What Happened to EVERY Heisman Winner Since 2000: Tebow, RGIII, Bush & More!

4-Yan, 2021
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What Happened to EVERY Heisman Winner Since 2000!
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  • Mariota is sooo much better than tanahill idk wtf the titans are thinking

    pooterdog2549pooterdog2549Soat oldin
  • It makes no sense how someone can win a Heisman and then suck qss in the NFL

    pooterdog2549pooterdog2549Soat oldin
  • Tell me again how Derrick Henry fell to the 2nd round???

    Capt HitmarkahCapt Hitmarkah2 soat oldin
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  • Damm 3000 yds passing kids killing that now!

    Keno NokeKeno Noke11 soat oldin
  • You also forgot that Bradford won Rookie of the Year also with the Rams

    Joel HarrisJoel Harris11 soat oldin
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  • Thank you for posting the video.

    teamsteed1teamsteed115 soat oldin
  • That trophy is a curse .. Just ask OJ Simpson.

    Rebel RollitRebel Rollit18 soat oldin
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  • Picks and Fumbles got a QB in the HOF.

    SeanSeanKun oldin
  • RG3 Had Zero Magic vs Oklahoma State, TWICE!!! Speaking of Oklahoma State there will NEVER be a Heisman Winner like the one that came out of Oklahoma State.

    SeanSeanKun oldin
  • Reggie Bush the only Super Bowl Champ out of the Bunch 🏆

    ToonkaToonkaKun oldin
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  • Palmer hadd a rocket

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  • Mann miss palmer with the cardinals

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  • The fact that some of these guys were drafted in later rounds or even undrafted is mind blowing!

    Kremp KermitKremp KermitKun oldin
  • Because we all know the world started in 2000. When in reality we know it started in 1980.

    Pete RunnelsPete RunnelsKun oldin
  • I always get sad watching RG3’s rookie highlights. His highlights that season oozed potential to be Lamar before Lamar with a bigger arm. Alternate reality where he never got hurt would be a thrill to watch

    Aweso MaxAweso MaxKun oldin
  • I honestly thought Baker Mayfield was gonna be Johnny Manziel 2.0, so far I’m glad I’m wrong

    miko foinmiko foinKun oldin
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  • As a Titans fan seeing Mariota go was hard. We'll never forget that playoff upset against the chiefs.

    Brandon OneBrandon One2 kun oldin
    • Bush the cutt back king

      miko foinmiko foinKun oldin
  • 2:05 wtf that score?

    Jora MusicJora Music2 kun oldin
  • God the 2000’s winners were fucking terrible

    Liam PowellLiam Powell2 kun oldin
  • 2000 Heisman: Chris Weinke ( FLORIDA STATE) 2001 Heisman: Eric Crouch ( NEBRASKA) 2002 Heisman: Carson Palmer (USC) 2003 Heisman: Jason White (OKLAHOMA) 2004 Heisman: Matt Leinart ( USC) 2005 Heisman: Reggie Bush (USC) 2006 Heisman: Troy Smith (OHIO STATE) 2007 Heisman: Tim Tebow (FLORIDA) 2008 Heisman: Sam Bradford (OKLAHOMA) 2009 Heisman: Mark Ingram II (ALABAMA) 2010 Heisman: Cam Newton ( AUBURN) 2011 Heisman: Robert Griffin III ( BAYLOR) 2012 Heisman: Johnny Manziel ( TEXAS A&M) 2013 Heisman: Jameis Winston ( FLORIDA ST) 2014 Heisman: Marcus Mariota ( OREGON) 2015 Heisman: Derrick Henry ( ALABAMA) 2016 Heisman: Lamar Jackson ( LOUISVILLE) 2017 Heisman: Baker Mayfield ( OKLAHOMA) 2018 Heisman: Kyler Murray ( OKLAHOMA) 2019 Heisman: Joe Burrow ( LSU) 2020 Heisman: DeVonta Smith (ALABAMA)

    Elijah WhitakerElijah Whitaker2 kun oldin
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  • I can tell you what Henry the Heisman Trophy winner from Alabama did. He came to Tennessee and become a legend. He's now been mentioned amongst the all time greats at his position. . Titan up

    Dennis DeanDennis Dean2 kun oldin
  • Whos the best of the bunch?

    Sen LiSen Li2 kun oldin
  • I'm pretty sure Lamar Jackson is just a running back with a good arm.

    Motivational LizardMotivational Lizard2 kun oldin
    • 🤡

      Booty LoverBooty Lover2 kun oldin
  • Still sad about RGIII...

    Jeremiah FuertesJeremiah Fuertes2 kun oldin
  • I've been watching college football since '98ish and the best player I've seen is Reggie Bush. Manziel is close but, Bush edges him out. He had insane numbers only played 2 quarters bc they leading by so much every game and split carries with White. Not to mention the best receiving RB in college football history. It's mind blowing he wasn't more productive in the NFL.

    Thomas H.L.Thomas H.L.2 kun oldin
  • I think they did tim Tebow wrong

    Laviska McMillonLaviska McMillon2 kun oldin
  • 4:25 I know we talking about Reggie bush...but that block tho...oooh...😯

    A Common Man with Random wordsA Common Man with Random words2 kun oldin
  • Vince Young should have won the Heisman in 2005, and Darren McFadden should have won it in 2006 AND 2007!

    Win GatesWin Gates2 kun oldin
  • It’s simple, players overpowered in their position and win Heisman may not be that overpowered in NFL

    Libo HeLibo He2 kun oldin
  • Bush the cutt back king

    Codey SnowCodey Snow2 kun oldin
  • The 7'⁸ ceiling is the limit for Wanky.. Still very impressive even if you're laying on the top bunk..

    Punch Up Then Pee Right to Wakeup AOC Nancy & MitchPunch Up Then Pee Right to Wakeup AOC Nancy & Mitch2 kun oldin
  • If theirs 🦀 to be stolen Winston is there.

    vesi Calvesi Cal2 kun oldin
  • Found guilty of murder: "I've screwed my life." Eric Crouch: "Hold my beer."

    Mr5thWaveMr5thWave2 kun oldin
  • To this day I still have not seen a player with the quickness and stop and start ability at the level of Reggie Bush. He was a complete freak of nature of pure quickness, the only problem is is pro bowl running backs have to be more than quickness and speed, no matter how insane it is

    RIPJimmyA7XRIPJimmyA7X2 kun oldin
  • I think the AFC North will be Jackson's and Mayfield's for the foreseeable future, after what they've done the past few years. Jackson - two 1000+ rushing yard seasons, the Ravens' best season ever Mayfield - took the Browns from 0-16 a few years ago, to torching the Steelers for their first playoff win in decades

    Andrew FurthAndrew Furth2 kun oldin
  • Luke 12:15 And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.

  • Some advice: Stay away from the Heisman Trophy.

    Oskar BarnardOskar Barnard2 kun oldin
    • @President King Slimby. Sure, there have been a few and far in-between that managed to be relatively successful. However, most heisman trophy winners have failed to live up to their hype regardless if they played “well”. Most late round picks manage to outdo their heisman counterparts.

      Oskar BarnardOskar Barnard2 kun oldin
    • Not really, Carson Palmer is arguably a future HOF. And, Tim Tebow was amazing! And, Bradford was a nice qb for a last option man, he was always a good qb if you need a temp one. Mark Ingram has been a nice runningback. And, the 2010s were all good players.

      President King Slimby.President King Slimby.2 kun oldin
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  • Scripted... @truthbetold rigged nfl

    Lassa DuarteLassa Duarte2 kun oldin
    • Chris Leak and the Gators beat Troy Smith's Ohio State, don't make it seem like Tebow lead that team lol

      pida siouypida siouy2 kun oldin
  • McFadden’s freshman year it was all, ‘they just don’t hand out heisman trophies to freshmen’... fast forward to 2012. JOHNNY FOOTBALL!JOHNNY FOOTBALL!😒 DMAC, the 501, and all of Arkansas got robbed that goddamn heisman trophy. he had earned it. they literally used the excuse that a freshman had never won it to not give it to him, and then turned around and gave i to manziel. 👎

    Tunnel TimeTunnel Time3 kun oldin
  • dmac shoulda got the heisman his freshman year. it’s a crime mcfadden didn’t get a heisman, and we will never let it go. WPS

    Tunnel TimeTunnel Time3 kun oldin
  • Forgot to mention Bush won a Superbowl

    Evinson DupratEvinson Duprat3 kun oldin
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  • Johnny Football was also banned from the entire CFL.

    Mr. JHMr. JH3 kun oldin
  • I love how he put James Harden not shooting a three

    SIMBEO TVSIMBEO TV3 kun oldin
  • lamar has 19 in a season bro

    Luke HolmesLuke Holmes3 kun oldin
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  • Match well with Tampa?

    Eric parra , EdrizzleEric parra , Edrizzle3 kun oldin
  • Let's not have this title in New Orleans. History channel?

    Eric parra , EdrizzleEric parra , Edrizzle3 kun oldin
  • Heismans been on a roll the last 5 years keep em coming

    California LoveCalifornia Love3 kun oldin
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  • Chris Leak and the Gators beat Troy Smith's Ohio State, don't make it seem like Tebow lead that team lol

    Jordan DillJordan Dill3 kun oldin
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    Faisal IhsanFaisal Ihsan3 kun oldin
  • Reggie Bush, Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamera are all very alike

    Ian DickeyIan Dickey3 kun oldin
  • 11:39 if only they blocked like that in Madden instead of running to Never Land

    Madden PulseMadden Pulse3 kun oldin
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    Elwood NassElwood Nass3 kun oldin
  • Derrick Henry and Lamar Jackson are the STEALS of the 2010's

    aola wiliaola wili3 kun oldin
  • Putting Reggie Bush at PR? I wonder what would happen if Tennessee did that to Derrick Henry

    HoodRich NiteNiteHoodRich NiteNite3 kun oldin
  • 2000 Weinke: Despite his name and bad play, made bank by riding pine over 7 seasons. 2001 Crouch: Refused to be a receiver in the NFL, played Non-NFL ball, went on to do random stuff, now an assistant coach at a university 2002 Palmer: Pro bowler with a long career in the NFL 2003 White: Injuries prevented a career 2004 Leinart: 7 year career, mostly as a backup 2005 Bush: 11 seasons of solid NFL play, technically not a Heisman winner by means of vacating the trophy to Vince Young? 2006 Smith: 4 seasons making bank as a backup 2007 Tebow: Short NFL career, left for baseball when he wasn't making it at QB 2008 Bradford: 9 Seasons of okay. 2009 Ingram: Pro bowler still playing with a stellar career 2010 Newton: Above average starting QB with a strong career 2011 RGIII: Started off great, injuries took him out, coming back with iffy quality 2012 Manziel: Train wreck 2013 Winston: Makes bank as a middling QB. 2014 Mariota: Started good, now a backup. 2015 Henry: Elite NFL running back that led in rushing yards in 2019 and 2020 2016 Jackson: Tearing it up 2017 Mayfield: Turned the Browns from shit team to a good team with a shitty uniform 2018 Murray: Tearing it up 2019 Burrow: Was doing amazing until his shitty line let him get smushed like a bug. Who saw that coming (Who DIDN'T see that coming)? 2020 Smith: Pending

    girhengirhen3 kun oldin
    • Palmer is an arguably future hall of Famer.

      President King Slimby.President King Slimby.2 kun oldin
    • He'll either be Tom Brady or RGIII/Luck. Fix the line before it happens again.

      girhengirhen3 kun oldin
    • Joe Burrow gonna light up the NFL in the future

      aola wiliaola wili3 kun oldin
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    Aron ZhuAron Zhu3 kun oldin
  • 4:24 those blocks were LETHAL

    Thomas McCormickThomas McCormick3 kun oldin
  • Now y'all stealing Flemo Type videos lol.

    B Sewell513B Sewell5133 kun oldin
  • That MAN was 28 in college wtf 😂😂😂😂

    Latrell CottoLatrell Cotto3 kun oldin
  • They all go to sorry team's in the NFL and it sinks them down!

    Carter Robinson,Carter Robinson,3 kun oldin
  • An editing comment: it would have been clearer if there was a visual or audio distinction between the player's college career highlights and his NFL career tape. This could have been different musical backing for college or NFL, or visually graying out slightly the college career. But thanks for the video !

    grrggrrggrrggrrg3 kun oldin
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  • #42 from jags chasing Derrick Henry 🤣🤣bum..

    Ryan KerrRyan Kerr4 kun oldin

    Marko MijatovicMarko Mijatovic4 kun oldin
  • All of these QB’s had a lot of star wide receivers at the college level

    BlackmantravelBlackmantravel4 kun oldin
    • Except Mariota

      FuckRoysFuckRoys3 kun oldin
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    Anamaria CovingtonAnamaria Covington4 kun oldin
  • Gosh Matt Leinert and Reggie Bush were a pain in the ass to any other fan in the PAC-10

    moderngod1moderngod14 kun oldin
  • Could have waited until Davonte Smith won, truly a great player

    Steven BellSteven Bell4 kun oldin
  • Summary: Heisman Winner will be a bust 80% of the time

    Cody ChaCody Cha4 kun oldin
  • Joe Burrow gonna light up the NFL in the future

    Brandon HumphreyBrandon Humphrey4 kun oldin
  • I think we can all agree that Chris Weincke is the greatest of all Heisman winners. He easily had the most success in the NFL, and has a very successful MMA career. None of that is true at all, could you imagine though? Never heard of that Jason White fella either.

    LuckyDTLuckyDT4 kun oldin
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    kim phankim phan4 kun oldin
  • What did we learn? Heisman winners are overrated. Dont pick them in the first round. Except if its Murray, Mayfield, Jackson, and of course Burrow.

    GoHornsGoHorns4 kun oldin