vanny reunites with her parents [+glitchtrap] || gacha club || {MY AU}

10-Yan, 2021
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• i made glitchtrap a jerk as he should be because he IS supposedly a villain in the games.
• consider the notes at the beginning of the video as warnings. i already said william is glitchtrap in this AU so don’t complain about it or bring up the bullcrap that they’re brothers. i’m sick of people correcting someone’s AUs.
• “vanessa is the nightguard!”
there is a POSSIBILITY that vanny/vanessa is BOTH the reluctant follower and the blonde security guard, okay? if that links then don’t question her brown hair heh.
• i do not ship vanny x glitchtrap. like i said glitchtrap is william in this AU (also in canon) and i ship william with mrs afton. so please don’t spam the comment section with “vantrap” or something because it sounds like you’re forcing me to ship it. the ship isn’t even canon so don’t act like it is. this statement doesn’t mean i’m stopping you from shipping it if you do or if you have a different AU than mine. i don’t mind it, really.
• it’s probably gacha logic as you call it when vanny cannot eat with her suit on while she can literally open her mouth to talk. GACHA LOGIC.
all music belong to the rightful owners.

  • BIG APOLOGIES to the person i unpinned 😓, i know i might sound selfish right now but i’m so pissed off by the people that don’t read the description before commenting that glitchtrap is “vincent” so i want to get this out to them. *stop commenting that william and glitchtrap are brothers and then telling me i don’t know anything about fnaf. i’m sick of hearing that bull in this comment section. if you know the lore you would see that it’s very clear they are the same person. frcking watch matpat’s videos/game theory. if you still believe that they’re completely different people, then RESPECT MY AU and move on. excuse my rudeness* . i don’t ship vantrap because of william being glitchtrap in my AU.

    silver alieonsilver alieon5 kun oldin
    • Afton family and vanny react game theory: fnaf security breach, l know the big twist.... l think? 😉

      Trungco NguyenTrungco Nguyen6 soat oldin
    • @《BlanchardKava》 or au can also refer to astronomical units

      lolbitlolbit14 soat oldin
    • @Itz_sushi_cat_roll ☕ tea ☕ spilt ☕ UvU

      Holly MasonHolly Mason14 soat oldin
    • @Holly Mason yes!

      Itz_sushi_cat_rollItz_sushi_cat_roll15 soat oldin
    • They can belive there au and u can belive urs and if they have nothing nice to say they shouldn't say anything at all U-U

      Holly MasonHolly Mason15 soat oldin
  • Did you guys see vanny’s dad made a dad joke , vanny’s dad: well SUIT yourself :>

    Bart_xman 9Bart_xman 98 daqiqa oldin
  • In human vanny name is Vanessa

    :Night Mare::Night Mare:5 soat oldin
  • This just proves how awesome GlitchTrap is at keepig secrets. Well, in general😂

    Payton LavergnePayton Lavergne5 soat oldin
  • I thought vanny was like 18 or 19 cuz she got a job at like 19

    OllieGacha293 BugManOllieGacha293 BugMan6 soat oldin
  • Uhm this is wired why isn’t her hair brown

    lexy belllexy bell7 soat oldin
  • Video idea: vannys parents reacting to vanny memes

    sunny-de-flowersunny-de-flower7 soat oldin
  • I like your vanny mine is crap compared to yours

  • Or maybe Vanny you could not show your face only your mouth and you can like that

    Anthony SagredoAnthony Sagredo9 soat oldin
  • Btw the AU is correct, Glitchtrap is the same person as William. And yes, I KNOW, THAT ITS CORRECT.

    Robert BilobrkRobert Bilobrk10 soat oldin
  • To Silver I know that they are the same person cause Vincent was just his name when we fans didn’t know he was named William Afton.

    LagichYTシLagichYTシ11 soat oldin
  • Vannys dad i wonder how vanny why did you run away on age of 22

    the robotic exillethe robotic exille11 soat oldin
  • Glitchtrap is just a GLITCH "E"

    Muhammad FaeyzaMuhammad Faeyza14 soat oldin

    Benjamin McClendonBenjamin McClendon14 soat oldin
  • I read the pinned comment so guys why are you saying that litteatly in the title of the vid it's says in all caps MY AU

    Spring ButtersSpring Butters14 soat oldin
  • Can't vanny teleport out of the room??????

    Mello _BG_XDMello _BG_XD15 soat oldin
  • **Drama unfolding** Glitchtrap: 👁👄👁

    Holly MasonHolly Mason15 soat oldin
  • Her: "follower" Tiktok follower? I never knew vanny had tiktok😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Chitouot •• Chitouot •15 soat oldin
  • Moo

    Gail The cowGail The cow19 soat oldin
  • Wait- Am i wrong or something? I thought william is springtrap and glitchtrap is- idk Idc anymore ;-;

    P u r p l e t a t aツP u r p l e t a t aツ20 soat oldin
    • william is springtrap, william is scraptrap, and william is glitchtrap It gets kinda confusing

      Far, Your Friendly FriendFar, Your Friendly Friend19 soat oldin
  • I really hope vanny/vanessa will be unbrainwashed

    {Wolfie UwU}{Wolfie UwU}21 soat oldin
  • William and glichtrap are vannys sublings

    Kirsty ButlerKirsty Butler21 soat oldin
    • No, Wiliam and Glitchtrap are the same entity Also, as far as I know, they're not siblings, sorry if I sound rude

      Far, Your Friendly FriendFar, Your Friendly Friend19 soat oldin
  • 10:27 It's me Mario

    Psiara TiaraPsiara Tiara23 soat oldin
  • Nice and btw *sup*

    {SillySwiss Emma}{SillySwiss Emma}23 soat oldin
  • i realize mr hop and vanny are the same colour👌

    •CartoonSilver _1534••CartoonSilver _1534•Kun oldin
  • 7:36 she say that?.. Ok let me continue it for you ahem.... How much i liked you when i watch your eyes as she walkss bye~.. What a sight for... Blalahahahalala :)

    Paulo Ramil PanaraagPaulo Ramil PanaraagKun oldin
  • Fun fact: Vanny actually only wears a mask in security breach Edit: btw she has rainbow streaks just saying

    green gachagreen gachaKun oldin
  • vannys mom :Aren't you gonna take it off? (My pov) mandolorian/mando: I never take it off.

    Piper CPiper CKun oldin
  • I love your OC ❤

    Itz_sushi_cat_rollItz_sushi_cat_rollKun oldin
  • I like glitchtrap in this AU

    {·Blueberry Fox· }{·Blueberry Fox· }Kun oldin
  • I like how glitchtrap is calm even tho vanny parents are shouting at him

    Myra SanchezMyra SanchezKun oldin
  • It's alien may dude😂

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  • 3:29 Me:...that was puntastic!

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  • WTF Giltchtrap?!

    헤일리Hayley헤일리HayleyKun oldin
  • Wait is gilchtrap not William's brother

    Oi Pik ChuiOi Pik ChuiKun oldin
  • Oi

    RalleyBoiz_27RalleyBoiz_27Kun oldin
  • NO glitch trap bad you do not send Mt girl to kill bad bunny BAD

    Crazylil MemeCrazylil MemeKun oldin
  • Vanny: -le obeying stuff- me: u are freaky-

    Zarra- GamingZarra- GamingKun oldin

    OctoFlower ReduxxOctoFlower ReduxxKun oldin
  • Duck you glithhoe

    I'm _dreamyI'm _dreamyKun oldin
  • Hhhhh- I sure do hate glitchCrap-

    Ellie NomicallyEllie NomicallyKun oldin
  • Vanny’s parents: Where are we? Me: your in a room with a furry- **massive wheeze

    Cousin GamingCousin GamingKun oldin
  • i just wanted so badly for glitchtrap to take off his suit and for vanny's parents to be like "woahzers youre that one murderer william afton reported on the news back a long time ago!!!!!!" no clue why, it just popped in my head

    DaMouseyGirlDaMouseyGirlKun oldin
  • Your daughter isn't a bunnie tho.Thats not what what I meant

    Rëeegirl PersonRëeegirl PersonKun oldin
    • Lol

      Rëeegirl PersonRëeegirl PersonKun oldin
  • Hmmmm glitch trap is not William glitch trap Williams brother

    geisiane Darmegeisiane DarmeKun oldin
    • No, Glitchtrap is William in the more canon side of the lore

      Far, Your Friendly FriendFar, Your Friendly Friend19 soat oldin
  • Glitchtrap you snitch

    •Glitch ••Glitch •Kun oldin
  • I think I had an au before that is very much not like the original but forgot it lol also if you guys who have a problem with here au looks at undertale aus U'll see that it doesn't matter that it's different from the original because I mean look at dreamtale there two sans who are siblings and the we have undertale were only one sans exists is it wrong from the story ? Yes should you hate it? No because it's still a great story if u keep hating someone they'll lose all the co confidince and then they are very sad so stop pls ever au is great (except for the aus were very weird ships are...)

    star_from _dreamtalestar_from _dreamtaleKun oldin
  • Why glitchtrap is william in that au i mean william is glitchtrap in the canon story

    miliodas Gamermiliodas GamerKun oldin
  • Hi, i want to help spread #GachaBaldAction, all you have to do is make your OC bald to help us.

    Silvia HerdtSilvia HerdtKun oldin
  • When did william have a brother lmao people who don't know shit about the lore are fucking hilarious

    G.O.D Time RingG.O.D Time RingKun oldin
  • 15:32 I wish she said "Yo glitchrat"

    UwU _Life_Sucks_UwUUwU _Life_Sucks_UwUKun oldin
  • 3:30 That pun was great

    Banoky's Animation Studio'sBanoky's Animation Studio'sKun oldin
  • This glitchtrap is annoying I just wanna stab myself watching him expose vanny!! I dare you to use anti-virus spray on that b!tch! :)

    •Midari Ikishima• {Kakegurui} { Traumatized }•Midari Ikishima• {Kakegurui} { Traumatized }Kun oldin
    • No hate though

      •Midari Ikishima• {Kakegurui} { Traumatized }•Midari Ikishima• {Kakegurui} { Traumatized }Kun oldin
  • Put “read description” in the caption

    Hanna KiislerHanna KiislerKun oldin
  • I love that moment where vanny was gonna kill her parents but then the head of the suit came off and she had that expression that clearly said:well frick

    Bennett C0392Bennett C0392Kun oldin
  • This is not a hate comment and you don’t have to change any thing but vanny real name is Sarah

    Kira SpiresKira SpiresKun oldin
    • Where did you get that from? I'm not saying its untrue, just asking.

      Far, Your Friendly FriendFar, Your Friendly Friend19 soat oldin
    • No not true

      MdiaMdiaKun oldin
  • I think Vanessa's hair is blonde with rainbow streaks- just giving tips

    The Amazing World Of PhoenixThe Amazing World Of PhoenixKun oldin
  • ... I just ..... can't...... with the sad ness

    Kee TheDojoKee TheDojoKun oldin
  • Glitchanny

    Wolfie DimondWolfie DimondKun oldin
  • This is the most ACCURATE THING I SEE TODAY LIKE EVERYTHING I SEE IS USUALLY oOh GliTCh Is WiTh WiLliaMs and Like Oo GliTCh Is WilLiAms BrOthEr i mean no hate to people who does those but ngl its lil bit annoying to meh

    Duck The Gachatuber 123Duck The Gachatuber 123Kun oldin
  • I don t like this video but ur channel is good

    Yukki AmagiriYukki Amagiri2 kun oldin
  • Vanny was worried from them not remembering her even though she said can you make them forget about me KILLING not erase all her memories

    Avery O.Avery O.2 kun oldin
  • Vanny and Glitchtrash: *Play secret santa* Michael: *Got Vanny* Chris: *Got Glitchtrash* Michael and Chris: *Buy carrots* Michael Got: iPhone 12 max Chris Got: 1M cookies Vanny and Glitchtrash Got: Carrots. Lol

    Rashid MatRashid Mat2 kun oldin
    • Chris with 1ml cookies with give him some diabetes

      XxGalaxyStar XxXxGalaxyStar Xx16 soat oldin
  • Vanny has brown hair

    Amberlezy CreationsAmberlezy Creations2 kun oldin
  • This Au look like the original story

  • Vanny was always prepared for corona in the past when she was Vannessa

    ꧁dragon꧂ ꧁life꧂꧁dragon꧂ ꧁life꧂2 kun oldin
  • Yeeeeeeeee glitchtrap+Vanny for liiiiiife 😂😂

    Ashley WilsonAshley Wilson2 kun oldin
  • My opinion isn't valid in any way but I just hate when people force others to do things they aren't comfortable with. Example: The parents forcing Vanny to take off the suit when she clearly doesn't want to

    Sheyn ChanSheyn Chan2 kun oldin
  • Yazzz! an actual gacha-tuber that says Glitch and William are the same people!! Cuz they are- at least thats my AU. Good job on da video btw :> (New sub)

    Always EllieAlways Ellie2 kun oldin
  • Vanny : I can’t open the door Me : girl- is many videos , I’ve seen u teleport , JUST TELEPORT OUT-

  • Me: my dad's got a GAAAAAAA- *CHOKES*

    AngelFnafAngelFnaf2 kun oldin
  • Does glitchtrap x vanny exists?

    •Røbby_ RxndomUwU••Røbby_ RxndomUwU•2 kun oldin
    • I hope no one ships that..-

      Far, Your Friendly FriendFar, Your Friendly Friend19 soat oldin
    • No

      roblox chickenroblox chicken2 kun oldin
  • I'm really sorry, but Glithtrap=Vincent ;-;

    weronika rostworowskaweronika rostworowska2 kun oldin
    • I think this person is trying to be more on the canon side of the lore, so they made William glitchtrap, thats canon Also, read the desc

      Far, Your Friendly FriendFar, Your Friendly Friend19 soat oldin
    • :/

      roblox chickenroblox chicken2 kun oldin
    • Read the description

      roblox chickenroblox chicken2 kun oldin
  • Vanny’s Real name is Vanessa

    Lucas HarveyLucas Harvey2 kun oldin
  • glithtrap end william are the same person is not an au is the original thing YES FINALY SOME ONE HOW PLAD THE GAME THX

    Index XDIndex XD2 kun oldin
  • Sorry silver if this makes you mad but i think sense william has a bunch of forms that after he got springlocked vincent got into the glitchtrap suit and possesed it, so bassicly all im saying is william is tenically glitchtrap but now glitchtrap is vincent. So you are kinda right but now wrong, and if this upsets you im sorry i just want to tell you what i think happened) And i don't have alot of proof that vincent IS william's brother so i you are kinda right and kinda wrong at the same time, but everything's ok! Silver alieon Silver alieon Silver alieon

    john barneyjohn barney2 kun oldin
    • Vincent is a fan made character, also i'm not going to judge your au I just want to say her au is different

      Far, Your Friendly FriendFar, Your Friendly Friend19 soat oldin
    • Vincent its an Fan made character

      EnnardEnnard20 soat oldin
  • Idk why but i get mad at vanny and find her annoying

    Faraan SaleemFaraan Saleem2 kun oldin
  • Glitchtrap be like:oh ima end vanny hole carieer

    creamwolfcreamwolf2 kun oldin
  • **Vanny’s dad saying how his daughter would never kill** Me: Bro if you had actually *influenced* her and acted like a real parent maybe she wouldn’t have but whatever-

    KasulieKasulie2 kun oldin
  • 290,061 views- omg thats alot girll

    IdontDoAnyThing OnMyChannelIdontDoAnyThing OnMyChannel2 kun oldin
  • Vanny: I'm not gonna take the suit off Vanny's dad: well suit yourself Me: *laughing with no reason*

    Jestine_1Jestine_12 kun oldin
  • I love this movie, it would be great if you could get her parents reactions to her memes.

    KicialayKicialay2 kun oldin
  • 👁👄👁

    •Yun Lii••Yun Lii•2 kun oldin

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  • The reason why Vanny is evil: 12:07 If its confirmed to be true, I be big brain and you be big brain

    Hassangamer 29Hassangamer 292 kun oldin
  • It is kinda vannys fault cause what if her parents were applying for the biggest company and she wanted a bunny!

    Sheena SmithSheena Smith2 kun oldin
    • So what?

      A n A l i e nA n A l i e nKun oldin
  • Vanny was always wearing a facemask when she goes out- Vanny predicted covid-19

    •Yu_Ecko••Yu_Ecko•2 kun oldin
  • Vanny's mom looked like my mom idk why

    exotic_carla¡exotic_carla¡2 kun oldin
  • spell orange

    ᗴᑎᑎᗩᖇᗪᗴᑎᑎᗩᖇᗪ2 kun oldin
  • Glitchrap its not William Glichtrap is Vincent Brother William

    ¿Çøffê¿¿Çøffê¿2 kun oldin
    • I'm sorry, but that isn't true.. in the game, it's clear William is Glitchtrap

      YunīkuYunīkuKun oldin
  • Glitchtrap the "biss" , i also think that u are very good creator, i luv this, glitchtrap is supposed to be a jerk

    Agnes Helena SchetterAgnes Helena Schetter2 kun oldin
  • *Vanny punching door* Also vanny:*has a knife in her hand*

    ꧁Waffle's_ Studio's꧂꧁Waffle's_ Studio's꧂3 kun oldin
  • 3:30: "well SUIT yourself then"

    •{Zizzy is no longer infected}••{Zizzy is no longer infected}•3 kun oldin
  • I dont know why people ships glitchtrap x vanny And there just friends not dating😕 Also we know who is vanny pls Leave a like from this video-

    •{ Funtime Rainbow }••{ Funtime Rainbow }•3 kun oldin
    • Lol theyre not even friends

      Far, Your Friendly FriendFar, Your Friendly Friend19 soat oldin
  • Wawieee

    1buki1buki3 kun oldin
  • Glitchrat is best boi-

    XxDa Delilah DollxXXxDa Delilah DollxX3 kun oldin
  • Glitchtrap wants a drama

    Noli Hs4Noli Hs43 kun oldin
  • If u cant open a door u have 0IQ

    Its Alicia and Leah Its Alicia and LeahIts Alicia and Leah Its Alicia and Leah3 kun oldin
  • Ehh👎....I hate glithtrap so much tsk

    Zian LopezZian Lopez3 kun oldin
  • Vanny -rolls eyes at her parents while there crying and giving no punishment for it- Me: -accidentally rolls eyes at parents and get big punishment for it- How-

    Jennifer EsquibelJennifer Esquibel3 kun oldin
    • Yee

      roblox chickenroblox chicken2 kun oldin