What Happens if ALL 3 Bosses Meet in Fortnite! | Boss Iron Man Meets Boss Wolverine & Boss Dr Doom!

28-Sen, 2020
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What Happens if ALL 3 Bosses Meet in Fortnite! | Iron Man Meets Boss Wolverine & Boss Doctor Doom! All Bosses fight /All bosses battle each other, In todays video we find out What Happens if Boss Iron Man Meets Boss Wolverine & Boss Doctor Doom in Fortnite, this time we look into what happens when two new bosses from Season 4 meet for the first time ever in Fortnite.
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  • This is it the ULTIMATE SHOW DOWN! Who’s using Code Postboxpat to support me in the item shops?! NOTE THIS IS NOT FAKE. 1. Wolverine is currently not out yet as of recording this! 2. It ain’t Mystique as she would change back to mystique when iron man attacks 3. I don’t have the skill to edit the sound effects and the “!” And “?” Over there heads tracking them at that speed. 4. If you go into battle labs you can set all names on which allows you to find the bosses faster. 5. Listen closer you can hear the boss sound effects. 6. The names are also slightly different text and have the bot dot over there heads! (White dot and can only been seen when close to them). 7. What the actual change of having the epic name “iron man” or “wolverine”???!!! 8. In replay the mythic weapons drop glitch out sadly. Which was annoying. 9. Look at the top right 3 players only in the game! Further Proof It ain't FAKE! ---> uzworld.info/player/video/oYa2arqGXcXZc54

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    • wow thats a long list so long i skipped to tge end

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    • Because the boss doesnt have thw name pntop of them idiot

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  • Bro tose se your partners they have their name ontop

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  • Please we need to see every single boss fight

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  • I want to see midas meeting Dr doom

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  • Wolverine is just his friend in disguise u can see the name tag

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  • Fake

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  • 7:42 is the battle

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  • They did this roung i tested what i thought docter doom does not attack outside his domain

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  • How about you re do it, But instead of bringing Them to iron man, Then you bring Them tho docter doom.

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  • This is fake wolverine had name

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  • I saw iron man one time when I was coming from steamy I guess people thought he was already dead but I got his powers and died.

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  • F si hablas español

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  • Lol y’all know the bosses are there friends dressed as there skins lmao xD

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  • We need a timeline where doom doesn't go ded

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  • this is fake it is gust his friends tearing their skin in to them and the fitting each utter

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    • Dude you are so dumb look at your spelling also it’s not fake there is a setting in battle lab where you can see name tags and you can see bosses name tags so shut up

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  • This was a waste of my time.

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  • People who think this is fake are people who do not know how battle labs work

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    • Lol definitely dood

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  • Is this real??

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  • This is fake why post stole the video from playstationgrande

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  • 7:00 it begins

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  • Wow

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  • now we need to get doctor doom to mr iron boi and let them fight

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  • Nice video

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  • Pensé que estaba en español por el título me siento estafado :(

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  • This is so Cap because Doom and iron man drop 1 mythic each... Smh

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  • All of that work and Wolvey ends it too fast. I saw a long fight with Wolverine take on a Gorger.

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  • How did you get name plates to show up over the NPC bosses?

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  • It’s fake

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  • It’s battle lab

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  • Why was it battle lab

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  • Notice how wolverine is his teamate

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    • Notice how you have not played battle labs

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  • Myth: can wolvarine go in to a rift

  • im confused why theres a name above all the bosses cause the dont show that in the game which makes me think he faked it

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  • Its fake doom had a nametag

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  • Its fake

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  • Stop milking the what if Iron man meets boss wolverine and dr doom.

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  • Recommendation: Use the Stark Industries car because it has infinite fuel

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    • @Deadlight it doesn’t matter because it’s still faster than Wolverine

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    • did you watch the whole video? Stark industries car isn’t good off road

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  • How do I kill wolverine bc I always die to him

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  • When someone spends hours to do something that's seemingly impossible and the audience doesn't believe you: 😔😢😭

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    • @Tbent 19 if they were playing with the wolverine skin then the ? mark and the ! mark would not appear on them

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    • no one believes him bc we all can tell that someone is playing wolverine and doom

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  • You chose the dumbest route but it was a great video keep it up

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  • Got wolverine on 2 nd day bak from 4 month ban

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  • Really good, but idk if this is accurate bc doom did absolutely nothing and iron man didn't even fight wolverine, but really good!

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  • Fake video

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  • You kind of sound like mumbo jumbo

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  • wolverine is big brain like super big brain

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  • This is fake

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    • Theirs a setting to show nametags

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  • They will remain on the email and it is going to be Iron Man and here in Nori

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  • Do use your fan on so we do you washing everything you read on her and I need to watch before family band and that you want to doDo you wolverine does that

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  • Wow that’s so

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  • No pongas el título en español

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  • its fake wolverine walk normaly when hes not attacking

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  • If it’s supposed to be “real” how come the “bosses” have a team mate name tag over them?

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    • Theirs a setting to do that

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  • Bro those are you're teams

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    • No theirs a setting to do name tags

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  • Wolverine is on ur team! ? F A K E R T H A N T R U M P S H A I R

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  • Faakee it’s not doom is not real it’s his friend

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    • No it's not theirs a setting to show nametags

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  • I think it’s fake because you can see the username and Wolverine is faster the. That

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  • It’s fake they have The boss is having name tags it is fake

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  • And you can see the nametags🗣

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  • But it is ln Battle lab

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  • The bosses dont have long ass names

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  • Fake

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  • Doom had a gamer tag 😑 so how is this real

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  • yes

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  • Fake there people

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