23-Okt, 2020
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Brodin | twitter.com/brodinplett
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  • cant believe they invented among us

    Father of FrogsFather of FrogsSoat oldin
  • You sure you aren't sponsoring two things cause I know I heard Jae and Seori

    OceanYoonglesOceanYoongles2 soat oldin
  • What the fuuuuuuuu micheal

    sPYsPY10 soat oldin
  • What the fovk is the smell on the toilet paper?

    eren demircalieren demircali10 soat oldin
  • They be editing glasses onto Yvonne at the start of the video

    Ethan MelanoEthan Melano12 soat oldin
  • Im dunk

    August A. MauritzenAugust A. Mauritzen12 soat oldin
  • Yeah "Offline TV" what about Online TV??? He/she has feelings too😂😂😂

    BigChubzBigChubz13 soat oldin
  • Did anyone see the ouija board at the back where lily was 15:26

    Liam aLiam a15 soat oldin
  • Legends say that Brodin is still saying "Yvonne?"

    • CuberCyd •• CuberCyd •16 soat oldin
  • god the music yvonne was listening to in the sponsor was so familiar, what is it???

    Bunnie♡Bunnie♡17 soat oldin
  • 7:40 oml it's toast's among us music that's fucking funny

    Kyla PamplonaKyla Pamplona18 soat oldin
  • gooba

    beryl penaberyl pena21 soat oldin
  • Toast is just dead at 3 hrs of sleep but Michal is as alive as ever at 2 hrs

    BobthreetimesBobthreetimesKun oldin
  • Michael reeves when are you going to upload a new video? Your so funny

    TryAgainTryAgainKun oldin
  • gooba

    Joshua GibsonJoshua GibsonKun oldin

    IdkJacobbIdkJacobbKun oldin
  • gooba :)

    Red BlueRed BlueKun oldin
  • wait u guys can sleep oof

    Marc BeaudinMarc BeaudinKun oldin
  • why srry for blob art i think nice

    Kan ChanKan ChanKun oldin
  • Toast is the new sherlock holmes

    that guythat guyKun oldin
  • Toast is so cute

    kareena Ramcharankareena RamcharanKun oldin
  • Idk how much Yvonne gets paid but it’s definitely not enough for this

    Vid.Vid.Kun oldin
  • look at the mess on yvonne's room i would gladly live in the house just to *clean*

    riyuriyuKun oldin
  • Now Michael has now dated a roomba and a zombie

    Star FriezStar FriezKun oldin
  • I love it when Toast’s theme for among us starts playing

    Dino Dude10160Dino Dude10160Kun oldin
  • What type of English 7:29 And than 8:51 XD

    ShadowDemonBoy 779ShadowDemonBoy 779Kun oldin
  • I thought toast was just going to say can we get some crack

    plant queenplant queenKun oldin
  • "I'm not a drunk"... I'm alcoholic! :3

    MinatoAceMinatoAceKun oldin
  • Jubille Offline :3

    MinatoAceMinatoAceKun oldin
  • bruh i actually did a double take at 3:59

    Dora The ExploraDora The Explora2 kun oldin
  • people be usin naruto Ost nowadays in their videos...........

    AudaitaAudaita2 kun oldin
  • Michael Reeves is the traumatized version of Daniel Radcliffe

    AlmondNut PlaysAlmondNut Plays2 kun oldin
  • I’m addicted to this UZworld channel 😼

  • I thought the sniffing was chloroform

    OFK SAMAOFK SAMA2 kun oldin
  • I own Ray cons and they are ass, don't buy them, buy Taotronics soundliberty 79, they are so much better.

    It was me Dio.It was me Dio.2 kun oldin
  • does anyone else love mild duds or is it just me also does anyone just keep it in your mouth

    David TrinhDavid Trinh3 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or is yvonne wearing fake glasses....

    ReKc _0ReKc _03 kun oldin
  • I can relate to Michael and toast

    Mr. OofMr. Oof3 kun oldin
  • Does any body else like the blob art

    toxiyboi playstoxiyboi plays3 kun oldin
  • poki having fat-lady pants up over the stomach all the time

    Chrippe BrorChrippe Bror3 kun oldin
  • Lilli's look for this video kinda makes her look like Lisa Manoban at certain angles

    FlMc654 MCRFFlMc654 MCRF3 kun oldin
  • Does anybody know the song at 0:08?

    𝑀𝓇𝓈 𝐸𝒸𝓇𝒶𝒸𝓎𝑀𝓇𝓈 𝐸𝒸𝓇𝒶𝒸𝓎3 kun oldin
  • 0:08 what song?

    Chae StrawberryChae Strawberry3 kun oldin
  • 3:57 why did I read "ONE HAS CUMMIES"

    KuroNekoKuroNeko3 kun oldin
  • yeah

    hellohello3 kun oldin
  • lily’s laugh after poki says “chocolate or shit?” 💞💞

    Jade LeoncioJade Leoncio3 kun oldin
  • they are brodin free

    EnBy 7EnBy 73 kun oldin
  • omg all black shirt except for poki anyone know the reference? ;)

    ᴉuɐsɐꓷᴉuɐsɐꓷ3 kun oldin
  • In so happy feds gone

    AFAF3 kun oldin
  • Why is Michael lookin jacked

    Unofficial A’s podcastUnofficial A’s podcast3 kun oldin
  • Holy "Beauty mode" was cranked to 11 in the Raycon ad. Her eyes were doing some funky jelly movements from it.

    Neurotic JesterNeurotic Jester3 kun oldin
  • Poki fucking CHEWS and nobody else does, and Michael misses that very obvious detail... Wow.

    Dylan StahlDylan Stahl3 kun oldin
  • 8:40 Finally some good fucking content

    dangitNickydangitNicky3 kun oldin
  • Brodin, you sick f*ck

    Martial IdiotMartial Idiot3 kun oldin
  • I’m surprised no one said “if you want to play among us you shoulda said so”

    sob1rsob1r3 kun oldin
  • No one won't mention that it's Jae and Seori collab song??? I love that song!!

    Prime ParadoxPrime Paradox4 kun oldin
  • Michael looks like a fucking child here I love it

    Cloudy RainCloudy Rain4 kun oldin
  • I knew it was Scarra with the Wasabi one😂v

    Robyn SmithRobyn Smith4 kun oldin
  • In the smelling part i was crying because i can see the death inside toasts eyes

    John Patrick MirandaJohn Patrick Miranda4 kun oldin
  • nobody: lily throwing up gang signs: 4:19

    Typical DeshawnTypical Deshawn4 kun oldin
  • Lily: “I can’t tel! They all look dead inside” Toast: “that’s not bc of the hot sauce”

    Nate MorrowNate Morrow4 kun oldin
  • everyone : slightly dazed and drowsy toast : 3 hrs, gonna fricking faint or collapse michael : confused but happy

    Ollie KimOllie Kim4 kun oldin
  • i got the same color raycons

    RinsableLlama86RinsableLlama864 kun oldin
  • I love when Yvonne said that she likes raycon so she doesn’t have to talk to people.

    Daniel OdrzywolskiDaniel Odrzywolski4 kun oldin
  • That wasn’t soy milk with salt Brodin. We are onto you and all I have to say is... well done.

    RetlyRetly4 kun oldin
  • Anyone else find it interesting toast talked about poki drinking white liquid? I wonder what he looks up at night.

    RetlyRetly4 kun oldin
  • what's the song name of when Yvnonne was introducing the raecon earbuds?

    bulubulu5 kun oldin
  • One white surrounded by black think I've seen this one before 🤔😂

    Jay DeftJay Deft5 kun oldin
  • When it was Michael’s turn with the peanut butter I knew it was him from the start, he took way too long with eating something off the spoon, if you haven’t tried eating peanut butter off a spoon it takes a bit

    GhostGhost5 kun oldin
  • i wish i could play among us with them :(

    kwastooshortkwastooshort6 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know what song yvonne was “listening” too in the raycon ad

    Mr.PandaboyMr.Pandaboy6 kun oldin
  • From time to time hearing bgms of maplestory in some videos gives me such nostalgia vibes

    Galaxy264Galaxy2646 kun oldin
    • @Chris Lee I think it is the bgm from mushroom kingdom, that theme dungeon.

      Galaxy264Galaxy2645 kun oldin
    • its so familiar but I can't remember specifically the name of it

      Chris LeeChris Lee5 kun oldin
  • “I’m not a drunk....” “On camera” - Papa Scarra

    BlookyBlooky6 kun oldin
  • And you didn't invite theodd1sout shame

    Anonymous UserAnonymous User6 kun oldin
  • Btw , what's written on Lily's shirt?

    ArtoriosArtorios6 kun oldin
  • nobody: offline tv: zoom into micheal’s face quick

    Diamon JohnsonDiamon Johnson6 kun oldin
  • Not lying but i watch them because of toast like that dude is hella calm funny and smart like bruh

    Arpita SinhaArpita Sinha6 kun oldin
  • They need another content guy. Brodin's content is boring imo

    frappzlulfrappzlul6 kun oldin
    • Dude you need a better drawing guy. that drawing looks sad.

      MilkyMilky6 kun oldin
  • what is that beginning music at the offline tv music thinggy i like it

    JJCloudzzJJCloudzz6 kun oldin
  • Michael 'Swole' Reeves

    Niko ĐurićNiko Đurić6 kun oldin
  • trst

    HeavensMelonHeavensMelon7 kun oldin
  • Clean your room Yvonne! xD

    Sonny H.Sonny H.7 kun oldin
  • i kinda wanna see them play uno or like a bunch of card/board games. I really wanna see more content!

    NoviosityNoviosity7 kun oldin
  • I love how Poki got 9 hr of sleep then there is Michael😂

    Aki EtoileAki Etoile7 kun oldin
  • Pog momenr

    ItsFrostyKunItsFrostyKun7 kun oldin
  • are we gonna talk about how well scarra kept down that fucking wasabi in the first thing?

    an accidentan accident7 kun oldin
  • Michael always has the least sleep

    jacob johnsonjacob johnson8 kun oldin
  • gooba

    oaotooaoto8 kun oldin
  • The difference of toast on 3 hours of sleep compared to Michael on 2

    Demetri PresleyDemetri Presley8 kun oldin
  • Just realized the glasses aren't real in Yvonne's intro

    Bubble WrapBubble Wrap8 kun oldin
  • I just hate Yvonne idk why I think one of her videos pissed me off

    Disguised AnbuDisguised Anbu8 kun oldin
  • Why are you running like no offense but why tho do you use the ear phones to gamble

    Saba AftabSaba Aftab8 kun oldin
  • This is crack head vibes

    Random GuyRandom Guy8 kun oldin
  • i gotta say. the vibes of everyone on otv meshes together so perfectly now. all the videos are fun but also flow so naturally

    tackywacky99tackywacky999 kun oldin
  • toast is literally always using among us logic lol

    Matt CanoyMatt Canoy9 kun oldin
  • You can feel Michael only slept for 2 hrs

    Gaspar MilosavljevicGaspar Milosavljevic9 kun oldin
  • Lily: they all look dead inside Toast: that’s not hot sauce

    bently buttbently butt9 kun oldin
  • Anyone know the song name at 15:40 and 16:50?

    ReggieBenReggieBen9 kun oldin
    • ReggieBen Heat Haze Shadow from Tekken 7

      RevaReva3 kun oldin
  • The one where yvonne was tickling you can see where she is at the light on the stand Edit: pause at 11:38 to 11:58

    Kenneth HerKenneth Her9 kun oldin
  • 7:29 LilyPichu is even more anime girl material than ever now

    IndieIndie9 kun oldin