Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.

12-Iyl, 2019
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Bob Ross painted more than 1,000 landscapes for his television show - so why are they so hard to find? Solving one of the internet’s favorite little mysteries.
Read more about Bob Ross: nyti.ms/2xIsshb
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  • While I understand not selling them and keeping all three versions together, to keep visual art in a box is unconscionable

    Res1cue 2021Res1cue 202117 daqiqa oldin
  • a bob ross museum with all his paintings on display would be popular i bet

    mike gagermike gagerSoat oldin
  • The question about why People love him is actually easily answered. This global internet is FULL of things that depress us as long as we surf the algorithm. Just the human nature, laws of media industry and, first and foremost, the inhuman internet (bubble syndrome, economics of advertising, profit on hate speech & so on) do not often function in favor of human mental health. This is why the really pure at heart, pre- or post-web personas, pets (or just, phenomena), fascinate us even more so "these days". Bob's mentality (and show) is a perfect example for that. On this uber technisized , uber informing, uber opinionated media realm, which increasingly FORMS (!) our common thoughts and opinions (eg. anti-democratic, alt-right, political extremism, etc.) it is seldom, to come across something so puristic and without an elaborate agenda. The crafty/physical and creative aspect is important too, as it symbolizes a crucially purifying counterbalance to all the mental/psychological BS we have to go through on our daily algorithms. (Do your work more ethically, Jeffs, Marks & digital dictators of this new World order!!!) (Read on sociological phenomenon of "cottage core" for more) Just some vitalizing thoughts. Mental hygiene is a real thing! Stay safe & positive out here on the cyber-realm. And - God Bless* (*Bob's voice)))

    ESC ATAESC ATA2 soat oldin
    • Addendum: For everyone frustrated by the modern human and it's often dark birthings, I may also suggest, for a cleansing change of perspective and heart, watching "Love on the Spectrum". Truly inspiring to see the potential of pure humanity, revealed by this ("dis")ability (very ironically so)! Must watch imho.

      ESC ATAESC ATA2 soat oldin
  • “Likely millions of dollars”

    Eduardo CruzEduardo Cruz2 soat oldin
  • So there are still going to be some privately held. Like the one in the couple's home.

    dugrozdugroz2 soat oldin
  • At least he didn’t sell all of them for millions of dollars and become a billionaire or something!

    Banana SplitBanana Split4 soat oldin
  • Some of this is not true. I own three of his paintings. I received them from Ball State University in the late 90’s. Surprised they didn’t mention Ross and Ball State.

    Sergei GoncharSergei Gonchar4 soat oldin
  • I wish I could have been the little squirrel!!!

    mana razamana raza8 soat oldin
  • He has an extremely impressive marketing campaign from the afro wig to the happy mints. (👀)

    xander jamesxander james9 soat oldin

    jose velasquezjose velasquez10 soat oldin
  • 15 million views, wow. I guess people really loved this dude.

    Chris CharbChris Charb10 soat oldin
  • Children and dogs love to watch him paint. He is so calm that after watching an episode you just have to run out and buy paint and canvas.

    Jan Marie Brunette-HunyadyJan Marie Brunette-Hunyady13 soat oldin
  • "Your work will never hang in a museum" but will be uploaded on youtube.

    Jose FuentesJose Fuentes14 soat oldin
  • I really hope there is a way the his spirit knows his paintings are in the Smithsonian....If I ever see Lymphoma I'm beating their a**

    Corrupt MFGCorrupt MFG15 soat oldin
  • Omg sell the paintings already- it’s ok he didn’t want that - but he’s dead now / sell them don’t let them rot! 😩 if you’re not going to sell them give them away 😩🤦🏻‍♀️ Come on!!

    J QuartzJ Quartz16 soat oldin
  • Never sold his paintings..? check this out.. uzworld.info/player/video/hnzcf7KDnNCkgp4&ab_channel=BobRoss go to the 7:55 & then 8:04 mark sold his paintings & sold plates he painted also.. and maybe other stuff idk didnt watch it all kinda looks like the same lady from this video but younger in the link i put on here (Maybe her idk)

    User 5.56User 5.5617 soat oldin
  • Era un placer ver el programa

    Cesar Molina MendozaCesar Molina Mendoza17 soat oldin
  • OF COURSE Walt worked for the CIA

    Alexandre GarridoAlexandre Garrido18 soat oldin
  • childish happy pictures. Without composition AT ALL.

    Urgent PointerUrgent Pointer18 soat oldin
  • He put me to bed so many nights in late 80's early 90's...then the American flag

    ActuallyImRightActuallyImRight19 soat oldin
  • I'm now craving Mt. Dew.

    DrHogfanDrHogfan19 soat oldin
  • Only 25k comments? Pssh

    VaultBoy7VaultBoy719 soat oldin
  • My two sons when they were going up there watching Bob Ross my oldest son wanted to paint his room he loves the benefit artwork and my youngest son it was so mesmerized by Bob Ross ocean videos and classical music they would sit and watch and listen

    Mary CribbsMary Cribbs20 soat oldin
  • Until the After life. Painting

    Danny AldamaDanny Aldama21 soat oldin
  • Uhhh how about you show some respect and display them.

    Nonya BusinessNonya Business23 soat oldin
  • 7:47 "JOEL" That made me very happy. Vargskelethor/Vinesauce Joel is my reason why Bob Ross is so iconic. Not with paint, not traditional art, not with some fancy software. We use the tool of the gods, Mario Paint.

    AngryDemonBowserAngryDemonBowserKun oldin
  • Bob Ross is Mister Rogers with a paintbrush. A calming consistent presence.

    shanktheclown88shanktheclown88Kun oldin
  • I miss bob

    guamitoeguamitoeKun oldin
  • My Mom use to know Bob.. COme to find out Im a Happy Little Mistake

    User 5.56User 5.56Kun oldin
  • No painting NONE is worth more then a F k in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    User 5.56User 5.56Kun oldin
  • make a Bob Ross museum.

    john walkerjohn walkerKun oldin
  • So are they just living off of bob ross name and life ...?😂

    Calexis CaliCalexis CaliKun oldin
  • 4:15 is no one going to talk about them using Spongebob music??? Edit: adding time stamp

    Naty RockeNaty RockeKun oldin
  • Bob Ross just painted the same subject-matter over and over again ........... that's not being a great painter in the true definition. A great painter could paint anything and everything. He was very over-rated.

    MadMax McInnesMadMax McInnesKun oldin
  • Sorry , but this seems really stupid to keep them all locked up.

    Jerry K.Jerry K.Kun oldin
  • I think they should be sold, why not make them available. Kind of lazy

    kinglangrenkinglangrenKun oldin
  • Why are they talking about barbaras paintings???

    Heinz BeckerHeinz BeckerKun oldin
  • If I had the money I'd be willing to donate to a charity of their choice to have a couple of them

    shepseth25shepseth25Kun oldin
  • Please store them properly

    llKun oldin
  • Need a Bob Ross Art Museum 🎨 🖼️

    EEKun oldin
  • Why keep them in cardboard boxes? That seems like the lazy way to do things. How about working with investors to build a museum. Revenue from it can then be spent on environmental causes. Selling merch and Tweeting while those paintings suffocate in boxes is just weird and lazy.

    BrandonBrandonKun oldin
  • There breeds to be a Bob Ross that we all can visit! Heaven forbid there is a fore or tornado at that small warehouse!

    Connie CrawfordConnie CrawfordKun oldin
  • Why not do an art gallery? Like its cool there are some in the smithsonian but I mean like one with all the paintings?

    Jinxanator66Jinxanator66Kun oldin
  • Bob Ross the inventor of ASMR 😂

    Jeniqua J.Jeniqua J.Kun oldin
  • I hate the NY Times guts, but I found this to be wholesome.

    RetiredRookie7RetiredRookie7Kun oldin
  • They should sell the paintings and put the profits to charity if they dont want to sell them for their own profit which is a really nice thing but just sitting in boxes is kinda sad.

    SamSamKun oldin
    • @Brandon that sounds good too!

      SamSam8 soat oldin
    • They can make money and maintain their desire to keep them by investing in a gallery for viewing.

      BrandonBrandonKun oldin
  • It's almost 5 AM I've seen BOB ROSS I'm happy Now I can go to sleep

    Just A Cat!?! ไอ้แมวบ้าJust A Cat!?! ไอ้แมวบ้าKun oldin
  • He did not have a perm.

    Marcial MontalvoMarcial MontalvoKun oldin
  • I remember watching him when I was a child - he made it look so easy to paint "happy mountains"! Jesus Christ is Coming Back! I’m not asking you to get religious - 2 minutes of your time: To be Saved just confess out loud to GOD and admit that you are a sinner in need of a Saviour and confess that you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for your sins, was buried, and was raised back to Life on the third day. 1 Cor 15:1-4. GOD is listening to you and He will write your name down in His Book of Life so that you may enter Heaven.

    Greetings from AlbertaGreetings from AlbertaKun oldin
    • that moment when you can't help but try to force your religion onto people on a boss ross video

      PrimeVegaPrimeVegaKun oldin
  • Every time I just want to kick the human race to the side of the road stories like this pop up and make me feel better.

    leonious mumblescraperleonious mumblescraperKun oldin
  • can't stand people who lock away stuff (especially art)

  • but,,,the new york times did NOT find them....

    trumps trigger fingertrumps trigger fingerKun oldin
  • Let's put a happy little tree here next to this volcano, and..

    Nelg StuartNelg StuartKun oldin

    SSKun oldin
  • They were biscuit tin paintings. If he had any sense he burned them.

    ChewliganChewliganKun oldin
  • schlock

    Steven `WilgusSteven `WilgusKun oldin
  • I live only a few miles from where Bob Ross had a studio and lived. Yes..I live in Florida..LOL I have seen numerous paintings of his many times (in one of his painting studios) and I will cherish those memories forever.

    Duane KennardDuane KennardKun oldin
  • Bob Ross is going in the Smithsonian. Great. The thought of Bob Ross dying makes me cry even though he's been passed.

    PhilstirPhilstirKun oldin
  • Bob Ross is giving out the knowledge not paintings . Look carefully as he works on his paintings and practice .

    Ibrahim HusseinIbrahim HusseinKun oldin
  • They're on the walls at your local Holiday Inn.

    Bob FellerBob Feller2 kun oldin
  • Legend of the Fall

    Julio BonillaJulio Bonilla2 kun oldin
  • I hate you NYT's but I loved this

    Gary gGary g2 kun oldin
  • 4:09 I imagine the entire class was mesmerized lol

    Bill BogunieckiBill Boguniecki2 kun oldin
  • Even i recognized him...and i'm from a place that most people didn't know...

    erick mikeerick mike2 kun oldin
  • he just gave untalented people a reason and technique to draw the most uncreative painting of all time. but why? is art about creation and joy? what is the point to painting 3000 painting almost with same technique and the same colors and somethings that from a distance it's supposed to look like a natural view? artistic gallery? kidding? he is intelligent enough to never does that, i give him a point for knowing his place and didn't do something to just ruin his self-steam.

    Black RiderBlack Rider2 kun oldin
  • "Bob wanted no sign of people".Go into the comment section of most youtube videos and that makes perfect sense.

    sbtoolman12123sbtoolman121232 kun oldin
  • anyone else wanna work at Bob Ross Inc. now?

    M1ster ManM1ster Man2 kun oldin
  • Quadrilionaire in the future will be hunting these masterpieces.

    BoyWithCrackersBoyWithCrackers2 kun oldin
  • Notnlalom

    Bomez GomezBomez Gomez2 kun oldin
  • Their all made of pu

    Bomez GomezBomez Gomez2 kun oldin
  • ASMR

    mmaassoommaassoo2 kun oldin
  • "You tell me. Why are you here?". Shes still sharp old Annette.

    Jake CotterJake Cotter2 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: Bob Ross did not make money off his paintings or his show. We know that. But did you know he often gave them away to gas stations and stores?

    Master OogwayMaster Oogway2 kun oldin
  • I want a fire station next door plz

    pooper gluepooper glue2 kun oldin
  • Grats we now know where to steal his paintings!!

    K LK L2 kun oldin

    TomthestarhartnellTomthestarhartnell2 kun oldin
  • "the 1891 lynching of Italian Americans in New Orleans"

    Emilia MolitornoEmilia Molitorno2 kun oldin
  • Well that was easy..

    Nonya BuzznusNonya Buzznus2 kun oldin
  • The one good thing that came from Florida

    The big cheese LorkThe big cheese Lork2 kun oldin
  • I love how they literally give you the answer for the question in the title in less than five minutes

    B. DB. D2 kun oldin
  • this is irrelevant but anyone notice no-face on her dress when she opens the box lol?

    levi.levi.2 kun oldin
  • I think he is so big in the last few years because life is so depressing, and he makes us happy. AND him inspring others to paint is just so calming, healing, and wonderful.

    Nadine MeadowsNadine Meadows2 kun oldin
  • Did the Smithsonian obtain ownership of them or are they just loaned to the museum?

    C KettC Kett2 kun oldin
  • bruh bob on twitch for real

    IbruhIbruh2 kun oldin
  • I really enjoyed watching him

    Christopher SchottsChristopher Schotts2 kun oldin
  • The girl in the yellow dungarees is cute

    Anus PresleyAnus Presley2 kun oldin
  • The joy of painting is part of my night time wind down, it's pure chillout

    Anus PresleyAnus Presley2 kun oldin
  • The paintings are worth a lot of money, but they are packed in cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other. Sure.

    TrixiLovesYouTrixiLovesYou2 kun oldin
  • Legen-dary!

    leskvin80leskvin802 kun oldin
  • Art for the clueless set.

    sudhirpvsudhirpv2 kun oldin
  • Just a little tree here and a little bush, where the animals hide and be happy. Little friends here.

    Irish Technical ThinkerIrish Technical Thinker2 kun oldin
  • Imagine how many hungry mouths they could feed if his paintings were sold🤔...and a few squirrels too 🐿 🐿 🐿

    RongaRonga2 kun oldin
  • This is what UZworld was invented for.

    John DoeJohn Doe3 kun oldin
  • I grew up with Bob Ross as my baby sitter, as well as antique roadshow, and Mr. Rodgers , but Bob truly inspired me to activate my creative mojo in not just painting but in every lil or big situation that I in countered in my life. But best of all creativity is just part of it, add a pinch of politeness, honesty, and a big dollup of Love. With those ingredients mixed, and applied in life the finished product is True Happiness and Joy. And if you spread that joy, and express happiness the people around you will get a solid dose. I am a better person because of Bob Ross and his joy of painting show, Antique Roadshow with its instilling hope, and Mr. Rodgers explaining life's situations and how best to deal with them in such a way that not only helps, but builds self esteem within yourself and those around you. Thank you God for giving us such amazing individuals and thank you Bob , Mr. Rodgers, and all at PBS.

    Wesley's WatersWesley's Waters3 kun oldin
  • The world watches bob ross for Bob Ross.

    Vastav 17Vastav 173 kun oldin
  • I'm pretty sure, he's living in a place exactly like his paintings like heaven somewhere❤️RIP legend❤️

    RyenRyen3 kun oldin
  • Back ground music please

    Marvin M. MaltoMarvin M. Malto3 kun oldin
  • I discovered Bob's television programmes for the first time last year. What a wonderful artist, a great sense of humour and a kind heart.

    Richard Harvey Allsop, English ArtistRichard Harvey Allsop, English Artist3 kun oldin
  • If they sold those paintings.......boy oh boy they would rake in the loot $$

    mike dmike d3 kun oldin
  • I am 39 man I remember see him 🎨 on PBS After watching sesame Street surprise people didn't know this guy was the man back then in the '80s

    Gerald SnyderGerald Snyder3 kun oldin