Whiskey Ginger - Russell Peters - #116

8-Yan, 2021
125 443 Ko‘rishlar soni

Santino sits down with Russell Peters to talk about bombing before Pharcyde, selling his Rolls Royce, his house becoming a hip hop haven of OG's and little he cares about baseball and how his brother is his manager and hasn't screwed him over...yet.
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  • Didn’t realise this podcast was still going.

    Chris JohnstonChris Johnston3 soat oldin
  • Everyone shits on Alabama until you visit. We have 2 great clubs. Stardom in Birmingham and then Huntsville. Both are great. I wish great comics would tour here more often. I guess for a stadium guy RP would have to play the BJCC

    Only_SonOnly_Son4 soat oldin
  • Anyone remember when Andrew wore his bangs out, under the brim of his hat?

    stephen frazierstephen frazier16 soat oldin
  • Is it me or does Russell look pretty fake? His stories and the way he answers, his body language, he seems like he's not being himself 100%

    Nick JafarliNick Jafarli19 soat oldin
  • love both these guys. was it just me or was this one kind of awkward. just felt weird. like russell didnt wanna be there of something. like they dont really care for each other. or just making the podcast rounds.

    Hunter PageHunter Page2 kun oldin
  • Hey by the way, you ran over at Russell at least three times when he was trying to say something.

    Toby McVinnToby McVinn2 kun oldin
  • Steve Harvey face when someone says a TMI answer lmao

    Mel K.Mel K.2 kun oldin
  • There are sooo many smart rappers out there that arent as popular as lil pump. im 26 but come on old people

    Taylor CrumptonTaylor Crumpton3 kun oldin
  • so there's no rapper with quality political commentary but he doesnt get Kendrick Lamar (-: rich people are so out of touch man

    Taylor CrumptonTaylor Crumpton3 kun oldin
  • The Great and Hilarious Russell Petta is in the house 👍🏻

    Dav MkrDav Mkr3 kun oldin
  • Russell i dont like to name drop but i constantly do Peters

    Esteban CuatroEsteban Cuatro3 kun oldin
  • Russ has juvenoia

    Michæl CaxMichæl Cax3 kun oldin
  • “Big daddy kane stays at my place when he’s in town” bruh 🙃

    Man Like MetsMan Like Mets3 kun oldin
  • First Whisk Ging I didn’t enjoy...your guest was so arrogant. I still listened till the end...not your fault. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Nikki Nelson-WelcherNikki Nelson-Welcher3 kun oldin
  • 44:00

    JAcJAc4 kun oldin
  • There’s a difference being an elitist and a hip hop historian/preserver of the culture and Peters is on the wrong side of that line imo

    Derek JonesDerek Jones4 kun oldin
  • What about Abstract Rude?!

    Jon MancusoJon Mancuso4 kun oldin
  • You have to make Russell listen to Let Nas Down.. truly one of the best songs ever and the extended Nas version makes me tear up.. real heads would appreciate

    Mike ChecksMike Checks4 kun oldin
  • Eyedea and Abilities dont get enough cred these days. Props to Santino even mentioning them. R.Eye.P

    BuSHWiCKeRMaNBuSHWiCKeRMaN5 kun oldin
  • Russell looking like Erik griffin

    sunshinetoyota10sunshinetoyota105 kun oldin

    Kyle McgillKyle Mcgill5 kun oldin
  • Steve Harvey is from West Virginia, his country twang is 100% authentic

    Connor TyreeConnor Tyree5 kun oldin
  • Only if about 25-30 million more people would move out of California we’d be set!!!!

    Tyler CarrTyler Carr5 kun oldin
  • Being a former Phlebotomist, I remember constantly being called a vampire.

    Tatum KaneTatum Kane5 kun oldin
  • yeees indian canadian russell peters from toronto canada ...awsome

    wrds wpnswrds wpns6 kun oldin
  • Pomona got some Fire ass jamaican food cuh Nd if you know a gang banger N Compton cuh probably a blood 😂😂 especially if you gettin jamaican food N inglewood

    Savvy SossaSavvy Sossa6 kun oldin
  • Nice

    brandname6brandname66 kun oldin
  • You dis a Chief who does not work for the Darkside (like the majority of the world leaders). For that, and in memory of Ralphie May, I dub you Whiskey Giner. You're a blue rocket, Pandy Andy, a political castrate.

    Fanny PackuiaoFanny Packuiao6 kun oldin
  • Egyptian lover💯🔥

    Paul ShuabPaul Shuab6 kun oldin
  • I think oldgeads forget that there is always a side of hiphop that you will shake your head at. No1 wants to talk about vanilla ice "rapping" at the same time as legends lol

    xXxsushanxXxxXxsushanxXx6 kun oldin
  • I really wish Barn door Sklub was on this one so he could've schooled these clowns. We all know he's a reel cawr guy B.

    Phillip MoralesPhillip Morales6 kun oldin
  • Somewhere, Bert is watching around 9:00 and screaming "YES!! THATS WHAT I DO WITH KOOL AID! SEE?! NOBODY GIVES RUSSELL A HARD TIME!"

  • Everything russell said about rappers talking about the times, hes wrong a out Kendrick. Kendrick does exactly that. Which is why back when alright came out IT WAS A THEME SONG FOR THE PROTESTORS CHANTS!! Kendrick is incredibly underated, and under appreciated during this conversation... Kendrick doesnt get his credit BECUASE hes accepted in the mainstream, people dont give him his credit as much as he should get.... Which is stupid

    mathew tovarmathew tovar6 kun oldin
  • Russell loves to subtle flex 😂 Canadian legend 🇨🇦

    Sean Yu-NgSean Yu-Ng6 kun oldin
  • Segura plays basketball

    lapulapu54lapulapu546 kun oldin
  • At 03:53, as soon as Andrew said he wouldn’t be able to host a show like that, I thought of the Laugh Factory clip of Andrew the adopted Indian comic...

    BrianBrian6 kun oldin
  • Santino is so salty he isn't going to Texas

    James HaaksmaJames Haaksma6 kun oldin
  • Whoever edits this never adds or edits what santino wants

    James HaaksmaJames Haaksma6 kun oldin
  • Man when he was talking about the food smell sticking that hit home, til this day that catches a nerve lol

    Adiel JavidAdiel Javid7 kun oldin
  • Is it me or is he the Indian Tom Segura?

    marcus wamsleymarcus wamsley7 kun oldin
  • I like when the guests actually drink whiskey lol. Its a shame when cool people like nick swardson.. Doesnt drink anymore smh. I guess they over did it.. And it took a toll. I never drank to a point it was harming me. So i still drink lol. Russel is very funny and has unique stand up

    Jordan JaeJordan Jae7 kun oldin
  • Really liked the car talk...now I want a q rs8 2021

    D JD J7 kun oldin
  • Say what you will about Russell but hes a pioneer of stand up. He brought a bunch of new eyes globally to stand up. Should be mentioned with the greats.

    bicbic7 kun oldin
  • I think west coast podcasts are dying

    Lucius BrunswickLucius Brunswick7 kun oldin
  • I loved this episode I've watched almost every whiskey ginger episode and this is in my top 3 favorite episodes of whiskey ginger ever. @Andrewsantino

    joejoe7 kun oldin
  • OMG THANK YOU russell for saying rocky laports name. Years ago I saw his special on comedy central . He was in the count down of funniest special or something I remember him coming in second. I thought it was so funny. I woke up from a night mare and it was on again 2 weeks latr and I remember laughing Just as hard. Then I forgot about him. Years later I was telling someone how I saw this guy on comedy central years ago and They had seen him too saying how funny he was but we could not ever remember his name. I always knew if I heard his name i would know it. Right when russell said it🙆 I was like omg that's it. Sad to see he doesn't have much on you tube . I want to find that special I saw. Maybe I can buy it somewhere I will look better when I get home.. I liked this podcast but I feel like it's over way to fast especially with the ad reads... I love that you told us about Chris and sal s hey babe podcast..its passing bad friends and king and the sting lol you guys better step it up. It's soooo funny chris's stories are unbelievable.. I Hate how quick it Is chris is always like k were done right at the hour Mark I hate it. It's corona talk longer you have nothing else to do. I need stuff to listen to longer. I love andrew schultz but if he doesn't get taylor off the podcast I have to let it go. She ruins it! I never hated some one so much on a podcast. Ps I hate when parents bitch about lights and my grandparnts are Even worse about it.. it's literally one lamp And they act like by it's a thousand dollars a night. My grandpa is addicted to hsn and wastes way more money on that over priced trash sooo annoying

    Megan KlobcharMegan Klobchar7 kun oldin
  • santino has never been friends with any indians... clearly.

    Savannah PSavannah P7 kun oldin
  • Chip Foose!! Lol what a car guy!!

    AlexsandraAlexsandra7 kun oldin
  • Aceyalone. fresh coast can't be faded

    Ek4door 98Ek4door 987 kun oldin
  • Psssssssssssst. Talk about “CROTCH SHOT ANGLE”

    Hollie WrightHollie Wright7 kun oldin

    Hollie WrightHollie Wright7 kun oldin
  • Hey Andrew... so you know. We can see your guests phone in the reflection on your sign.

    Chris DennisChris Dennis7 kun oldin
  • this red head is cute

    Cristian mcmonkeymanCristian mcmonkeyman7 kun oldin
  • Slug and Ant on Whiskey Ginger would be 🔥 !

    I R LobsterI R Lobster7 kun oldin
  • That dark background makes that hair SOO Red. Doesnt look as Red on Bad Friends

    trev Ntrev N8 kun oldin
  • I love Russell Peters on podcasts. He's such an interesting and mellow person.

    sernastylesernastyle8 kun oldin
  • Smokers think the smell is gone as soon as they open the window to air it out. NOPE. The smell lingers for days. Sticks to you clothes, walls, carpet etc.

    Hector RosarioHector Rosario8 kun oldin
  • Count your $$$$ & count me out ~ best of luck 🍀 moving forwards. You lost something around the end of October.. . If you ever find it again I will be back.. What I'm not gonna do is watch you groping around in the dark looking for something funny to begin building upon until May.

    lizardywizardlizardywizard8 kun oldin
  • Peters literally can't stop name dropping. He does it on every podcast, and on every podcast he tries to play it off like he's not really name dropping. There is something likeable about him though.

    Kevin McLaughlinKevin McLaughlin8 kun oldin
    • May be he just knows famous people....he has been around for a while

      OmerOmer6 kun oldin
  • Cross-fados-barbados Funniest flex: Lord Fitness lives with me and he cooks everything.

    dntgvafuk89dntgvafuk898 kun oldin
    • As a Bajan just seeing the Barbados or hearing warms the heart 🤟🏾

      Anderson AshAnderson Ash6 kun oldin
  • Is that a Indian trait, to name drop?

    Hj JHj J8 kun oldin
  • At 59:30 I think he meant "Srivastava" 😂😂😂

    Shubham SrivastavaShubham Srivastava8 kun oldin
  • Great pod , love the hip hop talk and the head nod Indian mannerism explanation was so fucking cool! "Its all in the eyes"

    DestrosArmsDestrosArms8 kun oldin
  • couple more idiots fear mongering about the vaccine

    SteveSteve8 kun oldin
  • Did Andrew just say he respects it when people choose to not answer their phones for months at a time?! That sure is the opposite of what he says every other day of his existence, lol.

    spracketskoochspracketskooch8 kun oldin
  • Russell is a true hip hop fan and doesn't like Kendrick lamar?! That's wild

    WesWes8 kun oldin
  • How high is santino during the opening read?

    John FedorowiczJohn Fedorowicz8 kun oldin
  • The amount of name dropping in this podcast is gross

    CapesManCapesMan8 kun oldin
  • Russell is playing shows in his words "December 4,5,6"... and this is coming out now!!! Sigh... 1 month plus later?! Loved the episode but messed up cos it isn't really current....

    Mobile AgilityMobile Agility8 kun oldin
  • Anyone else starting to get sick of Santino?

    Chris NelsonChris Nelson8 kun oldin
  • People who say pop instead of soda should be punched in the throat a whole lot

    Brighton GibbsBrighton Gibbs8 kun oldin
  • you can smoke then drink but can never drink then smoke, aint that some shit.....

    Cosmic ConundrumCosmic Conundrum8 kun oldin
  • I love atmosphere it’s what makes me romanticize Minnesota

    AlexsandraAlexsandra8 kun oldin
  • I'm doing the Houston Improve December 4-6....episode airs January 8th.

    willwill8 kun oldin
  • Aye! shout out Santino for his A1 music taste, Eye and Abilities were the next to Aesop n Lupe is easily the lowkey one of best lyricist all time.

    DayyTripperrDayyTripperr8 kun oldin
  • Russels nose looks like its heading south east somewhere.

    Sharp SSharp S8 kun oldin
  • its called a cross fade when you are high and drunk.

    Jesus RodriguezJesus Rodriguez8 kun oldin
  • Yeah, it makes sense if you're black to support a raging white supremacist lunatic like Trump. WTF is Santino talking about? Clueless

    K FK F8 kun oldin
  • russell "namedropper" peters hahahahaha

    Vernon HengVernon Heng8 kun oldin
  • fuck... you guys actually get it. pool money. buy clubs. win.

    Triple Beam Miracle DreamTriple Beam Miracle Dream8 kun oldin
  • From the Green Room to the whiskey red room he still wears pants that exposes the proof he has the biggest balls in stand up comedy.

    Spiritual GangstersSpiritual Gangsters8 kun oldin
  • russell looks good. healthy :)

    Triple Beam Miracle DreamTriple Beam Miracle Dream8 kun oldin
  • Was he a mob guy? 54:35 lmao

    XR mightyXR mighty8 kun oldin
  • Keep it up

    Nate SantibanezNate Santibanez8 kun oldin
  • Russels “package” looks like it can’t breathe.

    Nineteen81Nineteen818 kun oldin
    • u can give it cpr

      U BetchaU Betcha8 kun oldin
  • I like how they never bleep stuff or put anything on screen lmao

    LetsGoToMarsManLetsGoToMarsMan8 kun oldin
  • They aren't Russian bots, they are California bots.

    smwinter007smwinter0078 kun oldin
  • You left me sitting in complete darkness at 1:29:25. Thanks for that.

    AlkTom 44AlkTom 448 kun oldin
  • no wayy

    fijisota MNfijisota MN9 kun oldin
  • "Fucking Bobby...."

    WERK.WERK.9 kun oldin
  • Correction: Flu shot is 40% effective

    Sonny JohalSonny Johal9 kun oldin
  • Go see him December 4,5 and 6...ok

    Georgi MihalkovGeorgi Mihalkov9 kun oldin

    Audrey DupuisAudrey Dupuis9 kun oldin
  • Cheeto: “Americans don’t say huh at the end of a sentence” Also Cheeto 10 Sec. Later: “Who’s Dad is an executive in that neighborhood HUH?”

    SpasmHDSpasmHD9 kun oldin
  • Russell's right about American Eagle jeans, great for the price, Hollister too.

    Joe VargasJoe Vargas9 kun oldin
  • Dat’s a crossfade you’re talking about Cheeto. Used to love those when I drank 💨💨🥃🥃 Big ups to Russell‼️

    VECTVECT9 kun oldin
  • I like how there talking about tyga like he isn’t almost the same age as them

    Mathieu PageauMathieu Pageau9 kun oldin
  • I love sleepers like Russell; unless you know his work, if you saw him at a convenience store you wouldn't realize he's a fucking Savage.

    Bad Element Distortion BoxBad Element Distortion Box9 kun oldin
  • Can someone be a pal an tell me if he quit name dropping like he has in the past for this podcast? RP is intolerable when he does that in my opinion

    Mike MorningstrMike Morningstr9 kun oldin
  • Russell is the biggest name dropper in the industry 😂 he says them like he’s not trying to name drop

    JdaeggerJdaegger9 kun oldin
    • Lord Finesse lives with Russell and cooks for him.. they prob name drop him as much as he does them if that’s the case haha

      Mike ChecksMike Checks4 kun oldin
    • He's not name dropping, those are just his contemporaries. Him and Santino are at different points in their respective careers.

      WITCH_KINGWITCH_KING6 kun oldin
    • but they're all REALLY GOOD FRIENDS of his

      Mike BurnttMike Burntt6 kun oldin
    • I don’t think he can really help it, most of his experiences are with big names.

      Eric LEric L7 kun oldin