What Happens on The Battle Bus, Stays on The Battle Bus (Fortnite Animations)

9-Yan, 2021
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What Happens on The Battle Bus, Stays on The Battle Bus (Fortnite Animations)
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  • That gold thing is from anime brag on ball z ntw

    buddy kilburnbuddy kilburnKun oldin
  • No stupid😤

    Redbonez BestRedbonez BestKun oldin
  • Mind glowed🌋

    Redbonez BestRedbonez BestKun oldin
  • When he said "why is kit always getting kidnapped" i said "kitnapped" ;-; (also if anyone has the tnta skin and the midas skin doesnt matter actually but realize how tnta has gold straps on her sleeves and whatever midas touches turns gold and also skye has a gold style and as i just said whatever midas touches turns gold' my hands hurt from righting so im gonna stop now bye 🍂

    random.-.cloudyrandom.-.cloudyKun oldin
    • also

      Grant SnyderGrant SnyderKun oldin
  • Garry more than sarry

    Mohammad UboodahMohammad Uboodah2 kun oldin
  • Baby Yoda and baby kit

    Leon kadicLeon kadic2 kun oldin
  • This is so cringe

    JooshieJooshie3 kun oldin
  • 8:00

    cottage Junior call me Juniorcottage Junior call me Junior3 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Eli SacksEli Sacks3 kun oldin

    Junab van I honoured iyjtyhoyoy kh8totiuyuuu 7TonyJunab van I honoured iyjtyhoyoy kh8totiuyuuu 7Tony4 kun oldin
  • Baby Yoda is 50 years old in his year so he is old OK does that solve the question

  • So cute

    DaBabyDaBaby6 kun oldin
  • ❤️🤍💛💛💙💜💖💘❣️💕💞💓💗🤎💚🖤

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  • ❤️💜🧡🖤💛🤍💚🤎💙💔

    hamdan20172017 Doserihamdan20172017 Doseri7 kun oldin
  • I was master chief for Halloween

    LegendaryMars LLegendaryMars L7 kun oldin
  • He fly xd

    GamingWithFireBeastGamingWithFireBeast7 kun oldin
  • The dog o-O

    GamingWithFireBeastGamingWithFireBeast7 kun oldin
  • Baby yoda looks like a old man to look like the other yoda with the jedis

    Brady. CrafterBrady. Crafter7 kun oldin
  • Yeet

    gamerfun higamerfun hi8 kun oldin
  • It’s not on the battle bus

    Wilf CurranWilf Curran8 kun oldin
  • 🙋‍♀️

    Abubakar Gaya RahamaAbubakar Gaya Rahama8 kun oldin
  • 🙋‍♀️

    Abubakar Gaya RahamaAbubakar Gaya Rahama8 kun oldin
  • The reason baby yoda looks so old is because he is 50 and in the films normal yoda is 900 years old

    Kk GamerKk Gamer8 kun oldin
  • 2:40 Midas brings a gift Garry laugh

    Rako Rawezh Muhammad KGSRako Rawezh Muhammad KGS8 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe Jules did that

    Rako Rawezh Muhammad KGSRako Rawezh Muhammad KGS8 kun oldin
  • H KD kg it I’m my Mr. DM me DM KC all kiss sh cap a so LD

    Sherod CoxSherod Cox9 kun oldin
  • Awwwwwwwwq

    Felicha GolidayFelicha Goliday9 kun oldin
  • SUPER Kit

    Gary BoydGary Boyd9 kun oldin
  • Grogo

    Savannah HunterSavannah Hunter9 kun oldin
  • The tender tense protest neuroanatomically scream because front unknowingly bake by a lackadaisical growth. kindly, sore appliance

    Hoang My LoanHoang My Loan9 kun oldin
  • Harry dosnt even now that kit supersaned

    P JP J9 kun oldin
  • Omg meowsles and jule are a good couple🥰

    Sharon KenyonSharon Kenyon9 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Dionte GriffinDionte Griffin9 kun oldin
  • Garry midis is probably weak because he has gold on his hands

    Angela VillanuevaAngela Villanueva9 kun oldin
  • These are just too wholesome for my mind and heart to handle

    Scrubby SpongeScrubby Sponge9 kun oldin
  • Goku smacks the heck out Midas

    El King kingEl King king10 kun oldin
  • ayooo

    ssttephaassttephaa10 kun oldin
  • I love your videos I love your fortnight

    Zelq McZelq Mc10 kun oldin
  • it is not baby yoda it is grogo

  • kartos bus

    Lockdown RadioLockdown Radio10 kun oldin
  • Bru in every vid pictuure in these type of vids its a guy looking at a girls bum

    Joesam290 robloxJoesam290 roblox10 kun oldin
  • So boring everybody just go to sleep😴

    deniro allendeniro allen10 kun oldin
  • Big time to get a hold of me when I have to work tomorrow morning to see if you want me to pick him up or something for you and I could meet you at 2

    deniro allendeniro allen10 kun oldin
  • HiStupid

    deniro allendeniro allen10 kun oldin
  • A

    deniro allendeniro allen10 kun oldin
  • 9:57 SLAM DUNK

    impostor 4impostor 410 kun oldin
  • Brutus is your dad

    Cj HarveyCj Harvey10 kun oldin
  • true i dont dogs sorry

    Cornel alexandru AilincaiCornel alexandru Ailincai10 kun oldin
  • Nice guff

    Brandon Florez TapiaBrandon Florez Tapia10 kun oldin
  • 1m

    Team_darkshotTeam_darkshot10 kun oldin
  • wen mides tocht jils shee did not tirn gold

    CilmonenCilmonen11 kun oldin

    Alex MiszkaAlex Miszka11 kun oldin
  • You picked the wrong fight Midas :Meowscles throws snowball, It was in that midas knew he @#!$ up

    THETOPDAWG GamingTHETOPDAWG Gaming11 kun oldin
  • When they first opened I thought it was a peanut butter jar

    William HarbisonWilliam Harbison11 kun oldin
  • I saw the rap you did about kallmrkris

    Eri ChanEri Chan11 kun oldin
  • Yoda

    Kris PlayszKris Playsz11 kun oldin
  • It looks like baby today has a mustache LOL

    Kris PlayszKris Playsz11 kun oldin
  • Bunker jonsey has the most random stuff in his beard

    samantha curl-blalocksamantha curl-blalock11 kun oldin
  • Garry: Who’s we? The rest of us: THE REST OF THE PEOPLE ON THE BATTLE BUS!

    Avery SquicciarinoAvery Squicciarino11 kun oldin
  • Sit up

    Shanaya DiazShanaya Diaz11 kun oldin
  • Meowsles:yuni yuni yuni

    Chelsey WChelsey W11 kun oldin
  • Kitty so cute

    Karen RodriguezKaren Rodriguez11 kun oldin
  • When kit was letting bullied by the dog meow sled is a savage that he kicked the dog out of his miserie

    Master3p0Master3p012 kun oldin
    • .ukukh zx f f ess

      Enkhmagnai ByambasurenEnkhmagnai Byambasuren10 kun oldin
  • At 9:26 galatics is such a one hit 😂😂😂

    NRGNETONRGNETO12 kun oldin
  • 2:46 When you take a photo for school

    Goopi üGoopi ü12 kun oldin
    • Fr

      Jabron FNJabron FN11 kun oldin
  • Mando drive the battle bus???

    Edgardo VazquezEdgardo Vazquez12 kun oldin
  • cool

    Daniel MendozaDaniel Mendoza12 kun oldin
  • Where are there that means I like it better

    Corey PhillipsCorey Phillips12 kun oldin
  • In the first clip anyone noticed the skull trooper and the other skin doing some weird stuff?

    FaZe gust GamerFaZe gust Gamer12 kun oldin
    • The youl trooper and the twinkle toes skin? If that what you meant then yeah i saw that.

      random.-.cloudyrandom.-.cloudyKun oldin
  • 𝕂𝕚𝕥 𝕘𝕠𝕜𝕠

    Roplay MasterRoplay Master12 kun oldin
  • I'm a fin

    Ayden ThomasAyden Thomas12 kun oldin
  • no

    shad dahbalishad dahbali12 kun oldin
  • Thank you for theme in this movie I love you so much I mean it’s so far what happens on the battle bus stays on the battle bus is a Christmas cheer and eight I love you movie and thanks for putting it on I’m gonna like you

    Spirit WilkersonSpirit Wilkerson12 kun oldin
  • I love you I love what happened on the city bus stays on the city bus I love it so much kisses

    Spirit WilkersonSpirit Wilkerson12 kun oldin
  • !😪

    Sjsid JayisSjsid Jayis12 kun oldin
  • Pooooooooo9oooooooooooooooooooooop

    Cathy OlsonCathy Olson13 kun oldin
  • Baby yoda is 50 year old

    Hacker JeffHacker Jeff13 kun oldin
  • ayooo

    AllanMasterLordAllanMasterLord13 kun oldin
  • hi garry my brother is a fan me to

    Moore ElijahMoore Elijah13 kun oldin
  • I feel sad for minus Because of meow souls

    Cathrina BujenCathrina Bujen13 kun oldin
  • Wait how did Midas touch Jules without turning her to gold

    Adam YousefAdam Yousef13 kun oldin
  • I ok

    Sebastian Timothy Maglipon SarmientoSebastian Timothy Maglipon Sarmiento13 kun oldin
  • 3:37 Garrett the Rapper ( Baby Yoda why you mad why you sad )

    JailzJailz13 kun oldin
  • Garrett the Rapper ( Baby Yoda why you mad why you sad )

    JailzJailz13 kun oldin
  • Baby yoda is 15 years old

    Jordan BongcaronJordan Bongcaron13 kun oldin
  • I like the defolt

    Zayn FaulknerZayn Faulkner13 kun oldin
  • I just Love mandolorian do much

    Robert KisielewskiRobert Kisielewski13 kun oldin
  • 7:10 the gun was jammed so she got a new one

    JMan KJMan K14 kun oldin
  • Anyone want to join the kitty army

    GamerBeast2GamerBeast214 kun oldin
  • hi is a supet sayan

    Nicholas PeelNicholas Peel14 kun oldin
  • This brings a tear to the eye 🥲☺️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

    Mr Tac Wac :PMr Tac Wac :P14 kun oldin
  • baby yoda looks old because hes 50 years old

    Ghost KitGhost Kit14 kun oldin
  • bruh

    joh1984joh198414 kun oldin
  • I like the part when kit goes super sayian god

    blackknight123 Murilloblackknight123 Murillo14 kun oldin

    Keith OsborneKeith Osborne14 kun oldin
  • 😨

    Josiah HernandezJosiah Hernandez14 kun oldin
  • Kit and yoda is so cute and yoda saves the day

    Daniel Lukas AquisapDaniel Lukas Aquisap14 kun oldin
  • Wait in the first animation, how did the snowball not turn into gold?

    Yuan CosicoYuan Cosico14 kun oldin
  • Love your Fortnite videos

    Gerard KieltyGerard Kielty14 kun oldin
  • I felt sorry for Midas

    Mikhail FolkesMikhail Folkes14 kun oldin