What Happened to Lindsey Graham? | The Daily Show

29-Okt, 2020
1 123 464 Ko‘rishlar soni

Hey Lindsey Graham, is this one of the tapes we were supposed to play back for you? #DailyShow #LindseyGraham #2016
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  • They laugh at our clown president like at his rallies

    Nikki SimpsonNikki Simpson4 soat oldin
  • Snake in the grass

    Darryl LettDarryl Lett19 soat oldin
  • This guy is a weasel. Not knowing then that he would become a trump supporter and Trumps little golf buddy.

    William JohnsonWilliam Johnson22 soat oldin
  • If he didn't die don't want to hear about him.

    lucky strikeslucky strikes23 soat oldin
  • And I loved that video......&so many more....bigfan

    Michelle PoitrasMichelle PoitrasKun oldin
  • Thank you..lawlessness,lies and hypocrisy...undermining our constitution, trying to ruin our democracy....This is more then if you relate to being Republican or Democrat....its about being a damn decent human being...here we have a potus who plays the religious card ppl call his arrogancy confidence...lawds help us...Theres still no cure for stupidity.,forgive me for speaking out but I feel it's my humanic duty!

    Michelle PoitrasMichelle PoitrasKun oldin
  • Lindsey Graham should change his name to flip flop he seems to go whichever way looks like the winner today... a truly double-minded man unstable in all his movements

    Tweedy BTweedy BKun oldin
  • Lindsey Graham along with his boss Donald Trump are shameful displays of white man bravely ethics and honor... white man need to learn that it doesn't say much about you when you're only way to "win" is to lie cheat and steal... very little honorable in that 😔😔😔

    Tweedy BTweedy BKun oldin
  • You are playing games Trevor Noah... If you want to play games, play at your home... You should some respects to the leaders or to the older ones.... Don`t think about education or knowledge just think about what is good for the country....

    Dde MobileDde MobileKun oldin
  • Graham go to the devil you satan!

    TimTimKitty00TimTimKitty00Kun oldin
  • Personally, I think Lindsey Graham's name is in Epstein's little black book and Trump knows it! By the way, where is that black book William Barr? 😤

    Deborah AllenDeborah AllenKun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/qquvq7pplLvRqGM&feature=share

    KNL LakeKNL LakeKun oldin
  • He is the worst HIppocrite of the 21 century😯😯

    Online AdvicOnline AdvicKun oldin
  • He has showed his true colors

    Eddie DavisEddie DavisKun oldin
  • I'm Irish and (relatively) reasonably chilled - but ah do dee-clay-ah it's impossible to state just how much I despise Flimsy Grahams hypocrisy! And as for Butch "Hypotoad" McConnell? - MEHHHHH.

    Dave RocheDave RocheKun oldin
  • Divide and conquer? CNN is the lowest of the scum. This is old ish. Lindsay Graham ate ALLLLLL of those words

    Mr.Gamer10Mr.Gamer102 kun oldin
  • Lindsey gave Trump 1 million dollars for legal fees. I'm thinking there friends.

    Sherry GottoSherry Gotto2 kun oldin
  • Lead them by the balls; their hearts and minds will follow. - Gen. George Patton

    ihbarddxihbarddx2 kun oldin
  • 2016 come on desperate Dan the rand set man( Trever )

    Kenneth daviesKenneth davies2 kun oldin
  • I am wholly convinced that people who vote Republican are deeply mentally ill. Even if you don't agree with Democrats, Republicans have to be the most inane and illogical political party of any developed nation. We will continue to be a joke to other countries.

    dudewhoisdeaddudewhoisdead2 kun oldin
  • Being from New Zealand I really liked this guy and was even considering giving a donation. What an idiot I was. I will never listen to this turncoat again

    Roy AlmondRoy Almond3 kun oldin
  • Lindsey Graham has since changed his heart and has been honest about his position He is a friend of Trump. Unlike the Daily Show that is Arrogant, Prideful, Greedy and Abusive ! Seeking Adulation and having every form of Hippocracy ! The Media God's will come crashing down one after the other EXPOSED!

    Teresa RodriguezTeresa Rodriguez4 kun oldin
  • Lindsey Graham must resign

    Charles W RCharles W R4 kun oldin

    Trisha HeromTrisha Herom4 kun oldin
  • Two faced double tongued evil politican whom half his state hates.

    Hero JiroHero Jiro4 kun oldin
  • Joe Biden is a crook. He should be locked up for his crimes. uzworld.info/player/video/nHzGcLFoerXEp54

    Ron ShepardRon Shepard5 kun oldin
    • Baaaa Baaaaaaa BAAAAAAAA........

      GammaSouljahGammaSouljah2 kun oldin
  • Lindsey Graham. Have you no honor? Have no you integrity? Have you no sanity? Have you no respect for the US Constitution? Have you no decency? Have you no respect for your Oath of Office? Have you no compassion for over a quarter of a million humans who have died from COVID-19? Are you really an American? Are you really a patriotic citizen of the US. Are you capable of telling the truth? Do you have a soul? Besides yourself, your career, and pleasing Donald Trump, is there anything else you care about?

    JB LeslehJB Lesleh5 kun oldin
  • But then reality hit, Trump turned out to be an outstanding president

  • He has become a Stepford wife to Trump. His integrity has completely disappeared ☹

    Magenta SkiesMagenta Skies5 kun oldin
  • Come back from Obama's memoir "Promised Land". Nothing happened to him. He has always been like this - a man who double-crosses anybody to save his own skin.

    M. L.M. L.5 kun oldin
  • He's day will come. He's part of the corruption.

    David BeltranDavid Beltran5 kun oldin
  • Recall Graham, Congress should investigate and sanction him.

    MikeMike5 kun oldin
  • Lindsey wants to be president at any cost. He thinks trump will help him get there

    Water WomanWater Woman5 kun oldin
  • This is Lindseys last chance to win the Civil war for his President Jefferson Davis Trump.

    Ricky BobbyRicky Bobby5 kun oldin
  • And that was Lindsey Graham before his trip to the golf course with POTUS Trump. Anyone else wonder what POTUS may have said to Lindsey on that outing?

    Servant of GodServant of God6 kun oldin
  • Graham is running scared. He's terrified of exposure.

    Roger PalmerRoger Palmer6 kun oldin
  • Ok Lindsey, then why do you voluntarily kiss his ass every chance you get.

    Mike EnglandMike England6 kun oldin
  • This guy could crawl under a snakes belly with a top hat on ... LG’s greasy and scared ...

    Nick RowsellNick Rowsell6 kun oldin
    • One word - "oleaginous". Now, can one of his goons ask Scrotus Trump to define and/or spell and/or simply say 'olreaginous'? "Olly orangesh"? Now THAT would be fun....

      Dave RocheDave RocheKun oldin
  • Bye ...Bye Trump just pack your bags .. and leave like a good former PRESIDENT.. IT'S OVER . I'M TELLING YOU JAN. 20 WILL BE HERE FAST !!!

    Brenda BradleyBrenda Bradley6 kun oldin

    Road Dawg TruckingRoad Dawg Trucking6 kun oldin
  • Graham... the Fed Up corrupted person. Must be recalled.. www.cnn.com/2020/11/16/politics/georgia-secretary-of-state-lindsey-graham-ballots-cnntv/index.html

    Jeffrey NguyenJeffrey Nguyen6 kun oldin
  • Wow! He is owning it.

    Peter CarriPeter Carri6 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂this video isn't from 2 weeks ago it's from a long time ago wake up🐑🐑🐑🐑

    Daisy MeadowsDaisy Meadows7 kun oldin
  • Yeah this clip is from 2016

    David LewisDavid Lewis8 kun oldin
  • When did Lindsey Graham first come out as a homosexual?

    Drew KDrew K8 kun oldin
  • Who’s the half breed talking to graham?

    Riff RaffRiff Raff8 kun oldin
  • I despise this thing sooooo much!!!

    Josh MieszczurJosh Mieszczur9 kun oldin
  • Graham is Trumps demon brother after joining his cult.

    Lolli popLolli pop9 kun oldin
  • This vid is from 4 years ago..... uzworld.info/player/video/qoKYhcp-lM-bf4Q Graham had some criticism of trump but is now a full trump supporter. Why do you post this video now after the election without the date stamp? Too misleading and unfair to Lindsey Graham

    Desmond LimDesmond Lim9 kun oldin
  • The single biggest coward and spineless piece of s*** ever to represent a state in this country... Ladies and gentlemen Lindsey Graham... An almost cartoonish human being. There is nothing legitimate about him. no integrity no decency. I can't believe I spent the first decade and a half of my voting life a republican. Never again...

    Tyrannosaurus PecksTyrannosaurus Pecks10 kun oldin
  • Why❗️ Why ❗️Why ❗️go to them⁉️ Anything is good with cnn 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

    elizabeth bristamelizabeth bristam10 kun oldin
  • Zombie is a good name for this Trevor Noah.

    Jacobus.F RossouwJacobus.F Rossouw10 kun oldin
  • amazing that that the US press have never caught on to Grahams exploits in Thailand with underage boys . 2001 / 2010

    Charles Edwin BlaisdellCharles Edwin Blaisdell10 kun oldin
  • What happened Lindsey, what happened? Did Trump threaten you? Did you go crazy after John McCain died? What happened?

    Wlsus ZmristWlsus Zmrist10 kun oldin
  • Wow this guy cannot be trusted... Watch out..

    pamula wallacepamula wallace10 kun oldin
  • Wow! I had to tripple check that this was not a clever edit or a look-al-like actor. He sounds like such a reasonable guy there, straight shooter, no-nonsese. I can't believe this is the same guy........

    trueamnisiastrueamnisias11 kun oldin
  • What happened to him in 4 year?!

    Julie DuPeiJulie DuPei11 kun oldin
  • Again great footage Trevor. What a difference a day makes huh 🤔

    Day ZeeDay Zee11 kun oldin
  • Graham is too much of a lesbian to be a Republican

    Chris KentonChris Kenton11 kun oldin
  • This IS AMAZING. Has anyone seen the Republican Voters Against Trump ad where they used Lindsey Graham's own words to put down Trump and lift up Biden?

    Chris R.Chris R.11 kun oldin
  • What happened to Lindsay? Maybe a couple midnight phone calls from Uncle Vlad?

    Tom BTom B11 kun oldin
  • This will be Lindsey's "legacy". While I'm excited for Champ and Major Biden to arrive, the next occupants of the White House have to clean up all the shit from this lapdog Lindsey

    Kev LowKev Low11 kun oldin
  • showing his true colors, hes been hung out to dry, for his actions, there is no chaos the president is draining the swamp, and they establishment doesnt like it, we elected him to do exactly what hes been doing

    Mark WalkerMark Walker12 kun oldin
  • Princess Graham out backstabbing

    DeLos LoftusDeLos Loftus12 kun oldin
  • Oh really Trevor....you are a racist

    ODP BothmaODP Bothma12 kun oldin

    Trisha HeromTrisha Herom12 kun oldin
  • Should have played this when he was.running two months ago?

    San FranciscoSan Francisco12 kun oldin
  • Literally...what. the. hell. happened. ??????

    Ke'LizziaKe'Lizzia12 kun oldin
  • These are our leaders.... Unreal!

    Daniel VitaleDaniel Vitale12 kun oldin
  • This is very old. 2016. People can wake up and change their views.

    Brenda HachiyaBrenda Hachiya12 kun oldin
  • Lindsey Graham the doppelganger. The truth comes out in front of Trevor Noah, but when talking to his constituents, nothing but lies, and his constituents buy it or don't care how much of a liar he is. Most of South Carolina's citizens are just plain gullible. The same goes for much of the south. At least Georgia is turning it around.

    Black SwanBlack Swan13 kun oldin
  • Now he's Trump's little B.

    James HendricksJames Hendricks13 kun oldin
  • It truly makes me sad to see a relatively self aware and intelligent man change like this. I hope he goes through a change of heart now Trump's gone and tries to atone for what he did.

    Matthew AmbroseMatthew Ambrose13 kun oldin
  • Rhino?

    Fred RogersFred Rogers13 kun oldin
  • I really am yet to figure out what happened to lindsey graham, i remember when he was a junior senator, he was always a reasonable voice of compromise and he was fiery and stood with the just senators like McCain and Biden believe it or not. Something happened, something went wrong, Part of me thinks he was trying to become a voice of reason to trump, but trump trumped him somehow.

    elchasaielchasai13 kun oldin
  • If Lindsey was like this all the time, he wouldn't be half bad.

    Justin WatersJustin Waters13 kun oldin
  • Oh Lindsay....

    Idris YakubIdris Yakub13 kun oldin
  • Rubbish

    Robert MalcolmRobert Malcolm14 kun oldin
  • Lindsey Graham will run for President--2024!!...

    mario foomario foo14 kun oldin
  • graham must be funneling our tax dollars in to his bank account like Trump is by the millions ,

    frank pattonfrank patton14 kun oldin
  • Lindsey is just trying to shore up Social Security by knocking off as many recipients as possible using coronavirus. This is part of a long term Republican policy of same by making it hard as possible to get health care. This is standard Republican policy of trying to keep things solvent no matter the cost. You can see this in statistical data on life expectancy. Lindsey can't tell the base this because they would have to admit Darwin's survival of the fittest, which would conflict with the Biblical story. However it is purely statistical and science based so they are secretly proud of their efforts and the success of their methods. Keeping everyone out and about contesting the election helps to keep this policy in force.

    Joy&BRUCE bruceJoy&BRUCE bruce14 kun oldin
  • Big disappointment...flip flopper deluxe....male version of Susan Collins...careers ruin..was it worth it? Sleepless nights? I doubt it...their kids will be left with their sins....SHAME

    Carlos OrtegaCarlos Ortega14 kun oldin
  • Throw the pumpkin 🎃 out. Halloween 👻 is over!

    HeathenHeathen14 kun oldin
  • When did this originally air?

    EnlightenedMcGeeEnlightenedMcGee14 kun oldin
  • Lindsey, what happened to you?

    Xander FultonXander Fulton14 kun oldin
  • He is a snake...Trump is by far better 😂😂😂

    ----14 kun oldin
  • Graham needs to shut up

    Rodney AbramsRodney Abrams15 kun oldin
  • This video is a complete lie Donald Trump has had for years and done nothing but try to help minorities no plans to hurt them intentionally. It is disheartening that I fell for this when I first watched it I swear to you I will not be Fooled Again by this left-wing machine that puts seeds in your mind of hatred. I did not hate the left or right we are all Americans being led by sheep herders. This man works for a network that is controlled are the same people that control every Network every media Outlet.

    Gods WatchingGods Watching15 kun oldin
  • This guy jumps from a cliff and we won't notice, what an SB (Scomb Bag)

    Nelson CastellanosNelson Castellanos15 kun oldin
  • Time for Lindsey Graham to shut his mouth up! He’s claiming all kinds of voter fraud and that didn’t happen because if it did, he wouldn’t have been elected in his own home state of South Carolina! Shut the F up !

    blackprixblackprix15 kun oldin
  • Lindsey is a snack with two heads can't be trust.

    VinceVince15 kun oldin
  • Fortune Son Respect all peoples..... Better to be humbled

    Gracy BothaGracy Botha15 kun oldin
  • Trevor you must respect the America..... He maniere asb.. Jys v SAFRIKA

    Gracy BothaGracy Botha15 kun oldin
  • Lindsey Graham should be ashamed of himself! You turned your back in a friend and dogged him for your own political gain!!! Your a back stabber!!!!

    Nicole KissNicole Kiss15 kun oldin
  • This is the most honest Linsey Graham has ever been.

    Mike HardwickMike Hardwick15 kun oldin
  • Hypocracy existed in politics before Lindsay Graham, but he perfected the practice. And it worked for him, so shame on his voters.

    DAN HANSONDAN HANSON15 kun oldin
  • Graham is two faced and fake. Rhino

    Mari MurphyMari Murphy16 kun oldin
  • People this was from the 2016 election and Lindsey Graham saw how Donald Trump really was and he now likes and respects President Trump.

    Cathy MCathy M16 kun oldin
  • Way to play politics Grahm.

    Betty M.Betty M.16 kun oldin
  • Serves himself

    Gina MiterkoGina Miterko16 kun oldin