What Do Farmers Do On Rainy Days?

30-Sen, 2020
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What do farmers do on rainy days? Turns out, not a whole lot. Welcome to Cornstar Farms.
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Cole The Cornstar, aka Cole, is a 4th generation family farmer from Central Iowa who is the life force behind his family’s 1,700 acre farm. Cole promotes agriculture by filming his day-to-day adventures with his Dad (Daddy Cornstar) and brother (Cooper) on the farm. With a lot of help from Daddy Cornstar, Cole instills humor and education into his videos fit for both young adults and adults. Despite being 23-years old, Cole has an old-fashion work ethic with an innovative approach toward agricultural technology and practices. Cole's mission is to prove the American Dream is not dead and be a megaphone for agricultural education and innovation, from technological advances in farming equipment to conservation practices.
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  • Man dc that is a nice ol Chevy don’t see many that clean up here in the salt and ice!

    Michael HuisingaMichael Huisinga3 kun oldin
  • I love DC with is reeses peanut butter cups.

    random videos gameingrandom videos gameing8 kun oldin
  • Your a good man! God Bless you!

    angela vaughterangela vaughter10 kun oldin
  • Keep spreading the word of Jesus Cole

    Friend of Jesus Christ Friend of Jesus ChristFriend of Jesus Christ Friend of Jesus Christ10 kun oldin
  • Love the message

    NeviusNevius12 kun oldin
  • Thank you for sharing your faith always and taking the time and standing strong and for sharing the gospel! You never know who can come to Jesus through that!

    Emily HeadrickEmily Headrick13 kun oldin
  • Love when people are honest about their religious views and convictions. Shows how humble they are as well as grateful. Thank You!

    Arkansas HomesteadArkansas Homestead13 kun oldin
  • Thank you for talking about the lord! I love it when u do that! ❤

    My AmbitionMy Ambition13 kun oldin
  • It is so great to hear a testimony from the younger generation! Love your channel.

    Vicki AtkinsonVicki Atkinson13 kun oldin
  • Here in east central WI, (Fond du Lac area), there are 100s of 400' plus tall windmills.

    thr8061thr806114 kun oldin
  • I’m proud of you Cole. You live your life true to Christ our Lord and your heart followed what the Holy Spirit guided you to say. None of us in this world are perfect, but for us who have a relationship with Jesus are forgiven and unconditionally loved. All who call upon His name and believe can have the same. ❤️🙏🏻🙌🏻🔥

    Chris JChris J14 kun oldin
  • Jesus would of had fun if they nailed him to the wind turbine

    Justin BrownJustin Brown15 kun oldin
  • Honestly I can do without the god talk in most videos. It's boring and pointless. Love your videos other wise.

    MytimetoshineMytimetoshine15 kun oldin
  • Couldn't you make drainage ditches on either side of the driveway to detour the water elsewhere

    April WendelgastApril Wendelgast15 kun oldin
  • God is good, all the time

    Reggie FaggartReggie Faggart15 kun oldin
  • Can you do a walk through of the house showing what you have fixed or changed?

    Cynthia JacobsCynthia Jacobs15 kun oldin
  • Praise our loving God

    Robert VoughtRobert Vought16 kun oldin
  • I’m actually super bummed out cuz I wanted to see how to make the thumbnail:/ I am a huuuuuge fan of wind turbines. They are great all around

    Kimberly ErinKimberly Erin16 kun oldin
  • Amen

    Marie OgeMarie Oge16 kun oldin
  • holy cow I live like an hour away from him and he is cool and all but also a Christian this is getting better and better

    NearlyLuckyLukeNearlyLuckyLuke16 kun oldin
  • Love the videos that you share your faith... thank you

    The Schafer’sThe Schafer’s16 kun oldin
  • Thank you for sharing your testimony of Jesus Christ.

    Susan WilliamsSusan Williams16 kun oldin
  • Yep just let your grass grow, it'll stop future wash outs then in the spring fix and reseed

    Loki the sly oneLoki the sly one17 kun oldin
  • this is why i follow you and you're family ! what a wonderful testamony ! ... you have a nice heart ...

    bev crabtreebev crabtree17 kun oldin
  • Hi Cole. A brand new follower of your channel! This video has confirmed the Lord's leading me to find your channel in the last 5 days! It is definitely Providencial that I was lead to a "Fellow Christians" channel! I am in southeast Iowa about 30 miles south of Iowa City. I am a longtime member of the Church of the Nazarene, (of which we have a congregation in nearby Marshalltown)! I have enjoyed immensely watching your videos! Stay Blessed Friend! Mark in southeast Iowa.

    Mark SmithMark Smith17 kun oldin
  • A man son it's good to say that some people do teach your children about Jesus Christ and this day and time in the world there's so much evil out there you keep it up all y'all people out there Jesus just love you and God loves you or he wouldn't gave his son for you something that would you do yourself no he gives you two roads to go on right or left wrong or right now it's up to you to make the choice God gave us that in our life choice good or bad I like the good how about you

    Frances RodenFrances Roden17 kun oldin
  • Cole what about just buying a Pallet or two of sod and laying a few strips (2wide) every so if stem to keep dirt from washing off and help get you through the winter. Shouldn’t be but a little money wise for just one pallet or two. Sure would save you time on the machines, saving your soil in place. Yard looking good.

    William DavisWilliam Davis17 kun oldin
  • You are too funny! I have to yell at the deer too cause they eat my hostas, apple trees, hydrangeas, etc.

    michelerandall123michelerandall12317 kun oldin
  • Amen God is good I'm a 13 year old boy and I'm a huge Christian and also want to be a future farmer

    Wyatt67Wyatt6717 kun oldin
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Hugo's MomHugo's Mom17 kun oldin
  • Thank you for showing your belief. In my country, Peru, October is the purple month. This means is the month to venerate the Lord of Miracles, an image of Jesus that was painted by a black slave during the Spanish conquer time (the story has more to it). With all that is happening, people aren't allowed to go to churches but the commune of Lima and the church where it is have made a way to reach everybody through social media by saying, "live the month from your home". Faith is a huge thing.

    Lucía RemolinaLucía Remolina17 kun oldin
  • Cole, Thank you for sharing your testimony! I enjoy your videos!

    Paul ThurmanPaul Thurman17 kun oldin
  • Sup

    iBelieveiBelieve17 kun oldin
  • Stretch fitted hats coming ?

    Bobby SmithBobby Smith17 kun oldin
  • Robert Redford made a film about Cole's front yard back in 1992: A River Runs Through It. But they said that was Montana.

    maureen Pmaureen P18 kun oldin
  • Hey Cole thanks for the view I enjoyed as. always but all so for the end without God u are lonely with God ur loved always an he can help u with everything I'm. 67 yrs old. an. I agree God bless be safe

    Paxton HicksPaxton Hicks18 kun oldin
  • Totally needed to hear that today..thank you Cole! Jesus is Lord!!

    Jolene 624Jolene 62418 kun oldin
  • Personally I had to fast forward your Jesus speech. Not everyone believes in the same gods, practices the same religions, and many have left abusive religious cults. People should be kind and gracious and loving on their own and not doing it because "God/Jesus/ or another deity is watching"

    TheSofresTheSofres18 kun oldin
  • Can you use the demo skid steer

    Crystal BellCrystal Bell18 kun oldin
  • Amen Cole....amen🙏❤🇺🇲

    Gary HaberGary Haber18 kun oldin
  • Your right lol

    that_clapped_f450that_clapped_f45018 kun oldin
  • PREACH cole

    Brandon HensonBrandon Henson18 kun oldin
  • My name is Abel you can find it in genies 4

    JSinJSin18 kun oldin
  • Thumbs up for the ole JC...Just in case the deep state deletes this I downloaded a copy and will post it on BitChute a truly Bi-Partisan video sight.

    cowboy6591cowboy659118 kun oldin
  • Thank you Cole. I follow Fast Ag and Welker Farms also. As an old farm kid in in modern society, it's so great to hear that from a younger generation. I thought it was gone.

    David HerbisonDavid Herbison18 kun oldin
  • Why don’t with the spot the water drains to cover it with some nice rock? The would look cool

    TylerTyler18 kun oldin
  • Preach on, thank you for sharing the truth !

    Ron AndersonRon Anderson18 kun oldin
  • wait so, for the windturbines you have a lease agreement, royalty for electricity produced, rent for the ground and get paid for the wind on your ground? Sounds a bit complicated. How do they determine which wind is from your ground? As wind is a natural occurence. More wind means more electricity, so win-win for you guys!

    WitnessChosenWitnessChosen18 kun oldin
  • why are you believe in this? its not real

    AustriaGamedAustriaGamed18 kun oldin
  • I’m also a Christian farmer in Canada ontario

    Justin DeardenJustin Dearden18 kun oldin
  • Thank God for young men like this still on earth. Hes going to make a helluva husband and father

    Kara bo baraKara bo bara18 kun oldin
  • Cole, thank you for taking a stand as a Christian. You are spot on. Don't let anybody give you any grief for being vocal about it. Blessings brother.

    Brian BordenBrian Borden18 kun oldin
  • I didnt come here for a church sermon. hope that doesnt become a lasting theme

    Snarky McsnarklesSnarky Mcsnarkles18 kun oldin
  • I guess I’m christen because I go to a orthodox church

    Icce 511Icce 51118 kun oldin
    • Jason T so I will take that as a yes

      Icce 511Icce 51117 kun oldin
    • Being a Christian is only knowing Jesus and having a relationship with Him. He loves you

      Jason TJason T17 kun oldin
  • I picked up the Bible today, and I learned that God doesn't like disabled people! "For whatsoever man he be that hath a blemish, he shall not approach: a blind man, or a lame, or he that hath a flat nose, or any thing superfluous, Or a man that is brokenfooted, or brokenhanded, Or crookbackt, or a dwarf, or that hath a blemish in his eye, or be scurvy, or scabbed, or hath his stones broken; No man that hath a blemish of the seed of Aaron the priest shall come nigh to offer the offerings of the Lord made by fire: he hath a blemish; he shall not come nigh to offer the bread of his God." (Leviticus 21:18-21) No wonder Evangelicals don't show compassion! It's in the Bible!

    Clare DriscollClare Driscoll19 kun oldin
  • Hello cole,Eva,Cooper, Mr.Mrs.Corn Star. I enjoy your videos I do not know if I could enjoy grave digging situation . It's a peaceful place grave yards and the people you are close to does it bother you? Hey Eva you seem like a nice girl be good to cole I'm sure your relationship will be as happy as me & My girlfriend Nicky we been together for seven years . March 1,2013,

    Chad RotvoldChad Rotvold19 kun oldin
  • I Love Your Channel &Content Always Clean &No Foul Language

    Johnny BellamyJohnny Bellamy19 kun oldin
  • Cole, we are very proud of you doe starting your channel, making it interesting and in these challenging days to clearly state what many, (if not the majority), truly believe...that Jesus Christ is our personal savior. So many people who have achieved a public platform are using it to spew politics, hate and even hype the Anti-Christ! We live near Houston, TX on a mere 3 acres, but in retirement, it keeps me young! Not sure what your particular denomination is, nor does it really matter, for those who have accepted Jesus will fully understand! Keep up the outstanding videos and as I am a Kubota owner (L1025, and really small horsepower compared to those that you need!), tell us what brands farmers across prefer, Case, JD, etc. Not sure if most of your followers understand that the corn you grow is not the sweet corn they buy in the store, so explain the hundreds of uses, including ethanol, animal feed and many other products and also the many things that Soybeans are used for! Last, in Texas, we have to plant St Augustine sod to have grass that is tolerant of the heat, shade, etc., but I was raised on a farm up north and miss that soft, beautiful Kentucky Blue Grass! Keep up the good work and God Bless you and your family!

    James NewsteadJames Newstead19 kun oldin
  • Awesome. I love king Jesus ........ he is my God ......... it’s not about religion it’s about salvation in Jesus name..............religion is binding .....salvation in Jesus name is freedom .......... so let’s reap a harvest of heaven ..........not a harvest of hell ......... 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓👍👍👍👍👍🤓🤓🤓🤓

    Martha LEYVAMartha LEYVA19 kun oldin
  • May to some kind of landscape like stone or something in the washout erea

    Vanessa VillaCisnerosVanessa VillaCisneros19 kun oldin
  • you sounded like your father

    Andrew CashAndrew Cash19 kun oldin
  • when you look at how long it has taken to do things its sounds well long but then say what you have finished thats when you realise that when farming stuff takes longer

    Andrew CashAndrew Cash19 kun oldin
  • Great message Cole!

    Jason KlabundeJason Klabunde19 kun oldin
  • COLE how about running a 2"x4" staked wooden or plastic border from the telephone pole down to where the ditch is?? This might help divert the water from running into your newly seeded lawn????

    Sandra Van LankveltSandra Van Lankvelt19 kun oldin
  • Put up some silt fence to slow the water down

    Philip HarperPhilip Harper19 kun oldin
  • Thumbs down from me because of the religious crap.

    Sara LundströmSara Lundström19 kun oldin
  • Thank you for sharing your heart and the love of Jesus. So glad you are on the right path. Nothing else matters.

    LorieLorie19 kun oldin
  • I dont watch your videos to be preached at. Leave religion at the door.

    Mike RobbinsMike Robbins19 kun oldin
  • Put straw down on your yard. Will help hold soil and helps seed yard as well

    Todd MaxelTodd Maxel19 kun oldin
  • Religion... Next video!🙄

    richardj ellisrichardj ellis19 kun oldin
  • Build a water feature where the washout is. A nice big pond with some carp in.😁😘

    richardj ellisrichardj ellis19 kun oldin
  • Absolutely Great Vid

    George chambers474 the jusGeorge chambers474 the jus19 kun oldin
  • You may not be ''trying to change someone's mind,'' But Jesus will change someone's mind. Good word for today.

    Paul CasePaul Case19 kun oldin
  • Thanks for sharing your faith!!!

    Events Down SouthEvents Down South19 kun oldin
  • oh lord, religion here we go, thats it for me, no longer watching bc of that religious crap, besides that you had interesting videos but religion is just too much

    rofl1436rofl143619 kun oldin
    • Don’t delude yourself by thinking you’ll be missed

      Dry Creek Cattle CoDry Creek Cattle Co19 kun oldin
    • rofl1436 cya!! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!

      Sarah BrookesSarah Brookes19 kun oldin
  • What will happen if the wind company goes bankrupt, will the Cornstar farm be responsible for removal of the wind turbines/towers when they are not operatable any more? That might become a real issue/cost in the future. What kind of Internet connectivity do you have?

    Kjell LindbergKjell Lindberg19 kun oldin
  • Did the wind towers make better access to your fields? I know some farmers that loved that part and others that didn’t like that part so much.

    Randy MRandy M19 kun oldin
  • I want you to know that Jesus loves You!!!! Jesus is the way to everlasting life. If you want to be saved from HELL, come to JESUS. GOD sent His only begotten son (Jesus), to this earth, to die on the cross for your sins! If you want to be saved and go to Heaven, this is what you need to do. 1. Believe Jesus is the son of GOD. 2. Believe Jesus died on the cross for your sins. 3 Believe GOD the Father has raised his son (JESUS) Christ from the dead. 4. Repent of your sins (telling GOD your sorry for everything you have done against him). 5. Ask JESUS to come into your heart, and to save you from your sins! 6. Be willing to change your life style. 7. Thank him (JESUS) for saving your life. Pray this in JESUS NAME, and Do All Of This With Your Heart.....CONGRADULATIONS you are now saved and have eternal life...... God Bless you. .....

    Mel WMel W19 kun oldin
  • Here is some history from the history channel... uzworld.info/player/video/hJ7Hpqumfrm4Yp4

    CuriosityCuriosity19 kun oldin
  • I knew there was a reason I have been drawn to your shows you and your family are awesome & Jesus loves us all !! Amen & God Bless ya'll

    Beverly ScheidtBeverly Scheidt19 kun oldin
  • Not a believer but glad you have someone/something that makes you happy &/or to lean on in life.

    TaylorTaylor19 kun oldin
  • I believe you missed your calling, You should have become a minister. But it is not too late. Go with God.

    Connie PrettymanConnie Prettyman19 kun oldin
  • Thanks for sharing that! I have been struggling and needed to heart that

    Bobbie DruleyBobbie Druley19 kun oldin
  • I found my bible my Grandad gave me today, your comment has convinced me to open it and start reading x

    Janice CoulsonJanice Coulson19 kun oldin
  • super heart to heart

    Lady HackMomLady HackMom19 kun oldin
  • I enjoyed hearing such a heart felt Christian message from your channel. Always keep the faith Cole. God bless. And, yeah, decorative drainage ditch... or French drain... tile.

    Derek DeLamarDerek DeLamar19 kun oldin
  • Cole, I have huge respect for you sharing your faith in a public platform like this! It's very refreshing to see young, influential people sharing the Word of God. Prayers for everyone during this harvest season.

    M NM N19 kun oldin
  • I love how you share Jesus! He's awesome!

    Sandy George - Realtor, PSA, CSASandy George - Realtor, PSA, CSA19 kun oldin
  • Laundry!

    Gilly 1Gilly 119 kun oldin
  • I'm unsubscribing cole, fairwell daddy cornstar. I'll miss you all.

    David Adam KempDavid Adam Kemp19 kun oldin
    • @Dry Creek Cattle Co your creek sure is dry

      David Adam KempDavid Adam Kemp19 kun oldin
    • You sure are sensitive.

      Dry Creek Cattle CoDry Creek Cattle Co19 kun oldin
  • Can't give a viewpoint on it because you have a bias? I think you can give a viewpoint on it because you have experience with it. And it sounds like a good experience.

    twothreebravotwothreebravo19 kun oldin
  • Please put a warning if you're talking religion or make a separate video dedicated to your religion. The bible also teaches murder genocide misogyny slavery stoning children to name a few. I personally find this repugnant.

    borisbashborisbash19 kun oldin
    • Then leave. No one is forcing you to watch

      Dry Creek Cattle CoDry Creek Cattle Co19 kun oldin
  • Great message Cole,

    David sCHMITTDavid sCHMITT19 kun oldin
  • Now I’m doubly supportive of your channel after your testimony! Bless you brother!!

    19queenbee5519queenbee5519 kun oldin
  • He'll reach out to everyone who needs help, just don't show up randomly at night on a motorcycle.

    The Big ManThe Big Man19 kun oldin
    • Haha I remember that video. That is crazy is that person’s identity known?

      Jason TJason T17 kun oldin
  • Place a warning when there is going to be a lot preaching. So i can just skip this type of content.

    Jerry UffelmanJerry Uffelman19 kun oldin
  • Thank you for your responsible theology. It’s refreshing to see the light of God shine through you.

    Tyler ScottTyler Scott19 kun oldin
  • Stopped down in the middle of your video to profess your faith in our Lord and savior. Much respect young man! Our family loves your videos and wishes you and your family much success.

    Greg HughesGreg Hughes19 kun oldin
  • I see that Kawasaki Vulcan. I worship God only. I know it's named after a pagan god which is idol worship, but that is where it ends for me. I own a Kawasaki Vulcan vn800a. I do not worship a Kawasaki Vulcan. I worship the Lord God Almighty. Amen. Vulcan god of fire Featured snippet from the web Vulcan, in Roman religion, god of fire, particularly in its destructive aspects as volcanoes or conflagrations. ... Poetically, he is given all the attributes of the Greek Hephaestus. His worship was very ancient, and at Rome he had his own priest (flamen).

    unchained20000000unchained2000000019 kun oldin
  • Cole, you are an amazing young man. Your parents have done an amazing job. I love your faith, your patiants, i love your outlook on life. You are an inspiration to many people. Thank you for witnessing today. I needed it. God bless Cornstar Farms and many prayers coming your way for a bountiful crop. God bless.

    Debbie HubbuchDebbie Hubbuch19 kun oldin