Wolverine Arrives | Fortnite

1-Okt, 2020
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Battle Pass owners, the Wolverine Outfit and Classic Style is available now! Read more here: fn.gg/Wolverine
He's the best at what he does, but what he does isn't very nice.
You’ve already seen Weapon X working behind the scenes, and with Fortnite’s Chapter 2 - Season 4 Battle Pass, you can now unlock (and unleash) Wolverine. Prove you’re not a bub in Wolverine’s new Challenge for you!
Unlocking the Wolverine Outfit is just scratching the surface. Take action in Wolverine’s other Battle Pass Challenges and get your hands on more Wolverine rewards, like Wolverine’s Trophy Back Bling and Ferocious Wrap.
After unlocking his Outfit, complete Wolverine’s special request and unlock his built-in Snikt! Emote. Trigger it to replace your Pickaxe with his classic Adamantium Claws. Swap back and forth anytime between the Adamantium Claws and the Pickaxe you have equipped!

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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  • guys did anyone notice the tac being held by the hotdog skin?

    TheBEASTSquadTheBEASTSquad56 daqiqa oldin
  • why did you ad the tactical shotgun its gone

    Brantley The cool guyBrantley The cool guy9 soat oldin
  • Hey Fortnite, I had a question .(other people who reads this pls tell me the answer) will the tactical shotgun come back?? For the fortmares?

    Mya BennettMya Bennett11 soat oldin
  • hola epic, como hago si quiero fusionar mi cuenta con otra de la misma plataforma, como?, tengo dos cuentas super exclusivas si no puedo me pondria muy triste, no se si puedan hacer algo, gracias / hello epic, how do i do if i want to merge my account with another from the same platform, how? i have two super exclusive accounts if i can't i would get very sad

    Richard XDRichard XD15 soat oldin
  • silver surfer, blade and daredevil also deserve silver (105) / gold (145) / Holo (185) skins. for those who buy and play this season. 🙏🏼

    Rodrigo AraújoRodrigo Araújo20 soat oldin
    • What about holo foil versions also how would they make a solver foil silver surfer also there are more upcoming marvel skins and perhaps the old marvel skins should get foil styles

      Wayne DeaconWayne Deacon20 soat oldin
  • silver surfer, blade and daredevil also deserve silver (105) and gold (145) skins. for those who buy and play this season. 🙏🏼

    Rodrigo AraújoRodrigo Araújo20 soat oldin
  • Wolverine: Gets added People who played the Thanos LTM in Season 4 Chapter 1: **VIETNAM FLASHBACKS INTENSIFY**

    vj balanvj balanKun oldin
  • bosses are ruining fortnite. We dont need bosses in battle royale because they dont fit! I hope this is the last season with awful bosses!

    • I agree

      LemetyLemetyKun oldin
  • I want mobile fortnite back pls

    Muhammad HaadiMuhammad HaadiKun oldin
    • There is creative but I wanna play season 4

      Muhammad HaadiMuhammad HaadiKun oldin
    • @Muhammad Haadi A i see that you have the tac tho. But do u have creative

      LemetyLemetyKun oldin
    • I just wanna play with the pump

      Muhammad HaadiMuhammad HaadiKun oldin
    • trust me season 4 has been so bad so far! Im sure nobody asked for a marvel season. Just enjoy playing season 3. I would rather play season 3 instead of 4. I hope they put fortnite back on the app store

    • @Muhammad Haadi do you have a gaming console?

  • Such a crap skin

    orchy 123orchy 123Kun oldin
    • @BRENNAN TV I killed him easily

      Wayne DeaconWayne Deacon20 soat oldin
    • I dont think killing a tough boss is worth the skin. They could have done a better challenge such as find wolverine. Killing wolverine is too much. I dont think its worth that much.

  • hiii

    EthanfishyEthanfishyKun oldin
  • who else seen brutes

    B SeaverB SeaverKun oldin
  • Acute send

    Armanda PereiraArmanda Pereira2 kun oldin
    • Hand

      Armanda PereiraArmanda Pereira2 kun oldin
  • No encuentro a nadie que hable español :'v si me ves encontraste un comentario de México alv

    •Męi kûn••Męi kûn•2 kun oldin
  • Everyone: talking about Wolverine Me: BRUTUS IS ALIVEEEE!!! 0:25

    Rohxx1 PlaysRohxx1 Plays2 kun oldin
    • Haha

      LemetyLemety2 kun oldin
  • il a perdu ses souvenirs enfin sa mémoire

    Alexandre maestro 22Alexandre maestro 222 kun oldin

    Joanne CardwellJoanne Cardwell3 kun oldin
    • I got it 20 minutes after release 🤣

      LemetyLemety2 kun oldin
  • wolverine: u cant kill meh. me trying killing him with all mythics: 0_0 he is powerful

    Joanne CardwellJoanne Cardwell3 kun oldin
    • not funny dindt laugh wow

      Munirah Mat DaimMunirah Mat Daim2 kun oldin
  • Bring back Travis Scott skin plzzzz

    Alejandro G. Avinante Jr.Alejandro G. Avinante Jr.3 kun oldin
    • May God will make a miracle to bring back Trav skin in the item shop

      Alejandro G. Avinante Jr.Alejandro G. Avinante Jr.2 kun oldin
    • i hope too

      Alejandro G. Avinante Jr.Alejandro G. Avinante Jr.2 kun oldin
    • He's coming back chill

      LemetyLemety2 kun oldin
  • I onwe the ghoul trooper but I don’t have the pink one can you please put it on my account

    Lil KayLil Kay3 kun oldin
    • That style is for ogs only

      Wayne DeaconWayne Deacon2 kun oldin
  • יש כאן ישראלים ?

    המזכיר של iCe Mythicהמזכיר של iCe Mythic3 kun oldin
  • Did anyone also notice they’re using PS5 graphics for it

    Jennifer WatsonJennifer Watson3 kun oldin
    • Nop

      LemetyLemety2 kun oldin
  • Cringe

    BuckLaser_ _INFBuckLaser_ _INF3 kun oldin
    • @Wayne Deacon I used to lol

      BuckLaser_ _INFBuckLaser_ _INF2 kun oldin
    • Your cringe also if you don’t like the game don’t watch videos about it

      Wayne DeaconWayne Deacon2 kun oldin
  • Hello Fortnite! I just started playing this game :) i got 20 kills in my second game beacouse i have good aim, but then the game put me in some weird lobbies where everyone builds so fast and i cant get elimination... can u fix your sbm or delete it? thanks

    LiroxLirox3 kun oldin
    • @Lemety lol i still think hey could fix it i created new account and in my first game i got player with 150 levels

      LiroxLirox2 kun oldin
    • Good try 😂

      LemetyLemety2 kun oldin
  • Wen are you going to update to 14.40

    Brandon SilverioBrandon Silverio3 kun oldin
  • Dude the music though, its so awsome right?

    Rishxb GameplayRishxb Gameplay4 kun oldin
  • Epic can you bring boundless skins back this weekend please?

    Breez yBreez y4 kun oldin
  • Jonsey would definitely kill wolverine

    FrezzePlayZ GamerFrezzePlayZ Gamer5 kun oldin
  • Its seven against one Wolverine:"realizes he still has blades" i like those odds

    Justin Colin ManansalaJustin Colin Manansala5 kun oldin
  • Oh hey when are you going to add Pennywise because it was been a long time

    Gabriel MarcheseGabriel Marchese5 kun oldin
    • There not adding penny wise

      Wayne DeaconWayne Deacon2 kun oldin
  • هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

    Muu AbbasMuu Abbas5 kun oldin
  • fortnite pls stop adding garbage to the game

    KidøKidø6 kun oldin
  • When is the superhero skins are coming back???

    XxdarkgamerxX300 ,XxdarkgamerxX300 ,6 kun oldin
  • Fornite you please add peelvorine!

    Gray DuckyGray Ducky6 kun oldin
  • 今回のコロナ被害拡大の原因は中国の春節爆買いを目当てにした観光協会の一部の人間と創価学会のせいです。 その観光協会の会長が自民党内公明派の筆頭二階幹事長であり、二階が公明党に依頼し、結果厚労省、国交省がコロナ対策を遅らせ、又、コロナはインフルエンザと変わらないと世論を誘導しました。 結果、そのせいで肝心の観光業が一番打撃を受けています。 オリンピックを裏金を使い、東京に招いたのにも創価が関わっていると目されているのに、それをこの様な形で潰しておいて、自分達だけは事務手数料利権で儲けようとしている呆れた連中です

    バカソーバカソー6 kun oldin
  • Did you see brutas

    Yukonicus GamingYukonicus Gaming6 kun oldin
  • I have an idea for the she hulk boss Have her start as Jennifer Walters, and when she sees you trying to take her out, she turns into she hulk and starts punching you with her mythic item, then if she thinks everyone's dead, she turns back into Jennifer

    H20 SavagexxH20 Savagexx6 kun oldin
    • that is a fantastic idea! Also mystiques boss should be where when she kills a player she turns into the player to pretend she is a normal player

    • Good idea. But i Just hate this season.

      LemetyLemety6 kun oldin
  • Sos today is the dare devil trio cup and you get dare devil so I’m wondering fortnite will dare devil get his classic appearance where he has yellow and red on him?

    19th Century Freddy Frostbear19th Century Freddy Frostbear6 kun oldin
    • وين العرب😂

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue6 kun oldin
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    Gio SilvaGio Silva6 kun oldin
    • Fortnite should have iron man from spider man far from home because is gonna be halloween season

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue6 kun oldin
  • Fortnite is running out of idea at battle royale

    Josh PlaysJosh Plays7 kun oldin
    • Oh sorry

      Josh PlaysJosh Plays6 kun oldin
    • They have done that since Season 9

      LemetyLemety6 kun oldin
  • now

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon7 kun oldin
  • Hello my friends

    MecaBot YTMecaBot YT7 kun oldin
  • Wait a second... There’s Doom, Stark, and Wolverine abilities, and those bosses are already in the game so.... Ah sh%^, Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) is next, and I can tell THAT one is gonna be even more painful than Wolverine....

    FutabaProtecc SquadFutabaProtecc Squad7 kun oldin
    • Nah it’s not that op

      MystxqlMystxql6 kun oldin
  • I gotta admit, I’m always terrified when I see this guy. Seeing him run 69 miles per hour right towards you really makes you skip a beat. That and the gunshots.... *I want to sleep now*

    FutabaProtecc SquadFutabaProtecc Squad7 kun oldin
  • 😯😎 😎😯

    AstralOnSpiralAstralOnSpiral7 kun oldin
  • These have to update Wolverine it's too hard I almost smacked my controller it's making people rage quit a lot please change it to normal health

    Jacob ChavezJacob Chavez7 kun oldin
    • No since that’s not regular wolverine

      Wayne DeaconWayne Deacon2 kun oldin
  • Wolverine is to powerful Fortnite

    Nathaniel EsquivelNathaniel Esquivel7 kun oldin
    • What your talking about the first time I encountered him I killed him

      Wayne DeaconWayne Deacon2 kun oldin
    • Your too bad

      LemetyLemety6 kun oldin
  • Water storm in creative please

    aylien Peláez amaroaylien Peláez amaro7 kun oldin
  • If anybody needs help with this then go to dooms domain and get a LMG from a henchman next to the vault, then take a helicopter and go to weeping woods and slurpy swamp, then look for footsteps, when you see footsteps then look for meds and shield potions to get you to 200 health because its impossible to do this with less than 200, destroy wolverine with the LMG and there you go.

    • I did it without shields

      Wayne DeaconWayne Deacon2 kun oldin
    • I did it with 58 health

      LemetyLemety6 kun oldin
  • A.K.A - The boss with infinite HP, hurling you towards him, damaging you rapidly, healing himself, reviving himself.

    Harry PotterHarry Potter7 kun oldin
    • Omg r u the real Harry Potter

      aidanpoppas123aidanpoppas1232 kun oldin
  • Me: this will be easy 8 hours later Me: I still haven’t got him 😔

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue8 kun oldin
    • I recommend you look for it in team mode because if your partner kills wolverine you count the mission

      LondonLondon19 soat oldin
    • I got him in 30 minutes

      Waleidmaverick19Waleidmaverick19Kun oldin
    • Just make sure to always have multiple SMGs in your hand and travel around the entire weeping. Players who have already killed wolverine are easy to find.

      BlueBlue2 kun oldin
  • Fortnite should have iron man from spider man far from home because is gonna be halloween season

    A AlexanderA Alexander8 kun oldin
  • وين العرب😂

    Nawaf نوافNawaf نواف8 kun oldin
    • هلا

      Nawaf نوافNawaf نواف4 kun oldin
    • موجدين 😂

      لتصميم الشيلاتلتصميم الشيلات7 kun oldin
  • *everyone gantsa till Guff pulls with a bat*

    Alex VirtucioAlex Virtucio8 kun oldin
  • Fortnite bring reaper sythe back

    FilxeFilxe8 kun oldin
    • @soiung toiue No dude

      LemetyLemety6 kun oldin
    • They are in the shop

      LemetyLemety6 kun oldin

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue8 kun oldin
  • it is the most pawerfull boss in the game

    Chastity MillantiChastity Millanti8 kun oldin
  • Hoy ase un ano fue cuando la va a cavar el fortnite temporada 1 capítulo 1 yo sería más fortnite pero me gustaría que vuelva piso picados las ciudades que quedaron en el otro univreso

    Nicolas CaihuayaNicolas Caihuaya8 kun oldin
  • Frostbite can I have the dead pool backbling I forgot to get the backbling when I got the dead pool battle pass

    super speedsuper speed8 kun oldin
    • Ok tanks for telling

      super speedsuper speed6 kun oldin
    • Its not Even cool and exclusive is exclusive.

      LemetyLemety6 kun oldin
  • We like fortnite!

    The cool AceplateThe cool Aceplate8 kun oldin
  • Is possible Spider-Man in Fortnite 🙏🏻

    miguel contrerasmiguel contreras8 kun oldin
  • 💖

    Muu AbbasMuu Abbas8 kun oldin
  • Holly Molly chill

    Bro Jack fan alslman abdulazizBro Jack fan alslman abdulaziz9 kun oldin
  • I'm pretty sure everyone noticed that more players appeared defeated after being they were all wiped out by Wolverine.

    Elite StrikerElite Striker9 kun oldin
  • who else would like the blade thing come out of their hand ?

    Forex Trading For Beginners - Forex AnalysisForex Trading For Beginners - Forex Analysis9 kun oldin
  • Fortnite Wolverine is too hard

    WilliamgamingWilliamgaming9 kun oldin
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    Blur72Blur729 kun oldin
  • Dead game

    Prototype VenomPrototype Venom9 kun oldin
    • @Wayne Deacon sure it is

      Prototype VenomPrototype Venom2 kun oldin
    • @Prototype Venom the game is still played by tons of people so no it’s not dead don’t make false statements

      Wayne DeaconWayne Deacon2 kun oldin
    • Lemety bro the community is 90% 8 year olds and the game had 5 times more follows views and whatever

      Prototype VenomPrototype Venom6 kun oldin
    • @Prototype Venom Well its the most streamed Game and most followed game on Ttv. So 😉

      LemetyLemety6 kun oldin
    • Scan no cap

      Prototype VenomPrototype Venom8 kun oldin
  • 0:06 9 year olds trying there best to get wolverine

    drizzz btwdrizzz btw9 kun oldin

    J'bari OpJ'bari Op9 kun oldin
  • Why does Doggo’s Charge Shotgun sound like a Pump Shotgun?

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi9 kun oldin
    • eioshen boboi jk gun sounds are weird in trailers

      Wendy BercandeWendy Bercande8 kun oldin
  • عحؤىؤهل

    شبح غيمر -شبح غيمر -10 kun oldin
  • Hai

    asian drama אשׁה ᬅᬰᬄasian drama אשׁה ᬅᬰᬄ10 kun oldin
  • The dog was like :🇫🇷

    imposterimposter10 kun oldin
  • Pls get rid of him

    00FTES00FTES10 kun oldin
    • They'll get rid of him in 49 days

      ScanScan8 kun oldin
    • on the second claw the sound effect is off by a second

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi9 kun oldin
  • Where was tomato guy when they walkingg up

    SlugSlug10 kun oldin
    • @Wayne Deacon no he is look under Wolverine and you will see him when everyone’s stacked up

      SlugSlug2 kun oldin
    • Tomato head isn’t in this trailer

      Wayne DeaconWayne Deacon2 kun oldin
  • the easiest way to kill him is with a LMG

    BRENNAN TVBRENNAN TV10 kun oldin
  • Man I dont now why youtube comments on fortnite videos are good to the game

    Ric4rRic4r10 kun oldin
  • Now you have taken away 3 landing locations cause of the scuffed mythic bosses Pleasant park WHY EPIC Frenzy farm meh i never landed there Weeping woods back from the dead

    Point of InterestPoint of Interest10 kun oldin
    • XFSHY yeah but i love pleasant

      Point of InterestPoint of Interest10 kun oldin
    • That's only 3 theres plenty more to land n

      XFSHYXFSHY10 kun oldin

    RyattRyatt10 kun oldin
  • Ya

    Ben HardyBen Hardy10 kun oldin
  • Fortnite sucks

    Sylvan HuangSylvan Huang10 kun oldin
    • Maybe stop talking about yourself

      Wayne DeaconWayne Deacon2 kun oldin
    • Just like u

      XFSHYXFSHY10 kun oldin
  • Ay I finally got the skin after a week I literally unlocked the extra style before I unlocked the skin itself

    Pikavee ManiaPikavee Mania10 kun oldin

    Ninja OverlordNinja Overlord10 kun oldin
    • No cause wolverine has self healing

      Wayne DeaconWayne Deacon2 kun oldin
    • Why dont u finish him right away

      XFSHYXFSHY10 kun oldin
  • Love u fortnite

    Charlie1056Charlie105610 kun oldin
  • Nice

    Strat_ DragonStrat_ Dragon10 kun oldin
  • I need skin from Spider-Man haha

    Deyanira CarapazDeyanira Carapaz10 kun oldin
    • Hi! I made a 3D animation. Would you like to see it?

      Diamond Pickaxe AnimationsDiamond Pickaxe Animations10 kun oldin
  • they all have legendary weapons also

    Swift BoiSwift Boi10 kun oldin
  • on the second claw the sound effect is off by a second

    Swift BoiSwift Boi10 kun oldin
  • WoW

    Ishy KazavIshy Kazav10 kun oldin
  • Please

    Jamie PorterJamie Porter10 kun oldin
  • Can you add spider man in the game

    Jamie PorterJamie Porter10 kun oldin
  • Tgy

    Hang PlayzHang Playz11 kun oldin
  • H

    Hang PlayzHang Playz11 kun oldin
  • Ji

    Hang PlayzHang Playz11 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Hang PlayzHang Playz11 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Hang PlayzHang Playz11 kun oldin
  • Ho

    Hang PlayzHang Playz11 kun oldin
  • Add fright funk back please

    Rachel SummersRachel Summers11 kun oldin
    • Its coming back in next week or tommorow

      LemetyLemety10 kun oldin
  • Also make him spawn in senteniel graveyard

    Rachel SummersRachel Summers11 kun oldin
    • No cause that’s a landmark

      Wayne DeaconWayne Deacon2 kun oldin
  • W