28-Sen, 2020
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  • Duce, it's a mutha uckin set up. In this film don't eat the cake!! 🤦🤔

    Andre WicksAndre Wicks2 kun oldin
  • 😍😍🥺🥺💔💔.

    MarchTooFineMarchTooFine12 kun oldin
  • Dash needs a diet💀💀

    Savage SpiceeeSavage Spiceee12 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥💯💯☹️☹️☹️👍🏻👍🏻☹️☹️☹️☹️

    Guadalupe DiazGuadalupe Diaz17 kun oldin
  • God loves you and will never stop loving you. Repent of your sins and give your life to God. ❤❤❤🙏🏾

    Mary WattersMary Watters17 kun oldin
  • Koren looks good lol..

  • Kill the dogs with cake

    Bree WhiteBree White19 kun oldin
  • That dog built a bond with you and you throw him away because you didn’t get him trained.

    Bree WhiteBree White19 kun oldin

    Deja RicchesDeja Ricches20 kun oldin
  • Here dash *throws dog on da floor* Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Louna EveillardLouna Eveillard21 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/fISuf5qCqrXTq3g

    Oriowo Joshua TBJOriowo Joshua TBJ21 kun oldin
  • I remember when Monique had one of her Sunday Dinners and Deuce got out of the house. Monique stood in the hallway doing her interview and said, " She wouldn't care if Deuce got lost and never came back." People thought Monique was joking but I knew she was serious. I also recall when Monique bought that Deuce as a puppy for Deshae as a surprised for him.

    Sensible 92Sensible 9222 kun oldin
  • Poor dash, he looks really sad

    FaithFaith22 kun oldin
  • wait where he goin?

    kaaydiiorkaaydiior22 kun oldin
  • I be dead everytime Brooklyn throw that dog😭 like not the dogggg

    0fficial Marie TV0fficial Marie TV23 kun oldin
  • Aww I love Monique she is doing whats best for her baby girl hope all is well stay frosty ya dig

    Dominique HiltonDominique Hilton23 kun oldin
  • Apparently y'all didn't watch the video Brooklyn is not leaving

    Kenya SamuelKenya Samuel23 kun oldin
  • await why is she leaving again?

    charley browncharley brown23 kun oldin
  • deuce never had a dad

    luvalienz 420luvalienz 42023 kun oldin
  • Dash is giving me very much nickoavacodo vibes

    ManiiiToxicLifeManiiiToxicLife24 kun oldin
  • duce new dad mighty fine 😂😍😍

    lil saintlil saint24 kun oldin
  • Why are they giving him out☹☹

    Derrick DNDDerrick DND24 kun oldin
  • oh he fine

    Skye FendiSkye Fendi24 kun oldin
  • Why tf did my Dyslexic self read the title as “We had to say goodbye to Brooklyn.. This how she left” 🙄🙄 I need some help 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    DJones21DJones2124 kun oldin

      LifeWithJanieceLifeWithJaniece12 kun oldin
    • SAME!! lol. I was like wait I read that wrong.

      La Shanda FrisonLa Shanda Frison20 kun oldin
    • Sariah Grant literally same lol

      Faith Smith-JacksonFaith Smith-Jackson22 kun oldin
    • Sariah Grant 😂😂

      DJones21DJones2123 kun oldin
    • I read it like that tooooo i only peeped cuz of ur comment

      Sariah GrantSariah Grant24 kun oldin
  • The intro is so fire I still love it

    Liyah Da QueenLiyah Da Queen24 kun oldin
  • Y'all happy he is leaving 😔that's sad

    V1bing withjesV1bing withjes25 kun oldin
  • I can tell the dog not happy at all . Monique dtm talking abt - let me not .

    ChristianDlorsChristianDlors25 kun oldin
  • yessss make a youtube

    Jade DipasqualeJade Dipasquale25 kun oldin
  • Is that dog cake

    Pat FrankPat Frank25 kun oldin
  • I remember when Duce was number 2🤣🤣

    McKayla SturdavantMcKayla Sturdavant25 kun oldin
  • dash is fat😭

    prettyluv kayprettyluv kay25 kun oldin
  • I hope that’s dog cake😂😂

    TK D0LLTK D0LL25 kun oldin
  • Why y’all doing skinny dash like dat💔 he gone miss you

    TK D0LLTK D0LL25 kun oldin
  • what breed is duece ???

    Seline RoseSeline Rose26 kun oldin
  • Omgggggggg u could tell me doss get a hold cake look thing are weak here 😂😂😂😂

    Ingrid HindsIngrid Hinds26 kun oldin
  • 🎂🎈

    Bryan CooperBryan Cooper26 kun oldin
  • Everyone thought the dog was being put down 💀

    Im The Real Tammy gonnaIm The Real Tammy gonna26 kun oldin
  • when coryn went out of the toilet i thought he was melmel lol

    tumie segokgotumie segokgo26 kun oldin
    • Sameeeee

      Nisha JonesNisha Jones22 kun oldin
  • I see why y’all getting rid of him. He like a terrible two year old 🤣🤣🤣 I was cracking up when he unfolded the blanket after Brooklyn folded it

    Desiree' JohnsonDesiree' Johnson26 kun oldin
    • No they getting rid of him that’s wack

      Tatiana KelsicTatiana Kelsic24 kun oldin
  • Yall too funny lightin candles for a dog 😂

    THCFeeTHCFee26 kun oldin
  • hey! if u arent already repent and be baptized in Jesus name.💕read ur bible and pray. keep all his commandments they are in Exodus 20

    the0nly JJthe0nly JJ26 kun oldin
  • Jesus is coming repent and be saved❤️✝️

    Ciara WareCiara Ware26 kun oldin
  • 5:44 Duce got a strong neck 🤣 he dodged that cake from getting on him 🤣 lmao

    GOATEDD13GOATEDD1326 kun oldin
  • You need a bigger house

    Ko BeautyKo Beauty26 kun oldin
  • LMAO I thought the dog died😂😭

    _laylay lopez_laylay lopez26 kun oldin
  • Hsle👀

    Jd HayesJd Hayes26 kun oldin
  • first I would like to say its never a vlog without dash😌☝️ and secondly I'm gonna miss deuce😕❤

    Jamila Benjamin romanJamila Benjamin roman26 kun oldin
  • That dog is hideous

  • y’all I’m confused, is Dash just naturally built like that?

    Larissa DashLarissa Dash27 kun oldin
    • 😂😂😂

      Patty PatPatty Pat25 kun oldin
  • y’all I’m confused, is Dash just naturally built like that?

    Larissa DashLarissa Dash27 kun oldin
    • Just like that over weight uncle with that slow ass gate and lean. Always ready to eat. That's Dash!

      Andre WicksAndre Wicks2 kun oldin
    • No , he’s just over weight

      Drizzzy KayDrizzzy Kay24 kun oldin
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I'm rolling i was thinking the same thing

      Serena ARCHERSerena ARCHER25 kun oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Ebony XoEbony Xo25 kun oldin
  • they should do chucos reaction

    bonquisha weifabonquisha weifa27 kun oldin
  • Hey, I just wanted to say, u need to get right with God before it’s to late. Hell is not fun. U need to repent and read your bible before it’s to late . He’s almost coming he’s showing us sighs

    Cutie SCutie S27 kun oldin
    • 🙏🏽

      Abby LiiAbby Lii21 kun oldin
    • Signs* :)

      Journee HarrisJournee Harris21 kun oldin
  • “Deuce never had a dad “ 😂💀

    Nikki LopezNikki Lopez27 kun oldin
  • Who else thinks dash needs to lose weight and live with Deshae

    Jasina xJasina x27 kun oldin
    • Tatiana Kelsic bye !! 😭

      official._.Mariyah Channelofficial._.Mariyah Channel21 kun oldin
    • Stopppppp !!! 😭😭😭😭😭

      official._.Mariyah Channelofficial._.Mariyah Channel21 kun oldin
    • Right he gives nickovacodo

      ManiiiToxicLifeManiiiToxicLife24 kun oldin
    • Nah he just needs loose weight so he live longer

      Tatiana KelsicTatiana Kelsic24 kun oldin
    • @Patty Pat 💀

      Plug PenguinPlug Penguin24 kun oldin
  • Why y’all so worried about Brooklyn no wearing her lane chain she don’t always have to wear it and dalane gave her more then one chain so the one she wearing could be another he got for her and they still together like they have said the is never breaking up how many time do they have to say

    Londyn PryorLondyn Pryor27 kun oldin
    • *not

      Londyn PryorLondyn Pryor27 kun oldin
  • The light skin dude wit the tats wooo chile

    NemabeemaNemabeema27 kun oldin
  • Y’all should get duece back

    Naomi SmithNaomi Smith27 kun oldin
  • at 10:30 when she asked duece how he feel he was looking like "bitch how do it look like i feel?" lmfao

    Tay L.Tay L.27 kun oldin
  • Why is he leaving tho

    Lil TopLil Top27 kun oldin
  • I feel bad for dash.

    Jasmin C.Jasmin C.27 kun oldin

    What's up CelebsWhat's up Celebs27 kun oldin
  • “Happy going away to you” when she was holding heem to the cake😂😂😂

    Tiera & myaTiera & mya27 kun oldin
  • BRO I THOUGHT THEY WERE ABOUT TO PUT DASH DOWN. I was all the way wrong 😂

    Jada ChanelJada Chanel27 kun oldin
  • I love Brooklyn new song I'm so proud of her

    Mya SHACOLE MurphyMya SHACOLE Murphy27 kun oldin
  • Brooklyn always got me smiling throughout the video.

    Febine AwuorFebine Awuor27 kun oldin
  • has anyone noticed that Brooklyn and Delane deleted their pictures and highlights together, or its just me.

    TapuwaTapuwa27 kun oldin
    • therealhayshit wait rllyyy

      Abby LiiAbby Lii21 kun oldin
    • therealhayshit she did, why? What happened

      FaithFaith22 kun oldin
    • They didn’t break up they just don’t want people in They business because the Internet is toxic they said why am I Saying they when I was on His live he was saying that he just came from Brooklyn house so I think they still together

      Hey GuysHey Guys23 kun oldin
    • therealhayshit when was this??

      Shay DavisShay Davis23 kun oldin
    • @therealhayshit omg when, how spill the tea.

      TapuwaTapuwa24 kun oldin
  • That is a good thing to do in life only at the time of the day okay.

    Tracy McSwainTracy McSwain27 kun oldin
  • Why was u so happy for him to go I feel like that was evil to get a cake for him leaving

    Melaninbaby. IndieMelaninbaby. Indie27 kun oldin
    • Agreed

      Kiki LoveKiki Love27 kun oldin
  • Nobody noticed they all wearing black 😭it's not a funeral 😪

    Yetunde NimotalaiYetunde Nimotalai27 kun oldin
  • How old is quaren??

    Dai TaylorDai Taylor27 kun oldin
  • Why is he leaving ??

    dreia got the keysdreia got the keys27 kun oldin
  • Corn didn't have much to say... he came out the bathroom with a doookie bootie!! Lmmfao . .no tissue

    King LeeKing Lee27 kun oldin
  • Hey mo mo how’s your day going

    Sara ChisumSara Chisum27 kun oldin
  • Why is dash face white???like his soul left his body many years ago😭😭😭😭😭😭

    C. HudsonC. Hudson27 kun oldin
    • Oh my-😭😭💀

      leilaniileilanii24 kun oldin
    • C. Hudson Dash is a old man dog. God bless him.

    • . oh okay...because the way I see it the lord on his way to come in get that dog

      C. HudsonC. Hudson25 kun oldin
    • U rude😂😂😂😂

      Amoy RobinsonAmoy Robinson25 kun oldin
    • I think that’s how animals gray when they get old.

      Joyful JBJoyful JB26 kun oldin
  • U betta tell her to make a vlog

    Keira BygraveKeira Bygrave27 kun oldin
  • Love y'all 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

    Etika RibssEtika Ribss27 kun oldin
  • Cash prize for my first 50 subscribers 💕

    Keepingup WithKeKeepingup WithKe27 kun oldin
  • Great you're giving away your dog that's nice of you 😥

    L DL D28 kun oldin
  • I like duece, come to Cali duece✨

    Amber RosemondAmber Rosemond28 kun oldin
  • Why is he going

    Paradise KParadise K28 kun oldin
  • Why y’all thought the dog died LMFAOO WTF

    KayKay28 kun oldin
  • Ima miss Duce 😢 Koren must of really wanted him to wait 5 months atleast you know he will be cared for.

    Xana SunnerXana Sunner28 kun oldin
  • 25% of you people did comment before watching the vlog,,,y'all tripin

    Lanae_ SlyLanae_ Sly28 kun oldin
  • We wanna check in on Duece

    Mukbang NishMukbang Nish28 kun oldin
  • So what's gonna happen to Brooklyn & delane

    dylan mcfarlanedylan mcfarlane28 kun oldin
  • She probably clean the chain

    Kennedy AustinKennedy Austin28 kun oldin
  • And he followed brook on Instagram

    Kennedy AustinKennedy Austin28 kun oldin
  • Brooklyn still following lane on Instagram

    Kennedy AustinKennedy Austin28 kun oldin
  • Yes keep us posted on duce

    missthing 617missthing 61728 kun oldin
  • Sometimes I think y’all supporters are reallyyyyy dumb just bc she not wearing his necklace doesn’t justify anything...like are y’all slow 🥴🤨

    l'niyah coatesl'niyah coates28 kun oldin
  • No cap dash look like a gremlin

    Hootie TVHootie TV28 kun oldin
  • Why the dog leaving?

    ForeverGlockinForeverGlockin28 kun oldin
  • I thought dlane was the dad

    Sapphyre TaylorSapphyre Taylor28 kun oldin
    • That is what I said

      Nina MarieNina Marie28 kun oldin
  • Does anybody know Why is Deuce leaving tho ?

    Ti-Ti Rey ReyTi-Ti Rey Rey28 kun oldin
    • Keshia Danea 😂😂😂

      Ti-Ti Rey ReyTi-Ti Rey Rey28 kun oldin
    • Im Just Commenting So I Can Be Notified When Someone Comments With The Answer 🤣

      Keshia DaneaKeshia Danea28 kun oldin
  • So the people in the comments in the last video was right y’all saying goodbye to the dogs😂😂😂

    Mya So LitMya So Lit28 kun oldin
  • y Brooklyn not wearing her Da'lane necklace

    Brooklynn JuneBrooklynn June28 kun oldin
    • Brooklynn June no it’s not true lane said just a few days ago they together but it wasn’t in a video tho it was something posted on someone’s story so it’s prolly gone now but yea

      Londyn PryorLondyn Pryor26 kun oldin
    • @Londyn Pryor i heard something about them breaking up is that true do you know

      Brooklynn JuneBrooklynn June26 kun oldin
    • She don’t always have to wear it and he gave her more then one chain so that could be one of them

      Londyn PryorLondyn Pryor27 kun oldin
  • Whats dashes owner ig??

    Life Of TamiaLife Of Tamia28 kun oldin
    • Korenjohnson3

      Ariana RileyAriana Riley28 kun oldin
  • Tyler look so good bruh .. she got like this good girl image look 😍😍😍🥰🥰 I want her

    Billy SmithBilly Smith28 kun oldin
  • Unpopular opinion- coryn fineeee😭😍

    Marie CarterMarie Carter28 kun oldin
    • I was thinking the sameee thing

      ńyła bńyła b26 kun oldin
  • chuco prob happy ash

    kimmy lynchkimmy lynch28 kun oldin