Worthless to Workhorse- David Brown Tractor gets Long Overdue Service/ Repairs then back to work..

10-Okt, 2020
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I bought this broken Vintage David Brown 990 Tractor for $500.
It had multiple issues- Air leak in fuel system, leaking hydraulic rams, leaky water pump, wobbly rear wheel, bent bucket ram, slow hydraulic steering, water in hydraulic oil....
In this vid I'll show you how I bought it back to life and fixed all those issues on a tight budget. I now have a solid reliable workhorse.
DIY log splitter/ round lifter build here- uzworld.info/player/video/n57fhJOOmKiWqKI
Parts from- agspares.co.nz

  • Hello! Is your 990 trasmission noisy? I have one and mine is a bit noisy

    dexter98986 98dexter98986 982 kun oldin
    • Yes both my db990s have a whine, It is less noticeable after a g/b oil and filter change

      Marty TMarty TKun oldin
  • Good job. The hydraulic oil was a mess. I wonder if it has ever been looked at.

    Benedict WhiteBenedict White3 kun oldin
    • Probably not this century

      Marty TMarty T2 kun oldin
  • Cut those cable ties off flush on the gear stick otherwise you willcut your big toe when you're driving your tractor in your jandals in summer time. It's so relaxing watching you perform TLC on machinery. Thanks mate

    No BrakesNo Brakes5 kun oldin
  • Good vid 👍

    Colin RowlingColin Rowling5 kun oldin
  • Great video, thank you. I don't have a tractor now wishing I had one ....

    Eric DonjonEric Donjon5 kun oldin
  • What's the purpose of drill holes in the magnets 🧲 ?

    cutlassceriacutlassceria6 kun oldin
    • Maybe to put a bolt or screw through

      Marty TMarty T6 kun oldin
  • So how much did you have in the tractor after repairs? You made a piece of junk a useful tool.

    John PhillipsJohn Phillips6 kun oldin
  • I like the direct filming style and getting right to it without endless redundant explanations and the 3rd grader repeatomatic for stuff everyone already knows.

    Shakdi DagalimalShakdi Dagalimal7 kun oldin
  • Bruh, 420DP. Most epic license plate to date.

    Photo FinishPhoto Finish7 kun oldin
  • A pleasure to see you work and make good an old tractor.

    F BF B7 kun oldin
  • Super satisfying to watch Marty. I died a bit inside when you cut up the old seat mount but needs must. Keep up the great lifestyle. 👋🇮🇪

    Cannibal CarsCannibal Cars7 kun oldin
  • ...whoever had that tractor before Marty deserves a public whooping...that is 2 DB now you have brought back from the dead...David Brown's must be some tractors...next episode Marty makes front brush guards for both...

    Steve ShraderSteve Shrader8 kun oldin
  • Fixing the 990 ... hat's off to you, Pimping the ride with that seat ... absolutely ar***.. I mean back saving, turning the 990 into a an efficient wood processing behemoth ... pure genius

    KW CKW C8 kun oldin
  • Wow Really Awesome ☺️

    Truly Asia 2020Truly Asia 20209 kun oldin
  • I really enjoyed watching this a second tone. Thank you so much for a great video.

    Michael EnrightMichael Enright10 kun oldin
  • Mechanical genius meets tractor.

    Cheeky MonkeesCheeky Monkees12 kun oldin
  • You know that now whenever I'm doing mechanical and electrical stuff I talk to myself out loud in a NZ accent. I find it lends me confidence :)

    kitten_processing_inckitten_processing_inc15 kun oldin
  • Awesome, would it be sensible to run it for like 8hrs on fresh oil, filters etc, and let it settle? Guessing there is a lot of goo in there, then maybe change everything in a month? Or is it good to go for like 6months? I know engines are for more tolerant to abuse than we credit it for.

    mwnciboomwnciboo18 kun oldin
  • Hy my friend, very nice and good videos ! You just need to add some painting to all your machines and machinery reaired, would be top to complete your nice work . BRAVO keep on and keep safe !

    Marcel GérinMarcel Gérin19 kun oldin
  • 1100.doller it's a god deal 👍👍👍🇩🇰😊

    Steen fuglsang JespersenSteen fuglsang Jespersen20 kun oldin
  • Awesome job man really nice 👍👍👍👍👍

    Radcliffe ColemanRadcliffe Coleman20 kun oldin
  • When you do find the hard to find replacement seals, filters, etc do you buy more than just one?

    MattTZewMattTZew21 kun oldin
    • Bearing and engineering nz can find most seals

      Marty TMarty T20 kun oldin
  • This is great! Thanks for sharing.

    alexw3686alexw368621 kun oldin
  • After you put it all together, did you have problems with the hydraulic oil getting milky again? It can be difficult to get rid of all the water in them sometimes

    Chucky WChucky W21 kun oldin
    • No it is still perfectly clear, I had to put 20 litres in so any left in the system would be very diluted

      Marty TMarty T21 kun oldin
  • Greetings from Norway! My grandfather had a 995, this video brought back some memories. Keep up the good work!

    Morten StrømMorten Strøm23 kun oldin
  • Thanks for that. A very inspirational video.

    John RatliffJohn Ratliff23 kun oldin
  • I guess you noticed that the hydraulic fluid has water in it. You have water getting in the hydraulic oil somewhere, be sure to replace all of the hydraulic oil. The white stuff is water.

    MrCarl312MrCarl31224 kun oldin
  • Great. Got yourself a cheap Aston Martin, I mean David Brown.

    Alex VeldhuisAlex Veldhuis24 kun oldin
  • Small point, no need to use PTFE tape on the hydraulic fittings. They are jic and it's the cone that seals not the thread. Tape just binds the thread and makes it hard to feel how tight the fitting is.

    Nicolas SalesNicolas Sales24 kun oldin
  • New Zealand 🇳🇿

    Rob AlstonRob Alston24 kun oldin
  • Muito bom o serviço no trator excelente 👍

    Ivan LotteIvan Lotte25 kun oldin
  • Your videos are just great 😁 You were definitely a big inspiration for me to start my own car channel!😎🤙

    SlickWorksSlickWorks25 kun oldin
  • His kids are going to have the most reliable equipment it will outlast any new equipment in the near future

    GarydosGarydos25 kun oldin
  • With them single acting rams usually ya don't need to remove the spare as the v pack seals can slide off the end of the spare.

    bayley fearnbayley fearn25 kun oldin
    • True but we couldn't get the packing out on this one, it was jammed in there

      Marty TMarty T25 kun oldin
  • Brilliant job,, well done

    kenneth crossleykenneth crossley25 kun oldin
  • Better than watching Netflix! Very relaxing and informative...gave me a few ideas. Thanks

    Ben StranieriBen Stranieri25 kun oldin
  • It looks like David Brown is going to town!

    PickleRixPickleRix26 kun oldin
  • Love that simple lift you have for your log splitter! NEW SUBSCRIBER Cheers from OHIO / USA

    Steven MeyerSteven Meyer26 kun oldin
  • What a brilliant price scored well Marty. Great video really enjoyed it and learnt allot thank you

    Banjo111 1Banjo111 126 kun oldin
  • An 'Old Tech' tractor repairable with basic tools, modern tractors have so much electronics they are basically more a PC than a tractor. Nice methodical farm yard repairs. I'd have used the trick with the Neo's on the engine oil filter and hydraulics as well. Well worth the $500.

    Vaughan EllisVaughan Ellis26 kun oldin
  • something that's always a tad tedious on older tractors is playing "find all the grease fittings" where your rewards are getting dirty and pain.

    THAT GuyTHAT Guy27 kun oldin
  • 26:34, it's zinc or nickel coated from the looks of it. Check it with a magnet, stainless steel doesn''t or just barely sticks to magnets.

    BlueF1SHBlueF1SH28 kun oldin
  • will you kindly paint this beast also for us. it will look brand new. plzzzzzzz

    Zaraq KhanZaraq Khan28 kun oldin
  • So cool mate ,,,nice work enjoy your tractor you must be happy ,

    Ricky VaradyRicky Varady28 kun oldin
  • 9:34 I really like this style of cylinder the best. Easy to fix, easy to maintain, cheap and simple. There may be some advantages with other styles, but ultimately, i'd always choose one i can fix. Really pisses me off when i see new equipment and i see some variant that can't be opened or serviced. Such greedy scum is above us, for no good reason at all.

    asertaaserta29 kun oldin
  • your a credit to your profession fantastic, ya got my tick of approval as the maestro of nut's and bolt's gooooood luck mate from down under.

    louis armstronglouis armstrong29 kun oldin
  • If its a David Brown tractor why does everyone keep calling it an "old girl"? Shouldn't it be old man or old boy?

    K MarchmanK Marchman29 kun oldin
    • As in reality, most old cantankerous things are female in nature.....

      Teena RamsayTeena Ramsay26 kun oldin
  • Did you change the Fuel Filters?

    Jay MannJay MannOy oldin
    • The previous owner did that as the first step to trying to get the tractor mobile. So they were near new, and did not need replacing now. However if there is a lot of algae in the tank, no doubt when Marty cleans out the tank at some time in the future, they will get back on the maintenance schedule.

      Teena RamsayTeena Ramsay26 kun oldin
  • Well done

    brian gunnerbrian gunnerOy oldin
  • my jaw dropped

    Zak thewarcatZak thewarcatOy oldin
  • Who makes your David Brown? I seen a Case David Brown 990 in a EU haying video

    chris silsbychris silsbyOy oldin
    • The Tractors division had ten subsidiaries around the world. At one stage 80% of production was exported. Sales were handled by 2,508 agents in 100 countries.[7] A worldwide recession saw tractor sales slump, and after braving the storm and with the debt of a brand new building and production line to finance, it was inevitable that the company was put up for sale, bought by Tenneco who also owned ji case company, all hope to see the factory prosper was dashed when it was announced that survival was a competition between Huddersfield and the international Tractor plant in Doncaster, with the odds stacked in the latter's favour, especially with access to the motorway network on the doorstep. The Meltham factory ended production and a respected British name was erased. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Brown_Ltd.

      Teena RamsayTeena Ramsay26 kun oldin
  • never will understand why so many of these kinds of old tractors go off to the scrapyard. nothing on them is complex at all, none of it is expensive and it doesnt need to go in to a shop to be fixed. and some wonder how we ended up with global warming.

    Luke WarmwaterLuke WarmwaterOy oldin
  • I'd say that was $500 well spent...especially love the connecting the firewood box with your log splitter, great efficiency.

    John GraceJohn GraceOy oldin
  • I drove a red and yellow 990 in 1962 ,, it was a big tractor in its day , there abouts 52 hp ,, no power steering tho :-( but it wasnt hard to steer ,, after the 25 and 30 series it was a dream to drive.

    Russell ClementRussell ClementOy oldin
  • I have my eye on an old Ferguson my neighbour uses for snow removal, I currently till 1.5 acres with my trusty 1966 10HP Allis Chalmers. These tractors are workhorses, they just need the basic maintenance and a little extra TLC lol..

    Ken RimmerKen RimmerOy oldin
  • Why couldnt I stop watching this... I've been sitting in my car for 20 minutes. 🤣

    LuciferFCSLuciferFCSOy oldin
  • Thoroughly enjoyed your video. Thank you kindly for sharing. God bless from Phoenix. Russ

    Russ SeRuss SeOy oldin
  • Best tractor made in Great Britain . David brown tractor 🚜. Designed and built by a massive engineering firm well renowned for gears manufacturing .

    Paul DrinkwaterPaul DrinkwaterOy oldin
  • Great work! Excellent tractor.

    Charles HartCharles HartOy oldin
  • The boots around the shifters tend to crack. If the tractor sat out in the weather, that's more than likely how the water got into your hydraulic system. We had a 990 on our dairy in Wisconsin. I loved that tractor!

    rushlimbaughrulesrushlimbaughrulesOy oldin
  • I wish you could find big diesel tractors in the US for $500! lol

    TacRatt60TacRatt60Oy oldin
  • Excellent video's Marty,love your work ethic.😚👍👍

    Gary HodderGary HodderOy oldin
  • You know those vee pack seals are meant to be slipped over the shaft and you don't need to remove it completely ,and you don't put Teflon tape on bsp female hose ends , they're designed to seal on the 30 degree cone with a metal to metal seal.

    Big SmokeBig SmokeOy oldin
    • Yep but we couldn't get the washer out holding the seals in, it had expanded and jammed in tight, there wasn't even room to get a drill bit in

      Marty TMarty TOy oldin
  • I can openly admit I enjoyed how tenderly you were caressing that ram.

    WelcometoVideoCityWelcometoVideoCityOy oldin
  • I’m impressed. Will be interesting to see if that bent rod stands up to hard work after straightening. I’d have thought a bent rod would be definite replacement. Nurse it when operating and hopefully it will last years. But mostly nice work.

    Latin Dance VideosLatin Dance VideosOy oldin
  • Shocking lack of ordinary maintenance by the previous owner. But then again, they sold it for 500 and it cost another 600. Even if they had refreshed filters and fluids they might not have gotten more.

    southothehighwaysouthothehighwayOy oldin
    • It was sold as a "non worker" , possibly for the value of the tyres. Simply getting it going again would have bumped up the sale price, particularly as the engine sounded so healthy and had a clean exhaust.

      Paul HitchcockPaul HitchcockOy oldin
  • This tractor must think it’s he’s birthday lol what a great job you done have you got any paint? Would look great I love the log splitter especially when it picks up the log for you 🤟 have a good one 👍

    Phil GascoinePhil GascoineOy oldin
  • I love the old David Brown Tractors. They are good old work horses. My Dad bought one new in 1973. Its still being used to this day by my uncle.

    John RobertsJohn RobertsOy oldin
  • I like your style Marty. Greetings from Giddings, Texas.

    EZRhinoEZRhinoOy oldin
  • My grandpa had one of these. They are a real work horse. Loved the video. I'm not sure how many thousands of dollars you would have to spend, to get the equivalent new tractor, that can do what that 990 can do.

    Brad MonreanBrad MonreanOy oldin
  • What happened to your other tractor with the back blade?

    Jon StelterJon StelterOy oldin
    • Ive still got it

      Marty TMarty TOy oldin
  • Martyif I would have known you worked on egines diesel and gas and big equipment I would have watched you a long time ago .The only reason I watched in the past was because of the rams I just thought well thats all this guy dose is play with his ram . But I will be watching more now

    Michael CollinsMichael CollinsOy oldin
  • Your $1100 fixer-upper tractor works just as good as a $35000 one. Good job.

    MikahMikahOy oldin
  • do u live on your property or is just a weekend place? love watching u fix stuff

    Robert PRobert POy oldin
  • What is the name of the product you put on the water pump ?

    jéjé 10jéjé 10Oy oldin
    • @Marty T thanks

      jéjé 10jéjé 10Oy oldin
    • Its a flexible gasket sealant

      Marty TMarty TOy oldin
  • Was that shellac he brushed on the water pump pipe. I have not seen that stuff in years

    Dirt IndustriesDirt IndustriesOy oldin
  • Marty.. everything here is just so fantastic. Your skills in repair, commentary, camera, production. I'd rather watch this than Top Gear.. I'm quite sure that I speak for others in saying this may be the best channel on youtube. Thanks so much for putting this together!

    Tom NoyesTom NoyesOy oldin
  • Take any, ANY modern tractor and leave it to rot for 10 or more years. Try to get it on the road again like this.

    Selmir IkanovicSelmir IkanovicOy oldin
  • Awesome Marty, Really enjoyed your video. Cheers.

    WayneWayneOy oldin
  • Good work sir. Its amazing when a guy like you can do just a little bit of work on a good old unit like that. It'll last a long time! 😊

    Wichita88Wichita88Oy oldin
  • wait a minute. did u just reupload this video ?

    Fahri stormFahri stormOy oldin
    • @Marty T oh.. i see... btw thankyou for all those awesome videos sir. great work. i really like it.

      Fahri stormFahri stormOy oldin
    • No just a quick recap of previous work at the start

      Marty TMarty TOy oldin
  • That hydraulic fluid that came out looks like chocolate milk. Some water must have gotten in there.

    Kevin CKevin COy oldin
  • Nice work as always, was it difficult to source filters and seals?

    lawrencehp1lawrencehp1Oy oldin
    • Not too bad, I had to order the hyd return filter from aus, the seals were all in stock at Bearings and engineering nz

      Marty TMarty TOy oldin
  • I think you missed your real calling Marty Gunnery sergeant Army the way you ream out those barrells and stuff that rag down to clean the barrel should come in handy fixing an artillery gun great job and 500 dollars what a bargain

    david smithdavid smithOy oldin
  • They dont make them like they use to.....This tractor had no business running. No modern tractor would have functioned in this condition. Nice job.

    DreadogDreadogOy oldin
  • You didn't put the license plate back on the seat! That gave it character and was a part of its history.

    Fierofreak01Fierofreak01Oy oldin
  • I watch these vids and keep wondering the same thing. How many times do some of the original owners see the video, see a o-ring and fluid change and then it works again, followed by them making noise about they sold it too cheap... I also wonder why I can never recognize most fluids that come out as "oil" and why the "oil" filter usually looks like something used to sort out muck and boulders in a mine?

    Dave KingDave KingOy oldin
  • What’s the average temperature there summer and winter time?

    David CotrellDavid CotrellOy oldin
    • niwa.co.nz/education-and-training/schools/resources/climate/overview#:~:text=Mean%20annual%20temperatures%20range%20from,is%20usually%20January%20or%20February.

      Teena RamsayTeena RamsayOy oldin
  • Oh runny peanut butter

    David CotrellDavid CotrellOy oldin
  • Thank you again Marty. I like how serviceable those old David Brown tractors are built very robust and durable. Although that one hydraulic cylinder took a bit more work. Engineers always seem to get some things wrong. Might have been they were told make it that way by the bean counters. Have a wonderful safe day in your Inland paradise.

    Shack ManShack ManOy oldin
    • That FEL was probably not made by David Brown...in a lot of cases (no pun intended) the FEL is made locally to local standards and sold by the tractor dealers as an accessory.

      Teena RamsayTeena Ramsay26 kun oldin
  • great job mate , she will probably do you well for years and years

    Gordon JamiesonGordon JamiesonOy oldin
  • you should find a hood for the tractor *edit* i see you already have a hood lmao

    Dragon GamingDragon GamingOy oldin
  • Like everything else - just a little "T.L.C." goes a long way. You had the touch with the "Old girl" and she responded to ya. Nice going - thanks for letting us tag along - till next. . . have a day.

    evil bratevil bratOy oldin
  • $500 man that's too cheap...

    YooToob ModeratorYooToob ModeratorOy oldin
    • US$339..still too cheap????

      Teena RamsayTeena Ramsay26 kun oldin
  • Great video but no new fuel filters??

    Steve DukeSteve DukeOy oldin
    • Previous owner had changed them as his first attempt to fix the fuel problems, so they were quite new. No need to replace them for a while yet.

      Teena RamsayTeena RamsayOy oldin
  • Its a David Brown ! Change the oil /filters and keep the antifreeze fresh she”ll have Decades of work left in her ....

    Pete HolderPete HolderOy oldin
  • Beautiful Tractor and excellent luck! Looks like You may need some wheel weights...

    OldSkool 55F100OldSkool 55F100Oy oldin
  • When you have a machine like this that doesn't get used for long periods of time, do you recommend leaving the hydraulics with the rams closed, so ,not exposed to elements?

    johnjohnOy oldin
    • Yes I always try to close the rams to prevent rust and dirt accumulating on the rod

      Marty TMarty TOy oldin
  • I suppose the oil bypass valve allows oil to flow if the filter is blocked or collapses?

    Jamie SquirrelJamie SquirrelOy oldin
    • Yes thats right, unfiltered oil is better than no oil

      Marty TMarty TOy oldin
  • every single video of yours i watch makes me feel less of a man lol

    RoninRoninOy oldin