What Happened to the World's Biggest Beaver?

13-Yan, 2021
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It’s important to us that you understand how big this beaver was. Just like modern beavers, it was semiaquatic -- it lived both on the land and in the water. The difference is that today’s beavers do a pretty special thing - one that the giant beaver probably didn’t, or couldn’t, do.
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  • I'm going to quibble about the reconstruction at 3:36. The tail vertebrae were flattened similar to Castor. They didn't have a tail like the muskrat or rounded. ( I worked at a natural history museum and sculpted life sized reconstructions for exhibit)

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  • Wiki has an article about Francevillan biota, which is regarded as multicellular life over 2 billion years ago. Could you tell us about it, and whether this article should be trusted at all.

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  • @PBSEons So, most modern mammals are rodents (right?) and they've pretty much stuck to the original "design" of being small and fast and diggy which helped them outlast the dinos, SO: has there ever been an Age Of Rodents wherein rodents filled all the niches from big predator on down? This video made me think of this...

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  • Castoroides may have lost habitat in the southern Midwest but it gained it in the northern Midwest and further north. I doubt climate had much to do with its extinction. Like most megafauna or "larger versions" of living animals, it was probably hunted out by humans.

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  • It went extinct (I'm just guessing)

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  • Another very well done video, except for one thing. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time PBS Eons has refused to wrestle with the possibility that humans wiped out the megafauna at the end of the Ice Age. As was mentioned in the video, previous ice ages have ended without exterminating the giant beaver and other megafauna. The difference this time is that this time, humans were present. We modern humans have trouble adapting to the environment without harming it. Maybe it took the early humans in the Western Hemisphere some time to adapt to the end of the Ice Age and caused some extinctions in the meantime. While human causation of Paleolithic extinctions is not confirmed, it is broadly considered a reasonable possibility, and PBS Eons appears to be ducking the issue.

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