Will There Be Justice For Breonna Taylor | Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz

25-Sen, 2020
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The Brilliant Idiots is a podcast just as unpredictable as its hosts. From power 105's hit radio show "The Breakfast Club" comes Charlamagne tha God and stand up comedy's rulebreaker, Andrew Schulz. From music, comedy, relationships, to pop culture, politics and current events, everything is on the table for analysis. But take what you hear with a grain of salt, because while their perspectives are often brilliant, they're liable to be idiotic too.
New York native and internationally touring stand-up, Andrew Schulz is known for his hilarious and unsafe comedy. He has starred in the sitcom BENDERS (now available on Netflix), can be seen in Amazon’s SNEAKY PETE, HBO’s CRASHING, and on MTV including GUY CODE and GIRL CODE.
In the podcast realm, Schulz can be heard on the wildly popular THE BRILLIANT IDIOTS - co-hosted by nationally syndicated radio and television personality Charlamagne tha God - the hilarious sports commentary podcast FLAGRANT 2, and the film and TV analysis podcast WESTERBROS. He has made major appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience, Bert Kreischer’s BERTCAST, Joey “coco” Diaz The Chuch of What’s Happening Now. He has even done solo interviews with the likes of Lil Duval and many others.
Andrew’s online presence has touched hundreds of millions of people
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  • Justice was already served in this case.

    Steven GranatiSteven Granati11 kun oldin
  • You guys obviously don't have the facts of this case. You are both smart guys, but this discussion is disappointing. There is surveillance footage of her at the trap house. There is surveillance footage of Glover leaving her house with packages. Her address was his listed address on official court documents. Recorded phone audio from jail of Glover confessing she handled his money. She was not an innocent victim. She was listed on the search warrant for a reason.

    vic demizevic demize12 kun oldin
  • Enough. Terrible that she passed, but there is ZERO supporting evidence for any charges to be brought to the police. Zero.

    GunkanjimaGunkanjima12 kun oldin
  • I looked at the case and totally understand the case.👍

    Richard DixonRichard Dixon15 kun oldin
  • LOL you don't know why people from China would want to get their money out and get it in a free economy liberalism is a disease

    1inkdaddy1inkdaddy16 kun oldin
  • Yo y'all need to watch some officer Tatum you're totally wrong Brianna Taylor was knee-deep in the drug game she had a car rented in her name in 2016 that a dead body was found in that's when she got on the radar Officer Tatum

    1inkdaddy1inkdaddy16 kun oldin
  • Any1 know where I can get that jumper from the one charla is wearing

    penny09penny0920 kun oldin
  • No one lied she was someone that held drugs and money for him that evidence to be used in a case for a crime there was no mal practice char and Andrew just don't want the BLM narrative to keep falling apart. It was her own decision that led to her being in that situation also they did knock and announce themselves and if she wasn't involved with said ex and had continued continued communications as well as been involved and adding him the cops would have had no cause to go to her home.

    9383troy9383troy23 kun oldin
  • THE MERCENARY NOW ON DVD AND FREE ON AMAZON PRIME .......................................JUSTICE FOR BORAT

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire27 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/b4DUh6mAdpGyoog

    Omar BailalOmar Bailal28 kun oldin
  • always better to talk about these events in long-form communication, e.g. podcasts etc, the news has no nuance

    D 3 AD 3 A28 kun oldin
  • I'd say just give every single person in merica a gun (legal and illegal citizens) and just fuckin go off on each other

    Gordy BrownGordy Brown28 kun oldin
  • Breonna Taylor on wire taps talking trap and packages - people need to understand that crime has consequences - being black had nothing to do with this

    Big GreasyBig Greasy28 kun oldin
  • How did the cops think they where shooting at her X if he was already in custody.

    FaireauxFaireaux28 kun oldin
  • She rented a car for a drive by. A body was found in that car. Seems like involvement to me. You need to check out officer tatums UZworld. He’s got the real facts.

    Ryann KellyRyann Kelly28 kun oldin
  • So true. Rip Vancouver.

    Yrch MathYrch Math28 kun oldin
  • Iono man.. Just seemed like overkill.. Dude shot once... Cops aired the place out.. Killed her... not the shooter.... Did the raid result in more evidence regarding the investigation? Did they stop a known murderer from continuing their mayhem? Something tells me that if the officers where anything other than white, while the victims were white, this would've unfolded waaaaaaaay different.

    alexT2091alexT209128 kun oldin
  • Yeah justice was served by her boyfriend by shooting at cops.

    only onlyonly only28 kun oldin
    • Hey knock next time white boy

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
  • Important rule in gun ownership. Know what you are shooting at. How did the boyfriend not know. It could have been a pizza delivery at the wrong house. I think he knew and is just dumb. She had a dead guy in her rental car! This girl was not innocent.

    William CarmanWilliam Carman28 kun oldin
    • Your point white boy always trying to.defend racism

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
  • What’s justice... she was running a trap house. The warrant was with the correct address they entered the boyfriend shot the officers when they entered. What mistake was made? If the cops come in my house and I shoot them then I’m liable for the return fire

    Robert OrtizRobert Ortiz28 kun oldin
  • Her family settled for millions of dollars, and a grand jury decided not to prosecute. What more do you want? Stringing up cops on BS charges to appease an angry mob is not justice. They RETURNED FIRE after one of theirs was shot. If cops can't even do that without getting charged with manslaughter then their job becomes literally impossible. Get a fucking grip people. This was a tragedy but it had nothing to do with racism. BLM is barking up the wrong tree like usual.

    Danny EDanny E28 kun oldin
  • She played the game and died because of it. She holds most of the blame in this.

    Ryan ARyan A28 kun oldin
  • Brionna Taylor would be alive if her boyfriend didn't shoot a cop. Inside the Breonna Taylor Drug Cartel. Part 6 uzworld.info/player/video/rLLXeaqQhbvZhqo Ak Nation News

    ChadChad28 kun oldin
  • She a real thug

    Daveed da sickDaveed da sick29 kun oldin
  • Many mistakes were made, including her boyfriend shooting first...

    Ryan IrvingRyan Irving29 kun oldin
  • They were running a stash house. She was still involved with drug dealing. Someone had been murdered in a car she rented. Her current boyfriend shot first. There's a lot of facts that the media did not report. The neighbor reported that they knocked. You don't knock and then not announce. It would have been better if they'd done a no-knock. Her boyfriend wouldn't have been able to get to his gun.

    Scott MScott M29 kun oldin
  • Very lame,do some research

    poppy harlowpoppy harlow29 kun oldin
  • I agree with yall until I heard her transcript from her n her ex on the jail phone sounds to me that was a stash house not a trap house something doesn't make sense in if u watch all the videos of the surveillance videos of all the packages moving in and out of her house were they working for Amazon then they followed those packages to the Stash House that was her ex-boyfriends and her friend LOL

    Chris DunnChris Dunn29 kun oldin
  • the root cause is that drugs have become a major societal issue, it's every where, it will ruin lots of people if it's legal, it will ruin lots of people if it's not legal.

    kshienatorkshienator29 kun oldin
  • Charge her bf for negligence and her death.

    m3number86m3number8629 kun oldin
  • Obviously the actions in this shooting had nothing to do with racism. But has anybody done a toxicology report? Because who in their sober mind shoots at cops that announce themselves? Only thing I can think of is that they were lit..

    theuser410theuser41029 kun oldin
    • UNCLE CHRIS bro what???

      theuser410theuser41027 kun oldin
    • It's always racism

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
  • Arrest the cops period. If her boyfriend killed one of those cops he would be doing life right now.

    mike hillmike hill29 kun oldin
  • Thats the best sounding mic of all time lol

    SPACEBOY86SPACEBOY8629 kun oldin
  • America: sorry this tragedy happened here is 12milliom dollars. Blacks: waaaaaaaa you don't care about black lives.

    D MooreD Moore29 kun oldin
  • What mistake was made? They had abundant information to put her in the ring of her drug dealing boyfriend in some capacity. These idiots need to research things like this before they spread misinformation.

    zephiro lzephiro l29 kun oldin
    • @UNCLE CHRIS "White boy" You do know what they say when you assume right? "Stick up for these white cops?" There is literal audio proof where she and her boyfriend talk about their trap house over the phone while he was in jail. An there is video evidence of them moving product from their trap house to and from her house. There are also witnesses saying they knocked before entering. An they only fired after they were fired at and the cop who first entered was hit in the leg with said gunfire. So how about you educate yourself on a situation before you get booty bothered and jump to conclusions like a fool.

      zephiro lzephiro l27 kun oldin
    • White boy shut up trying to stick up for these white cops

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
  • Very disappointed

    marcellaablemarcellaable29 kun oldin
  • It’s funny how they both admit they don’t really know what to do and then they just make up their manslaughter charge, smh....

    Michael WoodwardMichael Woodward29 kun oldin
  • Schulz doing *mental gymnastics* ?

    AnonymousAnonymous29 kun oldin
  • I don't actually want to defend the morality of Breonna Taylor's senseless death - it was absolutely idiotic for police to serve a warrant on her home after midnight, and even if it was legal, it has only hurt their state government without providing any benefit whatsoever for public safety... that being stated, people who peddle falsehoods (in lieu of facts) actually exacerbate the problems - please educate yourself on the facts before rendering your judgments.

    BENYJOSE1BENYJOSE129 kun oldin
    • They killed her no excuses that's why they had to pay 12 mill

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
  • The ass in this situation is Charlemagne. The dirty ass in the situation shot at a cop. And got his girlfriend killed over it. You shoot at a cop you’re a fool. And you got your girlfriend killed. Shortsighted and ignorant as hell.

  • Did the cops cover up the DEAD BODY in her rental car!?

    Jamie NJamie N29 kun oldin
  • I love how people are thinking that she was guilty of murder because her rental car had a body in it but obviously not found guilty of any wrong doing. Also why would Kenneth (not the drug dealing ex bf) call 911 after purposely attempting to kill the cops.

    The Banks FilmsThe Banks Films29 kun oldin
    • The Banks Films do you actually think they were going to her apartment to kill her? They wanted to bring her and her secret BF into custody. Shit went bad and her BF shot at the cops not knowing it was the cops. Cops returned fire and she caught 5 bullets. The body that was found in her rental coincides with the timeline of her resigning from her EMT position in 2016. Her file also had an indicator not to rehire. Was she guilty of the murder no but there was reason to believe she knew who was responsible and or harbouring. The evidence is there read it. Also read the case file on her. Read the phone conversations between her and Glover. The one she was telling how much she loved him. And him telling her where the drugs were at. Also look at the surveillance photos of all the trap houses and her house where people went in with something left with nothing and then other people went in with nothing and left with something. Her apartment was a drop house. You are correct she and walker didn’t have records but that doesn’t mean they weren’t involved just that they or I should say she hadn’t been caught yet. Knowing what we know now and will all the evidence collected had shots not been fired Breonna would indeed be charged for her involvement in the drug ring.

      Ryan ARyan A27 kun oldin
    • Ryan A also even though proves no point as people get fired all the time, send me an article stating she was inactive as an EMT March of this year, and I’ll eat my words. Obviously the body in the car wasn’t tied to her because she never was even charged for it 🧐

      The Banks FilmsThe Banks Films27 kun oldin
    • Ryan A again...we have a court system for that. A body was found in her rental, so yes everyone knows she was involved with bad people, but show me evidence she killed that person? You can use your name damn near anything. She didn’t have a gun or knife therefore she wasn’t a threat. If you shoot at me and I shoot back but end up killing your wife, spoiler alert I go to jail. They were there to find evidence of a drug ring, not shooting an unarmed woman. And that whole narrative of her being in her bed has been proven false and I also never said she was sleeping.

      The Banks FilmsThe Banks Films27 kun oldin
    • The Banks Films again I ain’t white like I said earlier. She was relieved of duty in 2016 shortly after a body was found in her car. Dig a lil deeper. Also there are transcripts of her discussions with her secret boyfriend Glover days before her death. Talking about where the drugs were and where they needed to be moved. Like I said previously I don’t think she in anyway deserved to die. But she knowingly and willingly played a deadly game. Cops rightly went to her house. She was named in the warrant. Her BF rightly or wrongly shot at the cops. They returned fire and she got clipped. Verified by the cops and the boyfriend. She wasn’t sleeping in her bed like her website and media say but 30 feet away in the hallway behind her BF.

      Ryan ARyan A27 kun oldin
    • @The Banks Films thank you

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
  • When did they change the story? Why do they keep saying that? Also they have pics of dude bringing huge duffle bags out of briennes house and taking them to the different trap houses that why the police wanted to hit her house instead.

    Sharkisha NoooSharkisha Nooo29 kun oldin
  • Come on guys. One is a decent comedian and the other is a Biden D rider. Didn’t say a word when Biden said you ain’t black if you vote for trump. Enough said. I really hope no one gets their info about serious stuff like this from these two.

    DQP91DQP9129 kun oldin
  • Yeah black people have it so rough, I was caught with a dead body in my trunk and implicated in drug trafficking and the cops just let me off with a warning and a stern talking-to and then sent me home.

    Patrick MurphyPatrick MurphyOy oldin
  • You guys are genuinely stupid.

    saotomebustersaotomebusterOy oldin
  • This whole movement is as important as a bowel movement, just made the black communities reputation worst

    Carlos LaraCarlos LaraOy oldin
  • Breonna got the only type of justice her kind understands

    Joshua DeedsJoshua DeedsOy oldin
    • Ser Tyrion of HAUS Ray-Ban the same kind mike brown and Devon Bailey got

      Joshua DeedsJoshua Deeds27 kun oldin
    • What kind is that? Please elaborate

      Ser Tereyon of HAUS Ray-BanSer Tereyon of HAUS Ray-Ban27 kun oldin
  • Charlamagne The Dope.

    Kapper-DickKapper-DickOy oldin
  • Yeah because stuff like this doesn't happen to Asians, Pacific Islanders & Latinos.

    TheMartin9400TheMartin9400Oy oldin
  • 60 black kids were shot this past weekend in philly. What’s their name?

    tux_ cryptotux_ cryptoOy oldin
  • Peace: checc Tatumreport.com. Read the info he got on there. It's interesting

    Ethan AdkinsEthan AdkinsOy oldin
  • Swag like wonton soups whoop😂😭

    yungskeeter23yungskeeter23Oy oldin
  • I'm just like, why riot your city and not cops private residence?!?!?!?!?!

    BigchiefdallassmithBigchiefdallassmithOy oldin
    • @Timmy2Fingerz it's funny how yall whites justify racism

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
    • @Timmy2Fingerz Yeah, The Darwin Award for stupidity!

      Kapper-DickKapper-DickOy oldin
    • You sound like a contender for a Darwin award. Imagine saying something so stupid after getting "facts" from a podcast.

      Timmy2FingerzTimmy2FingerzOy oldin
  • its funny how on here charlamange sees nuance, but on breakfeast club he gives charles barkely Donkey of the Day because charles "thinks the second amendmant only applies to white people"...WTF..Charles basically said what you guys just said and never said guy didnt have a right to shoot just stated that he did shoot. SMH

    Ryan GomezRyan GomezOy oldin
  • Why is everyone saying Breonna broke up with her boyfriend drug dealer. If they weren’t together then why were they both in the same house together??

    Swag Yolo 69Swag Yolo 69Oy oldin
    • Two different ppl...boyfriend shooting isn't the drug dealer..

      Tony BiggsTony Biggs29 kun oldin
  • Give the cops a bonus, one more off the street

    Moop FlippenbooMoop FlippenbooOy oldin
    • White boy shut up

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
  • A generation of Blister-heads.

    Martin GaryMartin GaryOy oldin

    Mallory SmithMallory SmithOy oldin
    • White boy shut up hes a tom

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
  • She wasn’t shot asleep in her bed. If I’m in tha shop and they come and I shoot I fully expect them to open up. They didn’t just come in shootin so it’s sad but you can’t just jail people for nothin even tho they do it.. I ain’t for it.

    Christopher WardChristopher WardOy oldin
    • White boy of course your not

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
  • She got justice. Stop worshipping criminals. Her mom had zero problem taking blood money.

    keyoke69keyoke69Oy oldin
    • @David Harris yes, I know people who knew her. Yes Ive read the documents. What's your opinion based on?

      keyoke69keyoke6927 kun oldin
    • @Jose Ureste I know the difference.. it dosent mean that the person did something wrong tell me how does that make her mom a bad person smart guy... or woman.. or creature from the social universe

      David HarrisDavid Harris27 kun oldin
    • @keyoke69 haha your right because you have all the facts you learned from you tube... that's what IM saying... your facts are really opinions hidden in 'some of the facts'. Do you know these people? Let me guess, your a keyboard analyst that can assume your way out of jail... I'm never assumed to be smarter than you.. I'm a low-informational individual... but I'm not out here trying to make the worst of people in the comment section.

      David HarrisDavid Harris27 kun oldin
    • @UNCLE CHRIS there somebody said it!!! Lol..

      David HarrisDavid Harris27 kun oldin
    • @David Harris keyoke a clown

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
  • Nobody knows the facts I just know I’m not believing no cops they stay lying about shit and that’s from personal experience if he wanted to shoot at cops I’m pretty sure he would’ve emptied the clip

    Don JefeDon JefeOy oldin
  • Charlemagne. You a donkey. HeeHaa! HeeHaa!

    nathan ocasionathan ocasioOy oldin
  • What?? Totally false. It was a 4 year investigation. Nobody changed the info. Read the evidence. Kenneth Walker is a liar. He also told the cops that Breonna shot the cops. He knew she was involved in drugs with Choppo. Read the reports. Listen to taped jailed conversations. No cover up whatsoever.

    Lise LaSalleLise LaSalleOy oldin
  • This should be changed to "Idiots who think they are brilliant"

    Dustin StaffDustin StaffOy oldin
  • Charlamagne knows he can say more to support us but won’t.

    Freddy JFreddy JOy oldin
  • So the guy that shot at the cops doesn’t share any responsibility? Who fires at the cops and would not expect them to fire back in self defense? What am I missing?

    Rob GreggRob GreggOy oldin
    • Mark Leonhauser there’s a 0.00% chance he thought it was anyone but the police, in his corrupted head he probably thought he was a hero.

      ryan Jryan J29 kun oldin
    • The argument (from what I believe is) the guy shot the police because he had no idea it was the cops. He thought he was defending himself and breonna from an intruder.

      Mark LeonhauserMark Leonhauser29 kun oldin
  • News flash: The average black person doesn't care about the average not black person.

    NonsenseNonsenseOy oldin
    • They don’t even care about each other

      Daveed da sickDaveed da sick28 kun oldin
  • Wow. Char right out the gate so simple, genuine and emotional. It's almost like he's given up hope. This is what black people are trying to say. This kind of shit is normal to them. Fuck. I saw a post the other day that said if I was a doctor, walked into the wrong patients door, gave them the wrong operation, and they died, they'd be fired, lose their medical licence and basically be shunned from their profession. So why aren't police punished the same way? Horseshit. This whole shit needs to change.

    Trevor Victor HideyTrevor Victor HideyOy oldin
  • No offense my apartment price up...cause the chinese start moving in

    Savarre Moise DucasSavarre Moise DucasOy oldin
  • I’m less than 5 minutes into this and I can’t even count how many facts they’ve got wrong already about this case..... smh... I love it when someone says they’ve studied the case but immediately you know they clearly haven’t.. why are these ignorant folks always popping up in my UZworld algorithm.... smh

    Izzy Jenkins DIY WorkshopIzzy Jenkins DIY WorkshopOy oldin
    • UNCLE CHRIS - what? I don’t give two craps they got paid... but you keep diluting that race card. Eventually something really racist will happen and no one will care.

      Izzy Jenkins DIY WorkshopIzzy Jenkins DIY Workshop27 kun oldin
    • @zephiro l white people mad a black fam got paid

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
    • Molaligne Benion - settlements are built into every police budget. Cash settlements do not equate to guilt. They simply reflect a mathematical equation of the resources and finances it would take to continue to keep the legal fight going. Additionally, criminal courts and civil courts require different levels of burden of proof to rule on. This is why so many cases never make it to the criminal courts and end up in civil courts. In a civil court you only have to prove “preponderance of the evidence” this is significantly easier than “beyond a reasonable doubt”. Money does not equal guilt- so don’t get it twisted.

      Izzy Jenkins DIY WorkshopIzzy Jenkins DIY Workshop28 kun oldin
    • @Molaligne Benion The police did not make a mistake, they were shot at and justifiably responded. The family got millions of dollars because the city wanted to stop the savages from rioting and destroying innocent people's lives again.

      ChadChad28 kun oldin
    • So the police make mistakes, someone ends up dead, but it’s cool because blue lies matter? U can’t say the police did not make a mistake, the family got millions of dollars. So I’m just interested what excuse will you come up with to protect the police?

      Molaligne BenionMolaligne Benion29 kun oldin
  • What Justice, she chose that life and those men to be with, she set herself up.

    Carlos LaraCarlos LaraOy oldin
    • @justmemadison thank you

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
    • So you deserve to die because you dated someone months prior and they get in trouble with the law? You people are disgusting. If you get a DUI (a felony) does that mean you deserve to die...you have a record for being a degenerate; you made a bad choice. You may be sober, holding a steady job, paying your bills, etc., no one thinks you and/or your life have value because of your choice to drink and get in your car. You made a mistake and therefore you're life will never have value no matter what you do. Hey, you set yourself up. You people dismiss a human life because YOU don't agree with YOUR assumptions about the person and/or their lifestyle based on a bunch of contradictory news reports and wild speculations on social media. How do you look at yourself in the mirror. The depravity is astonishing.

      justmemadisonjustmemadison29 kun oldin
  • She was on the warrant because her boyfriends bank statements were registered at her home , his mobile phone was registered to her home , he had suspicious post sent to her home that he then took to his trap houses . You guys says we should look at the case objectively and yet you refuse to acknowledge facts .

    Pro BallerPro BallerOy oldin
    • @Pro Baller Like I said before, the police can legally kill citizens with or without a warrant, that's how the current law is written. I didn't expect any charges but I hope in the future that black people use their 2nd amendment rights and shoot police in the face when they force entry into your home.

      insomthegreatinsomthegreat27 kun oldin
    • insomthegreat this is a disappointing but expected response . You asked fir evidence that Breonna was deeply involved in the drug game that justified the warrant to search her house . It’s been provided to you . Then you switch and say the suspicion of her criminal involvement does not mean she deserved to die . No one is making the case she deserved to die !! Not the police , not the defence lawyers . No one . Folks I assume like you want the police charged with murder . That is blatant nonsense . There are only three facts that matter in all the noise that surrounds this case . 1. Did the police have a legal warrant to search her building ? Answer yes ! 2. Did they knock and announce when they tried to execute the warrant ? Answer yes ! ( even if they did not knock or announce it would not fulfil the criteria for murder ) . 3. Were they fired upon first by the occupants of the house ? Answer yes ( Kenneth walker admitted this himself ) . This means the police were where they were supposed to be , made themselves known and used deadly force only when it was used against them by the occupants of the house . This can never amount to murder . And it hurts the cause of people of colour ( like colour myself ) when we insist there had to be some grounds to force the facts to fit a false narrative just because we want “ justice for Breonna “ . That’s not justice . It’s revenge .

      Pro BallerPro Baller27 kun oldin
    • @Pro Baller I don't understand how someone being suspected of a crime is justification to kill them, is that what's going on in this case? Under the law the police basically have the right to kill anyone as long as they give the right answers after the incident and ofcourse more information is coming out daily pointing to officers lying to obtain the warrant in the first place. Since the government has no intention of changing laws that let police walk for killing people who are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, my take away from this particular case is that everyone who was armed that night survived.

      insomthegreatinsomthegreat27 kun oldin
    • insomthegreat here are some if the police investigation documents that were leaked on The Officer Tatum report . Have a read of some of the transcripts of calls Breonna had with her ex boyfriend when he was in custody for other crimes where they talk about the trap houses and his money stashed at her home www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/63943132/breonna-taylor-summary-redacted1

      Pro BallerPro Baller27 kun oldin
    • @baby bean Where can the recording be found?

      insomthegreatinsomthegreat27 kun oldin
  • Will there be justice for vanessa guillon

    Alfredo AlcantarAlfredo AlcantarOy oldin
    • Whiteboy shut up

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
  • There’s been no crime so no.

    Dialectics LightDialectics LightOy oldin
  • She was recorded and her house was a trap house

    Kenny PopsicleKenny PopsicleOy oldin
    • These guys need to learn all the facts before talking about it.

      Kenny PopsicleKenny PopsicleOy oldin
  • Is there going to be justice for the guy murdered in her rental car?

    Kenny PopsicleKenny PopsicleOy oldin
  • Does this fall back on Ben Crump? He negotiated the money for them and I think they were pushing to convictions but because the people in power used their sneaky ways that they weaseled out of it.

    Mulholland’s DriveMulholland’s DriveOy oldin
  • If these guys are going to discuss this case they could at least do a bit of research... Christ... If CTG wants to pin a man slaughter charge on someone then pin it on Breonna’s BF for shooting a cop and starting the shootout in the first place.

    tclass99tclass99Oy oldin
  • There was never a chance of them prosecuting the individuals officers. Once the warrant is signed the state takes responsibility for just about everything that happens after unless its reckless. If your shot at the training is shoot back, whatever the circumstances. The warrant never should have been signed but thats not the individual cops fault. What is hard to understand is throw bricks at cops all you want in the end the ones that create the laws are just as guilty if not more so.

    shawn gonzalezshawn gonzalezOy oldin
    • Hankinson is definitely getting time over this. He is the guy outside. It's goes bad and shots are fired inside. Officer mattingly and cosgrove retreat back to the parking lot and hankinson is out there, and this psychopath decided he is going to shoot throw the windows and sliding door. They had the blinds up on the doors and windows. He had no idea who was in there, or who could be killed. Breona has a little sister that lives with her that wasn't home at the time. The bullets rip through the adjoining apartment that a family of three live in. This guy is basically doing a drive by of these apartments.

      Nick KellerNick KellerOy oldin
  • How are the police supposed to get manslaughter when it was her boyfriend that shot first ? Why is no one putting blame on the drug dealing boyfriend ?

    MrScottjr2185MrScottjr2185Oy oldin
    • @Remi Riot l did say the boyfriend CLAIMS the police didnt identify themselves. He could be lying or its possible they did but he didnt hear them. The reason l believe he probably didnt hear them identify themselves is he (the current boyfriend) unlike her ex has no criminal background and would be a fool to shoot at the police if heard them identify themselves. He thought it was her violent drug dealing ex!!

      KwekweKwekwe29 kun oldin
    • @Timmy2Fingerz Firstly thank you for that link, the discussion was extremely informative. The facts l gave are not contradicted in your link however they demonstrated this is not cut and dried and certainly it can be argued the two police didnt actually do anything wrong. The third one was clearly wrong for shooting inside the house blind and was rightly indicted. Thanks again.

      KwekweKwekwe29 kun oldin
    • @Kwekwe Man... when in the hell have you ever heard of police knocking on someone's door for a warrant and forgetting to say "Police, we have a warrant"

      Remi RiotRemi Riot29 kun oldin
    • Timmy2Fingerz thanks for the link 👏🏻I watched it. Facts!! Her place was the trap house.

      Katherine HirschKatherine HirschOy oldin
    • @Kwekwe Are those legal facts or media "facts"? Here are 4 lawyers openly discussing the facts. uzworld.info/player/video/qZOprbZpZcaylaY

      Timmy2FingerzTimmy2FingerzOy oldin
  • Here’s the leaked investigation. 69 pages. Read in full, listen to the audio recordings of former boyfriend inside jail discussing money hidden at her place. I’m not saying it’s right, but there was an investigation, starting from a dead person being found in a car rented in her name 4 years ago. Lots of information not being discussed rn. www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/63943132/breonna-taylor-summary-redacted1

    whittedlawncarewhittedlawncareOy oldin
  • Arrest the cops because they knowingly and willingly disregarded their oath to the constitution by following an obviously bad warrant and trying to kidnap someone over some weed. End the drug war. End police kidnappings for forced labor in a private prison system. Join the Abolition Party

    The Computer JanitorThe Computer JanitorOy oldin
  • You guys smoke an awful lot of weed(hypothetically). Should the cops kick in your door in the middle of the night? Would you fire back? The most shocking thing is that conservatives hear the word "drugs" and then its completely ok to disregard the constitution.

    The Computer JanitorThe Computer JanitorOy oldin
    • @Anne B white girl shut up always trying to.justify your racism

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
    • @Anne B I'd agree that the situation is pretty muddy. In the civil case (where the government paid out), Kenneth the shooter claimed he heard the knock and then the bang of the door bashing tool. He said he asked who it was, but never heard the officers announce. Then he fired one shot down the hall and it hit the officer. I'm not sure if the door was fully open at that point. sometimes it takes more than one hit to completely take the door out. I think the cops should be held accountable for enforcing a bad warrant. It was written to vaguely in a wide net with flimsy probably cause for her house and association. The person that wrote the warrant and approved it should also be held accountable. Keep in mind that cops take an oath to uphold the constitution above all else and are meant to disobey an unethical, unconstitutional, or immoral order. Just like everyone in the military. Difference is, military is held to a higher standard... or really any standard at all.

      The Computer JanitorThe Computer JanitorOy oldin
    • The Computer Janitor I’ve heard the BF shot through the door. Had the cops even entered yet? Then I heard the BF thought it was intruders, but he heard the knock.....so intruders knocked first? And the BF had a right to fire but the cops had a right to return fire.

      Anne BAnne BOy oldin
    • Everyone with a gun survived is my biggest takeaway.

      insomthegreatinsomthegreatOy oldin
  • The police knocked because they were told to do so by their superior, which was confirmed by witnesses. Watch the press conference, you don't even realize how much bullshit about this story is going around.

    CjekovCjekovOy oldin
    • @insomthegreat the inside was definitely that. I think they are lying about shouting police. They was definitely pounding on the door. Mattingly said they waited 45 seconds before they decided to use the ram to bust down the door. It goes south inside and then you have outside hankinson who is firing rounds off through the window and sliding door. This guy is basically doing a drive by on this house as his partner is bleeding on the curb. How many of those psychopaths like that have a badge?

      Nick KellerNick KellerOy oldin
    • @Nick Keller I know, just more evidence of how much of a ish show it was.

      insomthegreatinsomthegreatOy oldin
    • @insomthegreat the police at that point are all outside trying to get a tournaqut on officer mattingly's leg and get him into an ambulance. About ten mins later they get a lot of backup to come and then start ordering kenneth to come out of the apartment. There is a video from someone upstairs that shows him walking out into the parking lot under the commands of the officers.

      Nick KellerNick KellerOy oldin
    • @Nick Keller That 911 call was dead silent...

      insomthegreatinsomthegreatOy oldin
    • It's almost like the police and government aren't being transparent. They should release the grand jury transcript so people can hear the evidence that has been investigated. There is only a few people that know what happened that night. The cops who was there, kenneth walker, and the forensics team that examined the crime scene.

      Nick KellerNick KellerOy oldin
  • Crazy how little views this is getting tho

    NME SpooksNME SpooksOy oldin
  • Someone tell me how receiving 12 million dollars and a court charge isnt justice because "if someone lied" nobody lied. she ran a trap house, her boyfriend shot at the police as they were entering after announcing their presence. where is there no justice?

    Gary WilliamsGary WilliamsOy oldin
  • The Breonna Taylor shit is annoy. the cops served a warrant, they announced their presence. Her boyfriend shot at them first, and breonna taylor was running a trap house who the boyfriend listed as his main place of residence.

    Gary WilliamsGary WilliamsOy oldin
  • I’m so confused by this because the last 6 months I’ve heard a completely different story compared to now. Breonna was at her boyfriends house, they weren’t sleeping, police knocked on the door, the boyfriend fired shots through the door and cops returned fire killing Taylor in the hallway. Tf is the actual story because this doesn’t line up with what I’ve been hearing the whole time.

    Jake CoulterJake CoulterOy oldin
    • victoriafinlay23 now that’s the truth! Lol a lot of people been redpilled during this pandemic no doubt.

      Jake CoulterJake Coulter29 kun oldin
    • @Jake Coulter it's funny that no matter the political side you are on most people think MSM is absolute trash 😂😂😂

      victoriafinlay23victoriafinlay2329 kun oldin
    • victoriafinlay23 oh I’ve been aware of the news for awhile lol. That was the story even on non bias news source that’s why I’m really confused.

      Jake CoulterJake CoulterOy oldin
    • Officer tatum has a great video explaining it...also welcome to the great fake news awakening 👍

      victoriafinlay23victoriafinlay23Oy oldin
  • I’m not picking sides here or anything but... didn’t they find a dead body in breonnas car in 2016?

    Lou BloomLou BloomOy oldin
    • @salma e yep correct.

      Kenny PopsicleKenny Popsicle9 kun oldin
    • @Kenny Popsicle her ex boyfriend, guy they were trying to arrest, was a drug dealer and had previously used her home to pick up drugs, so her address was on the warrant.

      salma esalma e9 kun oldin
    • @ian layng There is literally body cam footage and a video their neighbour took of the cops arresting the boyfriend and they’re wearing cop gear. In the video, the boyfriend also admits to hearing them knock.

      salma esalma e9 kun oldin
    • @bknoc Socrates was killed for asking questions which ended up being true.

      Lou BloomLou Bloom13 kun oldin
    • UNCLE CHRIS my point is that whole fucking case we were lied to by the media and it took months to get real facts.

      Kenny PopsicleKenny Popsicle27 kun oldin
  • So what happened to ‘’knock knock’’ hey is so and so here??? ...who in there right mind run up in to a apartment complex’s with multiple Occupants guns blazing

    Warren 2xWarren 2xOy oldin
    • @Warren 2x blessed life to you to 👍

      victoriafinlay23victoriafinlay2329 kun oldin
    • @Warren 2x listen i can agree there was a mishandling of the case..and no knock warrents are dangerous and can lead to dangerous confrontations there is actually a senetor who is working on a bill to ban no knock warrents...but to demand that a police officer who was following an order and responded when he was being shot at be tried for first degree murder getting jail for life..negating the circumstances...and the responsability of the first shooter...is heavy handed and injust

      victoriafinlay23victoriafinlay2329 kun oldin
    • Well seeing by his charge actually being dropped the police.But they want everybody to look the other way....What if she wasn’t in the house?? How would they handle coming into somebody’s home to find out they mistakenly misused force and got meet with force due to there mistakes.And just because someone has some type of Connection with a person they should not be labeled a criminal. Y’all blowing me talking about it isn’t helping nothing so agree to disagree with all you 🐊...have a blessed life

      Warren 2xWarren 2x29 kun oldin
    • @Warren 2x who wasted her life the cops that knocked on the door or her boyfriend that shot at them starting a shoot out?

      victoriafinlay23victoriafinlay2329 kun oldin
    • Timmy2Fingerz still not worth her life they saying her ex y’all can’t be serious 😂...he was no longer there was nothing found... Unproper policing at its BEST with no repercussions

      Warren 2xWarren 2xOy oldin
  • This guy is a liar. She implicated herself in jail phone calls that are recorded.

    Musical ArtistMusical ArtistOy oldin
  • Charlemagne’s definition of justice seems to be “string up some cops to appease the baying mob...”

    Picaro SanshiroPicaro SanshiroOy oldin
    • @Rams_Lakers_4Life True, and "the mob" is not going away. It's like if you got caught stealing from your parents 4 times last year. Next time something goes missing they'll be suspicious. Now imagine you have 40 million parents. You can't reliably go through all the details of the case with everyone. At some point, in order to rebuild trust, there have to be some visible concessions made. Weird enough - I think the OJ case was that "pressure release valve" for the 90s. The worrying thing is now, it's like your 40 million parents are suspicious but you have 40 million people outside your house saying "fuck your parents". The pressure just keeps building because it's so easy to form a mob today.

      SimonSaysSimonSays28 kun oldin
    • Picaro Sanshiro so true. I think the people in uproar only want the officers arrested and serve life in prison. Nothing less will suffice. Regardless of what the actual facts are, they just want an arrest. It’s different if they kicked in the door and started shooting everyone in sight. From what I can see, reckless endangerment is the most they should be charged with. If even that much. There’s laws that protect citizens rights against the police and state. Well, the unfortunate thing for some people is that there are laws that protect the police when they’re conducting official duties. Sad that a life was lost but wasn’t sad enough for the family to say “NO, we don’t want your $12 million. You can’t put a price on my loved one”.

      Rams_Lakers_4LifeRams_Lakers_4Life28 kun oldin
    • You prefer the other mob?

      SimonSaysSimonSaysOy oldin
  • Chinese pay cash for property in California also. A tip is to reward good service.

    Ossie ROssie ROy oldin
  • If any of you have been on jury duty you would know that laws are involved and you have to determine if the laws of the case were abused based on the facts presented if not the person or persons walk.

    Ossie ROssie ROy oldin
  • The AG said they are still investigating the warrant process the see if there was any foul play there. That isn't being investigated by the state, the Fed is looking into that.

    FraktheG0dsFraktheG0dsOy oldin
  • Justice has been served. The facts of the case were presented to the Grand Jury, the family was rewarded a financial settlement. There were witnesses to the knock, the boyfriend wasn’t charged because he was within his rights and the police have a right to shoot back. You would have to have proof that something was covered up. Everyone is acting on emotion.

    Ossie ROssie ROy oldin
    • @Nick Keller white boy shut up

      UNCLE CHRISUNCLE CHRIS27 kun oldin
    • The boyfriend was charged. His case was dismissed without prejudice from the judge because of the fiasco all of this is. He can be recharged at anytime. His lawyer is currently suing to dismiss the case with prejudice so he won't be sent to jail over this in the future.

      Nick KellerNick KellerOy oldin
  • So 1 warning shot from someone in their own home warrants over 30 shots this is y JOE BUDDEN is way better everything ain't for u to Joke with your white buddy Rory would never make jokes on this subject matter SMH!

    Tj OffordTj OffordOy oldin
    • Warning shots don't stop the threat. Should have unloaded on them.

      insomthegreatinsomthegreatOy oldin
    • @tclass99 lol that man was in his home shot once when his door was kicked in so that warrants cops shooting 30 times stop it!

      Tj OffordTj OffordOy oldin
    • Lol... “warning shot”??? He shot one of the officers! How many bullets should the cops have taken before they’re allowed to shoot back??

      tclass99tclass99Oy oldin
  • No knock warrants are just a failure all around.

    John SomethingJohn SomethingOy oldin
    • @baby bean Even if what you say is true, it doesn't change that no-knock warrants are a failure. So many people have wound up shot in no-knock warrants. I'd also argue that in Breonna's case that the "knock" had little to do with it. If people come barging through your door in the middle of the night, you're going to think you're being broken into. Especially when your girlfriend's ex bf was a drug dealer. There was a guy in my old stomping grounds who was swatted. He was filled with holes simply for walking into his living room to inspect the noise he heard. He didn't even have any weapon on him, much less fire off any shots. If they had done more research before the raid and waited for him to answer the door, he'd still be alive. Along with many others. Hell, several years back I had somebody try to break into my home in the middle of the night. I had nothing to defend myself but a medieval style longsword I had. I was also naked. I walked into the living room and whoever it was shined a light into my living room and saw me and immediately ran off. I guess the sight of a naked guy with a sword was enough to make them change their minds... But if it had been a warrant situation, they might have shot my naked ass in my own living room for having the gall to try defending my own home. And it's not like cops don't get the wrong place all the damn time. Hell my own brother found himself being held up by cops in his own living room, because they staked out the wrong damn house. Incompetent fools that they are.

      John SomethingJohn Something26 kun oldin
    • read the facts. it was a no-knock warrant, but *they knocked.* also, many people with extensive knowledge of police tactics actually think the reason she ended up dead was *because* they knocked.

      baby beanbaby bean27 kun oldin
    • @theuser410 Better than leading to a potential situation like this. My brother had something similar happen to him. They staked out the wrong damn house. He was held up in his living room and it could have easily gone a different way. Maybe if police were more competent at getting their information squared away before they perform these kinds of raids, but the end result with these types of middle of the night raids is that you stumble into a house of people who are sleepy and unaware of what's happening. They end up thinking they're being broken into and they start shooting. It's more dangerous for both the cops and those who are being raided.

      John SomethingJohn Something28 kun oldin
    • It wasn't a no knock warrant... The police told them who they were and that they were coming in!

      Toby DogToby Dog28 kun oldin
    • Unless you want any chance of catching the person that you have a warrant for before they flush the whole stash..

      theuser410theuser41029 kun oldin
  • Lil wayne says " ima young black rich mufuka, if that dont tell you america understand black people i don know what to tell ya, dont come at me with that bullshit."

    chase fosterchase fosterOy oldin