Working from home be like 😍

12-Sen, 2020
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This is Winston. He is two years old Golden Retriever dog. In this video, he sat under his humans table while his human working from home. He becomes his humans foot warmer. This is really sweet🧡 To see his cuteness, don't forget to visit his Instagram 😍
All credit goes to Winston and his owner! Check him out on Instagram here 👉 👈
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  • That dog is sad. It thinks it’s owner is mad at it... just wants love

    JJ17 soat oldin
  • Doggy foot warmer

    J MJ MKun oldin
  • Goldens make the best foot warmers because they are so floofy. Yes, I said floofy. It's one step past fluffy.

    Jim MorrisonJim Morrison2 kun oldin
  • Winston the Golden Retriever - Professional Foot Warmer

    M TM T5 kun oldin
  • This is my dads dog he is so spoiled he will sit on your feet and push his side of his body to gets pets and he will sleep on my bed and he big dog(cane corso)

    Kendall StarksKendall Starks5 kun oldin
  • Corrnerd a dog, yo, bi---h

    Brian FisherBrian Fisher5 kun oldin
  • Keeping my feet warm.

    Marcia BorgMarcia Borg5 kun oldin
  • A loveable toe warmer.

    Joshua RoeJoshua Roe5 kun oldin
  • Yes!!!

    Jennifer GearyJennifer Geary5 kun oldin
  • Assenzeale

    Anastasia le peraAnastasia le pera6 kun oldin
  • 🥰👼😘😍😻👯‍♀️

    Gracia ZavalaGracia Zavala6 kun oldin
  • This man has the most flexible arms I've ever seen!!

    Father Gabriel StokesFather Gabriel Stokes6 kun oldin
  • Soo cute😎😘😘😘

    TheDevilofPS4 2TheDevilofPS4 26 kun oldin
  • Don't wanna be a boomer but his/her eyes are kind of sad Maybe ignored idk I'm no expert

    Rafick MoonRafick Moon6 kun oldin
  • really so cute

    동이동이6 kun oldin
  • Mine was same situation with a small puppy when I had to take that puppy at my work place before giving him for adoption

    Divya AmonkarDivya Amonkar6 kun oldin
  • Yeah it happens to me too😉

  • Who.needs slippers

    Gail ArnoldGail Arnold7 kun oldin
  • Hello

    Gail ArnoldGail Arnold7 kun oldin
  • The custest

    Jennifer DorseyJennifer Dorsey7 kun oldin
  • 𝔻𝕆𝔾

    Wavy. YTWavy. YT8 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂😘😍

    ganeshganesh8 kun oldin
  • making sure hooman knows im here

    Unknkown IntrovertUnknkown Introvert8 kun oldin
  • Aww

    Enki EnlilEnki Enlil8 kun oldin
  • it's beautiful....what breed is this ??

    Prince OnyekaPrince Onyeka8 kun oldin
  • cute

    花 ;; cherry boomb花 ;; cherry boomb9 kun oldin
  • best footwarmer out there

    mayonnaisemayonnaise10 kun oldin
  • he or she must've loved the fact that you are at home

    Piyaruhdee HunsawongPiyaruhdee Hunsawong10 kun oldin
  • 💞💞💞💞💓

    Nature lover AdiNature lover Adi10 kun oldin
  • Yes ! My dog does this but only to my husband 🤷🏻..I'm guessing BromanCe🥴

    Teddy FergusonTeddy Ferguson11 kun oldin
  • Dog is like wtf yeah I know it’s work from home but that doesn’t mean you can take away my break time I badly need to have a smoke 💨 break 😞😞🤣🤣

    Kris DanielKris Daniel11 kun oldin
  • Winston is totally aDOGdorable!!! Such a sweet, furry treasure. Sometimes it seems we do not deserve doggums.

    GaChicGaChic12 kun oldin
  • 😍 awwwwww how cute is that!

    Maria GrisafiMaria Grisafi12 kun oldin
  • I love the "there's nothing I can do bout it" look on his face LOL

    F CF C12 kun oldin
  • My Newfie/Retriever does the same thing lol

    Adhaincroi AdhaincroiAdhaincroi Adhaincroi12 kun oldin
  • his face is like....this job sucks, but someone has to do it!

    Melchi ZedeqMelchi Zedeq12 kun oldin
  • Well... His hooman is going to have to figure out how he can bring his footwarmer to work if he ever has to work from an office. 🤣

    Helene TrøstrupHelene Trøstrup13 kun oldin
  • Sweet pup just wants to be close!

    Sharon 92075Sharon 9207513 kun oldin
  • I need one of these doggies. ❤🤗

    Jayci MinjarezJayci Minjarez13 kun oldin
  • Totally understandable. You can't expext the dog going to work to the office like he normally would during this pandemic.

    VaructVaruct13 kun oldin
  • All the doggies and kitty cats are going to be sad when Mom and Dad stop teleworking or go back to work.

    Patricia OConnorPatricia OConnor13 kun oldin
  • I need a foot warmer like that

    Marie CasadoMarie Casado13 kun oldin
  • 'dddaaaaaddd~~~ are you done yet?'

    Alle RhieAlle Rhie13 kun oldin
  • Dog: It's a living

    Brian ABrian A13 kun oldin
  • *employee of the month*

    Glitched _ AlexGlitched _ Alex14 kun oldin
  • Cute dog 😶

    Mishty PujaryMishty Pujary14 kun oldin
  • He looks a little put out. Maybe it’s not the best situation up against a wall. Should have gave the baby his bed first.

    Murphis55Murphis5514 kun oldin
  • Working from home IS like.....cut the ebonic shit

    CornOnDaCobCornOnDaCob14 kun oldin
  • Cute. Why are you wearing jeans to work from home

    TaylorTaylor14 kun oldin
  • Plot Twist: The dog is being forced up against the wall

    Aye YounginAye Youngin14 kun oldin
  • Yah when I’m in a zoom meeting with a teacher my dog always finds a way in last time she took a toy and thru it in the air in front of me and jumped on me 😂 and now she’s called the class king or the oner to our class 😂😂 ( and I’m the the annoying human that lets her be there)

    Alyssa SullivanAlyssa Sullivan14 kun oldin

    Rebel RiotRebel Riot15 kun oldin
  • the real question is: is he wearing jeans working from home?

    Saw Kevin NoelSaw Kevin Noel15 kun oldin
  • If work from home is like this. I am ready 😘

    Nav PreetNav Preet15 kun oldin
  • You are Flexing infront of a person who is Sitting in home without a dog😠😔😔😭

    Just some guy with a spectacleJust some guy with a spectacle15 kun oldin
  • 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💗💗💗💞💞💞💖💖💖💓💓💓💜💜💜

    Catherine CadaCatherine Cada15 kun oldin
  • My dog lays on my feet too dont no why lol.

    Adrian CollinsAdrian Collins15 kun oldin
  • why dogs have such short lifespan?

    VeroVero15 kun oldin
  • Same with me.... My cat always laying on my palm foot..

    CemantingArt Ecoprint & Batik EtcCemantingArt Ecoprint & Batik Etc15 kun oldin
  • Goldens are exceptional company.

    Anne BialeckiAnne Bialecki15 kun oldin
  • Feet are WARM

    Elise S. CornerElise S. Corner15 kun oldin
  • I wish that was me with a dog. Instead I got spiders under my PC. They just keep coming back and I don't know where they coming!

    Uriel SeptimUriel Septim15 kun oldin
  • What a precious sight.

    Deblivingwith Chiari2015Deblivingwith Chiari201516 kun oldin
  • Hahahahaha what a cutie. Mine sits staring at me while I’m on the computer and keep pawing at me.

    Sara CohnSara Cohn16 kun oldin
  • aw my dog does this tooo

    Reema ChadaReema Chada16 kun oldin
  • This has been my dad and dog every single day during quarantine.

    Muvaki NhlemaMuvaki Nhlema16 kun oldin
  • How much does he earn for warming your feet ?

    bobduvarbobduvar16 kun oldin
  • My weinerdog has been keeping my toes warm under the computer desk for years. He's also a professional bedwarmer, on cold winter nights. Dogs are the best

    ruffsilver122ruffsilver12216 kun oldin
  • Having shared a home with a furry Golden family member, I totally get this. Syrupy sweet and needy breed that would rather not eat if it meant that time would keep them away from their hooomans. This is the easiest breed to fall in love with. Their 🌈 will tear apart even the meanest person on earth. Right now I don’t have a GR but one will steal my heart again when the time is right.

    D HeyesD Heyes16 kun oldin
  • I LOVE dogs! There's no more loyal friend on earth. 💗😊

    Jami LoyJami Loy16 kun oldin
  • So adorable dog

    Anilkumar ChakurkarAnilkumar Chakurkar16 kun oldin
  • This doggo is warming his dad's feet like it's his mission

    Patrick PerlasPatrick Perlas16 kun oldin
  • I’ve been annoyed staying home for work but my dogs love it.

    Blessy SBlessy S16 kun oldin
  • "Boss my dog is under the table sitting on my feet"

    Richard KimRichard Kim16 kun oldin
  • Best coworker ever 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    poshpearls23poshpearls2316 kun oldin
  • Doggos are loyal. Cats just leave and come back whenever *they* decide and expect us to feed them whereas doggos are by our side. All. The. Time. So Go on, tell me why cats make better friends than dogs. I’ll wait right here. 🤷‍♂️

    Tasty McCheeseTasty McCheese17 kun oldin
    • Dogs can get I per excited and cats are calmer. This helps with anxiety if you have a cat. Some tiny dogs will help, but not all the time.

  • My dog did this too she kept my feet warm and I rubbed her belly

    Eris EverblightEris Everblight17 kun oldin
  • The dog in shock .

    Carl Gustof mk4Carl Gustof mk417 kun oldin
  • Pet him right now!

    i require loopsi require loops17 kun oldin
  • Beautiful dog.

    Son of ThorsSon of Thors17 kun oldin
  • "This human is mine! Go get your own!"

    SorvosSorvos17 kun oldin
  • Environmentally friendly leg warmer 🤣🤣

    waisee80waisee8017 kun oldin
  • ah sí, estoy viendo mi futuro XD

    Marwal ComshesunareMarwal Comshesunare17 kun oldin
  • What a turd. Kids w for legs and fur. Ha! Love it.

    fufv fufvvfufv fufvv17 kun oldin
  • Oh my god this melt my soulllllllll

    Jose MirandaJose Miranda17 kun oldin
  • He is sad

    Ipsita DashIpsita Dash17 kun oldin
  • In my younger days I was an emergency and primary care veterinary technician. I was fortunate to be able to bring my best bud to work with me on a routine basis and we enjoyed every minute of our time together.

    Madam TwonkyMadam Twonky17 kun oldin
  • Every dog is going to have MAJOR separation anxiety when Corona is over

    Rachel GrubmanRachel Grubman17 kun oldin
    • @Tonio Divichi Exactly. You are able to articulate my thoughts. Also Dengue is an issue in my home country but no every year is as bad. Even if we take the same precautions and there are a bunch of fliers and ads every year, some years are just bad.

      Taga WayTaga Way4 soat oldin
    • @Tony T I think she meant the end of the pandemic. Not exactly the extinction of the corona virus. Corona and Influenza viruses have been around for a while to be honest. Remember the influenza virus hit hard in the early 1900s, while there is no "cure" for it, nowadays you can still get treated for it even at your own home. We had a dengue epidemic in our country in 2017, we got over that fine (but when that same disease hit our country just a decade ago it killed people in the 1000s). My point is that things improve. Lets just remain positive that eventually we will find a reliable treatment for covid-19..................before covid-20 hits!

      Tonio DivichiTonio Divichi3 kun oldin
    • What makes you think its ever going to be over? Even with having a flu vaccine for decades that never made the flu go away did it?

      Tony TTony T3 kun oldin
    • They must be loving the least the ones whos owners didn't succumb to the virus.

      Tonio DivichiTonio Divichi5 kun oldin
    • Oh no :(

      EqualityEquality5 kun oldin
  • The dog is looking like it's not much but it pays the bills.

    Major TomMajor Tom17 kun oldin
  • Looks like a win-win situation to me❣

    Leslea MaxwellLeslea Maxwell17 kun oldin
  • 😍

    Priyanka SamalPriyanka Samal17 kun oldin
  • MamaMaxWillProtectUs

  • 😀

    Gabi VetGabi Vet17 kun oldin
  • He’s like “What. You think I’m comfortable here? Just another days work...doin the griiind.”

    BioshockaholicBioshockaholic17 kun oldin
  • Now you can never leave home, and must continue to work from there.

    Sandra WhitlockSandra Whitlock17 kun oldin
  • Same with my 🐕 too

    Suraj KuppiliSuraj Kuppili17 kun oldin
  • Dogs will be dogs this is why cats are better cause there independent and they don't make messes and there super careful while dogs are super clumsy and make a lot of messes

    Bot GamerBot Gamer17 kun oldin
  • That position is super comfortable when your feet are cold

    VictoriaVictoria17 kun oldin
  • Your doggo is just trying to be your workmate.

    Mh18 2018Mh18 201817 kun oldin
  • Yeah this the ultimate truth. During my online classes my cat wrap around my neck as a neck warmer and my whole class stare at me like this 😯

    Prerana SamantaPrerana Samanta17 kun oldin