Wisconsin at Michigan | Wagner With A Big Outing | Jan. 12, 2021 | Highlights

12-Yan, 2021
48 421 Ko‘rishlar soni

Franz Wagner scored 15 points to help lead Michigan to a 77-54 win over Wisconsin.
#NCAABasketball #MichiganWolverines #WisconsinBadgers
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  • I'm glad my Wolverines might be good enough to compete for the national title! I feel bad for the players since they have to play in an empty arena every home game. Maybe the Michigan governor will get a brain and allow fans inside the arena before this season is over.

    Justin SchramJustin Schram14 soat oldin
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    nobis_kidnobis_kid19 soat oldin
  • Wow stunning!? Wolverines for real talented. But the badgers are beginning to look disappointing. Not much energy in these games it seems. The Sr's must have reached their ceiling - limited talent. It was 23 -21 @ one pt. ??

    Davis WDavis WKun oldin
  • up 30 and livers still hustled to block that breakaway layup with about 4 minutes left. *that* is relentless.

    secretasianmansecretasianman2 kun oldin
  • Ez final 4 team this year

    Brayden EatonBrayden Eaton2 kun oldin
  • That step back 3 tho 👌👌👌

    Jakers57BJakers57B2 kun oldin
  • Wisconsin is Michigan's Birches!

    Tim CouillardTim Couillard2 kun oldin
  • I'm an MSU fan and Michigan needs to be #3 next week the underrating needs to stop

    Austin TrummelAustin Trummel2 kun oldin
  • 2:29 that dunk

    XtopalopaktlXtopalopaktl2 kun oldin
  • Michigan seems to always feel a team out to start, then they go on a big run. Penn state was able to keep it a smaller run and they were able to come back from it. The only Michigan game that’s been within single digits.

    Commander ShepardCommander Shepard2 kun oldin
  • we were wisconsin's legal guardians last night

    JasJas2 kun oldin
  • Did we prove ourselves yet?

    R1valWyssR1valWyss2 kun oldin
  • How fun would this have been with fans

    Noah DamooseNoah Damoose2 kun oldin
  • Mike Smith's crossover/stepback at the top of the key at 1:40 is one of the nastiest moves I've ever seen.

    Mark RobertsMark Roberts2 kun oldin
  • OMG, what a beatdown. That's seriously what I would expect to happen if I got together with four of my best friends and tried to play against an actual college basketball team.

    Mark RobertsMark Roberts2 kun oldin
  • 3:23 sit down 35😂

    gabegib11gabegib112 kun oldin
  • Can't wait for this Michigan team to choke in the round of 32...giggles!!!

    Ole BammieOle Bammie2 kun oldin
    • I guarantee that you didn't watch a single Michigan game this season

      mohawkian2000mohawkian20002 kun oldin
    • Why would you say that? Have you even watched Michigan in the postseason? They always overachieve, not the other way around. If anything it'll be Sparta that chokes in the second round. Thanks for beating the buckeyes.

      None Of your BusinessNone Of your Business2 kun oldin
  • This is the best team in the country right now. FUN to watch! Go Blue!

    Eric BaileyEric Bailey2 kun oldin
  • Michigan is Beastmode . Like to see them play the Zs

    toast toastedtoast toasted2 kun oldin
  • 1st team to beat 3 ranked teams by over 19 in a row

    Vernon SchaalVernon Schaal3 kun oldin
  • Iowa Fan here, Damn Big Blue looking the jewel of the Big Ten with this statement win. Congrats 💪

    The Winter SwoldierThe Winter Swoldier3 kun oldin
    • Can’t wait to meet y’all Hawkeyes in March

      Cloudy Skies ProductionsCloudy Skies Productions2 kun oldin
    • You guys have a real good team too. Cant wait for march 4

      A CA C2 kun oldin
  • What I like is the energy on the bench. They definitely help fuel whats going on, on the court.

    Wayne ThayerWayne Thayer3 kun oldin
    • they are hilarious and full of energy.

      Sweezy_boiSweezy_boiKun oldin
    • Especially jace Howard

      Alexander AshareAlexander Ashare2 kun oldin
    • It’s so fun to watch

      RowanRowan2 kun oldin
  • Let's not get arrogant and cocky. For some reason we play down to our rivals. So as long as we stay healthy and beat them I'll be happy.

    Mister JMHMister JMH3 kun oldin
  • These highlight videos are not put together well at all...it barely showed any of the 41-6 run we went on...I know they have to include Wisconsin highlights to please their fan base but cmon if you lose by 20+ the majority of the highlights should be the winning team not an even amount

    Mason TronsorMason Tronsor3 kun oldin
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    Vuk CeklicVuk Ceklic3 kun oldin
  • Wow Michigan is so exciting to watch......

  • It's insane that they were up by 40 points in a college game between 2 top ten teams. Michigan is LEGIT.

    adam freezyadam freezy3 kun oldin
  • I actually think Michigan could give Gonzaga a run for their money

    ByzantineIsRomanByzantineIsRoman3 kun oldin
    • @ByzantineIsRoman Yes we have a squad of talent coming next year. Just was a bit more hopeful for this year's team. Tend to get attached to the players as the years go. Was really hoping for more for Langford. Also think Gabe Brown has untapped potential. Either way, Spartans always get the talent so I'm not worried. Glad to see other MSU fans aren't worried either.

      Brandon TerpstraBrandon TerpstraKun oldin
    • @Brandon Terpstra Don’t worry. I’m a spartan fan as well but this a rebuilding year for us. If Bates and Boakye reclassify to the 2021 class we will be a top 3 team next year

      ByzantineIsRomanByzantineIsRomanKun oldin
    • Michigan is gonna eat Gonzaga up if they play. BIG 10 is the toughest conference to date which Michigan is clearly dominating. Have only seen progression with U of M, yet to see any regression. Hope they keep it up... till they play STATE lol, Go Green!

      Brandon TerpstraBrandon TerpstraKun oldin
    • Like we did last year when we beat them by 20 points....84-62

      PNAS99PNAS992 kun oldin
    • We can beat them. Gonzaga is incredible but we match up very well with them. I hope both teams keep this up and we can see them in march

      A CA C2 kun oldin
  • Still a SPARTAN, still impressed with U of M and am not too proud to admit it. Howard's team this year is what I had hoped to see from MSU and have been sorely disappointed. All around great team on all fundamentals. Just glad to see the BIG 10 is still being dominated by the state of Michigan. Hope the best for them... until we play of course. Go GREEN!

    Brandon TerpstraBrandon Terpstra3 kun oldin
    • Perhaps Michigan will take the reign of North Carolina as the best basketball state in the Country!?

      Punch Up Then Pee Right to Wakeup AOC Nancy & MitchPunch Up Then Pee Right to Wakeup AOC Nancy & Mitch2 kun oldin
  • Gonzaga, better half your shorts pulled up tight,Michigan is coming your way!!!

    R BR B3 kun oldin
  • This is just the beginning for the Big Ten..... number one class coming...Our Time..

    Jay DevereauxJay Devereaux3 kun oldin
  • Go Blue Mike Smith Looks Saucy!

    Asher DarlingAsher Darling3 kun oldin
  • One game a time and stay humble & hungry GO BLUE!!!

    ryan wallaceryan wallace3 kun oldin
  • Why aren't those dunks T'd up anymore? Truly a sad day.

    Larry GotterLarry Gotter3 kun oldin
  • Michigan absolutely clapped wisconsin, put them to shame, made them look like a D2 team

    calvin looyengacalvin looyenga3 kun oldin
    • I've seen D2 schools do better

      Steven HoffiusSteven HoffiusKun oldin
  • I find it hard to believe that's the first time maybe the big ten is just weak

    PixeledPixeled3 kun oldin
    • I know dude I mean look at Michigan State. Number 4 at the beginning of the year and now not even ranked

      BBH 1BBH 12 kun oldin
  • 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 BIG10 Ship???

    Brennan BrowerBrennan Brower3 kun oldin
  • why do michigan players always like to disrespect the other team at the end?

    PixeledPixeled3 kun oldin
    • @Pixeled dude what?

      underratedkeymusicunderratedkeymusic2 kun oldin
  • michigan will choke late season as usual

    PixeledPixeled3 kun oldin
    • Hey Larry nassar u fan .... gfy loser

      devastator226devastator2262 kun oldin
    • Keep crying

      mohawkian2000mohawkian20003 kun oldin
    • He made 4 troll posts in a row BUT Michigan has a recent history of starting hot, hitting a midseason slump and then peaking heading into the NCAA. I don't see them going into a slump this season but they are going to lose some games along the way.

      Michael GonzalezMichael Gonzalez3 kun oldin
    • @Klayton Boland factsss. Who ever behind that account stupid af!

      Jay BeatzJay Beatz3 kun oldin
    • What are you talking about usually michigan turns it on to close the season

      Klayton BolandKlayton Boland3 kun oldin
  • Michigan playing strong, just gotta keep it going. Go Blue!

    king pin32king pin323 kun oldin
  • First NCAA basketball team in history to beat 3 consecutive ranked opponents by 19+ points each.

    riverraisin1riverraisin13 kun oldin
    • @Sweezy_boi seriously man. Like I don’t even want that job. Lol seems tedious. 🤣🤣🤣

      David CastilloDavid CastilloKun oldin
    • @David Castillo i think the same thing😂

      Sweezy_boiSweezy_boiKun oldin
    • Who looks these stats up? They the real MVP. 😂

      David CastilloDavid Castillo3 kun oldin
  • You cannot debate whether or not this team is legit anymore

    A CA C3 kun oldin
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    Vinson DongVinson Dong3 kun oldin
  • A 41-6 run vs a top 10 team, now that’s impressive. There are big things in the Wolverines future 〽️HAIL〽️

    Mason SchroederMason Schroeder3 kun oldin
    • 43-6

      Vernon SchaalVernon Schaal3 kun oldin
  • Up 40 at one point👀💙💛

    rickydavis1051rickydavis10513 kun oldin
  • Lets go

    Michigan FanbaseMichigan Fanbase3 kun oldin
  • Go blue.

    Sōme GūySōme Gūy3 kun oldin
  • Michigan could’ve won by 50. As a Michigan fan, we still need to prove it against Iowa and Illinois! 2 teams with solid big men

    Travis AchterhofTravis Achterhof3 kun oldin
    • Another test on saturday at the barn. First road game vs a team that hasnt even lost at home this year and is ranked

      A CA C2 kun oldin
    • Right! One game at a time. Got Minnesota coming up. A ranked team on the road

      Hamzah ElsulaymanHamzah Elsulayman2 kun oldin
    • Agree but are leader scorer had 2 points at half it shows alot of what everyone else can do

      Seth JamesSeth James3 kun oldin
    • Factz

      Eric CarterEric Carter3 kun oldin
    • agreed but Potter was a pretty good test

      Tyler ButashTyler Butash3 kun oldin
  • Go Maze!!! Go Blue!!!!

    Montanius ChambersMontanius Chambers3 kun oldin
  • When your mad about only winning by 23

    Tyler ButashTyler Butash3 kun oldin
    • *you’re

      Jack SwansonJack Swanson3 kun oldin
    • @Bear let’s sweep the big ten first

      Tyler ButashTyler Butash3 kun oldin

      BearBear3 kun oldin
  • Hail to The Victors!!!!

    Tyler ButashTyler Butash3 kun oldin
  • Yo Michigan are unstoppable

    Jais OttathengilJais Ottathengil3 kun oldin
  • I was a bit mad that the final score didn’t tell us the full story, then I realized we beat a top 10 team by 23

    Mark BaranykMark Baranyk3 kun oldin
    • @Pixeled WHATTTT!!?? Bro the starters went on a 43-6 run. If we left them in even when Wisconsin started to hit shots we would've maintained the 40 point lead. The bench scored about 6 points in the 7 minutes they were in whereas Wisconsin left their starters in and scored like 15-25.

      Sean McLeanSean McLean2 kun oldin
    • @WatchMePop It's unfortunate that we have to wait until MARCH to see the game that most Big 10 basketball fans wanna see NOW: Michigan vs. Iowa.

      DuneedonDuneedon2 kun oldin
    • We could’ve beat them by way more but we put in our back ups

      AidenYeatts_AidenYeatts_2 kun oldin
    • they did play 13 players the deep bench got playing time

      Vernon SchaalVernon Schaal3 kun oldin
    • @Pixeled not always after you are up that much teams put in their bench or put their foot off the gas

      Anish RAnish R3 kun oldin
  • Geeze Michigan. You are so fun to watch. Welcome back Davis!!

    None Of your BusinessNone Of your Business3 kun oldin
  • They are looking awesome

    R BR B3 kun oldin
  • Franz is a first rounder

    sharif ssharif s3 kun oldin
    • @theGreekFreak #34 Nah he certainly has the talent, upside, and all the intangibles that an nba team looks for

      BBH 1BBH 1Kun oldin
    • @Brennon Woods I see what you’re saying. I’d say he’s better off staying 4 years👍

      theGreekFreak #34theGreekFreak #342 kun oldin
    • @theGreekFreak #34 yeah but he was thought to be a serious prospect last year, he’s not like a lottery pick or anything but I could see him getting picked in the 20’s, I think he’s better than Poole and he got picked at 28

      Brennon WoodsBrennon Woods2 kun oldin
    • @Brennon Woods Michigan is a great team. Wisconsin didn’t do anything good from the start. Definitely credit to Michigan for shutting them down. Wisconsin is gonna be jus fine. But some of the wolverines fans are drinking some serious blue koolaid 😂

      theGreekFreak #34theGreekFreak #342 kun oldin
    • @theGreekFreak #34 incredible length, good shot blocker and stealer, good shooter, and good driving ability

      Brennon WoodsBrennon Woods2 kun oldin
  • GoBlue!!

    Ty BlackTy Black3 kun oldin
  • GO BLUE!!!

    Robert SingletonRobert Singleton3 kun oldin
  • 11-0 🥳🥳🥳

    Brennon WoodsBrennon Woods3 kun oldin
    • @Arianna Lul so

      28-328-32 kun oldin
    • @28-3 that’s football this is basketball

      Arianna LulArianna Lul2 kun oldin
    • @28-3 eh I guess we’ll see 😂😂, but until then we are still the best team in the big 10 and just annihilated a top 10 team

      Brennon WoodsBrennon Woods3 kun oldin
    • @Bear 😂

      Tyler ButashTyler Butash3 kun oldin
    • @28-3 Your account is a curse

      BearBear3 kun oldin
  • They had wisconsin discombobulated

    Your The BestYour The Best3 kun oldin
    • Yes!!!! That is it!!!

      Solar WorkoutsSolar Workouts2 kun oldin
    • Indubitably!

      Anne HajduAnne Hajdu3 kun oldin
  • Michigan will win the National championship.

    Ben NikolaBen Nikola3 kun oldin
    • @Brennon Woods sub if u wanna see some michigan content, nba, ncaab and nfl

      Sports for DaysSports for DaysKun oldin
    • No well do the same thing as last year lol

      Alexander AshareAlexander Ashare2 kun oldin
    • @Ole Bammie Bama is a lot worse than Michigan. Your a football school

      Official Big Ten CommissionerOfficial Big Ten Commissioner2 kun oldin
    • @BBH 1 LOL

      Official Big Ten CommissionerOfficial Big Ten Commissioner2 kun oldin
    • @Rick When we played Oakland that was at the beginning of the season when everyone thought Kentucky was gonna be good

      Official Big Ten CommissionerOfficial Big Ten Commissioner2 kun oldin
  • Damn michigan

    Not SureNot Sure3 kun oldin