WOW!! TRUMP STEPS IN TO GIVE MORE MONEY! Second Stimulus Check Update

22-Okt, 2020
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Second Stimulus Check Update Today - When the chief senate republican negotiators Steve Mnuchin and Mark Meadows find themselves back at the table in the white house with chief democrat house of representative negotiators Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, both sides seem to already agree that a new stimulus package should include a second stimulus check and SSI SSDI as well as social security benefits recipients qualified in the Cares Act. If Congress does pass another stimulus bill, we could get an additional second stimulus check, rental assistance and perhaps student loans extensions. SBA (Small Business Administration) is no longer accepting PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) applications from participating lenders. President Trump said his administration and Congress are currently negotiating the exact amount included in the next round of relief. Retroactive stimulus checks and direct payments are being negotiated in this second stimulus package along with unemployment benefits and extended unemployment insurance benefits such as PUA, PCUA, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, regular unemployment insurance benefits, PEUC. These statements come just days after Mitch Mcconnell's political comments to Nancy Pelosi. The American people need more money to pay bills, for stock market investments, to pay their mortgage and rental properties, life insurance premiums and other personal finance wealth building tools to reduce their dependencies on government stimulus money, hazard pay and grants... Financial freedom is truly, the only solution... but also, let's not forget business owners as they / we are people too and they employee the average American, therefore it is clear that additional funding like SBA loans and PPP loans are essential.
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  • Hey Jimmy! Thank you so much for the updates! The coverage is great! Any thoughts on asking viewers to 'Crush the Subscribe button!'?

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    • The "Monster Crush"...... Doesn't actually have a ring to it but WTH.. "Chancy Nancy" sounds good but doesn't match the tune.. the "monster crush" oh even better .. Chuck Berry doing the "Crush" like in Come on everybody let's do the "Crush".. lol.. let me get off before I get even cornier ... Peace Baby...

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    • Good evening Jimmy thank you for keeping us update have a great day evening and 8 in the morning

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    • 😳😀😂😂😂😂😂😎✌LMAO

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    • @Jack of all trades aa

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    • So cute!! Thank you for the info. God bless you and yours.

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  • Optimism is the catch word, because to Pelosi that means getting her way to finance states and cities, but for Trump optimism means that conceivably Pelosi is ready to compromise by conceding to her resolve for states and cities to get bailed out.

    William RobersonWilliam Roberson25 kun oldin
  • That's what it should be it should be on a pandemic and the kids going to school and everything I was seeing born after November because it's going to get bad and president just don't realize it

    Susan GordonSusan Gordon26 kun oldin
  • Hopefully they give us the money soon. All should be booted out of office who are up for re-election.

    Mike webberMike webber26 kun oldin
  • I hope so. Thanks for the update Jimmy.

    Mike webberMike webber26 kun oldin
  • It's sad that you guys are making the Americans wait longer and you know that the people need them before the election would not give up and get them out as soon as possible

    Linda BartlettLinda Bartlett27 kun oldin
  • This is the 3rd 48 hours, American citizens have been waiting for the last 3 months so,I think the stimulus package will be BIGGER,GREATER ,LATER once Democrats win the election in November. Joe Biden is going to hook Americans up!! Only truth that Nancy Pelosi said - once Democrats win the big package she will pass.

    Bettys BeachBettys BeachOy oldin
  • Baby Yoda has the message Crush The🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Tam LewisTam LewisOy oldin
  • All of them are big lies how long they keep talking about helping the American family shame on them I'm sick of the same thing over and over again they are not going to do nothing

    Hycinth WilsonHycinth WilsonOy oldin
  • 👍🏻💰💰💰

    Maria Andersen - Millionaire in 7 yearsMaria Andersen - Millionaire in 7 yearsOy oldin
  • Hey Jimmy, do you know what I find strange in all of this is the amount for Americans is set at $1200 even though we have had to wait excessive time waiting on these govt officials, I thought they were professionals but obviously not, If it takes this long just to put together a basic budget stimulus plan, but I understand the incompetence of Gov't officials is their inability to get along and work together

    Gerald Corbin JrGerald Corbin JrOy oldin
  • Yes Biden just told three lies that can be proven by previous videos check it out

    Carolyn BassettCarolyn BassettOy oldin
  • For real!!

    catherine onealcatherine onealOy oldin
  • They are full of crap!!!

    catherine onealcatherine onealOy oldin
  • Jimmy, it's a complete joke already

    Peter CorpusPeter CorpusOy oldin
  • We just need to stop with the bullshit and fucking approve something already. Of course the millionaire politicians are taking their sweet time because they aren't struggling.

    The JexeRThe JexeROy oldin

    Mary SelfMary SelfOy oldin
  • Trump gives more money? I haven’t seen any more money since May 2020?

    Jim FromearthJim FromearthOy oldin
  • Hi Jimmy thank you for everyday giving us the news about the stimulus checks and God bless you and your wife for taking the time to let us know about checks and what's going on may God keep blessing you your wife and you cute little boy in Jesus name amen

    Marcia LouissaintMarcia LouissaintOy oldin
  • Let me say jimmy thank u butt they need to stop bullshitting folks need help in a bad way

  • Hi Jimmy thank you for the update you and your wife I really appreciate that I think that the President should get the executive order so he can get it over with because this is way too long enough is enough already because it seems like nobody can agree to anything so he needs to get it done and get it over with so the American people can get the stimula check.all this time look like they should have got it done a long time ago all this negotiation and nobody's agreeing on the same thing get this done get it over with what are your waiting for the American people are suffering and still suffering they act like little kids get this done this should have been over a long time ago this don't make no doggone sense to me everybody bickering back and forth picking fingers at another back and forth going on vacations back and forth going on recess man get this dog on bill pass so everybody can be happy so people let's all pray 🙏🙏🙏 that they get this bill passed real fast and may God be with all of us. Which I know he will he will make sure that the American people will get the stimula check...Amen!

    debra browndebra brownOy oldin
  • Oooooh look, the stimulus bubble is floating again - ready to pop at any time ○ P.S. they don't care about us!

    LoisAnn WuepperLoisAnn WuepperOy oldin
  • It's the same story day after day. Thanks for the update Jimmy.

    Kerry RieuKerry RieuOy oldin
  • Im not voting for trump or Mitch. Mitch is a idiot. But Mitch will win because the one running against him is just as bad as he is

    David SmithDavid SmithOy oldin
  • Over and over and over again! What a bunch of crap. While we the people Lose Everything we've Worked for!!!!!shit or just get off the pot people...

    Suza SeyllerSuza SeyllerOy oldin
  • All this talk about getting more money and its comng and nothing..... Still not seeing anything in my bank account

    ulises Barbosa Jrulises Barbosa JrOy oldin
  • I believe he had a part in this pandemic thinking it will help him to get reelected

    Angelia LucearAngelia LucearOy oldin
  • I wish some would just do something instead just talking about it.

    Brianna ChapinBrianna ChapinOy oldin
  • What does he "Trump" mean by having to go back to work once "The Plague" came. So he has been on vacation since he has been in office? Help me understand!

    Aquila TorianAquila TorianOy oldin
  • I think $2000 for adults and $1000 per child would be a good number since we have been screwed for so long

    sharktoy2sharktoy2Oy oldin
  • They need to go ahead and give out the direct payments and work on the rest of the stimulus bill. We've been waiting TOO long.

    Catressha ParrishCatressha ParrishOy oldin
  • I don't get it if the money is just sitting there already approved why don't they just send it out. What are they doing with all that money just sitting there while people are losing a lot. I'm just totally disgusted with the government completely

    Bill KocikBill KocikOy oldin
  • Come on screw the language , help the people, could be alwas could be that's all you talk about, nothing new, your friend Nancy if evil, we don't need her the house can over ride her if the just get 20 to vote with the Republicans. Pelosi will do nothing

    David AndersonDavid AndersonOy oldin
  • Geez...runaround..runaround...I keep saying is total cruelty to keep dangling this carrot. We have waited for months and months...? How long are they gonna keep teasing everyone?? Just tell us we aren't getting anything already!!!

    C. AndersonC. AndersonOy oldin
  • Thank you Jimmy and Mrs!

    J MonroeJ MonroeOy oldin
  • You don't have to be unemployed,,, my daughter and I booth work,,, and in the covid -19 I myself work in Healthcare!!! Why are we so fixated on giving away our Tax Dollars!!! To give to Americans that do not want to work???

    melissamelissaOy oldin
  • Hope they can play ball.

    Marjorie ẞmithMarjorie ẞmithOy oldin
  • If you're tired of Nancy holding up the checks, then quit holding her up.. V O T E her out of office

    larry ormsbylarry ormsbyOy oldin
  • Let's see a TD PLEEEZE ‼️

    Inez BelurgiInez BelurgiOy oldin
  • I’m not voting until they pass a stimulus package 📦

    Jerald FletcherJerald FletcherOy oldin
  • To H with everything else in the bill and divide the 2 trillion amongst all the people! That way it benefits everyone all at once.

    ArvadaArvadaOy oldin
  • Na 9/10 they will just sit on the leftover and we won't see it again, but everyone will know it's there. Hope to god not though.

    Wang Da Cheng王达成Wang Da Cheng王达成Oy oldin
  • What happened to drunk Nancy saying this next stimulus would be retroactive and more. Now it sounds like again we aren’t going to get anything.

    Jennifer LoweJennifer LoweOy oldin
  • Jimmy any other President would have dealt with the virus better than Trump we wouldn't have lost so many people

    Donna LindoDonna LindoOy oldin
  • Can you explain what they mean by retroactive for the stimulus checks bc it's only one check and the same amount but with unemployment retroactive means back pay! Does that mean we will get 6 months worth of checks in one check like $7,200 or just one check of $1,200 I don't understand that part of the stimulus check!?

    Kyle KirbyKyle KirbyOy oldin
  • What does Nancy mean when she says, "crush the virus"? Is Nancy the virus in Congress that voters are going to CRUSH Nov.3rd. Voters, try someone new, vote her out, it will be a good thing.

    Carol GwizdakCarol GwizdakOy oldin
  • How many times we must keep hearing the same crap. Trump always want to go up but it doesn't get know were he said that crap before I really so done with the this stimulus. So what is he waiting on he said crap before. So what ever these people is playing mind games good luck

    Darlene DowDarlene DowOy oldin
  • If and when dependants get a stimulus, should I do something to ensure they get there check , because their dad claimed them and he kept the 500 that was due to them.

    Milagros CamachoMilagros CamachoOy oldin
  • We haven't got nothing in months be ones check and look how long it take to get a 2nd check.

    Alsup JlaAlsup JlaOy oldin
  • You sound like you’re on Trump’s campaign staff. I appreciate what you’re doing but it would be nice if you sound more neutral. No offence

    Evon BaileyEvon BaileyOy oldin
  • Endless circles of building up hope only to end up disappointed.

    Julie MaddenJulie MaddenOy oldin
  • Another 48 hrs. Here count this 🖕. We are in need of Help. They don't care. So here is another one 🖕. Do you want 46 more of these Congress?

    Armando HernandezArmando HernandezOy oldin
  • We will have to go through the same thing if we get another 1

    Carol StarcherCarol StarcherOy oldin
  • We just want our money now that’s all

    Michael HMichael HOy oldin
  • Yes it is a hard to navigate the country with a virus that is really bad.. for anyone to be in charge was going to be a challenge...BUT !!! and I say BUT, had the president made it look like this is serous and be the example by wearing a mask and having it mandatory and like be it’s not real it’s fake/hoax... then we would not have all back and forth with the “stimulus package” debacle...We’re not on the same page this is what happens...

    Armando CarranzaArmando CarranzaOy oldin
  • Will they talk about the stimulus

    Carol StarcherCarol StarcherOy oldin
  • It will happen again if we dont get stimulus

    Carol StarcherCarol StarcherOy oldin
  • He can if he wanted to

    Carol StarcherCarol StarcherOy oldin
  • This should have been done a long time ago

    Carol StarcherCarol StarcherOy oldin
  • Pres. Trump is not going to give the stimulus because he does not want to help people especially if they support Joe Biden. Scared he will sign the stimulus and not beat Biden.. Its very sad our President is not looking out for citizens.

    Norma ThomasNorma ThomasOy oldin
  • It’s been the same shit this shit is so stupid they can’t keep dragging it out and dragging it out nothings going to happen

    Nate DevinneyNate DevinneyOy oldin
  • Here we are again, same old promises. President Trump needs to sign the order and I believe he will, he just needs to do it. Nancy is going to find some reason to refuse the offer. I don't know about others but I need the money a month ago

    judith Bartlettjudith BartlettOy oldin
  • I doubt we'll be crushing this virus anytime soon. Just last week, my husband and I drove past a classic car show with over a few hundred people in attendance and BARELY anyone had masks on. Lots of hugging, kissing, drinking, none with any type of coverage smh.

    Juju LJuju LOy oldin
  • Sooo many people hurting right now,and they don’t even care....people almost dying....and they could care less

    del anthony enosdel anthony enosOy oldin
  • Thank You Jimmy and Family for helping us with the money we All need desperately.

    Karen QuintinallaKaren QuintinallaOy oldin
  • Sorry Jimmy I had to stop watching for a little bit, I started getting depressed. My family and I are truly suffering 😪😪😪

    Asia GipsonAsia GipsonOy oldin
  • i do not trust the polls

    Kelly NotaKelly NotaOy oldin
  • Im sick of listening to you with false information, everything is in the next 48 hours since July, liars the politicians and yourself

    Jesus OlveraJesus OlveraOy oldin
  • They Can Say A 300,000,000,

    Thomas VelinskieThomas VelinskieOy oldin
  • Trump is only making promises that any intelligent person knows. They have been doing the play and promise. This has gone on far too long

    Michelle Van WalsenMichelle Van WalsenOy oldin
  • It should be abt Biden family being corrupt

    noretta mobleynoretta mobleyOy oldin
  • People is never satisfied no matter what

    noretta mobleynoretta mobleyOy oldin
  • Trump didnt cause this virus

    noretta mobleynoretta mobleyOy oldin
  • For real let me just say this.... Congress is full of it. Trump needs to put his foot up someone's rear end. Pelosi needs to stop freaking talking for 30 minutes and actually talk for a couple of hours instead. This run around is full of bull crap. If they took a look at some of these comments people are leaving on here maybe they would get the fact that WE THE PEOPLE ARE IN DEBT JUST AS MUCH AS THE STATES IN A WHOLE. We the people are losing our homes our kids are going hungry we are losing jobs AGAIN. This damn virus isn't done yet its about to get worse. CANADA gives they're people a check every month. Other countries are doing hella better than we are. China put this virus into affect to mess us up and so far they have succeeded. Do you hear us congress.. We are homeless starving and cant find work to pull us outta this hole. WE NEED THE MONEY NOW NOT IN A WEEK OR TWO OR WHENEVER YOU WANNA GIVE IT TO US. WE ARE LOSING EVERYTHING WE WORKED FOR AND ITS LIKE YALL ARE LAUGHING "AT WE THE PEOPLE."

    Sena SimmonsSena SimmonsOy oldin
  • He ABSOLUTELY CAN DO IT--because the money is not in the US Treasury....800 B.....ready time go--no Congressional approval needed,and even if there was...Congress would never sue.....

    del anthony enosdel anthony enosOy oldin
  • He was biased

    noretta mobleynoretta mobleyOy oldin
  • Wow!!!! Oh boy, talk about technical wording approval for the "Stimulus Package" with "State's Unemployment" assistance and other financial incentives to help all U.S. businesses and citizens across America. Yes, "cautious optimism" on a potential deal that is good to know and see that both sides want to wrap this up by Friday afternoon. If President Trump, decides to sign an "Executive Order" for stimulus checks to be sent out, will be a big incentive for ALL of us to receive one. I read your introduction below the title of your channel name and that is the best details from you about, this current video overview, I have ever read from you! Great write up on your reported discussion and overview update from you and your wife to educate us all out there watching you.

    Alexander McKayAlexander McKayOy oldin
  • Mitch and Pelosi has got to go they don’t want to help Americans Mitch dont want no stimulus checks

    noretta mobleynoretta mobleyOy oldin
  • He can do it if he wants to and he knows we can I don't know what's the deal between him and her but they've got to stop this they're not hurting each other their heart with the American people

    Faye MillicanFaye MillicanOy oldin
  • I am with you Jimmy. As important as foreign policy is other things are in force front. Yes crush the virus.

    Nancy KorzeniowskiNancy KorzeniowskiOy oldin
  • This whole thing is a joke7 At this point mine as well vote for Kanye7

    Ashley BrownAshley BrownOy oldin
  • Love your videos Jimmy you Rock!!

    Andrew BrinerAndrew BrinerOy oldin
  • I would like to see one politician that has no food on the table. 😥

    Jennifer BrowneJennifer BrowneOy oldin
  • Stimulus check update: " in the next 48 hours blah blah blah" In the SpongeBob voice " Three weeks later "

    daddygreat1daddygreat1Oy oldin
  • Thank you Jimmy for your hard work.

    luvzmoveezluvzmoveezOy oldin

    Michael Peterson's LOVING MUSIC, LOVING LIFEMichael Peterson's LOVING MUSIC, LOVING LIFEOy oldin
  • They have said 48hours 48hours ago. Tipical politicians beating around the bush.

    B YoungB YoungOy oldin
  • Bull malarkey..jimmy,do you not remember them saying 48hrs days ago?....they are laughing at us!...and if you vote against Trump because of a virus ur a fool and should not vote...and b4 you say anything,I'm independent..could care less who the president is when the virus is around

    J AllenJ AllenOy oldin
  • We are suffering losing our homes an lives tryin to get by with no money,they dont care

    Barbara BlevinsBarbara BlevinsOy oldin
  • If this is going to help Trump or McConnell they can shove it.

    William DingerWilliam DingerOy oldin
  • Hey Jimmy....thanks for all the information.

    Glynis CampbellGlynis CampbellOy oldin
  • I live in Florida and Florida is definitely Trump country... If the fake polls have them close that means in reality Trump's killing sleepy creepy Joe

    Richard ReynoldsRichard ReynoldsOy oldin
  • Man I wish they would come on tell them we need at least 2000$ shoot as much as they've played around sheesh

    Karen early-horneKaren early-horneOy oldin
  • Good Lord.... how many 48 hrs are there in a week ? ? how many weeks in a month.. They have been feeding us this same line since May .....They are just sick headed.... Maybe it would help if they all "understood" THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE...

    Mary BooneMary BooneOy oldin
  • Nancy Pelosi should check her language " A relief bill COULD be eniment". Could, might be, maybe. Just more lies. 7 months of nothing but lies!

    kay taylorkay taylorOy oldin
  • Go TRUMPpPP]ppP

    Sharon JonesSharon JonesOy oldin

    Jennifer MadrenJennifer MadrenOy oldin
  • I pray they do this.

    Bonnie osbornBonnie osbornOy oldin
  • I don't know about the rest of Jimmys listeners, but I feel like one of Pavlovs dogs, and every time someone says 48 hours, my mouth starts to salivate.

    Rae RostorferRae RostorferOy oldin
  • I don't believe the polls.

    Brzee333Brzee333Oy oldin