What's Inside A Scrap Handler? Sennebogen 825e #HowItWorks

24-Okt, 2020
185 873 Ko‘rishlar soni

Everything you want to know about how a scrap handler works, and how to maintain a Sennebogen 825e!
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How does a Sennebogen 825e material handler work? How do you install a Bateman grapple? Everything you need to know about maintenance and what to look for if you want to buy one. #WhatsInside #Sennebogen #HowItWorks
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  • That opener was like watching Lady and The Tramp share spaghetti......if an old Christian school bus was spaghetti

    Andrew LangAndrew LangOy oldin
    • It is now

      Thomas BradshawThomas Bradshaw27 kun oldin
    • I was thinking more like lonley island - It Aint gay if its a three way.

      asandberg6asandberg628 kun oldin
    • was thinking the same thing. they were sharing a meal.

      Jesse MurrayJesse MurrayOy oldin
    • Totally agree

      Antonio Claudio MichaelAntonio Claudio MichaelOy oldin
  • Interesting that Linde HPR main pumps did not perform too well on JD 490/690. But that might just that JD didn’t know how to use them properly 😁

    WannabejoberWannabejoberKun oldin
  • Thats funny I atculy know the machine your talking about in zubicks i see it all the time when scraping

    Josh ReesJosh Rees10 kun oldin
  • It sucks and blows 😄😄😄😂😂🤣🤣🤣😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😄😄😄😳😳😳

    tsimmons1974tstsimmons1974ts11 kun oldin
  • Why can't a bus be refurbished?

    Canadian NomadCanadian Nomad18 kun oldin
    • @DGHD fair enough... I thought the frames would be solid.

      Canadian NomadCanadian Nomad15 kun oldin
    • Rust. We like to keep our kids safe. After the public school system deems then unsafe, the Christian school buys them and gets another decade out of them. When they are done with them, they aren't fit for a chicken coop....

      DGHDDGHD15 kun oldin
  • Love both your channels spent 6 years as a US coast guard mechanic. I would like to know if a ford 300 inline 6 can be put in a tractor?

    Caleb SyronCaleb Syron19 kun oldin
  • We have a customer that bought a $1.5 million Sennebogen and they love it and wanna order 3 more. 10-11 months to build

    1996RedBig1996RedBig20 kun oldin
  • First time I've seen a clam shell with a magnet inside... I like it

    joe Martinjoe Martin21 kun oldin
  • Saving the world one card board box and plastic straw at a time

    Jacob CatesJacob Cates22 kun oldin
  • The BUS kept signaling STOPl...but to no avail.

    Romeo WhiskeyRomeo Whiskey24 kun oldin
  • Do you also do Deboss garage channel by chance!?..

    Just1 DoperJust1 Doper24 kun oldin
  • I’d say Senebogen is worse than a lizard truck. Complete garbage.

    blueoval250blueoval25025 kun oldin
  • I love how Rich is always lowkey making fun of all the butthurt people saying that hes a monster for destroying junk

    DirtyGearedDirtyGeared25 kun oldin
  • That reminds me of Tasmania devils eating

    Felix JamesFelix James25 kun oldin
  • What a waste of a good bus, woulda been a great home for 100 years longer than a machine with a regenerative exhaust system.

    Daniel ArneyDaniel Arney25 kun oldin
  • What a waste of a structurally sound bus. Smh

    Marine 3043Marine 304325 kun oldin
  • Watching video like this one makes me remember when I used to work on a scrap yard smashing all tipes of cars and trucks people sell at the scrap yards.

    Francisco VegaFrancisco Vega25 kun oldin
  • Lol I know the boys from Bateman. They are animals but great dudes

    moo12111moo1211126 kun oldin
  • This is awesome :)

    Fir3AngeLFir3AngeL26 kun oldin
  • WHat a horrible job, he must hate going to work everyday.

    NeptuneNeptune26 kun oldin
  • I hope the kids got off first.

    NeptuneNeptune26 kun oldin
  • Please let me know what scrap yard the parts from the disassembled pickup truck are located; I’d like to make an inquiry on purchasing that multi-piece truck bed.

    johndeere772002johndeere77200226 kun oldin
  • Essentially a really big and metallic preying mantis

    Ryan AlbrightRyan Albright26 kun oldin
  • Desperdicio total.

    cros19cros1926 kun oldin
  • So it sucks and blows huh 😂

    John MoraJohn Mora26 kun oldin
  • Ah just like a pilfinger....still working on my Deutch.

    devin andersondevin anderson26 kun oldin
  • At least the bus was empty

    Mark McKinleyMark McKinley26 kun oldin
  • Was that the same machine delivered by captian Sergei ?

    wt nonewt none26 kun oldin
  • Oh boy I saw a Doosan. God bless them. Those machines are junk

    Mike CowanMike Cowan27 kun oldin
  • Shocked these things don't blow hydraulic lines all the time with the steel rubbing against everything.

    Mike CowanMike Cowan27 kun oldin
    • They do. Everything on them breaks constantly.

      blueoval250blueoval25025 kun oldin
  • No wonder scrap prices are so low, these assholes are buying half a million dollar machines. Then they want to give you 11 dollars for a train car full of aluminum beer cans

    CesarConHCesarConH27 kun oldin
  • Good old zubiks. Where every Londoner takes their scrap metal.

    Jeff CardJeff Card27 kun oldin
  • you can use water a DEF

    John HersheyJohn Hershey27 kun oldin
  • Poor school buss

    John HersheyJohn Hershey27 kun oldin
  • Giant Lizards having Dinner

    Flow RobFlow Rob27 kun oldin
  • I actually felt sorry for that cracking Big bus I would have well fixed that up.

    GinjaGinja27 kun oldin
  • Funny thing about tier 4 emissions. Since I am a dual ticketed heavy duty and have been working on that stuff for 10 years. If you know what needs what, and stay on top of a few issues that pop up you will have less issues than trucks with a DPF only

    Blue waffle coneBlue waffle cone27 kun oldin
    • Or you can just delete all of it and eliminate the problem.

      blueoval250blueoval25025 kun oldin
  • Hey, its WhislinDiesels harvester

    Dean FarmerDean Farmer27 kun oldin
  • Just watching them tear apart that bus was satifying

    Dean FarmerDean Farmer27 kun oldin
  • Hey I wanted to see if anyone picked up that step bar? I could really use it on my new truck.

    John DoeJohn Doe27 kun oldin
  • That bus was mint😔

    J. BarrettJ. Barrett27 kun oldin
  • They're just snacking on s bus lmao

    Jeff BJeff B27 kun oldin
  • Dang. Much rather see that bus or any viable vehicle repurposed instead 😔

    Gabriel PlaGabriel Pla27 kun oldin
    • @DGHD well dang not bad scrap worth. I can barely gather more than $20 around my city if I went scrap picking 😩

      Gabriel PlaGabriel Pla14 kun oldin
    • Send us your email. They get a bus in every 2 weeks or so that's all rotten, Ill let you know so you can buy it. I think its worth about $1000 in scrap steel.

      DGHDDGHD15 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Landon KupferLandon Kupfer28 kun oldin
  • I was waiting for the head of Praying Mantis to appear and take big bite out of the bus. Chomp chomp.

    Timothy HaysTimothy Hays28 kun oldin
  • 7:27 Is that an ashtray on the window? Wow. Gettin' 80's flashbacks.

    PublicWifiPublicWifi28 kun oldin
  • Riveting entertainment

    three wheelathree wheela28 kun oldin
  • I work 1 day in the week on a sennebogen 2007 3e engine total approximately 20.000 hours! I don’t like it it shakes makes to much noise! I never worked on a newer sennebogen, but the old ones are shit!

    America firstAmerica first28 kun oldin
  • 4x4 truck show: "today we will backhalf this chevy for a 4-link" Rich:

    abpsd73abpsd7328 kun oldin
  • That was crap.

    d fobroyd fobroy28 kun oldin
  • It doesn’t matter what equipment it’s in, the only thing that the DEF and SCR systems can be counted on to do, is fail.

    ZekeZeke28 kun oldin
  • Who knew that school buses were so robust

    Spencer S. YoungSpencer S. Young28 kun oldin
  • Soo sad I miss old day school bus 1996 was little with my mom school bus driver

    ricky Brownricky Brown28 kun oldin
  • Man that hurt watching that. that would’ve been a good bus to convert to a home

    sootyvoo100sootyvoo10028 kun oldin
  • I should go work there for a while so I would stop caring about the old junk.

    GearlooseGearloose28 kun oldin
  • Had one of those on a job it was broke down all the time!

    leeroy excavatorleeroy excavator28 kun oldin
    • Yeah they’re junk.

      blueoval250blueoval25025 kun oldin
  • I would never operate one of these machines but it’s still fascinating to listen to you describe this junkyard scrapping machine in detail.

    Jason SmithJason Smith28 kun oldin
  • of course another video on the other machine

    Steve LevesqueSteve Levesque28 kun oldin
  • Did they at least let the kids out first?

    Zach SprunkZach Sprunk28 kun oldin
  • Soooooooo Pleeeeeeasing.....

    Caffeine FreakCaffeine Freak28 kun oldin
  • I can tell you that cab lifts you high af haha

    Josh HillJosh Hill28 kun oldin
  • I've driven trucks for years that looked far worse than that Chevy he pulled apart. Assume that the engine/trans was bad but still

    Dan FDan F28 kun oldin
  • "Sennebogen High Speed Body Work Machine" "Quickly removes and sorts body panels..."

    Dan FDan F28 kun oldin
  • that thing looks like fun we could give the keys to the bus to my nephew and it would be tore up for free

    Ken ZodrowKen Zodrow28 kun oldin
  • The bus has a 7.3 idi noooooo

    Kayden_gKayden_g28 kun oldin
  • How to take box off 101 how to video

    Edward TepeEdward Tepe28 kun oldin
  • 6:48 "Steuergerät-Klemme" means control unit grip (as in bracket, kind of). And yes you totally mispronounced it lol.

    ClemensClemens28 kun oldin
  • Its rated for 173 HP. Its hard to believe its even turbocharged but it is per their spec sheet. Might share the same block with the pickups but thats about it. Thats what id expect a cummins to make naturally aspirated.

    AndrewAndrew28 kun oldin
  • poor bus

    Marcus SchneiderMarcus Schneider28 kun oldin
  • These Sennebogens are also used to load traincars with lumber here in Sweden

    SkustySkusty28 kun oldin
  • Sennebogen is a family owned company about 2 hours from where I live (Munich). They were founded after the war to build mobile cranes and cable operated excavators. I was surprised to see them in Canada, I had no idea they are known internationally.

    Erd GeschossErd Geschoss28 kun oldin
  • Like watching 2 lions eat a Zebras ASS ! 😂

    Tyler ChauvinTyler Chauvin28 kun oldin
  • That music though, defo made me think 2 aliens with long necks big heads, big hands, skinny and long arms, but super short legs/feet were in love while playing with a toy

    VladirusterlingVladirusterling28 kun oldin
  • Rip that school bus

    Dst1eDst1e28 kun oldin
  • That commentary with the truck had me rolling! Great vid! Every gearhead loves a good scrap machine.

    755Fight755Fight28 kun oldin
  • Num num num num num num num, C is for cookie , cookie for me

    Project A.D.H.DProject A.D.H.D28 kun oldin
  • Woo yeah that's what I've been waiting for baby!!! Stuff getting smashed!!! Wooooooo!!!!

    Sam CyanideSam Cyanide28 kun oldin
  • That bus, ( parted out), or sold outright, is worth 20-50 X's its weight in scrap...It's not cool to see something of value turned to scrap...There are MILLIONS of tons of metal laying about which needs processing to scrap in lieu of this...IT PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF TO SEE SOMETHING NICE DESTROYED! Fools and idiots!

  • my brothers neighbors uncle would have paid good money for parts from that truck!

    Jay DunbarJay Dunbar28 kun oldin
  • This was great! LOL

    NickNick28 kun oldin
  • Who else thinks whistlin diesel should have one of these

    Turner AllenTurner Allen28 kun oldin
  • To dodge the tear 3 and 4 we have to import Hyster to New Zealand from India

    Equestrian AlwaysEquestrian Always28 kun oldin
  • Great music choice for ripping apart bus. And saving the environment one plastic jug and cardboard box at a time

    Wyatt VosWyatt Vos29 kun oldin
  • Zubicks, been there over the years.

    Rusty NailRusty Nail29 kun oldin
  • Huh, that manifold would bring the turbo about out of the hood on my ram 🤔 might have to see if I can hunt one of those down 😂

    dirtshower250dirtshower25029 kun oldin
  • What did they do that with the motor out of that combine

    Wyatt SmithWyatt Smith29 kun oldin
  • Frame of that Chevy was pure Ontario Osmium.

    Nerd enatorNerd enator29 kun oldin
  • When he said Cummins I gave a like

    Gucci YamahaGucci Yamaha29 kun oldin
  • like watching wolves tear up a kill...

    erik simmonserik simmons29 kun oldin
  • Dang, I never realized there was such a thing as perfect school bus shredding music, but there it is.

    cdedwcdedw29 kun oldin
  • I needed that bus for a tiny home lol. Unless it was a DT466E then it’s not a huge thing. I’m 17 & finding a good bus w a 7.3 idi or a dr466m is pretty hard to find. People around here want a lot of $ for em even tho it’s truly only worth abt 3k.

    Michael BenoitMichael Benoit29 kun oldin
    • @Michael Benoit The T444E has a problem with the heads, the casting is thin around the exhaust manifold ports, and rots out in rust belt vehicles, leading to exhaust leaks and turbo drive pressure loss.

      abpsd73abpsd7327 kun oldin
    • @abpsd73, I sure hope it's not, but then again oh well, there's plenty more where that came from. sometimes I wish I was up near V&R but then again my 93 idi wouldn't survive up there w the salt. that buss could've easily sold for abt 1-2k of it was running tho. there's a reason it's at the scrapper.

      Michael BenoitMichael Benoit27 kun oldin
    • It was hard to tell at the distance, but I think it was a T444E/7.3 PSD in the bus.

      abpsd73abpsd7328 kun oldin
  • Could do some more videos on these

    robbie dayrobbie day29 kun oldin
  • Best opening to a video ever!!👌🏻

    Peanut ButterPeanut Butter29 kun oldin
  • Loved it! Keep them coming

    FleetsuperFleetsuper29 kun oldin
  • Damn, I’d bought that bus

    Duey JonesDuey Jones29 kun oldin
  • So disappointed, you didn’t show off that fancy ashtray / pen holder on the window

    Doug ReevesDoug Reeves29 kun oldin
  • Not going to lie, I'm jealous of the people who get to operate these machines.

    TechguyTechguy29 kun oldin
  • thats other machine after two years? yeah sure i like that.

    Tjibbe WiginkTjibbe Wigink29 kun oldin
  • like two rabid dogs ripping apart a chicken

    1973GLH1973GLH29 kun oldin
  • That bus was mint, how odd

    aterack833aterack83329 kun oldin