Welcome To The Purge | Ep. 1170

11-Yan, 2021
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All the tech platforms ban Trump and deplatform Parler; the media bay for conservative heads; and House Democrats push toward a second impeachment.
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  • Joe has a very scary insurance policy to keep him safe while in office. He is using Kamala as a human shield, nothing will happen to him because she will be a lot worse in office. It is a diabolical plan.

    Edward WarwickEdward WarwickKun oldin
  • Four years ago, there was not a peaceful transition of power. Obama was leaving office as Trump became president. Obama had Trumps campaign spied on, wire tapped and smeared. Obama conspired to overthrow a dually elected president, he had political loyalists in the FBI, DOJ and media run the coup to get Trump impeached. Joe, the illegitimate occupant of the white house is a squatter.

    Edward WarwickEdward WarwickKun oldin
  • if you post or report something inappropriate on a social platform you can get it removed or banned? Doesnt that also go against your idea of freedom of speech?

    AlexAlexKun oldin
  • Oh boy - and here I wrote on your piece from Jan 7th that I fear it would be a fire of Reichstag - and this piece shows that it kind of is. Not the Crystal Night. It's a big surprise that allowed those in power to do what they wanted to do, but couldn't do otherwise (Don't let the good crisis go to waste). But it's true, as Ben points out, that comparisons are only that - it's not a fixed pattern. "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme" ;)

    Miś KoralgolMiś KoralgolKun oldin
  • Hey I seen video bye Andy Nuo he is great reporter, better than CNN, I don't think they covered Seattle or Portland Ely Schafer also a good reporter covering ANTIFA/BLM summer riots.

    Randall BushnellRandall BushnellKun oldin
  • Al Sharpton is DEFINITELY A RACIST, listen to his rants, he is crazy and very dangerous.

    Randall BushnellRandall BushnellKun oldin
  • My mother in law is a refuge from Cuba and she says that what's been happening in the last months is what happened in Cuba. They started dividing the people first!

    B JoB Jo2 kun oldin
  • I hope all of you guys keep a list (links) amongst yourselves (conservative hosts) so you can help people find you all

    Kanani F.Kanani F.3 kun oldin
  • The Capitol riots were 100% obvious and predictable to everyone EXCEPT CAPITOL SECURITY FORCES? A non-false flag, false flag operation... allow the idiots in and blame half the country for what the idiots do.

    DocSidersDocSiders3 kun oldin
  • Leftists... long ago captured and corrupted almost all our Institutions. Only the military rank and file and law enforcement survive... And those only in part.

    DocSidersDocSiders3 kun oldin
  • Wanted to share this too: uzworld.info/player/video/kG6ni5iPg9faoXg

    tahitianflowertahitianflower3 kun oldin
  • Culture is no longer upstream of politics. Look at what’s happening. The constitution has been ignored. I never knew that could happen. Why has it been done?

    Vickie LeeVickie Lee4 kun oldin
  • Every person that destroyed peoples lives and burn down buildings should have been put in prison for a long long time. Yes storming the capital Was very wrong. But the lives and beatings and destruction of America’s greatest cities was a travesty just as well

    Vickie LeeVickie Lee4 kun oldin
  • The right does not have the supreme court. That was made very clear.

    Vickie LeeVickie Lee4 kun oldin
  • Ben, they do not come on the show because they are petrified.

    Vickie LeeVickie Lee4 kun oldin
  • Dems have made promises to big business. Money is all they want. Screw the country.

    Vickie LeeVickie Lee4 kun oldin
  • YES!!! haha it was only a matter of time before he would advertise Black Rifle!!

    Sam BrindleSam Brindle4 kun oldin
  • 13:30 Dude, Alex Jones was always the voice of reasoning lmao xD.

    heisenmountain Bheisenmountain B4 kun oldin
  • well just tried to sub to your sight and it wouldnt let me put my month in on my card month

    Badger 1Badger 14 kun oldin
  • I really never considered myself conservative or republican, but after actually listening to Ben Shapiro and others and seeing and realizing how many lies the left and the media feed us, I guess that I am a republican. The problem, in my opinion, is that people in the left don’t want to listen to see where they are wrong, but I like to see all sides and make a decision, I am open to change my mind. I drew the line when they took out Parler. This is not okay. The left should be worried too, after taking out Parler. This is a threat to our freedom of speech, and we should all be in the same page, yet freedom of speech is now just a republican thing. What they don’t realize is that by silencing others you are only silencing yourself in the future.

    Memeliette AbroadMemeliette Abroad5 kun oldin
  • 9:23

    Preponderant SamaelPreponderant Samael5 kun oldin
  • After ALL THE BLATANT CALL FOR VIOLENCE AND UPRISINGS BY DEMOCRAT LEADERS I DONT WANT TO HEAR ANYONE BLAME TRUMP!!! You can stand up to something without being accused of inciting violence! And we all know its BS!! We can condemn violence & still point out the hypocrisy and point out what this is really about

    Sharose hSharose h5 kun oldin
  • To blame Trump for what happened not because really believe he incited violence but because youre now mad theyre coming after all of us is bs! That basically saying dont stand up to them too much because theyll take our rights away

    Sharose hSharose h5 kun oldin
  • Fox New is fake new for disabling comments when Trump's failures show

    Boris CariasBoris Carias5 kun oldin
  • Should I get rid on Facebook and Instagram???

    Xanthia McdermottXanthia Mcdermott5 kun oldin
  • Love Black Rifle Coffee Company! As a Vet and retiree, thank you to those that support Matt Best and his Vet crew! Nice that they are sponsoring you Ben!

    D MoneyD Money5 kun oldin
  • Seems like the only standard to achieve the blue checkmark is to be intolerant to other ideas and ethinicities.

    Jon GravesJon Graves6 kun oldin
  • Ben I love listening to you and I have tremendous respect for you. But I would like to hear your thoughts on the birth of the United States? Were the men and women that revolted against their king and country evil? At what point is physical force permitted? I would assume you don't think if someone came to your home to pillage you would feel that defending it with force would be evil. But it seems like in defense of something much more precious ( your liberties ) you are suggesting that force is an evil and treasonous act..... So the question is when is it permissible to fight back against a tyrannical government? How far do they get to push you towards the cliff before its ok to shove back ?

    Richard EdgingtonRichard Edgington6 kun oldin
  • “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”

    LadsinLadsin6 kun oldin
  • Student pumping up two classmates into fight is not the same as the Principal doing it.... C"mon Benjamin, context matters, and you're being disingenuous with the framing of your argument. The POTUS has ultimate authority and responsibility for the words used regardless of 1st ammendment. You of all people should know that.... SMH

    EJ GonzalezEJ Gonzalez6 kun oldin
  • You should get on Rumble. I'd like to leave UZworld behind for good.

    Michelle ShaMichelle Sha6 kun oldin
  • Ben I think you need to look @ the 5G issue. It may? or will answer a ton of questions. Talk to Brigadier General Robert Spalding, great interview with Patrick Bet-David

    Garry ShearerGarry Shearer6 kun oldin
    • uzworld.info/player/video/oXGufdeif7fco2c

      Garry ShearerGarry Shearer6 kun oldin
  • "thePurge" its happening here in the "Great White North" as well

    Garry ShearerGarry Shearer6 kun oldin
  • Happy Birthday Ben. Stay sharp

    Eddie GarciaEddie Garcia6 kun oldin
  • Of course the left is trying this again. Like they said in 1865- “the south will rise again” Those were Dimocrats. Looks like it took em a while but they took notes from the NASDP and did the same exact thing Hitler did to gain power and it worked.

    live2ride18live2ride186 kun oldin
  • I would be surprised or what's more impressed if Trump even had a Pinterest account in the first place. Definitely be curious what recipes, gardening, and crafts he put on there 😆

    Drive Beep BeepDrive Beep Beep6 kun oldin
  • What else buy a purge by those interest he threatens! America betrayed from within!

    14344lem14344lem6 kun oldin
  • 6:14 Here's maybe a good reason why, you say you want to be able to disagree with liberals (and actually, your Sunday Show Special is pretty good) but then the rest of the time you undermine your own argument. arcdigital.media/ben-shapiros-playbook-6f76470b8bdc "...Shapiro doesn’t get to gleefully wage limitless culture war for years and years and then suddenly decry the violent state of our public forum. Shapiro doesn’t get to be who he’s been for half a decade, and now glide above the ruins he’s helped create as some sort of disillusioned onlooker."

    September2004September20046 kun oldin
  • I was warned in October of 2019 - not a typo - when I told someone that I really liked Ben Shapiro. The person I was talking with looked at me, as her eyes opened wide, and said in a hushed voice, "make sure you don't let anyone else around here hear you say that." I responded that I wasn't going to hide my opinions nor beliefs in order to fit in. She immediately began to distance herself from me.

    Rachelle JonesRachelle Jones6 kun oldin
  • who care? pick up football

    TheRikkariknaTheRikkarikna6 kun oldin
  • like Mcarthism, except worse. i have never supported conservatism, i still don't , and always leaned on the left, but im European, so it is a bit different, but my principle is that freedom of speech is there for everyone.

    Loulou Von SpielLoulou Von Spiel6 kun oldin
  • Happy Birthday Ben! Regards from Germany :)

    DN HGDN HG6 kun oldin
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Sara SindiSara Sindi6 kun oldin
  • Remind me again how the Democratic Party is the party of “the resistance”.

    SchwedeBllzSchwedeBllz6 kun oldin
  • Well, Joe Biden did say he was censoring the internet

    ixpixp6 kun oldin
  • video and screen shots for testimony shortly in supreme court-you will see

    seraphim soldierseraphim soldier6 kun oldin
  • good day, we have more than enough evidence to have the judicial courts in Florida investigated and the "D.O.J" will not....people are being targeted for showing other people their rights and the law of the constitution by arresting them....witnesses and sworn statements with the states own paperwork as evidence of corrupt judges, media and police trying to stop people from learning the constitution via force and arrest....this corruption that the president is having with the media is because they are aware of all we are showing people in the constitution and by the supreme court law still standing cases.....our team has also noticed how the democratic party and the media are getting away with "libel, slander, defamation" and the courts and public are acting like nothing unlawful is taking place by doing this which is against the law....we can prove each and every corruption dates back to wuhan to silence all protests,which americans were seeing how the people in wuhan were protesting and noticing a pattern which we have exposed and shown the world....facebook was quick to take down all sites that belong to me when they saw how many laws were being broken and we were exposing with "still standing case"....since that time all youtube and other media accounts have been {shadowed-or- snoozed} so that no on can see the real facts behind the scenes that no one is talking about-and why are they not ?.....i can show each fact and wrong being done by law which all attorneys who work for the b.a.r are covering for....this is not a personal vendetta nor heroic to show everyone all that i have found that is not being addressed....i have been researching real constitutional law for over 17 years and cant believe the amount of treason going on in each court which{PRESIDENT TRUMP} is trying to expose for a good reason-shows why he is being attacked so hard by the left....they know they have a prison sentence ahead if they are ever exposed....take this into consideration and if we talk and feel im just another nut-cook or extremist -you can forget all i have shown you....but if im right after you fact check "?".....here is one major part of the problem that almost all Americans are now aware of and have had enough of this corruption....my grandfathers and my father did not fight in ww2 and Korea for this kind of corrupt mentality..... The practice of Law CAN NOT be licensed by any state/State. (Schware v. Board of Examiners, 353 U.S. 238, 239) The practice of Law is AN OCCUPATION OF COMMON RIGHT! (Sims v. Aherns, 271 S.W. 720 (1925)).....when we were showing people the constitution- and where to find the facts at any and all online law schools,we were stopped in our tracks....this is happening all over the country....now many know why.....please get in touch just to hear me out and what my team has done for our country just in {REAL FACT CHECKING} that the media cant let out to the public...it cant be a conspiracy theory if its happened before-conspiracy facts are far more damaging...thank you for taking the time in this short letter...we appreciate all you do for the viewers and the country...."those who tell the truth that fear retaliation are still stronger than those who don't"....direct quote from Ronnie Davis-a victim of treason in Florida

    seraphim soldierseraphim soldier6 kun oldin
  • This reminds me of the book "The Reputation Economy" by Michael Fertik...

    Zakary SavinskiZakary Savinski6 kun oldin
  • Watch trump start his own Facebook Twitter, UZworld and put them all out of business. That would be sweet revenge

    Jackson DanielsonJackson Danielson7 kun oldin
  • The American Sesame Street too, all leftist ideas. I wish they could just provide us with a fricken kids' show instead of shoving all their philosophies into our faces.

    Vincent NootVincent Noot7 kun oldin
  • for two tweets that did not incite violence, wth ... so glad you are here...

    DanTheManIOMDanTheManIOM7 kun oldin
  • Let's say you had an employee, let's say his name is... Rudy... and around the time you gave a speech exhorting your supporters to stay strong, he got up to the microphone and added that your supporters should march up to a government building and take it over, interrupting the government duties going on there. You might decide pretty soon afterward that Rudy should be working somewhere else and that you need some less volatile employees. Thanks to ZipRecruiter, you might be able to find a replacement for Rudy within the next week or so!

    Jason PrattJason Pratt7 kun oldin
  • is there a platform I don't have to be on that I can get these videos? I feel like getting off youtube. I like all of the daily wire people, timcast, and the Hondge twins. I actually real enjoy the dark horse podcast as well. is there anywhere I can go outside of youtube to keep getting all of this?

    Evan NagelEvan Nagel7 kun oldin
  • Why is Ben still up? Because he’s controlled op

    Jason BannersJason Banners7 kun oldin
  • But they didn't do anything with the riots in 41 cities that antifa burned.

    Cat FyreCat Fyre7 kun oldin
  • I switched to Goya coffee...

    Damian GrouseDamian Grouse7 kun oldin
  • Arnold married into the Kennedy family...I’m surprised anyone ever believed he was a conservative.

    Damian GrouseDamian Grouse7 kun oldin
  • Goodbye America.... It was really nice knowing you :-(

    GENX'dGENX'd7 kun oldin
  • Arnold’s dad was literally a Nazi. Look it up. So eff him.

    Drew AnselmoDrew Anselmo7 kun oldin
  • The people who say it was like kristallnacht, are the same people who say trump is hitler. Just a bunch of morons who can't think for themselves and regurgitate what they hear for shock value. This was much more similar to the Beer Hall Melee.

    SodiumTriphosphateSodiumTriphosphate7 kun oldin
  • Careful about using the word fight. The dems may think we are storming movie theaters

    J CJ C7 kun oldin
  • I posted a 2 minute video on UZworld about how Christ is the light and can give life. It was only audio with the video being the text of what I was saying. UZworld said I violated their community guidelines and that my video, about Christ, is inappropriate for younger audiences. I am happy to share the transcript of that video with anyone and then please tell me how that can possibly violate community guidelines. At the bottom of their email they said I can appeal their decision. But when I wanted to appeal, they said that appealing is not available for my violation. There was no copyright strike or anything like that. It is not about Trump. It is about you. Thanks Big Tech.

    Armin KritzingerArmin Kritzinger7 kun oldin
  • Ben is 100% right on every point.

    Michael TroinaMichael Troina7 kun oldin
  • I would highly encourage Parler to start a campaign for developing their own independent server(s). They need a financially driven movement. If people who disagree with what's going on joined together in boycotting these companies and supporting the growth of businesses like Parler, even just a little, then they'd have a fighting chance. This is a clear abuse of power by these modern day robber barons.

    Jordan PearsonJordan Pearson7 kun oldin
  • Love you brother keep up the great work

    bill whaleybill whaley7 kun oldin
  • LOL. Conservatives should be leading the impeachment to get the nutters out of their movement. How do they plan to continue as a political movement if mainstream conservatism no longer accepts election results and attempts violent coup's? That's not a political movement that's a domestic terrorist organization. Shapiro and co are done.

    Peter SmithPeter Smith7 kun oldin
  • "Okay... it's like Die Hard... in a school... if the school was Columbine"

  • They were all agents to further there agenda full fucking stop

    mistik thiknessmistik thikness7 kun oldin
  • Why doesn’t Trump just make a public announcement if he is banned from all these media platform he the president isn’t he? And conservatives gave the opportunity to limit free speech by the event that happened at the Capital take responsibility of your words and actions instead of blaming the left for every bad thing that happens

    Javier LopezJavier Lopez7 kun oldin
  • 👍

    Alex Carpe DiemAlex Carpe Diem7 kun oldin
  • The daily wire episodes are being deleted?

    Nathan PenaNathan Pena8 kun oldin
  • Calling for the removal of Conservative lawmakers is a strategic move to make it easier for Liberals to pass laws with little/no opposition. Even with a majority, they still need to rely on everyone voting along party lines in order to pass things. If there are fewer R's in place, they need fewer D's to ensure a majority vote.

    Andy MartinAndy Martin8 kun oldin
  • Maybe it's just me on a Star Trek binge but he looks like a Vulcan 🖖 with emotion. I like it and his points make sense to me

    Billy SeyferBilly Seyfer8 kun oldin
  • I think it was Neitchze who said "be careful when dealing with monsters one must be careful not to become a monster in the process". Antifa may have started as an intelligent & needed Force for good. Now it would not be surprising to see them having book burning sessions. Any group that keeps certain college professors from teaching or physically tries to keep people like Ben Shapiro from speaking needs to be strongly opposed. Even for a true liberal the old adage still applies, " I may not agree with what you have to say but i will fight for your right to say it". Sounds simplistic & old fashioned but when you look at the censorship thats going on in social media, we are no longer fighting Tipper Gore over putting warning labels on Ozzy Osborne albums. Guess who the monsters are now?

    shaggy stoneshaggy stone8 kun oldin
  • Why does no one talk about that time a few months ago when protesters were trying to break into the White House? There are two main differences: 1: The White House crowd were faced by the appropriate number of police and Secret Service members. The Capitol Building crowd were not. Was this deliberate and, if so (the lack of police), then shouldn't the State Leader be held to account? 2: The crowd that broke into the Capitol Building looked like the dog that caught the car. They were surprised that got in. Strangest (so called) coup ever where they just wandered around taking selfies and photos with statues. Does anyone doubt what the crowd of the White House would have done if they got in? The White House would have been a smoking ruin by now but apparently this is alright.

    Shovel GuggelheimShovel Guggelheim8 kun oldin
  • Something tells me he wants you to subscribe. Is he only now waking up to neofeudalism? It's old money v new money window dressed as neoliberalism and conservatism. If you're invited into someones house they can chuck you out if they don't like what you are saying, but you are able to shout from the street As he also attempts to cause division by stoking up suspicoun. 7:54 is just twitterverse bullshit really, real people wont dismiss anyone out of hand.

    inbox0000inbox00008 kun oldin
  • Having the right to speak freely does not require that others provide the soapbox from which to do it... Twitter, FB, Google (UZworld) are not banning conservative voices wanting to rigorously debate public policy, i.e. Ben Shapiro. They are enforcing their own terms of use and terminating those that incite violence and peddle dangerous falsehoods, i.e. ISIS, Donald J. Trump, QAnon... Try your hardest to not threaten other users and call for the hanging of the Vice President and other elected officials and you should probably be good...

    Christopher ShanerChristopher Shaner8 kun oldin
  • The movie looks awesome.

    Michael BigamMichael Bigam8 kun oldin
  • This country was founded by free speech. It played a huge role in its inception. There were things you couldn’t say back then and could face punishment for saying. We are now living in an increasingly digital age. We do things more than half time over a laptop or phone. I don’t care if these tech overlords consider themselves a private entity but they’ve created a way of communicating that applies to our values as Americans. The idea of someone being shut down for voicing an opinion is not only un American but flat out fascistic. Our government needs to take action. We need to fight back. I’m not calling for violence I’m fully aware they’ll use my words to take me out but we cannot let it happen. Call your representatives and demand they take action. Get the word out. Subscribe while you canto conservative or at least Pro free speech platforms.

    WilliamWallace Of the USWilliamWallace Of the US8 kun oldin
  • Sharpton is a creep.

    miss prissymiss prissy8 kun oldin
  • SO, STOP putting people in boxes! I've heard you say that you HATE to be labeled, that YOU hate to be put in a group with people, but you do it incessantly. STOP! You're not helping.

    Rico BelledRico Belled8 kun oldin
  • Ben Shapiro is completely washing his hands of this. He doesn’t think that his rhetoric in any way fueled what happened in Washington.

    Jesus RamonesJesus Ramones8 kun oldin
    • It didn't.

      Matt FlashgordonMatt Flashgordon7 kun oldin
  • The Dems will stuff America,,,just watch your right go out the door...

    Martin WrightMartin Wright8 kun oldin
  • Ben, I expect a lot more from you as a Harvard lawyer and political commentator. You have some serious blind spots: In "The RIght SIde of History" you write that "[The West] defeated the Nazis and the Communists" ignoring that the CCP infiltration of all US cultural and political institutions is the most serious threat to the US today. You call the allegations of 2020 voter fraud a lie but surely hundreds of sworn affidavits are evidence that should be heard in a court? Please watch this Chinese American who connects the dots: uzworld.info/player/video/qLGrrq56e6KYppo Diana Reinhard Jerusalem Attachments area Preview UZworld video Famous Chinese Scholar: What's Behind the 2020 Election is A Communist Revolution in America

    Diana and Andrew ReinhardDiana and Andrew Reinhard8 kun oldin
  • President Trump did "NOT" say to his supporters to go and Destroy Congress!!!!! Don't say that he did, when he did "NOT"..The Dems said "NOTHING" when 7 Cities were being Burnt and looted?........

    Martin WrightMartin Wright8 kun oldin
  • Get James Corbett from the corbett report on your show!

    William RollinsWilliam Rollins8 kun oldin
  • Go to their website... while they still have one.

    badtolz2122badtolz21228 kun oldin
  • Birch and moan wow, over in your face voter fraud, ?? Ben, I don't know what to Think about you anymore, you walk that fine line, ( but, I'm on your side ), whose side remains to be seen.

    Greg BergGreg Berg8 kun oldin
  • "build our own bank." Decentralized from the government Global network Cannot be confiscated Easy to transport Bitcoin

    OneBlurredEdgeOneBlurredEdge8 kun oldin
  • It’s almost as if those companies are too big and should be broken up

    Jesus RamonesJesus Ramones8 kun oldin
  • Damn, Ben. You really are a sell out. You're plenty smart to do the research and find the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud. If you really cared about truth more than anything else, you wouldn't be so anti-Trump. Wonder what [they] have on you..

    Hannah SpurlingHannah Spurling8 kun oldin
  • All statues removed, all founding fathers villified. The flag will be viewed as a symbol of racism and oppression. Bases , bridges , cities renamed on the bases of fairness... All coming to a town near you , all of that without a single shot being fired . Took them 70 years but Krushchev said that the destruction of the USA would come from within. You gotta give it to these Communist Dems , they are ruthless

    Carlos MoralesCarlos Morales8 kun oldin
  • Fly the American flag upside down to symbolize a signal of dire distress

    BritBrit8 kun oldin
  • I saw a post on Facebook and this woman said, and I quote, "Great job to Joe Biden for beating Trump. Now all that's left to do is purge all the Republicans. Let's make Auschwitz look like a picnic." Honestly... How are you gonna ban Trump from Facebook because you don't like him and NOT ban something like this?!

    Republican MindRepublican Mind8 kun oldin
  • When they all inevitably eat their own, the last man standing still with platform will be Tom from Myspace. (Everyone's 1st friend)

    eLi FILMSeLi FILMS8 kun oldin

    KFROEKFROE8 kun oldin
  • 29:20

    Ben LevinBen Levin8 kun oldin
  • Like I just told someone else: Democrats are just getting started. Next week they will require all of us to not only agree with them but you had best learn how to pucker up because they will also require a lot of ass-kissing.....Like you mean it.😉

    Helen AdamietzHelen Adamietz8 kun oldin
  • 26:38

    Ben LevinBen Levin8 kun oldin
  • I feel we are observing the end of the USA.

    jjmytubejjmytube8 kun oldin
    • nah,, just the changing of the guards,, we got this....

      Judd SullivanJudd Sullivan7 kun oldin