What if Order 66 Failed? (Animated) - Star Wars Theory Fan Fiction

26-Sen, 2020
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What if Order 66 Failed? During Order 66, Anakin and Palpatine changed the fate of the Star Wars Universe with their surprise attack on the Jedi. The Clone Troopers turned on their Jedi Generals and wiped them out like Vader wiped out the Separatists on Mustafar.
But...what if Order 66 actually failed? What if Yoda teamed up with other Jedi to fight Palpatine? What if Obi-Wan and Plo Koon went to fight Anakin Skywalker?
The galaxy might have turned in the favor of the Jedi...what do you think?
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Thank you to @Benny Productions for animating all of this old fan-fic and @Samuel Kim Music for the awesome music in some parts of this video.
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  • okay but that would be strange

    GunnlogiGunnlogi45 daqiqa oldin
  • This is what kills me. Why wouldnt there be jedi secret counsels. Why wasnt there jedi with Go bags ready for hidding and secret lives. See if windu lived, he would have had such a gobag with a spare saber and money to get off the planet and even a ship with fuel to get to an unseen base

    Brian St. JamesBrian St. James51 daqiqa oldin
  • Is there a video without the narration? no offense :)

    DreAdedHarrtDreAdedHarrtSoat oldin
  • star wars: let’s make them clones! 3D modellers: nice

    Zoey DuckyZoey DuckySoat oldin
  • Love this!

    PianoDayzPianoDayz2 soat oldin
  • So question, assuming we all saw Rise of the Skywalker... wouldn't the dark side end up just flowing into Yoda or whatever it was they were talking about at the end there and why Rei couldn't just outright cut the Emperor open?

    thoddiverthoddiver3 soat oldin
  • Кстати, кто не знал. Гога лалка

    Арсений ПилипенкоАрсений Пилипенко3 soat oldin
  • Привет Гош!

    Арсений ПилипенкоАрсений Пилипенко3 soat oldin
  • More like Jar Jar Finks, amiright?

    Geoppetto HosseltoffGeoppetto Hosseltoff3 soat oldin
  • 5:05 isn’t plo Koon more skilled than any Jedi including obi was in sword combat

    BTS is lifeBTS is life3 soat oldin
  • JarJar...

    NevercarryinWarthunder YeahNevercarryinWarthunder Yeah4 soat oldin
  • Please

    Gamer BrosGamer Bros4 soat oldin
  • Part 2

    Gamer BrosGamer Bros4 soat oldin
  • I knew this took awhile, appreciate this

    The Joel ParkerThe Joel Parker5 soat oldin
  • The only good thing is Mustafar Colony Survived.

    BirisiBirisi5 soat oldin

    Matthew BramleeMatthew Bramlee6 soat oldin
  • Jar jar wtf lol

    Fire WildFire Wild7 soat oldin
  • this is actually a really good format. A what if series of star wars in this animation

    RaidencodyRaidencody8 soat oldin
  • Hell yeah, we'd like to see Darth Jar Jar!

    Chris Cannon the 2ndChris Cannon the 2nd8 soat oldin
  • that gave me chills

    mightySheevmightySheev9 soat oldin
  • do part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pranav MarreyPranav Marrey11 soat oldin
  • This story would have actually been a amazing story to see in video form

    GoodbyeMy AngelGoodbyeMy Angel12 soat oldin
  • wow I was not expecting that 7:40

    miguel rogenmosermiguel rogenmoser12 soat oldin
  • I think anakin skywalker instead of send to prison would've been executed

    Dum DumDum Dum12 soat oldin
  • Great animation brother keep up the quality. Disney needs to take notes.

    Michael GalidaMichael Galida14 soat oldin
  • Yes Please!!! Do a Part 2. That was amazing.

    Luke CrossonLuke Crosson14 soat oldin
  • I think that Order 66 in the films would have been better if we were showed explicitly how positively influential the Jedi were on the people, and if we were shown how explicitly brutal the actual Order was (in the films, we just see some clones like ‘yes sir haha gun go brr’).

    BuffaloBoomBuffaloBoom15 soat oldin
  • If order 66 had failed with Palpatine out in the open at last, then the Jedi would go berserk. They would retract on their old war like species and used their ninja skills to infiltrate and flush out Palapatine from whatever hole he would be hiding and cut him down in so many pieces they would have to invent a new science to figure out all them. Palpatine although powerful he did not stand a chance against a united front of Jedi (which is why they lost the previous war, along with the fact that Sith are engaged in civil wars). That is why he needed the clones for his empire to work. Otherwise, he might as well abandon everything.

    Michail SofronidisMichail Sofronidis16 soat oldin
  • Darth jar jar will be the most powerful enemy the galaxy has ever seen! Wonder when we are getting his origin story

    The emperor ProtectsThe emperor Protects16 soat oldin
  • Darth Jar Jar is not a joke!

    DoktorSmilesDoktorSmiles16 soat oldin
  • What if Anakin listened to Mace Windu? Windu would of defeated Palpatine had Anakin not appear.

    Scruff D0gScruff D0g17 soat oldin
  • Plz do a part 2

    Luca FinnLuca Finn19 soat oldin
  • Darth Maul could break Anakin out of jail, considering he's still alive as well as Rex and Ashoka

    Cirno MemesCirno Memes20 soat oldin
  • I wish Anakin was the one who killed Palpatine not Yoda

    Squezz SiegeSquezz Siege21 soat oldin
  • Darth Jar Jar😱

    Te Eazy1Te Eazy121 soat oldin
  • Awesome like jar jar

    Paul TurcottePaul Turcotte23 soat oldin
  • Not jar jar

    Zach WamboltZach Wambolt23 soat oldin
  • Was Jar Jar actually supposed to be trained as a Sith? All the stuff from Phantom Menace makes sense but was the second movie really going to be about Jar Jar?

    XeanozXeanozKun oldin
  • Until the yuuzang vaughn attached.

    Rabbid FanaticRabbid FanaticKun oldin
  • NGL if I saw some Kit Fisto content on your Teespring store I'd get it so fast...

    Josiah ShogerJosiah ShogerKun oldin
  • Great story man don't downplay yourself peace love and happiness

  • Yes add jar jar in part 2

  • Do a part 2 please...

    Jeesaw ParkerJeesaw ParkerKun oldin
  • Ik I'm late but please get ankin out and more powerful

  • This is so much more realistic than what happened... Damn, this might be my favorite Star Wars fiction on the Interweb.

    YourRoyalWeebnessYourRoyalWeebnessKun oldin
  • This would be really cool except a skin being captured. Would make a cool movie as a What If? Movie. Fighting anakin several times before defeating him while he recruits people. Would be so cool.

    Ace YouTube stuffAce YouTube stuffKun oldin
  • If Order 66 failed initially, it doesn't absolve the fact the Jedi still attempted a coup, and in your scenario, later succeeded. I doubt Loyalist Senate and surviving GAR command would be let the matter go. Would the Jedi go willingly to the gallows when so ordered by the senate, or would they have to be hunted down as they traitors they were? Remember, Order 66 was a legal contingency for a Jedi coup and Mace Windu's actions made the Order legal when it was given. The Republic isn't a democracy, it's a Republic, rule by the law, and the law states the Jedi have to go, their own actions have seen to it.

    ValkaValkaKun oldin
  • Order 66 shouldn’t have ever worked

    D JD JKun oldin
  • they should make a new star wars series but in an alternate universe were order 66 does fail

    Alexander SarkisAlexander SarkisKun oldin
  • Plz theory have jar jar free anakin

    RedSunGamerRedSunGamerKun oldin
  • Amazing piece. From the story to the style, it was all top notch.

    HandsomeHandsomeKun oldin
  • Definately do part 2. Leave out darth jarjar. Lol

    sith_ slayer91sith_ slayer91Kun oldin
  • It would have been the best

    7yes77yes7Kun oldin
  • I dig it I think stuff like this is impressive. Have you seen paradise makers? This is almost as good sorta

    William OvertonWilliam OvertonKun oldin
  • Please do a part 2 with jar jar keep up this work

    Amir SalehAmir SalehKun oldin
  • Part 2: Anakin vs Asoka

    Matthew AllmanMatthew AllmanKun oldin
  • One potential continuity flub: wasn’t K. Mundi killed when Mace Windu confronted Sidious the first time?

    Matthew AllmanMatthew AllmanKun oldin
  • this was sooooo enjoyable to watch man. animation really elevates your narration.

    Mert GülerMert GülerKun oldin
  • here's a What if, How about Mace Windu goes to Kashik and Yoda is the one Anakin goes to when he discovers Palpatine was Sidious. Instead of telling him to stay behind, Yoda takes Anakin along with him to arrest Palpatine. The fight plays out much the same with Palpatine managing to kill off all but Yoda and Anakin, when Yoda has him dead to rights, Anakin says he must stand trial, it is not the Jedi way to murder him when they claim to be the guardians of peace and Justice. Yoda thinks on this and realizes Anakin is right, the war has lead the Jedi astray from what they used to be, keepers of the peace, not soldiers. So he agrees to take Palpatine alive and Anakin's faith in the Jedi is partially restored. As Palpatine is restrained and taken away, Yoda finally gets to the heart of what has troubled Anakin, learning the truth of him and Padme, but instead of outrage, he shows understanding, seeing much of Qui Gon's unconventional thinking in him. He allows Anakin to be at Padme's side when their children are born, seeing that the visions he had did not come to pass and Yoda is there to tell him Palpatine was the one who put them in his mind, the reason why the Jedi do not love or fear loss is not to be cold and uncaring, but to protect anyone their enemies would use against them. Anakin feels that he should step down as a Jedi, if not for his nearly giving Palpatine what he wanted and dooming them all, but to at least be there for his family, something he never truly had. Yoda Understands his reasoning but tells him that it was him who stayed true to the Jedi way more than anyone, and for that reason they need him, someone who can provide a different point of view. He offers Anakin a place on the Jedi Council, for real this time and not some ploy by Palpatine. Anakin accepts. Only, he doesn't know Yoda's real reason for this, by having Anakin on the council he and the others will be able to watch him closely, making sure this bold change to things does not end with Anakin turning to the dark side, and if he should, they would be in a position to take him down. All the while, Palpatine sits in prison, biding his time, waiting for his next chance to rise again.

    TonesTheGeekTonesTheGeekKun oldin
  • Disney asked for your location

    digvijay pawardigvijay pawarKun oldin
  • Yes darth jar jar

    Flagon DragonFlagon DragonKun oldin
  • * Order 66 failed * Palpatine: *Chill it's just a prank bro*

    Spider Dan 21Spider Dan 21Kun oldin
  • I want a true cannon reason to why they broke away from clones...I mean my only thought is because they would be considered alien from the actual people of the empire. But that seems like not a big deal to ol palpy

    Jack AshmoreJack AshmoreKun oldin
  • Jar Jar: Meesa big bombad sith lord!

    justFrankjustFrankKun oldin
  • I wonder who would the army of the Grand Republic would be if not the clones. Would they be normal clones but no inhibitor chip or just no clones at all?

    Mister LanceMister LanceKun oldin
  • How about a what if "Windu didn't directly went after Palpatine, but rather waited for more masters to return, especially yoda and Obi-Wan" video? I always found it pretty weird that mace went so head over heels against Palpatine, when him being a stih lord under their noses clearly shows how powerfull he must be. He doesn't even warn Yoda and other jedi masters of his plan/the reveal that palp is the sith lord? Just imagine if jedi all over were more prepared/on alert and/or if more masters were present during the arrest. I'd say a general recall of all jedi wouldn't be a weird move either, though maybe in their minds maybe and overreaction. Ofcourse they'll dress it up and give some fake reason. Maybe even evacuation plans for the temple would be enacted/prepared before the challenge. Another option was that they informed the senate first (or a representation of the senate) about what was going on. The entire "take down" of palpatine always felt rushed, too rushed, but necessary because any slower methodical approach would most likely end in Palps defeat or at least a partial fail of his plan and seeing the original trilogy, this obviously couldn't happen.

    Archangel17Archangel17Kun oldin
  • that jar jar part was good it gave me goosebumps

    Jaheim GalinganJaheim GalinganKun oldin
  • This is pretty good

    Micah HoltMicah HoltKun oldin
  • Imagine this plot continues, Luke & Leia becomes rivals. Then one of them follows their father's path.

    Sui Ngun BikSui Ngun BikKun oldin
  • this is fantastically logical. i love it

    DynaCentralDynaCentralKun oldin
  • Oh i would LOVE a part 2 with Jar Jar. That would be cool

    Jonsey2606Jonsey2606Kun oldin
  • My only question is what about the droids? They weren't deactivated right away meaning a jedi like ki adi Mundi wouldn't be able to just get through his entire force and the droids as he was in the middle of the battlefield when the order was given.

    Morose ReaperMorose ReaperKun oldin
  • So all The Crohn’s are Dead that sounds like something which some people in the Star Wars universe will see as a extermination and there will be Protests against the Jedi

    Aonghas ReidAonghas ReidKun oldin
  • He is no match for 3 masters and a grand master Sideos: Kills 2 of them at the start of the fight

    Nxos NinjaNxos NinjaKun oldin
  • Nice! Part 2 would be great!

    Sam FarabeeSam FarabeeKun oldin
  • Lmao loved the very ending. It was actually a really good logical story!

    Enaemaehkiw SanapawEnaemaehkiw SanapawKun oldin
  • The Most evil thing to happen to Star Wars. SITH LORD JAR JAR

    unglemungleunglemungleKun oldin
  • 1:12 Anakin looks like Jawa

    Nem.bNem.bKun oldin

    Краси КирчевКраси КирчевKun oldin
  • make a part 2!!!!!

    sahejdeep singhsahejdeep singhKun oldin
  • Don't know there have been bits of the movie shown and explained that Jar Jar had done things that maybe only a Force Trained somebody could do and that he was actually another Sith Lord or Apprentice.

    Victor MonarqueVictor MonarqueKun oldin
  • Yoda's strike team go to arrest Cancellor: Yoda, Mundi, Koon and Kenobi could they stop Sidious?

    Спартак АлиевСпартак АлиевKun oldin
  • Yaddle, Puff, Tywokka, Piell vs Sidious who would be winner?

    Спартак АлиевСпартак АлиевKun oldin
  • Yaddle, Puff, Tywokka, Piell vs Sidious who would be winner?

    Спартак АлиевСпартак АлиевKun oldin
  • Yaddle, Puff, Tywokka, Piell vs Sidious who would be winner?

    Спартак АлиевСпартак АлиевKun oldin
  • I wish plo survived

    EvighetEvighetKun oldin
    • He was wise and badass

      EvighetEvighetKun oldin
  • Another banger

    Daniel BarhydtDaniel BarhydtKun oldin
  • With this ending, it makes you wonder two things: 1. Rey would still exist. 2. There will be an episode 10 in the future, because episode 9 wasn't a strong enough ending to bring back the Jedi.

  • I love this although I do personally think it would have gone differently but thats just an opinion.

    CrazyPlantEmuCrazyPlantEmuKun oldin
  • Jar jar power be like: 100000000000p0p,ppppp,0,,0,0,0,0,0,0,,0,0,0,0,00,0,,0,,0.910110100292010229.02029229.2020220 point ehh

    DrCraneBP ProductionsDrCraneBP ProductionsKun oldin
  • misa like plot twists

    soucysoupssoucysoupsKun oldin
  • The jedi do not beleive in killing their prisoners... no one deserves execution. No matter what their crimes

    Alex CrockettAlex CrockettKun oldin
  • I feel like it would end better if anikan was turned back to the light side

    Noah OswaldNoah OswaldKun oldin
  • If youre gonna have him escape i think you should show him meditating and bending the force to find abilities within the dark side in his for years like 10 to 20 maybe have him sense a force sensitive with dark side tendencies and place thoughts and dreams like palpatine did to him but from his cell and have the force sensitive go to vaders cell killing the guards with ease as their off guard to the free anakin and give him a lightsaber then have them kill everyone in the prison and start taking down outposts almost like maul and savage but alot worse for the jedi at first until they realise whos attacking them then have a few jedi masters coming out of hyperspace as anakins in his ship and kill them in space then have the jedi send their best yoda, luke, leia, obi wan and plo koon and basically have them kill vaders apprentice and vader holding his own slightly and holding off using force abilities then have basically luke and leia turn him back like luke actually done and keep him free and basically searching the universe for holocrons getting stronger then taking them to the jedi also as a way for him to see luke and Leia from time to time and basically becoming a grey jedi

    SKMSKM2 kun oldin
  • I like this

    JubiJubi2 kun oldin
  • Order 66 fails: Palpatine: Oh no I really wanted the jedi to be destroyed

    Kabir RaghavanKabir Raghavan2 kun oldin
  • "Until Anakin would be freed from jail by the hands of Jar Jar"

    Kabir RaghavanKabir Raghavan2 kun oldin
  • There are some theories that jar jar is a sith lord

    Nodda NuubNodda Nuub2 kun oldin
  • 4:19 she should've been stabbed in her stomach instead

    S _S _2 kun oldin
  • The Auto Caption censored Plo Koon's name.

    jayive34jayive342 kun oldin