We Filled This Bean Bag With Something Awful • Awesome Time Reboot #1

6-Mar, 2021
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Awesome Time is back!! The series went away for a while to find itself, and now it's returned with a new look that's even more awesome than ever.
In the first episode of the rebooted series, Eric ambushes his coworkers with an odd game show, samples Mustard Soda corn dogs, and convinces Miles to sit an a chair that's....odd. What does this all have in common? It's all awesome!
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00:00 - We're Back!
01:08 - Cooking With Candy
03:19 - Golden Gummy Challenge
04:59 - Touch, Taste, Take It Home!
06:29 - Stupid Science
09:43 - Fan Art Challenge

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  • Well we brought it BAAAACKK!!! Let us know which segment you liked in the comments.

    Vat19Vat19Oy oldin
    • I liked everything but the awesome time song killed me lmao

      Christopher PfummerlChristopher Pfummerl14 kun oldin
    • @ALICIA LAU ZI XUAN Moe no ur the 7th

      Cotten's Blue HeartCotten's Blue Heart22 kun oldin
    • Cut down the editing.

      stormhackvideosstormhackvideos28 kun oldin
    • It’s ok

      Marie EvansMarie Evans29 kun oldin
    • cool

      Veronica WattVeronica WattOy oldin
  • Fill it with beans

    country boy mudding gta 5country boy mudding gta 517 soat oldin
  • This is actually awesome, it's like A Vat19 Idiot Box. I love it.

    GrandpaGrandpa3 kun oldin
  • I liked the begining

    bugsbunnykid06bugsbunnykid068 kun oldin
  • O

    Piglet Cookie crumblesPiglet Cookie crumbles8 kun oldin
  • this is like watched a vat19 version of robot chicken and I love it

    RavRav10 kun oldin
  • Science best

    Kirsten AshKirsten Ash10 kun oldin
  • i wonder who writes the comments? (from vat19)

    StarySkyz GachaStarySkyz Gacha12 kun oldin
  • The New Awesome Time

    Sammy's Go RecordingSammy's Go Recording17 kun oldin
  • r fgrt he is gf*dvdfffdfddfff

    Crystalyne RoxasCrystalyne Roxas17 kun oldin
  • i wanted them to eat all the beans in the beanbags together

    Pamela ErwinPamela Erwin19 kun oldin
  • this plays like a 2012 shitpost and i love it

    TheNexusTheNexus20 kun oldin

    DarkchargerDarkcharger23 kun oldin
  • 1:59 aren’t knives already flat? 😂

    Firestar WarriorsFirestar Warriors24 kun oldin
  • Vat19 is when mrbeast and amazon had a baby

    JacoRPlaysJacoRPlays25 kun oldin
  • I liked the cookin' one

    Man of the PicklesMan of the Pickles26 kun oldin
  • fill it with your enemy's blood

    Dino ParsconeDino Parscone26 kun oldin
  • Me: cOuGh Also me: I can't stop coughing

    PumpPump27 kun oldin
  • Keep it up love u btw Jamie laughed when he won like he just got a dog treat

    Taib mughalTaib mughal28 kun oldin
  • this feels like primary school STEM shit

    DampBongoDampBongo28 kun oldin
  • Wayyyyyy too much editing.

    stormhackvideosstormhackvideos28 kun oldin
    • i mean its the first episode of the reboot its going to take some time for them to get back in the groove of their new style of awesome time im sure they are going to change and fix things

      Chris LarsonChris Larson26 kun oldin
  • I’m so glad Eric is back! Also I wish Sarah was I. More videos

    Philippa PobletePhilippa Poblete29 kun oldin
  • 9:31 lol

    joão luchtenbergjoão luchtenberg29 kun oldin
  • BEANS:)

    Maren WestinMaren WestinOy oldin
  • I love awesome time

    Sarah NilsonSarah NilsonOy oldin
  • The pottery🤣😂😂😂

    Paid HugsPaid HugsOy oldin
  • How do u send fan art ????????

    Ava AnimateAva AnimateOy oldin
  • Im playing the vat19 jingle at my funeral so yall BETTER come. I invited you.

    XVxnillaXWolfXXVxnillaXWolfXOy oldin
  • Who needs ads when you have these

    XVxnillaXWolfXXVxnillaXWolfXOy oldin
  • Who is the winner

    did you know how win MacLeariedid you know how win MacLearieOy oldin
  • where gonna EEEEDUMM!

    Sabelle Raeka AguirreSabelle Raeka AguirreOy oldin
  • Eric isn’t funny bring back Jamie

    SekamekSekamekOy oldin
  • Wait nevermind it sucks

    SekamekSekamekOy oldin
    • yeah the editing is too much

      Sarah NilsonSarah NilsonOy oldin

    SekamekSekamekOy oldin
  • Omg! Eric is back

    XxMɪɴᴛʏCʜɪᴘXxXxMɪɴᴛʏCʜɪᴘXxOy oldin
    • he has been back for months now

      Chris LarsonChris Larson26 kun oldin
  • I laughed so hard watching this! 🤣🤣🤣

    Graham ReimerGraham ReimerOy oldin
  • Great vids Vat 19

    Miguel MoranteMiguel MoranteOy oldin
  • Ive been trying to get your simpl dimpl but i cant:(

    Charli Orange peelCharli Orange peelOy oldin
    • Whats that

      LierLierOy oldin
  • 4:10 That Throw tho...

    SunSetLivingSunSetLivingOy oldin
  • Make the worlds best vegan gummy and you’ll get at least 5 thousand more sales

    I Belong to YahwehI Belong to YahwehOy oldin
  • I like the old ones

    Alejandro AlarconAlejandro AlarconOy oldin
  • do a fake dimod realistic thingy like a squishy

    Chesse PuffChesse PuffOy oldin
  • Vat 19 should make an vat 19 eye mask i would ask my mum to buy it

    judith gamblejudith gambleOy oldin

    •Just Alan••Just Alan•Oy oldin
  • Let's goooooo

    dermotmeaneydermotmeaneyOy oldin
  • Why is call jimmy the EVIL BOOS

    Chlorin HudanChlorin HudanOy oldin

    Excalibur SonicExcalibur SonicOy oldin
  • Sorry, i like the video but i did put a tums down bc of the food waste..

    Isa FeiffIsa FeiffOy oldin
  • 9:22

    WhittyWhittyOy oldin
  • Hay vat19 make a geint gummy snake

    Qaim Bro videoQaim Bro videoOy oldin
  • Pog

    Simona RaduSimona RaduOy oldin
  • Yes I knew the boss will be evil boss Loll

    SparxSparxOy oldin
  • Vat19, when are you guys gonna start Hidden in Plain Depot aka Hidden in Plain Sight Season 2?

    Lou's_NoodlesLou's_NoodlesOy oldin
  • 3:17 is me wen my mom cooks

    Troyvon VillarandaTroyvon VillarandaOy oldin
  • Me coming back to vat19 5 years later:wait who these people whoa

    •Fat Boi••Fat Boi•Oy oldin
  • Its eric :o

    SurvivalSurvivalOy oldin
  • Can u please make the world's largest ice cream with the world's largest cone that would be a cool video please

    judith gamblejudith gambleOy oldin
  • In ten years I think that everyone in vat19 would still look the same LOL

    ImpxrfectImpxrfectOy oldin
  • owo

    Misty PawsMisty PawsOy oldin
  • awesome

    Sloane SummersSloane SummersOy oldin
  • I wanna try that corn dog thingy

    Guinea pig masterGuinea pig masterOy oldin
  • do u guys realise the smosh food battle song played when eric came

    eetmabalzeetmabalzOy oldin
  • Ever since Eric returned, I hoped and prayed that Awesome Time would come back. My prayers have been answered!

    WolferPolferWolferPolferOy oldin
  • Editing is AMAZING

    Gaz WilliamsGaz WilliamsOy oldin
  • Hi

  • IT'S BACK!!!! 👏👏👏👏 Also the intro is so hilarious 😂

    TomleçTomleçOy oldin
  • I love this series

    Brooklyn CusickBrooklyn CusickOy oldin
  • I swear my I want to send fan art so bad for the challenge, but my parents won't let me ,I dont know why

    Hailey CribbHailey CribbOy oldin
  • Sloan: Skipitty Boop Bah Skipitty Bah Bah Shoots: Bullseye first try!

    JusticeGamezLim Limited runJusticeGamezLim Limited runOy oldin
  • Where is the (can you brake this)challenge

    Thushara PathiranaThushara PathiranaOy oldin
  • Vat19 Should make an app

    BoxssedBoxssedOy oldin
  • 2:50

    Preston ClarkPreston ClarkOy oldin
  • Ik who made that jingle and of course they don’t have the god damn jingle

    Billy bob DogeBilly bob DogeOy oldin
  • Sloane and Eric are literally so funny.

    Strxberry GxmmiesStrxberry GxmmiesOy oldin
  • I actually have that blue beanbag in my room

    Maitzumi rosuMaitzumi rosuOy oldin
  • That banana scene was not needed!! Gross!!

    RANDOM FAMILY DavenportRANDOM FAMILY DavenportOy oldin
  • No One likes you anymore ok Danny and John are better BTW Sloane your not cool or funny.

    LummieLummieOy oldin
    • @Lummie no u

      DtheTeaDtheTeaOy oldin

      LummieLummieOy oldin

      LummieLummieOy oldin
  • Never mind it got here

    Los dos amigos KscLos dos amigos KscOy oldin
  • The evil boss

    davinelavabackdavinelavabackOy oldin
    • Don't you see the wet think in the inside of his arm

      Yassmine ElmasskaouyYassmine ElmasskaouyOy oldin
  • Me being new not knowing Eric everybody else in the comments ERIC IS BACK GUYSSS I MISSED HIM

    Leona LinleyLeona LinleyOy oldin
  • Can u sed the lik of VET 19i can't find the app 😕

    Nemo11yearolddancerNemo11yearolddancerOy oldin
  • im glad i grew up waching this

    Ronald RamosRonald RamosOy oldin
  • Eric reminds me of Anthony DiNozzo from NCIS

    Anaisha VAnaisha VOy oldin
  • I think it would be cool if they made a big candy dog bone

    Wolvesgirl156Wolvesgirl156Oy oldin
  • Yeeeees

    Gegeen AltaisaikhanGegeen AltaisaikhanOy oldin
  • I remember watching these at night and laughing so hard that I woke my parents up

    ShaggySempai Is baeShaggySempai Is baeOy oldin
  • It’s been 25 years!!!

    ShaggySempai Is baeShaggySempai Is baeOy oldin
  • Hay vat19 so I got something from vat19 store and it never got here it was the parachute ball

    Los dos amigos KscLos dos amigos KscOy oldin
  • OMG I was just thinking about how much I missed awesome time and then I realized it was back!!!

    TiggyTigerTiggyTigerOy oldin
  • beanz

    edma06edma06Oy oldin
  • Do a goo jit zu

  • This is so funny 😂

    Madie VanderzwartMadie VanderzwartOy oldin

    khronic CODMkhronic CODMOy oldin
  • Got a vat19 ad while watchimg vat19

    Woomy masterWoomy masterOy oldin
  • Y’all need to do a giant ramen noodle cup

    Zoey GailZoey GailOy oldin
  • When are you going to do more burning questions🙏

    Ben ChungBen ChungOy oldin
  • Y’all should make milk soda

    Greyson LuksemburgGreyson LuksemburgOy oldin
  • still over edited, caption "evil boss" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

    Luke KLuke KOy oldin
  • Letsss gooooo it’s backkkk

    Soviet505UnionSoviet505UnionOy oldin
  • Last awesome time= Eric Leave New awesome time= Eric back

    Enan PedrazaEnan PedrazaOy oldin