensed to UZworld by
EMPIRE (on behalf of Slumerican / Shady / Interscope); EMI Music Publishing, PEDL, LatinAutor - SonyATV, BMG Rights Management (US), LLC, CMRRA, AMRA, Warner Chappell, Kobalt Music Publishing, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, and 10 Music Rights Societies

  • I like. Wonder what 2Pac, Biggie, or Easy E would think? Foreal...

    BillBill5 soat oldin
  • Definitely needed EM on this joint fuckin banger

    NiL8 TattoosNiL8 Tattoos12 soat oldin
  • This is Straight FIRE

    Jason JayJason Jay15 soat oldin
  • Didn't machine gun karen say yelawolfs music sucks

    Derek DoornbosDerek Doornbos16 soat oldin
  • Lmao why is MGK in his rap devil outfit? This video came out in September 2020

    Montana ManculichMontana Manculich17 soat oldin
  • The beat tho

    jpeagle21jpeagle2118 soat oldin
  • 🚘

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid19 soat oldin
  • I felt like I burned some calories after watching that video.

    daniel heinzdaniel heinz19 soat oldin
  • *Ruff*

    Raymont PantherRaymont Panther20 soat oldin
  • Mgk should come back to hip hop with one album, as one half of a duo with Yela

    Don Verb Street HopDon Verb Street Hop20 soat oldin
  • It's awesome how mgk gives so much energy even in the shots were he's in the back of the group

    Student Dison RoseStudent Dison Rose23 soat oldin
  • Yelawolf str8 cold

    Aa AaAa AaKun oldin
  • I love the alt rock MGK but I will always crave the flow

    Brady frankBrady frankKun oldin
  • *I'm gonna hate on MGK for life after I found out he's with Megan Fox.* 🤔🤯

    Oliver StonedOliver StonedKun oldin
  • Reminds me of Master P Bout it bout it II 🤔

    jdm chaserjdm chaserKun oldin
  • MGK 🔥🔥..

    Mayank GusainMayank GusainKun oldin
  • Ya boys goin thru it yela do what you can to be there for his hard ass kuz he needs you believe that real is hard to find in regular life I couldn't imagine being in his shoes bet he feels like he ain't got anyone

    Bryan MillerBryan MillerKun oldin
  • This is the MGK that I love ❤️

    L SkyL SkyKun oldin
  • i wish this wasnt a industry sounding song

    Josh SkipkaJosh SkipkaKun oldin
  • honestly MGK looked out of place until he rapped... thank you Marshal

    Aaron TilleryAaron TilleryKun oldin
  • I wonder if they tested everyone since nobody had masks? 👺

    Beau LeblancBeau LeblancKun oldin
  • Followers followers... they both are amazing talents in their own right. To deny one or the other shows your inability to see past rap drama. #independentmindsusethem

    BBKun oldin
  • Bizzy bone flow at 1:35

    joestl314joestl314Kun oldin
  • I can't help but thinkk of 1000 rounds lol

    Damien LewisDamien LewisKun oldin
  • I slept on this like propofol

    CRAY CRAYCRAY CRAY2 kun oldin
  • No Paul verse ?! Wtffff cmon nowww

    psychological terrorpsychological terror2 kun oldin
  • Yelawolfs a clown

    Sean PenSean Pen2 kun oldin
  • Best yela verse ever

    Tin TizzyTin Tizzy2 kun oldin
  • MGK renegade whew

    MikeyJoJo6385MikeyJoJo63852 kun oldin
  • I hope no weed was spilled during the making of this video, that's drug abuse.

    Sonn IkdohSonn Ikdoh2 kun oldin
  • Check out “AUZ WKK” all platforms 👀

    Heatstroke ChaseHeatstroke Chase2 kun oldin
  • Make a video with a bunch of hoes but gotta stand 6ft apart. Let's go😂

    Caleb LacyCaleb Lacy2 kun oldin
  • 1:07 that poor girls neck lol. shes high affff

    E RainE Rain2 kun oldin
  • Yela nd Eminem is best frnd 🥺 then y he collaborated with mothafucker MGK ?😳 btw lit song🔥 much love from india 🇮🇳 ❤️🤘🏽

    Avinash TidakeAvinash Tidake2 kun oldin
  • Yummy dope it 💣💥💥

    Aojungshi JamirAojungshi Jamir2 kun oldin
  • Fire🔥

    April SepulvadoApril Sepulvado2 kun oldin
  • Rap is child

    aungtet phyoaungtet phyo2 kun oldin
  • Let's see if I can get a reply from yelawolf... Mill Village, Walnut Park, Hinds Road, Tuscaloosa Avenue, Paradise Lanes, and Old School Ink (from back in the day)

    TjKeenerTjKeener3 kun oldin
  • Looks like a bunch of skeletons dancing around eat mo fo's and lay off the dope!

    Business AsUsualBusiness AsUsual3 kun oldin
  • Mgk was just doing a diss against Eminem now he’s doing a feat in Eminem’s artists song who runs shit? Lmfao

    Gorillahemp GrowsGorillahemp Grows3 kun oldin
  • This is probably my 15th time listening to this fire..

    Nezar KingNezar King3 kun oldin
  • Yellowwolf destroyed the verse

    Tyler MorganTyler Morgan3 kun oldin
  • Yo MGK, I love you so much bro. Not on no gay tip. You just give me fuel for my fire!!!!!!!!!

    Anthony ScafidiAnthony Scafidi3 kun oldin
  • I thought that was Tech n9ne until I realized it was Dj Paul..

    Tai PatronTai Patron3 kun oldin
  • My little brother loooooooooves this song

    Kristen GonzalesKristen Gonzales3 kun oldin

    A7lways A HURRICANEA7lways A HURRICANE3 kun oldin
  • Social distancing?

    Uniwan DharUniwan Dhar3 kun oldin
    • 2019

      Tin TizzyTin Tizzy2 kun oldin
  • my boy mgk hyped as fuck

    Boris CavenderBoris Cavender3 kun oldin
  • Im Rowdy lol

    Rowdy the HypemanRowdy the Hypeman3 kun oldin
  • L

    Brady TaylorBrady Taylor3 kun oldin
  • Damn! All these hot, talented men in one video!🔥🔥🔥Love it!❤️

    L SkyL Sky4 kun oldin
  • REBYANK rowdy

    Philip ScogginsPhilip Scoggins4 kun oldin
  • Never really listened to these dudes but this shit straight 🔥!!!

    Damon HendersonDamon Henderson4 kun oldin
  • Roll Tide till I Die!! Dixie Mafia,What y’all know ‘bout dem bAmA BoyZ

    Stephanie MonteroStephanie Montero4 kun oldin
  • Mama use to whop that backside, I took that Bible belt. Ever since then it's been yes mam' and mama how can I help? 🤣😂 Best part

    meghan Ferrarimeghan Ferrari4 kun oldin
  • Yella DESTROYED the other white boy.

    NAPAXoneNAPAXone4 kun oldin
  • Bout time machine gun Karen spits some bars 🙄

    Jami KristinaJami Kristina4 kun oldin
  • who's here for MGK???

    torxxxtorxxx4 kun oldin
  • Shady wouldn't let him spit like this. He's the shit

    101bigboyd101bigboyd4 kun oldin
    • @john bradley also under his own label

      101bigboyd101bigboyd4 kun oldin
    • This is off the last album he made under shadys label.

      john bradleyjohn bradley4 kun oldin
  • l'm so excited when l see DJ Paul

    洛酷司大洛酷司大4 kun oldin
  • Yela sounds like Cardi 😂

    Cédric LabelleCédric Labelle4 kun oldin
    • Cardi sound like yela he been doing it 20yrs lol

      Tin TizzyTin Tizzy2 kun oldin
  • Damn wolf I wonder how em feels about this

    Keith MooreKeith Moore4 kun oldin
  • Yo, Kelly tries so hard to look cool. Dudes never done anything gangster in his life. Dope rapper but his image is so fake.

    Jason MooreJason Moore4 kun oldin
    • Clearly you're a stan upset about a 2 year old beef, he got a felony charge at 14 not to mention it's not his song, he followed with a verse that fits what Yela wanted, I'm guessing you wanted them to be at a retirement home or something? Like it or not him on this song will always be under Ems label, move on, maybe you'll bloom like MGK has

      JollyJolly4 kun oldin
    • He made rap devil... Thats gangsta itself...

      Ron PillayRon Pillay4 kun oldin
  • Who said mgk was done with rap and had no clips for ya ass

    Arnez CarterArnez Carter5 kun oldin
  • top gun neverrun......true dat. he never ran from the beef with em, plus eminem didnt even ended his career MGK still spiting out the speakers

    Kiefer TalleyKiefer Talley5 kun oldin
  • Kinda funny, the whole MGk eminem beef just seems in question. I mean he is still under shady records. I felt like I drank the koolaid on the beef. Am i the only 1 that sees the clout chase in this shit?

    Jordan StruckJordan Struck5 kun oldin
    • Seemed fake from the beginning

      Tin TizzyTin Tizzy2 kun oldin
    • called it before emenemim put out killshot, hype money for them all. it was entertaining af though, so hats off

      Don T. RipfüllerDon T. Ripfüller5 kun oldin
  • lets just admit it if eminem replaced mgk in this song but used the same exact lyrics yall would think its straight fire.

    Donkey_Doink69Donkey_Doink695 kun oldin
  • shit go cap.

    Gideon JagerGideon Jager5 kun oldin
  • Mgk is that one white kid in school that tried way to hard to be gangsta. You know the one white kid that made sure to check off all the stereotypes. Used way to much slang when he talked. Threw up a gang sign in every picture he was ever in. Bragged about shit that everybody knew never happened. Would buy a 20 sac and break it down into 2 dimes and resell it to claim he hustling. Mgk is exactly the type of kid yelawolf was talking about in his verse. Yela said we dont pistol wave and not 45 seconds later heres mgk literally waiving a pistol. He is such a weak bitch. You can like him and his music. But its undeniable that he his a soft, weak, posier.

    Branden SBranden S5 kun oldin
    • @Tin Tizzy lmfao.

      Donkey_Doink69Donkey_Doink692 kun oldin
    • Damn you put a lot of thought into mgk sounds like love to me

      Tin TizzyTin Tizzy2 kun oldin
    • and as if your any better then him? imagine talking shit about MGK but here you are on the internet writing a whole paragraph hating on him LMFAO. people like you is one of the reasons he makes bank lmfao

      Donkey_Doink69Donkey_Doink695 kun oldin

    Wiltron 206Wiltron 2065 kun oldin
  • man this video was crunk when it got shot. didn't think it would drop glad it did so everyone can see how rowdy we got

    Militant MikeMilitant Mike5 kun oldin
  • Never forget Em was supposed to be on this song but MGK dissed Em and ruined all that

    Ejlive1997Ejlive19975 kun oldin
    • Yela lowkey agreeing with mgk and calling em a nerd probably didn't help either

      Tin TizzyTin Tizzy2 kun oldin
    • Nah, you don't know the facts.

      Lucas NavenLucas Naven4 kun oldin
  • Think about it, I discovered this music during my workout

    Rishab MandalRishab Mandal5 kun oldin
  • I'm huge fan of both but damn yelawolf went hard on this

    chargerscrazychargerscrazy5 kun oldin
  • All of us wolf fans have been waiting on this video to finally drop and it does with big drip status and DJ Paul in the video cause he helped produce this whole album.. thank you wolf for going back to the roots and thank you MGK for being real and versatile! Please do more projects together fellas this was fire!

    Thomas RevisThomas Revis6 kun oldin
  • Typical shit

    Rinat AlihanRinat Alihan6 kun oldin
  • Chorus plays & all I can think about is Master P: Bout It Bout It but a way more hype version. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Way back

    Kiwi The EmpressKiwi The Empress6 kun oldin
  • Straight out GA

    706 DSGB706 DSGB6 kun oldin
  • Would have been better with a great feature like Tech 9. MGK IS TRASH

    CJ BenkoskiCJ Benkoski6 kun oldin
  • Let's be real, white rappers will never get the mainstream respect they deserve. You gotta be a sell out like Eminem to get any love.

    albinodrow74albinodrow746 kun oldin
    • Who cares about mainstream lol

      Tin TizzyTin Tizzy2 kun oldin
  • Yela asked Eminem if it was ok that he made this song with mgk.

    The Chosen OneThe Chosen One6 kun oldin
    • but do u know if this song is for telling to eminem??

      anonymous1234anonymous12346 kun oldin
  • 3:09

    Rodrigo RomeroRodrigo Romero6 kun oldin
  • This has to be a ring walk song especially mgk verse

    Adam GoodwinAdam Goodwin6 kun oldin
  • Now damnt I done said I was Rowdy and bout it!!! Lol!🔥💯❤💯🔥

    Amanda WilburnAmanda Wilburn6 kun oldin
  • This hits so hard covid tested positive for being human.

    jonathan mayberryjonathan mayberry6 kun oldin
  • 1000 ways to die covid 19 all in the video😂 but stay tuned in for more fuck up ways to catch covid 19

    T CT C6 kun oldin
    • 2019 nerd

      Tin TizzyTin Tizzy2 kun oldin
  • DJ Paul looks like Tech N9ne here

    Reymatik BeatzReymatik Beatz6 kun oldin
    • Tech N9ne left in the microwave

      Tin TizzyTin Tizzy2 kun oldin
  • Straight 🔥

    Kenneth StanfordKenneth Stanford6 kun oldin
  • look at MGK trying to come back from his death bead.

    DBJ Mr JAZZYDBJ Mr JAZZY7 kun oldin
    • This was over a year ago

      Tin TizzyTin Tizzy2 kun oldin
    • Look at the hater stan talking shit in a comment section

      Donkey_Doink69Donkey_Doink695 kun oldin
    • poor stan

      anis nisouanis nisou5 kun oldin
  • Imagine em also did his verse

    SUDISH YTSUDISH YT7 kun oldin
  • MGK and Yela?! Ok I see y’all!!

    Arran JohnsonArran Johnson7 kun oldin
  • MGK went bezerk on dis track..

    Kes EvuenKes Evuen7 kun oldin
  • Yela alwayz been lyrically dope n largely slept on.. nice 2get dis joint from him. Guess he is back..

    Kes EvuenKes Evuen7 kun oldin
  • Definitely not a Yela style song... MGK killed way harder; seemed more his style.

    Michael GMichael G7 kun oldin
  • Haarrrrddddd🔥

    Gilang Febriyanto NugrohoGilang Febriyanto Nugroho7 kun oldin
  • Let the workout begin!!!

    Nezar KingNezar King8 kun oldin
  • 2 stan hangin together

    NiromaNiroma8 kun oldin
    • Facts

      NiromaNiroma2 kun oldin
    • They both called em a nerd lol they about that rock star life and em about that dictionary life

      Tin TizzyTin Tizzy2 kun oldin
  • Yelawolf is back

    Rounnok MazumdarRounnok Mazumdar8 kun oldin
  • i like this music

    ty herringty herring8 kun oldin
  • Alabama stand up!

    Midget GreenMidget Green8 kun oldin