Why Elon Musk Sleeps at Tesla's Factories

7-Yan, 2021
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Video also incorporates elements from Tesla, SpaceX, NASA
Thumbnail photo courtesy of Tesla

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    • It@Ter by HH my see to my it guy my my my my nj ki my I'll just do5

      Plain JennPlain Jenn7 kun oldin
    • maybe but doing it the he did like helping his workers was so good it led them and now look where he is richest person on the earth

      George CurreyGeorge Currey8 kun oldin
    • IDK never tried lol

      Amaan BhattiAmaan Bhatti9 kun oldin
    • @FalloutPlays Correction please: He's now worth US$167 billion dollars not £160 billion

      Roberto SunioRoberto Sunio9 kun oldin
  • No he has 209billion

    Pavan AntonyPavan Antony7 daqiqa oldin
  • So he can be close to his groupies... Whoops sorry supporters..... 😉

    Mark MaxwellMark Maxwell36 daqiqa oldin
  • I couldn't even imagine his time management. How could he do that much of cool stuff it's unreal!

    Meet PatelMeet Patel2 soat oldin
  • He needs to charge somewhere

    Garlic SodaGarlic Soda4 soat oldin
  • 2019: I need to charge my car 2020: I need to charge x æ a 12

    a d d i c t o ka d d i c t o k5 soat oldin
  • A centi-billionaire, Musk became the richest person in the world in January 2021, surpassing Jeff Bezos. Musk was born to a Canadian mother and South African.

    Attique Ur RehmanAttique Ur Rehman7 soat oldin
  • Because of commute time in tesla from home to office

    Pranay SrivastavaPranay Srivastava9 soat oldin

    Soumen TribedySoumen Tribedy11 soat oldin
  • 🔵 I don't know why a man with his money and wanting to sleep at his Factory doesn't build a custom-suite for himself in each of his factories!....this way he always has his-own place to stay regardless of which-one he's visiting. ..... I sure as-heck would!!

    Josh HaylJosh Hayl17 soat oldin
  • The most valuable car company?? Huh?!?!

    ALL CAPSALL CAPS18 soat oldin

    Cash-to-the-mere Cash-to-the-mereCash-to-the-mere Cash-to-the-mere18 soat oldin
  • Cindy, you made it extremely clear that the needed employees have no concept of push, sacrifice and drive to succeed. Unless you have struggled and failed in your business, you will be like the 35+% of people that just want a paycheck. I have done many entrepreneurial endeavors. Fail and succeed is what it is. Independence is indescribable.

    Socratic CuriositySocratic Curiosity19 soat oldin
  • Question - Why Elon Musk sleep's at Tesla factory ? Answer - Like his car he needs charge once he's done at evening.. But that charge doesn't means to rest it means to run next day He's literally not sleeping

    Anto HereAnto Here20 soat oldin
  • Yes

    wolf_o2 playz Hassanwolf_o2 playz Hassan20 soat oldin
  • I work at the Nevada location at Tesla I’m 19 and it’s a good starting job for someone young like me, the health insurance is also really good and inexpensive I can’t wait to sell some of my Tesla stock at the end of year. I really like how they have free soft drinks and snacks at the cafeteria for anyone to grab

    Sebastiam ParedesSebastiam ParedesKun oldin
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  • The answer is why the fuck not like he bought the property(s)

    bbno Sbbno SKun oldin
  • Tesla’s chairs looks like a gaming chair

    GhastifyGhastify2 kun oldin
  • Mr. musk, I have a deal for you, everything is bigger in TEXAS, we can start building steel factory’s, + we have a few thousand acres so we can start building and planting. Mr. Musk?

    Clear VisionClear Vision2 kun oldin
  • This man is saving money for space-x

    Ankit RajAnkit Raj2 kun oldin
  • I am from India..build cars for middle class people also, I think this is possible by reducing your profit.

    uday tholuchuriuday tholuchuri2 kun oldin
  • Sustainable energy means only one thing. Nuclear.

    Thomas M. ColeThomas M. Cole2 kun oldin
  • Good Man

    Zaroon Yakhya KhanZaroon Yakhya Khan2 kun oldin
  • I love that guy, he is my role model. He is like the christiano Ronaldo of sci and tech❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Ifeanyi EgentiIfeanyi Egenti2 kun oldin
  • Thank you for telling me how I can go kidnap him

    HTK Big mocoHTK Big moco3 kun oldin
  • The ancient red intraspecifically memorise because chord parallely carry via a next coal. dizzy, red dryer

    Giovanni BeltranGiovanni Beltran3 kun oldin
  • I request Tesla to launch economical cars and launch in pacific Asia especially in Pak Ind

    Zaeed ka ReviewZaeed ka Review3 kun oldin
  • He's a hardworking dude

    Ray MakRay Mak3 kun oldin
    • Yeeeee

      YUng MIckyYUng MIcky3 kun oldin
    • yeah

      CreeperCreeper3 kun oldin
  • Elon mask it's need to sleep in his factory's cause he is Android also and needs repairs and recharged energy and data updates! Elon is a tech-freak that wants to turn Humanity into cyborg stark trek stuff! If Elon allowed to go on launched this thousands 5g satellites, nature born humans and spirituality go to extinction level event!

    Nikolaidis HaralambosNikolaidis Haralambos3 kun oldin
  • I feel like if elon musk was ever sued *for any reason* he would just say this "Okay, How much do you want and when do you want it? i got places to be"

    NessNess3 kun oldin
  • Elon Musk: Great dude, Horrible back pain

    NessNess3 kun oldin
  • He's a technical nerd and I love him!!!

    Liz KoutsLiz Kouts3 kun oldin
  • He wants us 1/2 alien. Fuck you sir.

    Terri TarantulasTerri Tarantulas3 kun oldin
  • Are you sure that is where he sleeps where he is showing the couch and pillow? I would have thought he should have a nice little private "suite" or bed room with all comforts (like a hotel room with TV and mini bar and all) at his factory (after all... he owns the place)?... what he'd pointed at looks like a sleeping place for a Data Centre adminstrator 24/7..... 😀

    C PC P3 kun oldin
  • My dad just bought a crappy house in 1985 that he fixed up in an industrial area that was in a no through road & had 8 factories about the size of 1-2 basketball courts surrounding it. He started off with 1 factory 10 steps from the house & bought 2 more a few years later. 1 behind the house & 1 across the road. He cane home to eat,sleep & whoop my butt any time he needed to. No sleeping in factory required. No driving to work or car expenses sever that time either that were not business related. He sold it all in 2001 & upgraded both to much bigger & better. His name is known world wide but refuses to sell his products directly to USA because they sue people if you get a paper cut opening mail. Every other country he sells to. That should be a concern to Americans. Your system sucks. Its always the bosses fault

    Teutonic TricksterTeutonic Trickster3 kun oldin
  • ACTAUALLY, he is now worth 185 BILLION 😲

    Ulises CastelanUlises Castelan3 kun oldin
  • I hear he gets a lot of hate because of how "poorly" he treats his employees and over works them. They forget to consider how much HE actually works and how much effort and time he dedicates to his multiple companies. As well as they're working for one of the most richest companies in the world. What do you expect working for such a rich and famous company? Plus no one is forced to work there. It's their choice.

    Jack CraterJack Crater3 kun oldin
  • What the fuck, his net worth went up 28,000,000,000 dollars in two weeks Elon r u ok?

    Panda-kunPanda-kun4 kun oldin
  • I want to work at tesla but I can't. For reasons.

    Jello ManJello Man4 kun oldin
  • Elon Musk is a man of surprises

    YoYo4 kun oldin
  • Next video name recommendations: WHY should i care about these videos

    Ang MinnnAng Minnn4 kun oldin
  • Why ? because he is a leader of future, an influential figure not just CEO or boss.

    Desert RoseDesert Rose4 kun oldin
  • Imagine buying a billionaire a couch to sleep on.

    hajile eeehajile eee4 kun oldin
  • Sorry that car is not popular like gtr

    oriori gtoriori gt4 kun oldin
  • Obviously Elon Musk bought the Sleeping Quarters upgrade so he can Respawn at his business

    BlitzGamer3850BlitzGamer38504 kun oldin
  • my respect for Elon musk sky rocketed 1000x

    StaboiiStaboii4 kun oldin
    • Your ok with being transhumanism race then?

      Terri TarantulasTerri Tarantulas3 kun oldin
  • Inspirational video

    Macherla PrabhakarMacherla Prabhakar4 kun oldin
  • He is such a good man god bless you Elon musk

    uzivert567uzivert5674 kun oldin
  • May God bless you

    Oppo A1kOppo A1k4 kun oldin
  • Cuz he wants to

    Wai Phyo OoWai Phyo Oo4 kun oldin
  • We all know he's actually building a iron man suit in the factory

    Alex J.GAlex J.G4 kun oldin
    • The avengers 2.0

      uzivert567uzivert5674 kun oldin
    • Fam can’t wait for black panther and Spider-Man suits to come:)

      uzivert567uzivert5674 kun oldin
  • damn the sponsorship was smooth af, that's how you do it so it blends with the video!

    Sina WalkerSina Walker4 kun oldin
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    Nelson CohenNelson Cohen4 kun oldin
  • I hope he's apportioning his expenses appropriately.

    Lenny MillLenny Mill4 kun oldin
  • “He could well be worth even more” He the richest

    Emilio MerinoEmilio Merino4 kun oldin
  • Elon: "I'll meet with every injured employee and go perform the same task they did" Me: Gets injured on purpose for the soul purpose of meeting Elon

    Gavin ResendizGavin Resendiz5 kun oldin
  • He prolly just sleeps in his factories cuz he's too lazy to go home and shower XD

    CxldraCxldra5 kun oldin
  • Now that is called dedication

    Simon CadaySimon Caday5 kun oldin
  • Awesome! This video is very helpful! You can visit my channel to see awesome stuff, too!

    Make Money NowMake Money Now5 kun oldin
  • Who wouldn't though?

    aoksaaoksa5 kun oldin
  • He really deserved to be the richest man on earth 🌎. His so down with no attitude

    Thomas RalratThomas Ralrat5 kun oldin
    • Mhm he put his time into this

      uzivert567uzivert5674 kun oldin
  • later

    harshal wakchaureharshal wakchaure5 kun oldin
  • Well done 👏 ✔ 👍

    Note9 PlusNote9 Plus5 kun oldin
  • This is why i'm going to go all in on tsla.

    J RezJ Rez5 kun oldin
  • I am, ironman

    KeneKene5 kun oldin
  • Now his net worth is 197 billion dollars

    Matthias ShulerMatthias Shuler5 kun oldin
  • Put me down for a position on the line,they got crazy overtime.🤑

    Carlos FuentezCarlos Fuentez5 kun oldin
  • Other billionaires.... lets make more money Elon... lets save the humanity

    Jon ThorJon Thor5 kun oldin
  • Because he's filthy rich you can build a home anymore

    Venom LoveVenom Love6 kun oldin
  • He looks like George St Pierre. @UFC/MMA

    Abraham Kennedy WashingtonAbraham Kennedy Washington6 kun oldin
  • I just wanna say I've always believed we as humans are capable of so much more. I'd love to have the opportunity to work with Elon Musk. He really has the right ambitions to better this world. Starting with electric vehicles. Much respect, keep doing what you do best Elon.

    Brian ShoopBrian Shoop6 kun oldin
  • Ahhh yes make a go fund me for a couch for the world richest man

    Yo it’s InsaneYo it’s Insane6 kun oldin
  • He is cooler than ironman,... c'mon guys

    Abhishek KumarAbhishek Kumar6 kun oldin
  • Can we do a Why Elon Musk Supports Coups of Democratically Elected Nations next? Why Elon Musk Uses Child Labour Why Elon Musk Busts Unions Why Elon Musk Fanboys Call him God when he Earned his Start through the Family Slave-Worked Emerald Mine

    Angus NobleAngus Noble6 kun oldin
  • Fact: he had fight with wife 🤪

    കുഞ്ഞാട് YTകുഞ്ഞാട് YT6 kun oldin
  • 0:57 if u know u know look at his hand...

    Ernst Kerry EtienneErnst Kerry Etienne6 kun oldin
  • He has enough money to built a bedroom in his factory

    Paul HPaul H6 kun oldin
  • That is slavery making ok.That is all fake.His pain will not equal to the poor emplyees.

    rabiile Omarrabiile Omar6 kun oldin
  • 'cause he might be afraid of someone gonna steal the cars 😅

    HFiT OfficialHFiT Official6 kun oldin
  • It probably saves him two or three hours a day by sleeping at work. Think about how much time is wasted in traffic. Sounds like Elon is down-to-earth and not driven by money. 👍

    Doug RoDoug Ro6 kun oldin
  • Always successful people more nice and peaceful

    Asuk UddinAsuk Uddin6 kun oldin
  • Does he have sex at Tesla's Factories?

    Shuai ZShuai Z6 kun oldin
  • Hire me senpai

    ItsMeCODYItsMeCODY6 kun oldin
  • grimes kicked him out pog

    King PantsKing Pants6 kun oldin
  • When people realize where they came from and want to return the favor back, only a handful in the entire world do that

    Digital MaidaanDigital Maidaan6 kun oldin
  • Musk, Tesla, jobs, and da Vinci walk into a room. I don’t have a punchline, but that would be pretty cool

    Nicholas SantiagoNicholas Santiago6 kun oldin
  • Yeah I think that's PR he meets with every injured person but when they get injured they get a point and after 2 or 3 points they get fired

    KGKG6 kun oldin
    • @KG yes Mr And you haven't enroll in one of the funds earn profits investment going on now

      Elon MuskElon Musk6 kun oldin
    • @Elon Musk thanks for chiming in Elon, hope you're well

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  • I respect Elon

    Kobus 127Kobus 1276 kun oldin
    • what's'a'pp +1...'77..8...715..13...05 There is an opportu'nity going on now 🔥

      Elon MuskElon Musk6 kun oldin
  • The 'working 100 hours per week allows you to get twice as much done as 50 hours' claim is nonsense. After 30 hours in many types of work, performance tanks.

    neohumanityneohumanity6 kun oldin
    • what's'a'pp +1...'77..8...715..13...05 There is an opportu'nity going on now 🔥

      Elon MuskElon Musk6 kun oldin
  • Born an investor, always an investor.

    jack Wilsonjack Wilson6 kun oldin
    • @Philips young Rodrigues not silver only gold because silver looses value

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    • @Aneeq i agree, wow this comment section is very abusive

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  • Solar RV, sleep anywhere

    Terri NiemeierTerri Niemeier7 kun oldin
  • Thats why his wife left him!?

    An DoanAn Doan7 kun oldin
  • So his company Dosent get robbed

    Chickennugs OilChickennugs Oil7 kun oldin
  • Iphones everywhere

    TypomumboTypomumbo7 kun oldin
  • Where factory = home. If u have a home will u sleep in a hotel??

    Bvk SthaBvk Stha7 kun oldin
  • He is a Cyborg

    Harvey Beeker the Grey SquirrelHarvey Beeker the Grey Squirrel7 kun oldin
  • You are asian, I thought you were black

    St.CastleSt.Castle7 kun oldin