Wendy Williams Addresses Concerns Over Her Health

26-Okt, 2020
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After DJ Boof claimed something is wrong with Wendy Williams behind the scenes, Carlos Bustamante, Graeme O'Neil, and Keshia Chante react to Wendy's response during "ET Canada Live".
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  • There's no excuse she can give for it anyway she was so high that day no question. And her staff just letting her go on was awful too

    Raven BlackRaven Black3 soat oldin
  • Yep !!! She's just a drug addict who needs help

    Quillan HicksQuillan Hicks2 kun oldin
  • She might be drowsy from medication she’s old

    Alcee JonesAlcee Jones2 kun oldin
  • Why do the air the shows that have her like this?! Its not literally live i don't think (they could put on a repeat). They're exploiting her (they know people like to talk about her)

    Keela WalkerKeela Walker2 kun oldin
  • People need to stop constantly bitching.... Give her a break and leave her alone. Americans are awful to each other now a days ... it seems to have become a sport over there😬

    SG RSG R2 kun oldin
  • L O L this how Wendy is ya’ll digging some shit up where there ain’t any... she’s old and not her body is not aging gracefully let her be she looks great for her age.

    Simon PerezSimon Perez2 kun oldin
  • Nope the best is not good enough! If there is a problem and you hide it, you will never ever get to the evil of the core, if not for your fans you won't exists, so bring it to light, otherwise BIG problem, nothing to do with illness all drugs and alcohol

    Wanda LabuschagneWanda Labuschagne3 kun oldin

    CelebDelaCreamTv * The Best DayTime Talk Show!CelebDelaCreamTv * The Best DayTime Talk Show!3 kun oldin
  • She's a whole man. No one likes him

    Israel McKenzieIsrael McKenzie4 kun oldin
  • Maybe she's tired and had a cold.

    daniel87980daniel879804 kun oldin
  • I can't tell any difference. Still as talentless as ever.

    Dr. AwkwardDr. Awkward4 kun oldin
  • Maann yall act like you dont be high on prescription drugs, street drugs weed alcohol ect. She human stfu

    Deborah JenkinsDeborah Jenkins4 kun oldin

    Linda MooreLinda Moore5 kun oldin
  • Looks like she was on a big amount mdma and pills

    ODIN VikingODIN Viking5 kun oldin
  • She's acting for a movie..

    paul brandanopaul brandano6 kun oldin
  • We love you Wendy williams God bless you

    Daisy AsmrDaisy Asmr6 kun oldin
  • Ew is she possessed

    Lauren ALauren A7 kun oldin
  • She is high as a kite! This is totally embarrassing and they shouldn’t gone on stage!

    drtgross10drtgross107 kun oldin
  • Wendy Williams is trash.

    Gregory LeggettGregory Leggett7 kun oldin
  • I'm worried about Wendy......she clearly behaving strange. As a former alcoholic in my past she doing exactly what i was doing when i was "LIT" act silly but the hang over the next day wasn't comedy. I don't miss them days at all. If she dabblin' in the devil's Kool -Aid sort to speak. All the odd behaviors, her falling out during the show, her dealing with her "Graves Disease", & mistreating her staff is a cry for intervention. I wish her much love & get the treatment she needs so we as her fans get the best Wendy she can be.💝💝💝💝💝

    KhingOfSwordz 43KhingOfSwordz 437 kun oldin
  • Time out for you Wendy Find a seat at home n get better soon

    kimonakimona8 kun oldin
  • I believe she never stopped taking drugs. She swears she was off drugs then confesses she was in rehab. She lied about her relationship until she had no choice but to tell the truth. She’s a hot mess and will crash and burn very very soon.

    Zeeqtee PrnZeeqtee Prn9 kun oldin
  • Crack is a hell of a drug

    Marco BarreraMarco Barrera9 kun oldin
  • Wendy get well.

    Delores BoudreauxDelores Boudreaux9 kun oldin
  • Wendy's been exposing folks for so long looks like them folks on git*back and maybe have set her up.. She's gotta lot going on with a messy break up of her marriage etc.. She's very vulnerable now and Wendy's got plenty powerful enemies so wouldn't be surprised if she was being set up, drugged or almost anything... Why else would you broadcast her embarrassing herself, normally stuff like that would never get out and they'd play re-runs ! Wendy and folks like Jaguar Wright who are exposing everybody's dirty laundry have to be extremely careful because as soon as they slip there's always somebody that's gonna push them over the ledge ... Pray For Wendy !

    G - LoveG - Love9 kun oldin
  • I Love that the woman reporter said "where is that person, where is the person to help take care of her" ......in show biz (and in average life) there is always bad influences and always someone around trying to take you down, and get a piece of you or a piece of some money, 1 way or the other, even if they're trying to hurt u by being sneaky, shadey. Its hard to trust people no matter who u are and what u do but especially in show biz. I wouldn't doubt it if someone would try to set Wendy up in order to make her fall apart, so that SOMEONE can get money in their pockets. I Love Wendy and she deserves someone she can trust to help her and she deserves someone to have her back if she is struggling. I LOVE U WENDY

    R GoodR Good9 kun oldin
  • I don’t know how UZworld got me here but Wow this is really hard to watch what’s really scary is all the staff are acting like she totally fine, they don’t want to lose their jobs, yeah well if she dies, which is where a relapse will eventually lead you, you’ll definitely lose your job. Not saying that it’s the staffs responsibility either, but don’t act like nothings wrong 😂

    KamKam10 kun oldin
  • This is so stupid to discuss in my loud est Trump voice "FAKE NEWS". What the heck do you think a illicit drug test is for. Aint nuttin off about her that I CAN SEE stop witdiss fake news bs! Smeffnhead.

    Zabrina musicZabrina music10 kun oldin
  • You think cuz she always puts a cough drop in her mouth that she was trying to cover up the smell of alcohol when she'd do the show...or just to cover it up? Thought. Just sad for her I love her n I suffer with addiction n it dont discriminate!!!

    Trisha GrossiTrisha Grossi11 kun oldin
  • Is their a river flowing on Wendy's studio?

    Hey UHey U11 kun oldin
  • Her eyes look crazy...so sad...you can have all the money in the world, fancy clothes, fancy cars, expensive foods, freebies, but happiness and peace are free with a piece of mind...They are getting ready to get rid of her....Time for her Whitney Houston moment and a new host...6 months..

    Settling Isnt AnoptionSettling Isnt Anoption11 kun oldin
  • She always acts like this - this is normal behavior for her.

    MissEstevezMissEstevez11 kun oldin
  • Ew. Grown ass adults whose job is to professionally gossip about others and take it so seriously at all times. Its so fucking cringe

    MandyMandy12 kun oldin

    Evelyn WoodberryEvelyn Woodberry12 kun oldin
  • It feels like she's talking on the phone with someone through ear pods and her crew (the audience) is trying to play along.

    FreewayFreeway13 kun oldin
  • Can't wait to see what D.j booth got to say.

    Sarah FayeSarah Faye14 kun oldin
  • Unless we are or were addicts ourselves we cant say that about her. Those are hard assumptions to put out there. But that's what happens when you are known for that.

    Sarah FayeSarah Faye14 kun oldin
  • It seems like something is going on that we obviously don't know.but at the same time whoever aired that show should be fired.

    Sarah FayeSarah Faye14 kun oldin
  • Sending her hugs and prayers love you girl ❤️❤️

    Valerie HamptonValerie Hampton14 kun oldin
  • She sounds drunk not drugs

    Simone WSimone W16 kun oldin
  • Wendy is high as a kite! But she’s human...nobody’s perfect

    dee teedee tee16 kun oldin
  • Does she not have a teleprompter? She needs one, stat!

    Denise ByersDenise Byers16 kun oldin
  • Her husband cheated for more than a decade and had a baby with that mistress, which is all kinds of wrong, BUT, I think he protected her from herself. I think he made sure some footage was not shown, etc to protect her image. I don't think she has any real friends who will help her.

    Denise ByersDenise Byers16 kun oldin
  • Shes ok, stop...

    Tatiana manriqueTatiana manrique16 kun oldin
  • My guess she’s relapsed I can’t believe the network allows her to work like this and airs these episodes

    Alex TAlex T17 kun oldin

    Tricia HooleyTricia Hooley17 kun oldin
  • What did he mean by "victims" I wonder

    MIS315MIS31517 kun oldin
  • It’s obvious she’s on something

    Lisa PayneLisa Payne18 kun oldin
  • What in the world

    Lisa PayneLisa Payne18 kun oldin
  • She so self absorbed. When karma comes back on you. Just Learn from it and be a better person.

    Hanifa WilliamsHanifa Williams18 kun oldin
  • /come on give a woman a break,iv been on this planet sixty years young ,you pick up widsom alougthe way ,but still adictions are hard to break. please ignoh my writjng for i am also deaf.i clearly believive all the points of others ,but still do not want to have bad thoughts for her,no im not a born again aything,heathen,but always try to think good thoughts for today jo jo s

    Joanne SmolskyJoanne Smolsky18 kun oldin
  • I saw the show and I didn’t think she was off at all. If your a long time viewer, you would know she’s silly, she always stumbles over her words Also let’s remember that she’s going through a lot. Now what I will say is I believe she’s lonely as heck and it’s very obvious because she’s starting to flirt with her male guest . I would like to hear from the ppl involved. AND she has a serious medical condition, I just want facts before I go in on her.

    Too BlessedToo Blessed18 kun oldin
  • She’s normally confrontational, asking direct questions. I don’t normally watch her show, so this is a stark contrast to what I’ve watched in the years on YT. Something is not right, it really could be anything. We always jump to drug use, when that could be 100% untrue. Let’s give it time and see if she comes out with the truth or facade of her behaviour. I do find it unsettling myself as a occasional watcher of her show...

    vxCOCOxvvxCOCOxv18 kun oldin
  • Let’s continue to pray for Wendy Williams 🙏🏽😉

    Mz StarrMz Starr18 kun oldin
  • Cocaine is a hell of a drug

    imsodank1imsodank119 kun oldin
  • She just came back and said a whole bunch of nothing lol.

    themcguirehousethemcguirehouse19 kun oldin
  • I didn’t see nothing that makes me say she losing it.. I’m sorry i didn’t see that

    Ray BestRay Best20 kun oldin
  • Im not a psychiatrist but behavior gets stuck at the age one starts doing drugs...u can tell her mentality is that of perhaps a teenager...

    rhonda levinrhonda levin20 kun oldin
  • Wendy bizarre behavior, speech patterns etc reminds me of my collegue that was misusing opiods. She is now dead cause her kidneys collapsed because of her drug use. Someone save Wendy from herself. She needs an intervention, rehab & therapy. These ppl care more abt their checks that someone's life.

    Barbara Van der WesthuizenBarbara Van der Westhuizen20 kun oldin
  • Please sitting in a chair having a glam squad talking for a living is easy people...an ICU or any Nurse job is a hard stressful job...please keep things in perspective....

    rhonda levinrhonda levin20 kun oldin
  • Perfect adjective elusive

    rhonda levinrhonda levin20 kun oldin
  • Oh it got WAY worse than in these clips. By the time that Baruch Shemtov (Reality Rewind) commentator came out, Wendy was TOTALLY trashed, and then it only got worse with Suzanne Somers (who later commented that she was completely unprepared for what she encountered). She felt horrible that she was promoting her Online "Happy Hours" with a woman who was clearly under the influence (of something).

    Michael KMichael K20 kun oldin
  • She also could be doing it to get more people to tune in to her show

    loving lifeloving life20 kun oldin
  • I think she was tipsy but hey I think she's going through hard time we have no idea what she's dealing with. Prayers for you wendy

    loving lifeloving life20 kun oldin
  • Hypocrite

    Roast BeefRoast Beef20 kun oldin
  • Don't watch her show

    janet jacksonjanet jackson20 kun oldin

    janet jacksonjanet jackson20 kun oldin
  • I thought her contract would expire 2020... I used to watch her show 3 years ago, it was fun. Not for me anymore. Wendy needs Jesus! 🙏🙏🙏

    Bonjour ParisBonjour Paris21 kun oldin
  • Clearly drug effects

    Earline JohnsonEarline Johnson21 kun oldin

    Joyce CorwellJoyce Corwell21 kun oldin
  • i must be blind i cant see.

    Maria DurhamMaria Durham21 kun oldin
  • If you guys on this show really want to help her contact her privately. Dogging her on your platform is not the right solution, just saying lol

    Just JulesJust Jules21 kun oldin
  • Wendy is tweaking

    Alpha Elk DmtAlpha Elk Dmt21 kun oldin
  • Pray for her she is dealing with enough

    Donskey BabyDonskey Baby21 kun oldin
  • Wow she really is back on coke

    Jorge GaliciaJorge Galicia22 kun oldin
  • If this was the other way around, Wendy would have been going after that celebrity. Discrediting them for the behaviour. Accusing them of being on drugs and not thinking it could be medical. Not wishing bad on anyone. I'm just saying.

    Shakeila GalaxyGirlShakeila GalaxyGirl22 kun oldin
  • I was recently diagnosed with Graves Disease and it looks NOTHING like this💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

    Sahara StormSahara Storm22 kun oldin
  • Yea, this is not funny 2watch 😪 Wendy Williams hasn't been like this all the time & for year's I recognise that 💛👽🛸 Having been through cancer 12y ago & 3y after having a heart attack I am on meds myself & I can't apply for a job! I can make YT vids on my own time & with the content I am choosing myself And I'm lucky enough 2live in a country takes care of me, I know I believe Wendy Williams will soon retire, and in my opinion she needs 2quit already In denial ? I guess.. I LOVE Wendy Williams anyways YK

    UFONorway #SkywatchingUFONorway #Skywatching22 kun oldin
  • I like WENDY i don't want her to get sick she's gone THROUGH a lot and loosing her shoulder kevin and her son and she is great at what she does i pray her well i REALLY do she said it I'm not perfect PLEASE JUST give her time to heal

    Diane WeekesDiane Weekes22 kun oldin
  • Well yaw Cleary see she's asking for help.but the thing bout this is for everyone to down her and don't no if it's drugs or wht.and it looks as if the rug is going to be pulled right from under her.then wht?everyone nos that this is her life..don't throw stones for stones.😡..

    Melanie RobertsonMelanie Robertson22 kun oldin
  • Drugs, it was drugs...

    Dan O Qam YasharahlaDan O Qam Yasharahla22 kun oldin
  • We don’t know what is wrong . She does have a disease too . Wendy will tell people . She did before . No shame Wendy in being human

    Pamela BonillaPamela Bonilla22 kun oldin
  • I love Wendy Williams . There is no shame in having problems . She has been thru a lot ! God Bless Wendy 🙏If she needs help , she will owe up to it if she wants too. She is only human .

    Pamela BonillaPamela Bonilla22 kun oldin
  • The pause seemed more like a blank

    Margo CMargo C22 kun oldin
  • Yeah something is definitely off and it's not graves disease I doubt

    Margo CMargo C22 kun oldin
  • People need to stop making excuses for Wendy, get her some help medical or rehab! God please help her!

    Penelope BurnamPenelope Burnam22 kun oldin
  • Wendy replase please pray for her, not talk about her, on that Friday, you could see she was drunk, even Stevie Wonder could hear and see that! Get her some help!

    Penelope BurnamPenelope Burnam22 kun oldin
  • I think it’s time to call it quits 😂

    Leng VueLeng Vue23 kun oldin
  • This Covid will be over November 5 th of 6th of November Lol No high taxes, etc.

    yas cabyas cab23 kun oldin
  • Bruh lmfao that's not no graves disease dawg that's that GOOD good babyyyy 😂😂😂

    Dα. мёииαDα. мёииα23 kun oldin
  • Like in mad tv she says, she looks like a man.

    Sarah JamaliSarah Jamali23 kun oldin
  • Crack

    Mr DMr D23 kun oldin
  • prayers for Wendy,.. plz.

    autumnautumn23 kun oldin
  • Now imagine she was in some type of pain from her actual conditions or had anxiety and these were times she did take a *prescribed* drug? Like xanax or medical marijuana? You know these thangs can make you feel nice. It could be the case 🤷‍♀️ even if she did take something like that or crazier at this point for a different reason why cant everyone just be wishing her well and letting her know you're praying for her peace, health, happines & sobriety. We just be assuming the worst. Yeah, her previous drug problem is a factor, and her behavior was one of those unusual times. We gotta remember she really went through some stuff. That in no way , shape, or form justify drug abuse, however I can empathize. If she does need help, i truly hope she gets it. Her well being is what matters. Not her drug of choice yall

    Jamy SaloméJamy Salomé23 kun oldin
  • Space cadet

    Ladyhazeleyes TammyLadyhazeleyes Tammy23 kun oldin
  • The woman in the middle is EXACTLY RIGHT PERIODT.

    Ethan HouserEthan Houser23 kun oldin
  • She always said she was a functioning addict an could get high while she worked....

    Blanca MirandaBlanca Miranda23 kun oldin
  • I agree with you Keisha 💯. I think her staff are terrified of her. It's her way or the highway. I wonder if they don't care for good reason though. Hard situation.

    SourCherry BlastersSourCherry Blasters23 kun oldin
  • The three of you are not really concerned for Wendy Williams...it's destructive gossip Wendy Williams has done an amazing job with her career...she has done fine without your fake concern whatever is wrong you three spreading the gossip certainly won't help....worry about your own lives and leave the woman alone.

    amber waveamber wave24 kun oldin
  • Where the heck is Bernie? He's definitely her manager and he should have intervened immediately if not sooner, my god. Somebody should have stepped up. Now everyone is speaking up probably of most her team whom were highly embarrassed. I was sitting at home with tears rolling down my face and saying my worst fears have came to a reality. I knew it was going to happen just thought that no one on her team would let it go this far. Addiction is a dirty and filthy situation and her disease told her that no one would pick up on it just keep business as usual. As many of rehabs she's been in she is not listening to the professionals only her disease how awful..........where's her family? And whete is Medina.

    Boo Boo WrightBoo Boo Wright24 kun oldin