"Why You CRYING?" Deion Sanders FREAKS OUT On Team! Shedeur Faces TOUGHEST Opponent Of His Career!?

27-Fev, 2021
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EPISODE 9 of Primetime 2.0!
The boys need to GET IT TOGETHER in practice! Coach Prime has high expectations. He expects you to be GREAT, so when you aren't, he's gonna lay into you!
The game coming up this week may be the toughest of their careers! Desoto is a TEXAS POWER HOUSE! They don't mess around when it comes to big games, but neither does TRINITY CHRISTIAN! The boys know they gotta bring their A-Game if they wanna come home with a Dub.
They're on TV for this game, PRIMETIME! Last time they were on TV they showed up and SHOWED OUT, time to bring that same energy and let the world know what Trinity Christian is ALL ABOUT!
Can the boys come home the biggest win of the SEASON!?
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    Maria DiazMaria DiazOy oldin
  • Cedar Hill & DeSoto is not 6,000 miles apart 😂🤣🤣🤣 they right around the corner from each other... like a couple lights lmao

    9900BLK9900BLKOy oldin
    • 6K miles is the cumulative distance Trinity traveled the entire season, as of the Desoto game

      Sean JonesSean JonesOy oldin
  • Damn, 62-29!!!!!!! :(. They beat themselves though!!!!! 6A football is a different kind of beast!!!!!

    Norris PrestonNorris PrestonOy oldin
  • How about that “I’m not mad... I’m just disappointed” talk. Wooo weeee. I felt that.

    Donnie PoffDonnie PoffOy oldin
  • They just arent good

    JJOy oldin
  • Shoulders at tailback ? oh yeah

    360Jayy360JayyOy oldin
  • The worried freon unsurprisingly pass because bar echographically untidy atop a cheerful court. tested, somber stomach

    Ben3 taoBen3 taoOy oldin
  • don’t use God’s name in vain by saying oh my god

    ThatManJosh 1ThatManJosh 1Oy oldin
  • The wide germany lately include because treatment apparently buzz about a strange country. invincible, seemly drain

    Joseph CoyoJoseph CoyoOy oldin
  • He ain't get that spray for nothing 😂

    Kevin WoodruffKevin WoodruffOy oldin
  • Love all yall hopefully this song touches somebody uzworld.info/player/video/k7PQj9Jmf9qZe4w

    Isaiah Bear LewisIsaiah Bear LewisOy oldin
  • Deion keep it 100 with a loss. He don’t kiss that ass. But he motivating them for later. Love he keep it 100 with em.....

    Jay VeeJay VeeOy oldin
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    MasterMind PhoenixMasterMind PhoenixOy oldin
  • damn i feel bad for robert :(

    Rollax GuttaRollax GuttaOy oldin

    Garbouge SeniorGarbouge SeniorOy oldin
  • When your loosing Deion is not the coach you need😂

    Gavin EmmerichGavin EmmerichOy oldin
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    Lurkin indrejLurkin indrejOy oldin
  • DAMN now after watching behind the scenes I feel bad for them boys... sheesh!!!

    Chris the YouTube CriticChris the YouTube CriticOy oldin
  • When I saw the Thumbnail I said yep that sounds bout right cause it was a ugly game

    Chris the YouTube CriticChris the YouTube CriticOy oldin
  • Here we goooooooooooo Desoto Eagles in the building!!!!!!! Let's get it boys!!!! My School!!! More than Von Miller though.....

    Chris the YouTube CriticChris the YouTube CriticOy oldin
  • Bring back to the house or the white Texas qb committed to smu

    Chris GannonChris GannonOy oldin
    • Preston Stone

      Sean JonesSean Jones20 kun oldin
  • Bout time they play a good team

    cbx25cbx25Oy oldin
  • Mark my words next Game they gone win 50-0 I’m telling you I just know

    TTG CLapZ YTTTG CLapZ YTOy oldin
    • No just look it up

      Justin RossJustin RossOy oldin
  • The cautious hood bizarrely reject because africa clasically brush lest a ultra iran. dapper, material pleasure

    Daniel MedinaDaniel MedinaOy oldin
  • Trinity is not no 6,000 miles away from desoto 🙄 . That shit a 10 minute drive to desoto hs.💀 it’s funny when you know what u talking bout

    Jokobee _Jokobee _Oy oldin
    • 6,000= the miles Trinity traveled all season

      Sean JonesSean JonesOy oldin
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    skuba steveskuba steveOy oldin
  • I go to Mansfield high school desto killed trinity bad

    Zain BuckZain BuckOy oldin
  • The next episode there playing someone in my city *PITTSBURGH *

    ImJah2kImJah2kOy oldin
    • @Diet Watermelon dang

      ImJah2kImJah2kOy oldin
    • I live in Canada so I doubt they will play a game in my city🤣🤣🤣😰😞

      Diet WatermelonDiet WatermelonOy oldin
  • Yo my phone at 4 you can tell prolly because of the screen if I don’t answer it’s cause if that I ain’t crying I ain’t stalling I ain’t bitching I’m owning up to my shit right here right now my whole story is fucked up but el de quien no?

    manny Boimanny BoiOy oldin
  • Damn seeing them fall this hard from last year hurt to watch

    daedaewitdadubz. _daedaewitdadubz. _Oy oldin
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    MasterMind PhoenixMasterMind PhoenixOy oldin
  • Desoto Qb a stud

    J RUSSJ RUSSOy oldin
  • if you’re on xbox add me @RedTee15 so we can play or follow my twitch @phoenixgamingtv15 i follow all back

    MasterMind PhoenixMasterMind PhoenixOy oldin
  • We need another win

    JxllymxnstxrJxllymxnstxrOy oldin
  • Can’t wait for “shoulders”

    James MurrayJames MurrayOy oldin
  • don't ever compare 6A to the TAPS league

    toegumtoegumOy oldin
  • i was waiting so long for this ! hahah

    toegumtoegumOy oldin
  • please does anybody know the music at 10:36 i really like it

    Charly AthlanCharly AthlanOy oldin
  • Yo I found the number 12 that been dropping hard on this people lamo

    Bass fishing Brasil BFBBass fishing Brasil BFBOy oldin
  • Thank God this free to watch

    Kryst LuangasaKryst LuangasaOy oldin
  • y'all sleeping on they running back

    ̃ Randy ̃̃ Randy ̃Oy oldin
  • Is he a junior or senior?

    YessirYessirOy oldin
    • senior

      Uchenna NwohaUchenna NwohaOy oldin
  • This kid Robert fam can’t afford labtop yeah somebody’s making money off of him on this channel/show right??

    Chris ReynoldsChris ReynoldsOy oldin
  • “Shoulders at tailback” i will be first on the next episode

    Brandon ObrienBrandon ObrienOy oldin
  • These is such a good series

    Lxcid_ SkiezzzLxcid_ SkiezzzOy oldin
  • Jesus Christ is Lord and savior

    ThaDarkPhantomThaDarkPhantomOy oldin
  • They was hella choking against desoto but u can’t get mad bout losing to them they a really good team

    Junior D.Junior D.Oy oldin
  • Cedar hill and desoto only 15-20 miles apart wtf who edited this

    • Thats the miles Trinity had traveled the whole season up until the Desoto game

      Sean JonesSean Jones20 kun oldin
    • not even that far apart

      gabriel johnsongabriel johnsonOy oldin
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    Will BrownWill BrownOy oldin
  • Swear this need be on Netflix or Amazon Prime 🔥🔥🔥💯

    Lecory Too FunnyLecory Too FunnyOy oldin
    • Yeah

      Nicholas JonesNicholas JonesOy oldin
  • Never thought I would enjoy a HS football team reality show 😂😂😂 Yo I’m invested in these kids and never met them lmao!!!!

    Jay MackJay MackOy oldin
  • When he said they had the same situation in Arkansas I started to laugh because we still beat them.

    Lozer rLozer rOy oldin
    • Trinity trash asf they don’t play Texas public schools and y’all Arkansas boys barely beat them y’all would get destroyed in Texas

      Jalen StevensJalen StevensOy oldin
  • the trinity o line folded under pressure

  • give me my own show

    big moneybig moneyOy oldin
  • 👍🏾

    Alicia RobinsonAlicia RobinsonOy oldin
  • Deion Boy handles adversity very well. He stays composed.

    Mike OwensMike OwensOy oldin
  • Did this in the spring 2020 or fall 2020 cuz I see no mask 😂

    CarsoCarsoOy oldin
  • Desoto number #1 is too good

    We finna Make itWe finna Make itOy oldin
    • he signed with illinois

      gabriel johnsongabriel johnsonOy oldin
  • You can’t win them all especially when you are playing against tough competition

    Bobby PatrickBobby PatrickOy oldin
  • Anybody else think Shedeur kinda look like Pooh Shiesty?

    Ayden ColeAyden ColeOy oldin
  • No cap I watched the game live and shaduer was runnin for his life

    Adrian SolisAdrian SolisOy oldin
    • o line was looking like the seahawks

      360Jayy360JayyOy oldin
    • @luldorian2x facts

      Adrian SolisAdrian SolisOy oldin
    • @luldorian2x bruh said “not cap” and sounded dumb

      Mari TVMari TVOy oldin
    • Ong he was but they not go show it😂😂

      luldorian2xluldorian2xOy oldin
    • Shut up

      Mari TVMari TVOy oldin
  • Damn last time I came this early I had to pay child support 🤦🏿‍♂️

    Jr. SmithJr. SmithOy oldin
    • @Vixzy Yt hey vixzy

      Jr. SmithJr. SmithOy oldin
    • Damn

      Bruce MartinBruce MartinOy oldin
    • Hey jr smith

      Vixzy YtVixzy YtOy oldin
  • Just another football game right 😂😂 wasn’t the score like 62 to 29 😂😂😭

    Guillermo SifuentesGuillermo SifuentesOy oldin
  • He looks like jaylen green

    Christopher B BChristopher B BOy oldin
  • “He ain’t get that spray fa nun”😂😂😭

  • 857 like let’s go good thing I am built different

    Cayden MyersCayden MyersOy oldin
  • They got smacked

    Micheal UzowuruMicheal UzowuruOy oldin
  • Toby

    Pure JimyPure JimyOy oldin
  • Jesus loves you turn to him and repent

    Chinedum AmukaChinedum AmukaOy oldin
    • @Jason Houck bro🤔🤨

      Diet WatermelonDiet WatermelonOy oldin
    • @Gavin Emmerich bro dont dis our religion or beliefs

      Diet WatermelonDiet WatermelonOy oldin
    • @Digital Viic bro then how will non believers learn

      Diet WatermelonDiet WatermelonOy oldin
    • @ToXic bro he just trying to spread some gospel

      Diet WatermelonDiet WatermelonOy oldin
    • @Gavin Emmerich FACTS😂😂ain’t nobody wanna join your cult of a religion, the Catholic Church joined the nazis in WW2 I ain’t supporting that bullshit

      Jason HouckJason HouckOy oldin
  • 1:26 what song has that??? It's stuck in my head

    Cody GrayCody GrayOy oldin
    • @TUBBZ goat

      Cody GrayCody GrayOy oldin
    • Mario Juda rockstar

      TUBBZTUBBZOy oldin
    • Ong

      luldorian2xluldorian2xOy oldin
  • 🥊 Errol Spencer Jr High school 🏫 DeSoto

    Ben MartinezBen MartinezOy oldin
    • EJ a beast🥊🥊🥊

      Sean JonesSean JonesOy oldin
  • Need next ep

    John CaldwellJohn CaldwellOy oldin
  • They should put this on Netflix or Amazon best series out there

    Joshua DoorJoshua DoorOy oldin
    • Its ok

      Asaph KingAsaph KingOy oldin
    • Netflix is bad and demonic and against God

      ThatManJosh 1ThatManJosh 1Oy oldin
    • 💯

      WTD_BraylonWTD_BraylonOy oldin
    • Fax

      Tiffany PTiffany POy oldin
    • @King Myers yeah rey should

      Snoopy DogSnoopy DogOy oldin
  • I wish these episodes were an hour long 😞

    Ben MartinezBen MartinezOy oldin
    • @JJ Solorio ignore him trying to seem cool when he’s here watching the same vid as us lol

      Mike94Mike94Oy oldin
    • @Tico Is Santa there's nothing for us to do during this pandemic acting like he can go out and do whatever like there's nothing happening

      JJ SolorioJJ SolorioOy oldin
    • Yessa

      Valley#22Valley#22Oy oldin
    • No life

      Tico Is SantaTico Is SantaOy oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Shane TrevorahShane TrevorahOy oldin
  • Make the videos 20+ mins

    Jdub D’1Jdub D’1Oy oldin
  • Not the first but I’m definitely here early ❤️

    Isthat_JrIsthat_JrOy oldin
  • Oh yea💀💀

    PolokidkenPolokidkenOy oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Damarco MurryDamarco MurryOy oldin
  • Have a great day god love y’all

    ElieElieOy oldin
    • Thx

  • They really thought that that was our first game we was gon lose funny af 😂😂

    Jaden TurnerJaden TurnerOy oldin
    • @Unknown Chrisss ????

      jayden smalljayden smallOy oldin
    • @jayden small that’s the game of football

      Unknown ChrisssUnknown ChrisssOy oldin
    • @Unknown Chrisss im mad my city won actually

      jayden smalljayden smallOy oldin
    • That’s football tho🧐

      Unknown ChrisssUnknown ChrisssOy oldin
  • Yes sir i live close to desoto

    lilmanjay 21lilmanjay 21Oy oldin
  • Yezzeeeerrrrr

    Bryan AhiaBryan AhiaOy oldin
  • Dang they beat themselves

    Nathan TorresNathan TorresOy oldin
    • @gabriel johnson I mean Desoto is one of the top school in Texas

      Ysell meYsell meOy oldin
    • @gabriel johnson i mean the momentum of the game was going for the other team and when u start loosing like that you start not to care anymore which made the other team lead even more

      Anthony GrangerAnthony GrangerOy oldin
    • no they didn't not with a 62-29 score that team was on a whole different level

      gabriel johnsongabriel johnsonOy oldin
    • im mad tht my city won actually

      jayden smalljayden smallOy oldin
  • Next pls

    YoungBannedYoungBannedOy oldin
  • What college is shadeur committed to

    steve beldensteve beldenOy oldin
    • @Mr. J5 he’s was at practice I thought he was playing

      Darkfate JayDarkfate JayOy oldin
    • @Darkfate Jay don’t be spreading lies my guy 😕

      Mr. J5Mr. J5Oy oldin
    • Shadeur did not play he’s not eligible until next season

      Bobby PatrickBobby PatrickOy oldin
    • Jackson state he played the first game it was 56 to 0 Jackson state won

      Darkfate JayDarkfate JayOy oldin
  • Shit welcome to 6a public school football trinity

    Derick JonesDerick JonesOy oldin
    • DeSoto a different breed period...

      Chris the YouTube CriticChris the YouTube CriticOy oldin
    • That’s what I was thinking lol pub 6a is a different breed

      Mason SanchezMason SanchezOy oldin
  • omgshhhh just drop da whole season bro .. des short ass episodes

    shiya mashellshiya mashellOy oldin
    • @shiya mashell it wasnt even that bad the first time , now its kinda concerning

      CartierJrCartierJrOy oldin
    • @shiya mashell Ong bro it keeps getting better

      Sean HowardSean HowardOy oldin
    • @Donnie Blanco boa sdfu ion gaf Watchu think. I’m educated. 4shoooo det

      shiya mashellshiya mashellOy oldin
    • @shiya mashell if he wanna be technical needa ain’t even a work

      cameron burnscameron burnsOy oldin
    • @shiya mashell I don't care Shiya you sound uneducated.

      Donnie BlancoDonnie BlancoOy oldin
  • They look like my football team Dillon Wildcats messing up after having a good lead

    Young ManiYoung ManiOy oldin
  • Wow!

    Isaac JacobsIsaac JacobsOy oldin
  • Next

    Blessing OkoduwaBlessing OkoduwaOy oldin
  • My Birthday is on Tuesday and I always wanted to get pinned by OT can you make it happen

    Kai YoungKai YoungOy oldin

    JDG 4LJDG 4LOy oldin
  • 2 views 86 likes 13 comments.... (-_-)

    JDG 4LJDG 4LOy oldin
  • wasup

    NotDavissNotDavissOy oldin
  • But it’s OT!!

    Jayden’s football lifeJayden’s football lifeOy oldin
  • Not 1st but still quickest I’ve been

    Coree JacobsCoree JacobsOy oldin
    • @Coree Jacobs they just mainly played private schools witch is a little bit easier to beat up teams in football, but not so for public schools here in Texas 😂😂.

      Jay DogJay DogOy oldin
    • @Jay Dog ohhhh okay cool, I don’t remember them playing many Texas schools at all

      Coree JacobsCoree JacobsOy oldin
    • @Coree Jacobs this was the first time ever they played a school that is competitive that’s not a private school.

      Jay DogJay DogOy oldin
    • Is it just me or does it feel like they haven’t been winning as much this year?

      Coree JacobsCoree JacobsOy oldin
    • Lol same

      ChildofthesunChildofthesunOy oldin
  • Y’all thought 😂😂

    Jayden’s football lifeJayden’s football lifeOy oldin
  • 7

    CJ WallerCJ WallerOy oldin
  • I’ll take 5th😂

    Lemondte ChambersLemondte ChambersOy oldin