Virtual Gnomes | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #315

2-Yan, 2021
189 822 Ko‘rishlar soni

Theo takes a look back at the insane journey that was 2020, featuring some of the best TPW highlights and guest interviews from this year. Thank you so much to everyone who's continued to support the podcast over these past 4 years. Onward to 2021.

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    Theo Von ClipsTheo Von Clips20 kun oldin
    • You

      jelly j r jellys sonjelly j r jellys son12 kun oldin
    • Look at the €D€’s own numbers.......

      FittsTx TexasFittsTx Texas17 kun oldin
    • Hope you have a great 2021 Theo! Thanks for all the vibes mucker!

      Jamsterman _Jamsterman _18 kun oldin
    • @Rachel Raljevich ty

    • Feel seems like your pod cats have gone from funny and comedic too dark and negative issues being talked about too much I really enjoyed the older podcast the king in the stain or whatever it's called that was such a great show I don't know I'm sorry to be honest with you I love you man to Pieces but I'm losing interest

      Coinguy AmericanCoinguy American18 kun oldin
  • Luuuuunged out! Off that DUST! The shakeup! Motha natures Duurty DUST! Luuuuunged out!

    Joe BlowJoe Blow12 soat oldin
  • 24:46 is the best part , get the coffees Simeon !! 😭😭

    MooseGuy99MooseGuy9922 soat oldin
  • I spent half the day hiding from my left arm

    Los the strength coachLos the strength coachKun oldin
  • Euthanasia Soundtrack lol

    Grayson VanceGrayson Vance4 kun oldin
  • I agree with the downtown parking, main reason I hate going downtown.

    PAVPAV4 kun oldin
  • "this when your doctor tell you shouldn't have anymore sugar, and you just lay in bed and have a brownie" LOL

    PAVPAV4 kun oldin
  • "working at a calendar factory gluing Sundays onto a sheet on paper"

    Spartan AaronSpartan Aaron5 kun oldin
  • yeah Theo is just a blessing i cant think of a bad thing to say about the guy genuinely love this fellow man

    NotSoRad DaddyNotSoRad Daddy5 kun oldin
  • I like how he bought his family chains for Christmas. That's dope asf. Gang.

    Sam CarrollSam Carroll6 kun oldin
  • Most of this year was my shadow confrontation. Kundalini

    Misty Brooke MartinMisty Brooke Martin7 kun oldin
  • Them milky headlamps

    Mr PoopMr Poop8 kun oldin
  • Theo It's taking Me like a long Minute to about 8 weeks to Text this to You~ First time I seen You was on Tigerbelly which had/ only watched a few Braodcasts on You-Tube One late night/early morning~ You happen to be on a Broadcast w/ Bobby&HisGirl~ After seeing You and the Tigerbelly Crew I looked Up all the Shows You were Guest I had to watch cause I haven't Laughed soo Hard to keep My attention like You~ I have only watched a few of "This Past Weekend" Shows, Yet~ but just the few I have were enough to Touch Me in soo many ways, I Felt a Connecticut with You on so many levels (Crazy, Right?) But being Completely Honest and Speaking Truth~ Touched/Got to Me~ My Heart, Emotionally, Feelings, PersonalLife Experiences Deferent but changed Us in the the Same way(Crazy, right?) Make a long Comment/Text to Express My thoughts of You & I know that You were talking to Me and Connected and felt what You were saying which You didn't know why You were feeling and saying what you were saying at that moment~ I know I sound soo Crazy cause I'm feeling kinda Foolish too saying all this to You but In Real Time and Real Shit is If I dont over think it then I know Deep in the Deepest Level Inside on Spiritual Place that a selective able to have and gift from our Higher Power and Universe~ I hope You aren't Quick to Delete this Crazy Girl that Says Exactly what She is thinking and feeling right now but only Pray it wasn't too much for You ~ The whole Point to the beginning of this Text tonight was to say to You is... THANK YOU THEO for being "You" don't change which why would You anyway, right! YOUR Freaking Awsome in soo many BLessed Ways & SOO FUNNY is a Plus with Who You are stay True to You~ Cause "If Your Right things will be Right, Right!" YOUR INNER Color ( Your Ora/Spiritual that Color per say) Your for sure Beautiful on outside (Physical) but most important or to Me what Counts the Most in My Eyes is Your as Beautiful "Inside" just wanted to remind You, Theo! Also, Sending Ya straight Love with Blessed, Happy & Positive Energy today and tomorrow😇~ Love, Vicki

    Vicki GeyerVicki Geyer9 kun oldin
  • Nice

    TheMikey ZTheMikey Z9 kun oldin
  • 8 seconds on a bull? How about hiding from your right arm for 8 hours at school?

    Geoff TuckerGeoff Tucker9 kun oldin
  • Grandpa Theo: "What! are you working from home talking to a screen??" Theo: Yes Theo: "kids are having fake jobs in virtual reality" Theo´s Son: Yes

    Andres FonsecaAndres Fonseca10 kun oldin
  • Gang gang buzz buzz

    Lloyd MillerLloyd Miller10 kun oldin
  • 33:18 easily the best fucking thing on the internet. The in motion Dutch, IMD baby. The downhill people they call them.

    Dea LiffyDea Liffy11 kun oldin
  • “this vaccine seems like something somebody made up at the last minute to get a C” ... , Theo Von, Jan 2021 on Covid 19. (me, TOO!! Theo, ..... Me, too man)

    Susan ThursdaysSusan Thursdays11 kun oldin
  • Dude....I needed a good distraction. Too much bullshit going on in the world right meow. Thank you...💪

    travis cartertravis carter11 kun oldin
  • Inspector Gadget

    duane jessupduane jessup12 kun oldin
  • Gold chain theo is elite

    carter smallscarter smalls12 kun oldin
  • Viscerally unpleasant.

    JakugenJakugen13 kun oldin
  • Mother nature didn't do it Theo, a lab specialized in virology did.

    KalosPVPKalosPVP13 kun oldin
  • ITS THE FUTURE!!! On this PAST weekend hahahaha

    mitch haverlandmitch haverland14 kun oldin
  • I need a bag full of years.

    Brad SullyBrad Sully14 kun oldin
  • Raising canes all the way!!

    Cristian CardenasCristian Cardenas14 kun oldin
  • The stuff he adverstises is embarassing but hey if it pay the bills

    Brad CarrBrad Carr14 kun oldin
  • Hes like River Phoenix. Great talent whos gonna die to young

    Brad CarrBrad Carr14 kun oldin
  • Its sit down comedy

    Brad CarrBrad Carr14 kun oldin
  • Guantanamo bay to russia to michigan lol

    Brad CarrBrad Carr14 kun oldin
  • 1:05 do people actually like bert? That's dudes laugh while talking Is the most annoying and ugly sound I have ever heard. Had to fast foward him. People like him how is he a comedian? Oh ya, he was in jre. U be a homeless crackhead and go on jre and Netflix will give you a special plus 500k subs on UZworld channel

    DustinDustin15 kun oldin
  • Hey Theo, nice chain.

    Yancy LongfellowYancy Longfellow15 kun oldin
  • Isn't it strange that the news didn't even cover this TN bomb? At least not here and I'm in Gawja..

    April EApril E15 kun oldin
  • so much love theo. really this podcast has given me a home place like even just my self expectation and realization is helped even man we all trying to get by and focus on doing best

    Nate oneNate one15 kun oldin
  • As someone new to this podcast, I really appreciate the clips.

    Jedi Master BaiterJedi Master Baiter15 kun oldin
  • Love u theo, wish I could get advice from you somehow. Keep goin brothaa gang gang🤘🤘

    spagetospageto15 kun oldin
  • You ever like to go poo poo in the forest just for fun? 💩

    Doggy StankDoggy Stank15 kun oldin
  • Dat space bit at 1:15:00 is fire LOL

    planetwawaplanetwawa15 kun oldin
  • "When you start a word, where you end is in the future". You just blew my mind.

    Jim HenningJim Henning15 kun oldin
  • @39:43 Theo maintains his sobriety. Gang!

    swish831swish83115 kun oldin
  • Theo your the real MVP dawg gang gang

    Shaun PaulusShaun Paulus15 kun oldin
  • Great compilation and great outro vid! Grateful for everyone that contributed to this

    Samuel BlancoSamuel Blanco15 kun oldin
  • The Dutch are coming...and going!

    Julian MerchantJulian Merchant15 kun oldin
  • I hope Chris comes back this year too, thanks Theo for shouting him out

    Brent RotheryBrent Rothery15 kun oldin
  • "You know me bro, when I go to a new area I like to get acclimated to the animals. "

    Josh BrosiousJosh Brosious15 kun oldin
  • Theo shouting out Delia and hoping he podcasts again 2021 makes me S’Happy.

    CoryCory16 kun oldin
  • This man said “it’s like organic coffee” 😂

    Hayden RankinHayden Rankin16 kun oldin
  • thank you for making 2020 better theo

    Michael ConMichael Con16 kun oldin
  • This is what Elon Musk puts on his salad baby

    Young AspectYoung Aspect16 kun oldin
  • "Get the coffee Simeon!" .....That big bastard Simeon 😂

    Randy RossRandy Ross16 kun oldin
  • *At this point Theo is a dang national treasure. A-fuckin-men.*

    Randy RossRandy Ross16 kun oldin
  • Front bags

  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Kayla JayneKayla Jayne16 kun oldin
  • Nurses are inappropriate....well.....maybe it’s just actually me Bc my husband sure hates it. Now that I’m a hospice nurse I try to be better. Thank you for being here for me to listen to when I get off work!!! Love ya!

    Jennifer CalhounJennifer Calhoun16 kun oldin
  • Year of bullshit

    Elliott JamesElliott James16 kun oldin
  • “He’ll trade you a little peach for shoe polish you know, like prison” lol some of the things he says and the way he says them 😅 no else can do comedy like Theo or Podcasts 😅 “or light oral, not oral sex or nothing but you know something to get me off” 😂🤣 freakin virtual gnomes 😅

    SunsetGoddess95SunsetGoddess9516 kun oldin
  • Damn Theo really opens up to his fans. Love him more each time. My Theo family Los AMO a todos

    Lala BugLala Bug16 kun oldin
  • Mother Nature? How about papa Xi

    Eric MendezEric Mendez16 kun oldin
  • Theo you should get Casey from My 600lb life on the show.

    Dan DwunDan Dwun16 kun oldin
  • How do people leave him messages to read on his podcast? How do they send him anything? I love this guy

    bluecrush_5bluecrush_516 kun oldin
  • Gang

    outkast334outkast33416 kun oldin
  • It’s crazy how someone can make me laugh my ass off but also cry from self reflecting through your words man. Shits magical baby praise god , Gang 2021

    Tim MorrellTim Morrell16 kun oldin
    • @The After Show but Later he’s really one of a kind

      Tim MorrellTim Morrell10 kun oldin
    • Gang Bro. I feel the same way.

      The After Show but LaterThe After Show but Later16 kun oldin

    History HyenasHistory Hyenas16 kun oldin
    • gang

      Theo VonTheo Von2 kun oldin
    • Yaaaaaaaas!!!

      waloacmewaloacme13 kun oldin
  • I heard Corvid-19 is going #1 to the Jags.

    PallettownPallettown16 kun oldin
  • Hahahahahahahahahaha

    dys aydys ay17 kun oldin
  • Is that dude from ghost hunters

    Squishy CatSquishy Cat17 kun oldin
  • I o love Theo but he sure talks a lot of bollocks at times. Ive had buckets full of every drug there is and often at the same time but not once have I considered experiencing sexually with another male. Unless its 2 of us with one bird. Theo is obviously trying to come up with an excuse for his homosexual feelings and his religious beliefs!

    Chewing TooonsChewing Tooons17 kun oldin
  • Fucking boring Dutch jokes

    B CachingB Caching17 kun oldin
  • Lmao 😂 said he laying on the floor with our mouths open.

    Danngg OkiesDanngg Okies17 kun oldin
  • I need a weekly 60 mins of Theo teaching us Spanish. That would give me the commitment I need to learn it better lol.

    Bradley GoodsonBradley Goodson17 kun oldin
  • Flu is down what a relief 😅

    Dannie DandelionDannie Dandelion17 kun oldin
  • 1:05:02 Theo face lmao he pictures it lol I can’t breathe I’m dying spit cereal every where

    Diehard OutdoorsDiehard Outdoors17 kun oldin
  • @Theos producer, "Hitter" merch advertised, with the T's sharing 1 line across looks alot like the name of a not so favourable German figure in history, just wanted to bring that attention.

    MyamsMyams17 kun oldin
  • Yo I’m so high I thought Theo was playing the piano under the desk at 3:52

    A HokeA Hoke17 kun oldin
    • LMAO. I had to go there just to check it out.

      The After Show but LaterThe After Show but Later16 kun oldin
  • Theo is so rare

    Richard OkonkwoRichard Okonkwo17 kun oldin
  • WOW usually the silliest thing he goes on about is god but this one is wacky all the wat through and god sounds reasonable compared to some of the stuff, Dutch people haha

    c mc m17 kun oldin
  • I just stumbled upon your channel by chance. After less than 3 minutes, I’m convinced you’re from Louisiana. In fact, you gotta be. I’m from there and we can sus each other out quick. Lol

    alirpa77alirpa7717 kun oldin
    • Okay... the way you pronounced “bruh “, you’re for sure from Louisiana and I’m pretty sure I just found my new favorite podcast.

      alirpa77alirpa7717 kun oldin
  • Hope you not leaving KATS

    L.J. SuperioreL.J. Superiore17 kun oldin
  • is it really mother nature if it was made by humans?

    om i godom i god17 kun oldin
  • Theo, you are the best. :)

    starrydiscoqueen11starrydiscoqueen1117 kun oldin
  • Love you Theo

    Marcie CMarcie C17 kun oldin
  • grill my thoughts hahahahaha

    simon g.simon g.17 kun oldin
  • lovin the chain game on that neck

    baddcheetabaddcheeta17 kun oldin
  • If i'm feeling any type of way that isn't peachy, I throw on Theo and I'm better dead ass

    Santa ClausSanta Claus17 kun oldin
  • *Onward to the new year. Thank you Theo, gang 🤍❤️*

    Randy RossRandy Ross17 kun oldin
  • Sounds like that mellow mushroom waiter was on a xanax😂

    Luc4PrezLuc4Prez17 kun oldin
  • Raising canes 100%

    Evan NebEvan Neb17 kun oldin
  • Was he Yayed out during the Dutch skit??

    Trapmuzik44Trapmuzik4417 kun oldin
  • Gets gay @ 15:00 minutes in🤦🏾‍♀️

    Tiffany PoodleNPortlandTiffany PoodleNPortland17 kun oldin
  • 60 grams of psilocybin mushrooms? That's a whole lot.

    LanepinLanepin17 kun oldin
  • That's why I love Theo man. Always inspires me to want to try things I've never done. Like mushrooms. Or helping my community. Gang.

    Brandon AlexanderBrandon Alexander17 kun oldin
  • “Organic version of coffee” lmao bruh coffee can be organic too

    Not MeNot Me17 kun oldin
  • Give me a Venti!

    S. FortS. Fort17 kun oldin
  • “Get the coffees Simeon”💀

    Tom CatTom Cat18 kun oldin
  • Gang gang my American cousin 🇺🇸 you got me locked in your content brah! All my best 👌

    Jamsterman _Jamsterman _18 kun oldin
  • Theo looking like Abercrombie model from maine

    Antonio MezaAntonio Meza18 kun oldin
  • When he told his mom he's proud of her...that was big

    Josh HabickJosh Habick18 kun oldin
  • Lonely guy? Call him a terrorist like how it is

    Erik BarajasErik Barajas18 kun oldin
  • Riley must've not been happy with his Christmas bonus, never knew he even owned an RV!

    Chris PChris P18 kun oldin