Would a Winning a Ring with the Bucs be Brady’s Most Meaningful Title? | The Rich Eisen Show

21-Yan, 2021
104 785 Ko‘rishlar soni

Rich Eisen and the guys debate if Tom Brady winning a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers would be the most meaningful championship for him.
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  • In hindsight yes, in foresight no! To the NEXT!

    R. WongR. Wong2 soat oldin
  • belichick can't draft worth beans but the man can coach. he won 7 games with a QB who threw 6 TD passes.

    420 Troll420 Troll26 kun oldin
  • Nice CSN&Y reference 👍

    Christian SutherlinChristian Sutherlin29 kun oldin
  • Mahomes: Incredible talent that needs great players to win Brady: Average talent that can win with bums

    BldgWha7BldgWha7Oy oldin
  • So literally can't even get the title grammatically correct? K.

    Ryan EglintonRyan EglintonOy oldin
  • If Bill doesn't win another SB, and Tom wins this one in the first season away from the Pats with the Bucs, then it will sure end the debate about who was responsible for the Pats SB wins for me.

    Jim StonerJim StonerOy oldin
  • If Brady wins another SB ring then great. The real feat was getting himself and Bucs there in the first place.

    Lamar SmithLamar SmithOy oldin
  • If he wins this he gets put in the special 'above it all" circle like Jordan, Ali, tiger woods etc.

  • when 28-3 happened. the argument is over

    Aejhaey Chester CisneroAejhaey Chester CisneroOy oldin

  • I’m a Steelers fan, guy made my life miserable for years and Im rooting like hell for this crazy SOB to do it again.

    Andrew MurrayAndrew MurrayOy oldin
    • @KingChrisM That’s rough man. Hopefully they can get your team squared away. Gase was an unmitigated disaster.

      Andrew MurrayAndrew MurrayOy oldin
  • As a Pats fan it sucked to see him go, wished him the best, we're rooting for you Man, go get that ring for Yourself and for Tampa 💍

    DSBDSBOy oldin
  • No, it is just the next one

    Hans CarrepernickHans CarrepernickOy oldin
  • I've always found that the most meaningful Championship is the last one and then can't wait for the next one. They are all unique in their own way but there is nothing more exciting than being a champion.

    pinepoint14pinepoint14Oy oldin
  • I’m a panthers fan, but I still want Brady to win #7. It’s just hard to root against somebody that works as hard as he does, and treats people with the upmost respect.

    Scuba SteveScuba SteveOy oldin
  • 3 of Tampa’s teams made the finals in their respective leagues in less than year. Crazy

    STecSTecOy oldin
  • If you don’t think 12 is the GOAT by now you’re a donkey. 💀🔥

    Skeletons HorrorSkeletons HorrorOy oldin
  • he'the greatest QB ever but I seriously doubt they will beat the chiefs

    fuzzy monkey 7833fuzzy monkey 7833Oy oldin
  • Falcons or Seattle rings were insane.

    Sean DolanSean DolanOy oldin
  • Dumb comment galore: "It's not fair." - There is nothing unfair about it. "If Bill had the roster of Tampa Bay" - Tampa Bay is 7:9 before Tom, New England is 7:9 after Tom left. If you haven't figured out Bill's record without Tom is about 0.43, while Tom was college champion before Bill, you are not qualified to give opinions. It shows the commentators are often morons. They still don't get it: Bill has to prove himself. Tom is in the Superbowl, and he's proved himself again, again and again. Now they act as if Tampa Bay was a Superbowl team before Tom showed up. How stupid can you be?

    C OC OOy oldin
  • I don't know, this is the best defense he has ever had to work with him.

    Tim ClausTim ClausOy oldin
  • This is Brady's solo album going platinum.

    YoshilingYoshilingOy oldin
  • I'm not a Brady fan at all... But I can admit that he his greatest qb of all time..

    Travis WarrenTravis WarrenOy oldin
  • Definitely 5! 🥲

    Septa Shaena's SecretsSepta Shaena's SecretsOy oldin
  • I really believe Brady wanted that undefeated season but sadly fell short to the Giants whom I felt like Eli Manning got so lucky !!!

    angelo esperanzaangelo esperanzaOy oldin
  • This is BS Superbowl. To many fishy calls for both these paper champions!

    Scott RappachScott RappachOy oldin
  • So NOOOWWW, he should ask to be traded to ANOTHER team to get his NEXT ring. That would make a ONE-PERSON Mt Rushmore🤣🤣🤣

    Gabriel GarciaGabriel GarciaOy oldin
  • Saints fan, brees fan, but I'm happy I get to witness what Brady is pulling off. If you like football, or even sports, please understand he's 43 with a new team in the first year, and he's bringing them home for a super bowl. All respect.

    yaboi 504yaboi 504Oy oldin
  • We're all rooting for Tom and Tampa to win the Super Bowl up here in Foxboro Lets Gooooooo!

    michelle60134michelle60134Oy oldin
  • Either way you shoot it, this is a special Super Bowl. Either Mahomes and the Chiefs join the Back to Back club, or Brady get's his 7th and the Buc's get their second.

    Souless ShadowSouless ShadowOy oldin
  • Brady is a winer he complains to the officials and they always look at it

    Gary GripentrogGary GripentrogOy oldin
  • He had the chance to do it without Tom BEFORE Tom. He didn't. He couldn't. People need to stop with the "Belichick is so great" crap.

    Crazy SaneCrazy SaneOy oldin
  • It's not absurd. What you don't seem to understand is that Brady took the Patriots to the playoffs last year with not much worse of a roster than they had this year. Belichick is a LOSING coach without Tom Brady. BEFORE AND AFTER. FACT. It was ALL Brady.

    Crazy SaneCrazy SaneOy oldin
    • @KingChrisM Wrong - with better help, he gets 8-10 instead of 6. You don't get it. They won BECAUSE of Brady. It had little-to-nothing to do with Belichick. Or are you saying that Arians must be even better, since Brady is 43 now and still going to the SB and Belichick isn't?

      Crazy SaneCrazy SaneOy oldin
  • AND to say he beat the kid who EVERYONE says is the best QB in the NFL and will unseat him as GOAT.

    Crazy SaneCrazy SaneOy oldin
  • Debate over: Tom's greatest achievement was not coming back from a 28-3 SB deficit vs Falcons...it was winning that game when the score was 28-12 with @ remaining in the 4th QTR. Look it up.

    Chas RoscowChas RoscowOy oldin
    • hence, the Falcons defeat in SB seems to be the most significant title to me. Imagine the odds?

      Chas RoscowChas RoscowOy oldin
    • sorry...6:03 remaining in the 4th qtr

      Chas RoscowChas RoscowOy oldin
  • Let's go Brady! #7

    Glock19istGlock19istOy oldin
  • This 7th one would give him more SB rings than any FRANCHISE!

    Joe BurkeJoe BurkeOy oldin
  • No because the most meaningful one is always the next one

    Drew DuenasDrew DuenasOy oldin
  • To. Did a lot with off season work with receivers in NE. Did not have much chance to do so this year. Could be the best one yet.

    D SmithD SmithOy oldin
  • Kinda interesting that TB hasn't come out in defense of BB at all. Maybe there's more here than meets the eye.

    P TP TOy oldin
  • Bucs secondary vs Greenbay was subpar, weak missed tackles. If they continue to play like that in the Super Bowl the KC Chiefs Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, they'll get eaten alive and it's game over.

    Frank NFrank NOy oldin
  • Bill is screwed. A QB like Brady is once in a lifetime. Good luck Bill. Retire!

    Freedom is over sadFreedom is over sadOy oldin
  • I see no reason why Brady could not be a backup QB until 55. Would probably be a better back up then 90% in the league. He's a pro.

    Freedom is over sadFreedom is over sadOy oldin
  • This mans been to almost a fifth of all superbowls now... just insane

    Joe SchmoJoe SchmoOy oldin
  • Eisen said Brady was the GOAT after Atlanta.

    Matt ZachMatt ZachOy oldin
  • 4 quarters, now.

    randallissimorandallissimoOy oldin
  • Tom Brady is literally the greatest of all time. Any sport. We're done.

    FinalFirebrandFinalFirebrandOy oldin
  • why is bill a good coach? What makes him a good coach?

    __Oy oldin
    • @KingChrisM I think if he didnt have brady he would be about 500 and probably fired 10 years ago.

      __Oy oldin
    • @KingChrisM so hes a good scout

      __Oy oldin
  • Tom "The Franchise" Brady Seven Rings is more than any organization.

    KomodoDojoKomodoDojoOy oldin
  • If Brady wins...his most important one will be the next one.

    Aguy from NHAguy from NHOy oldin
  • SB51 is the most meaningful title for TB12. He literally put middle finger to Roger's face

    Lazuardi FirdausLazuardi FirdausOy oldin
  • He dedicated sb 51 to his mom

    Ian ShiveIan ShiveOy oldin
  • Sorry Rich Eisen, you are 100% wrong. Belichick has a losing record without Brady. He lost in Cleveland, he went 5-13 with Drew Bledsoe as a starter with the exact same team that Tom won the Superbowl with.

    Gregg BurkeGregg BurkeOy oldin
  • It is true that T.B. has an abundance of riches right now

    Egor’s DadEgor’s DadOy oldin
  • Gee, is Brady first ballot material? Skip Bayless says no.

    Nova JeinewartzNova JeinewartzOy oldin
    • Rule says you have to wait at least five years after retirement to be inducted into the HOF. I feel like Tom Brady should be the only exception to that. The moment he announces his retirement, just bring out the golden jacket.

      Toskie MailToskie MailOy oldin
  • I think the Falcons W was his greatest thus far. He shoulda had the Eagles too - he put up crazy numbers. Bill B lost the Eagles game singlehanded.

    Robert OakherstRobert OakherstOy oldin
  • As a Tampa fan I can say I don’t care what Patriots fans think.

    Klinton QuarantinoKlinton QuarantinoOy oldin
  • Iv lived in New England all my life and im a Tom Brady Fan!!!

    xXxxXxOy oldin
  • The fact that bill would need to find another qb is already proof that Tom deserves The Lion's Share of the credit. And whatever new quarterback Bill Belichick gets will deserve that credit as well. Coaches cannot win chips without good players. Its sports. This is a nonsense debate

    aj bazaj bazOy oldin
  • Update: 4 quarters away.

    Barajas EliBarajas EliOy oldin
  • This is an amazing speak. People cant understand like hin or not its now 10 super bowls in 21 yrs. Omg

    Dave RitcheyDave RitcheyOy oldin
  • Another thing, he’ll have more SB than every franchise.

    justdljustdlOy oldin
  • What now Packers fans? Tom's going to the super bowl!! Whooa.. The Goat's gonna get his 7th ring.. Wait for it..

    Emmanuel SalamancaEmmanuel SalamancaOy oldin
  • Tom Brady going to the Superbowl💯💯 He jus beat Aaron Rodgers

    Alexander AdonyaeAlexander AdonyaeOy oldin
  • The one transaction concurringly blind because robin specifically mate like a ambitious bagpipe. toothsome, unequal flock

    E BonE BonOy oldin
  • Dude didn't win but they are saying this one is different

    Thinker 4wardThinker 4wardOy oldin
  • Absolutely

    Troy GoodnowTroy GoodnowOy oldin
  • You don’t get to decide if the Belichick vs Brady is a story. Don’t be so arrogant.

    Boston RottenBoston RottenOy oldin
  • In my opinion Tom Brady has an opportunity to be the greatest story in the history of the NFL. Add to this story that to do it Tom had to go through the three legendary quarterbacks in Brees, Rodgers and likely Maholmes.

    Boston RottenBoston RottenOy oldin
  • Idk the falcons one is def legend setting. 28-3 cmon

    Seth ShieldsSeth ShieldsOy oldin
  • If He wins 7 rings, in the next 10 year NFL decides to changes Lombardy trophy to Tombrady trophy

    Yohanes SamuelYohanes SamuelOy oldin
  • another ring would mean he has the most super bowl wins over any team & player. it’s going to end the goat debate.

    DakotaDakotaOy oldin
  • Brady is 2 Super Bowl appearances and 1 ring away from being the greatest NFL Franchise of all time. New England has 11 appearances (Brady has 9 so 2 more would tie him), and the Steelers .and Pats each have won 6 rings (Brady currently has 6, 1 more would put him past every franchise)

    Richard ClarkRichard ClarkOy oldin
  • If TB wins a Superbowl with TB he'll be The GOD G.O.A.T.

    Michael GamezMichael GamezOy oldin
  • I feel coach Ariens would not of said it if it wasn't in a conversation in some degree🤔

    Jeffry AlvaradoJeffry AlvaradoOy oldin
  • 3-28 super bowl 51 is the greatest ring . This will go down as the greatest super bowl game ever .

    Nhan HaNhan HaOy oldin
  • Brady has nothing to prove. No one thought the Bucs would be in the NFC Championship. This whole scenario is perfect, too perfect with the SB being in Tampa. I hope Brady gets number 7. Rodgers is a big game choker so I think Bucs have a legit chance especially with the D starting to click.

    William JamesWilliam JamesOy oldin
  • Someone suggested changing awards to use Brady’s name! Too funny I can see it now! TOM BRADY WINS THE TOM BRADY AWARD AT SUPER BOWL LVII !

    Dr. Jonathan HemlockDr. Jonathan HemlockOy oldin
  • Belichick's winning percentage is less than .500 without Brady

    Fútbol Americano con LuchoFútbol Americano con LuchoOy oldin
  • Something special happened when Bill and Tom were brought together and it wii never be replicated. Unless Bill or Tom wins 6 Super Bowls while they are split you can’t say either one was the reason for the success they enjoyed. That’s the only way to come to that conclusion. Winning a single Super Bowl doesn’t do it. It not a thing I think about anyway I just know I am lucky that I live 20 minuets from Gillette Stadium and have got to watch the two of them become grand masters of their craft. It took 20 years! At my age I seriously doubt I’ll see anyone replicate that success.

    Dr. Jonathan HemlockDr. Jonathan HemlockOy oldin
  • The guy that titled this video should be fired...

    Allen BrattonAllen BrattonOy oldin
  • Bill is in charge of the roster so if Tom wins it this year, Tom is 100% more important. Bill is nothing without Tom!

    tam trantam tranOy oldin
  • Eli showing his 2 stolen rings off to Tom

    Richard PerezRichard PerezOy oldin
  • You are wrong, there has been a player before Brady who won 5 rings (Charles Haley). But nobody has ever won 6. THAT is what makes ring 6 special.

    daft wullidaft wulliOy oldin
  • Why does Brady have to prove he can win a SB without Belichick, when he has lost 3 WITH Belichick? I sometimes wish people hold Belichick to the same standard as Brady. Yet their hatred for Tom is the reason why he is the undisputed GOAT

    The 100th Time LordThe 100th Time LordOy oldin
  • Belechick has a losing record without Brady...Brady carried Bill, not the other way around.

    DarkSouljahDarkSouljahOy oldin
  • i don't care if tom wins the SB in year 2030. nothing beats 28-3 in my book. that's the greatest moment in the history of sports for me.

    Joe C.Joe C.Oy oldin
  • The nifty arch arguably appear because iraq expectedly yawn failing a obsolete playroom. unwritten, exultant cauliflower

    Basem AliBasem AliOy oldin
  • Yes it would and would put him as the GOAT without question....

    jj sajj saOy oldin
  • 8 quarters makes me cringe. It reminds me of Rodgers saying he had 120 minutes of football left in him during 2014, Those 120 minutes ended at 60 to the Legion of boom.

    Jordan GateJordan GateOy oldin
  • Passing Jordan in titles while simultaneously proving he didn't need belichick would mean much more than a 25 point comeback

    Benny HathBenny HathOy oldin

      Eric KhaiEric KhaiOy oldin
  • Rodgers scores 20 points vs the 49ers and 21 vs the Falcons, and he is called the biggest choker in the top 10 QB's of all time. Rodgers has 7 games out of 19 with a score of 21 points or less. (36.8%) Brady has 16 postseason games with a score of 21 points or less, out of 43. (37.2%) Rodgers 36.8% Brady 37.2% Brady has just about the same amount of games "choking" as Rodgers. What's up with this.

    Albie OvalAlbie OvalOy oldin
  • he has two more seasons playing than brees. dude do not care about sb anymore he gonna pick off every record with time not skill

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    jeff fungjeff fungOy oldin
  • 3 are off the leg of a kicker, 1 is truly his

    Xv XvXv XvOy oldin
  • Ring 7 is so meaningful because he'll have more rings than any single organization in the NFL

    Jared LarocheJared LarocheOy oldin
  • of course winning SB 55 would be the most important one just look at all the precedents he would set first qb to win a SB in both conferences win a SB in their home stadium win a SB in the first year after changing teams as the day 1 starter

    salamipitzasalamipitzaOy oldin
  • Well it would finally answer the Brady Or Belichick debate

    George AscunceGeorge AscunceOy oldin
  • It's always the players. Ask Billy B.

    Hunter AmatoHunter AmatoOy oldin
  • It's meaningful but not the most. Brady has won SB every other year since 2014 season. Why stop now?

    Maria RubyMaria RubyOy oldin