We Called Our Stalker! (We Heard His Voice!)

12-Yan, 2021
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Now knowing that the interceptor has been rerouting and blocking their calls to the police all this time, it opens up a whole can of worms with the team, especially when it comes to once again theorizing about this Syphus character and his connection with where the studio is itself. After some heavy deliberation, they decide to take matters into their own hands and go forward with giving him a taste of his own medicine by calling him back. Whether or not this is the man they're looking for or if they even SHOULD be calling him, remains to be seen.
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00:00 - Recap from previous videos as well as a sneak peak at what's to come.
00:46 - Should We Call The Cops?-
With the safe open and its function known, it becomes the question among the group of if they should decide to test the police's phone number and see if it does indeed redirect the call.
03:49 - Crack The Code -
There's a code to open the computer (of course), so the team takes a 10 in order to go over all the possible phrases and passwords they have, just to see if one of them sticks.
06:23 - Call It... -
In order to take a break and step away from the computer for a moment, Matt makes the decision to test and see if the interceptor really is intercepting all of their calls, and makes a quick one to the police station.
07:48 - Well, It Wasn't Them -
After seeing the interceptor in action, the situation now becomes a little more real for the team, especially considering how many times they've attempted to contact the police in the past...
09:32 - The Man Behind The Mask -
With all the current information in mind, this so-called "Syphus" is starting to look more and more crafty and dangerous, especially when adding up all of the events that have happened in the studio thus far...
12:17 - Should We Call? -
One good thing that came out of testing that interceptor was getting a direct number to the Stalker, possibly. It's just the question of if they should call it or not.
15:02 - Should We Turn It Off? -
While unplugging the case was at first seen as the best suggestion, it now might not be as the team discusses what they should do: each step now is seen as more important than before.
16:24 - He Answered -
With the number now in their possession, Matt decides to call the number they saw appear when they activated the interceptor, just to see if the voice he heard before matches if someone picks up. And well, it seems like they might have found their guy...
17:10 - NEXT TIME -
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  • I looked it up

    Hunter ParksHunter ParksSoat oldin
  • It is a laboratory and a sport

    Hunter ParksHunter ParksSoat oldin
  • Try syphus590 as the password for the computer💻💻💻

    Grace McMillanGrace McMillan2 soat oldin
  • If they would of answered on the phone connected to the computer we could of heard it

    KxBro_3KxBro_33 soat oldin
  • Ngl when I too thought they've been calling 911 this whole time

    TomaToma18 soat oldin
  • Imagine if there was a letter in the case with the computer saying a bro ur nerf guns and gopros are say sick thx for them

    Nolan ParsonsNolan Parsons21 soat oldin
  • Woods: call 9-1-1 Matt&Samantha:no Woods:ok Matt&Samantha:ok good so we call Woods:9-1-1 Matt&Samantha: NOOOOO

    Galaxy _ animation foxGalaxy _ animation fox22 soat oldin
  • I love this story and all but if this was real then they would at least tell someone to call the police and report a stalker. Also he has broken in before and that is a major felony. Sorry to spoil the story.

    Shalee #147Shalee #147Kun oldin
  • I think you are getting a phone number because a phone number is 2 sets of 3 then one set of 4. So the 015 and 863 is probably part of a phone number to contact the stalker. Also 590 could be part of the phone number. So all you need is a 4 digit number.

    Zachary PothsZachary PothsKun oldin
  • you should've gotten a burner phone

    Ethan SheldrickEthan SheldrickKun oldin
  • I have 0 respect fo4 the police

    Sharky DinosaurSharky DinosaurKun oldin
  • This whole thing would be a good Netflix series

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  • If he could have been in other units that are unrelated from you doesnt it mean that there could be hidden stuff in other units.

    Ryan The ForgottenRyan The Forgotten2 kun oldin
  • you can tell matt starts to show real emotions near the end, especially when they call the number the last time and he realizes it’s the same guy, they fear/scared look in his face and voice are real

    Carter DaileyCarter Dailey2 kun oldin
  • Try the paper you found in the car that has the picture of the safe where you found the gun it had a password and a name

    Ali AlshariefAli Alsharief2 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry this cant be real. So you're staying if some random person was trying to call the police department they'd get syphus? That makes no sense.

    verrog1verrog12 kun oldin
  • Im catching up on your vids. How you guys/gals deal with this is beyond me. So glad I lead a boring life. To the outside world.....

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  • Turns out “Syphus” is Matt that’s why he was laughing when Sam said it has to be “Syphus”

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  • It's an ninja from Japan

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  • Just telling woods has been sus the whole time this has been going on

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  • How about Syphus590 as password

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  • this is a game of amonug us and woods is the imposter

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  • Wait so I need to know, this is all real or staged or...?

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  • It was going to that person that answers all the calls for the LAPD

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  • When you were calling Syphus at 16:36 it put a word on the screen. What was it?

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  • 0719

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  • Try the password syphus590 because think about it he stole it he might have the password but he changed it

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  • Sam is a terrible actor.

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  • pause at 16:36

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  • Redirecting to 661...nice...my hometown of lancaster...so i assume meth or gangs are involved 😂😂😂

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  • That transition at 16:22 tho

    Birding PABirding PA4 kun oldin
  • Im sorry but what I just remembered that the syphus that broke into blue base? Was like medium sized and the one that stole the car was skinny am I the only one noticing that

    Jawaad GabrielsJawaad Gabriels4 kun oldin
    • nono they were wearing a thick jacket, but later it was a thinner jacket, same person, same face shape

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  • Matt calls the phone number gets an answer Worker:west California abortion facility and orphanage Matt: omg he answered

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    cody ritchiecody ritchie5 kun oldin
  • The whole time their saying their gonna call the so called syphus number when they turn it off. I’m like no- call the sheriffs department after you turn it off so you know either there are people at the sheriff department who are dirty or the person you heard earlier was the sheriffs department

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  • Imagine typing 590 and not syphus590 like the paper says lmao

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  • You should just GO to the POLICE!

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  • Its like the wise men. The bible says that there were wise men and 3 gifts. We came to say there were 3 but it never said. There could possibly be more then one person behind this all...

    Hell_gurl !?Hell_gurl !?6 kun oldin
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    • You're so beautiful! Great video?

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  • How come no one caught Matt publicly saying the number intercepting his phone? We got Syphus number 661-383-3476.

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      Hell_gurl !?Hell_gurl !?6 kun oldin
  • As a 911 dispatcher thank you for schooling Woods on when and when to use 911 in the event of a movie.

    Michael GregoryMichael Gregory6 kun oldin
  • Try to see and look up and see if he has any social media accounts try to gain information

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    • The password is either syphus, syphus590, or pegasus again

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  • The password is either syphus, syphus590, or pegasus again

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  • Syphus probably use to work for lapd when the bases were connected it could have been lapd they moved locations and accidentally left stuff that they hidd thus the keys safes and more Jon doe opened a investigation about that stuf and got shut down now Jon doe has found you if you put yalls resurch together you can find out every thing just my guess hope you find it useful

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