UNHhhh Ep. 132: Texting Etiquette

21-Okt, 2020
1 543 003 Ko‘rishlar soni

The dolls manage to stay on topic for most of this one, but that’s just because they talk about sexting and emojis for fourteen hours. Then they answer your Twitter questions!
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Pete Williams
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Jeff Maccubbin
Ron Hill
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  • Girlll i forgot about those kind of haunted houses. They had one in North Florida in my hometown growing up!

    CadenJamesCadenJamesSoat oldin
  • If someone were to call me unannounced I'd probably have a heart attack and shit my pants

    Sofía OliveraSofía Olivera2 soat oldin
  • As a Gen Z I can confirm, you always ask before chatting on the phone or meeting in person.

    DesolateDesolate11 soat oldin
  • I literally tried to FaceTime two of my friends right before watching this. Neither picked up 😞 I’m also a cold facetimer

    Grace SGrace S14 soat oldin
  • I would like to send condolences to the editors who probably spent too much time to mute Katya when she kept fanning her microphone for half of the episodes.

    Saltyp0pcornSaltyp0pcornKun oldin
  • Featuring the boot made me laugh so hard

    Jared BurkavageJared BurkavageKun oldin
  • I have absolutely been to one of the Christian haunted houses and it is EXACTLY as Trixie describes. I'm still recovering.

    David NaberDavid NaberKun oldin
  • The editors of this show are legendary and iconic

    Demetriuzz malDemetriuzz mal2 kun oldin
  • i hate talking otp. you will text me or we won’t talk lmfao

    Faith 🍒Faith 🍒2 kun oldin
  • My best friend does the same thing. She’ll text me and be like “girl call me I have tea” And then I’ll call her and she’ll be like “oh my god, I just went to Walmart and chicken nuggets are $2” There have been times I just hung up on her lmao

    hbh Tcrhbh Tcr2 kun oldin
  • Omg "Toby thought being in a gang would be COOL!" "Now he's head of the United Nations!"

    Alexandra SAlexandra S3 kun oldin
  • I think this is the episode where trixes illusion worked the most

    James SonasJames Sonas3 kun oldin
  • Not bowl rat

    Madeleine CamilloMadeleine Camillo3 kun oldin
  • I’m obsessed with their looks in this one

    Bailey Kaye ArtBailey Kaye Art4 kun oldin
  • “Jesus. Meet and greet with big J” 😂

    WrongWisdomWrongWisdom4 kun oldin
  • I hate endless texting period...

    G HG H4 kun oldin
  • Love katyas hair

    JosephineT YouTubesLoverJosephineT YouTubesLover5 kun oldin
  • wow katya's french is so good !!

    LaulaubiLaulaubi5 kun oldin
  • omg i cold call friends and acquaintances all the time bc texting is so slow 💀💀 i didn’t realize that was a thing oop

    David LokDavid Lok5 kun oldin
  • Katya is your Mom's friend who you have never met, but is in all of her wedding photos because she was a bridesmaid for her back in the 80's.

    N NN N5 kun oldin
  • this is just 13 minutes of trixie being a bottom and katya being a top

    reeze parisreeze paris5 kun oldin
  • As someone else who has a difficult laugh, I feel you, girl.

    LadyRed LLadyRed L5 kun oldin
  • Katya speaking French is a blessing to my French heart

    Sidonie SeigneurieSidonie Seigneurie6 kun oldin
  • Watched in first four weeks #unhhhhh #trixieandkatya

    Emmett FriedEmmett Fried6 kun oldin
  • In Arizona as a kid I was taken to a play called heavens gates hells flames I believe it was put on by the potters house which apparently is notorious for being messed up... but they would do the whole kids drinking then the strobe lights and the devil would come out idk it freaked me out bad but when they made a good choice it was a choir of angels singing

    Amanda AmandaAmanda Amanda6 kun oldin
  • I feel like Trixie hasn’t listened to the obscure ABBA songs. I hope she did after this video

    Lauren WaksmanLauren Waksman6 kun oldin
  • Katya is giving me everything wit the wig

    Brian EdmondsBrian Edmonds6 kun oldin
  • if you call me or facetime me or look at me or come to my house or speak to me in anyway without texting and asking first, i will just pretend that you don’t exist

    zoe mikaylazoe mikayla6 kun oldin
  • okay the looks this episode were so cute!!!!

    ROBBY D MusicROBBY D Music6 kun oldin
  • Petition to make katya watch grease

    pettywisepettywise6 kun oldin
  • bowl rat WHY

    Sally HechtSally Hecht6 kun oldin
  • 4:06 no... we don't?

    endymionendymion7 kun oldin

    Hua Flinx SanthurHua Flinx Santhur7 kun oldin
  • 4:39 Ok correct me if I'm wrong but..... Is the background music... Framing Your Turn To Die?!?!?! 0.0 Please someone tell me it is ;-;

    A Meladaptive DaydreamerA Meladaptive Daydreamer7 kun oldin
  • i just got an home depot ad on this video which is quite ironic

    Naïma GabrielNaïma Gabriel7 kun oldin
  • love your show! Can’t believe calling someone is now a two step process. Kids, when they have kids & lives this might change because they won’t have time for this nonsense!

    Jacey2cJacey2c7 kun oldin
  • Omg, I went to a haunted house like that!! They had a school shooting scene where they sprayed water on us! They had a child abuse scene too. At the end, they had ppl we could pray with so we don't go to hell. Chrisitian haunted houses go hard 😂

    Shaina BooverShaina Boover7 kun oldin
  • 4:38 OMG that’s Your Turn To Die music akfjfhsf

    Girl i just want some GrapesGirl i just want some Grapes7 kun oldin
  • Can we even TALK about Katya's intro??????

    Enelabe LacalleEnelabe Lacalle7 kun oldin
  • does anyone else get pamprin ads on their videos? it seems appropriate

    lauren slaterlauren slater7 kun oldin
  • Trixies most used emotes lol i would have thought all of those would have been Katyas and Katyas top used emotes would have been Trixies hahahaha

    Rory EdwardRory Edward8 kun oldin
  • need to know where katya gets her nails done or from

    ProfaneKlairityProfaneKlairity8 kun oldin
  • we need a trixie swedish accent how to video

    Miguel CenaMiguel Cena8 kun oldin
  • that's not katya that's katya the bear that escaped from russian jail

    Vivek BabuVivek Babu8 kun oldin
  • I need to know how Katya makes her lipstick look like fucking velvet!

    Emily BergEmily Berg9 kun oldin
  • The current "and pose and pose and pose" is the best one I legit hope it doesn't change soon

    Henrique JambuHenrique Jambu9 kun oldin
  • Kayta giving me evil 80's stepmom

    Spillthetea withmeSpillthetea withme9 kun oldin
  • Anyone else hear Trixie say “booberry”?! 😂❤️

    Ashley SirianniAshley Sirianni10 kun oldin
  • Is the BOWLRAT for me

    Katya MolinaKatya Molina10 kun oldin
  • katya is way too pretty

    Clara StedileClara Stedile10 kun oldin
  • That was a good question..

    Zarah LibozadaZarah Libozada10 kun oldin
  • Aw I love how u guys call each other sh*thead & asshole! Reminds me of me & my husband.

    Briar RoseBriar Rose10 kun oldin
  • The editors clocking the phrases Trixie says at the end... Immaculate.

    Catie DelaneyCatie Delaney10 kun oldin
  • Meet n Greet with Big J is my new catchphrase

    sam.sam.10 kun oldin
  • When people txt ROFLMFAO...and you're like...yeah..AND still able to txt? ,🤔

    Elaine CochraneElaine Cochrane11 kun oldin
  • Whenever i watch this i notice that i have the sexlife of a straight person.

    Bernd VogtBernd Vogt11 kun oldin
  • How come Katya can speak such good french? Her accent is amazing

    emilylucieemilylucie11 kun oldin
  • OK, as an Eurovision Nerd, I demand to know which Russian artist Katya listen.

    NikkiNikki11 kun oldin
  • omggg katya speaking french, i love it, do it every tiiiiiime

    roserose12 kun oldin
  • I would never text and drive!!

    Deborah BlakemoreDeborah Blakemore12 kun oldin
  • "other Brian"

    Emily BalanEmily Balan12 kun oldin
  • Me: sitting here with the name Pamela 😬

    Inah Pamela P. BlasabasInah Pamela P. Blasabas13 kun oldin
  • To me phone calls are for emergencies. If any of my friends called me I would assume someone was dead. Send me a text if it isnt information I need to know ASAP.

    Mouse TheMouse The13 kun oldin
  • That French killed like dayum girl, yo good at it

    Renaud Brunel-GauthierRenaud Brunel-Gauthier14 kun oldin
  • OMG me 2 no private parts pics TURN OFF

    Barbara SwanBarbara Swan14 kun oldin
    • Lol not in colonial Washington we don’t!!

      Isaac BradleyIsaac Bradley12 kun oldin

    Fred StewardFred Steward14 kun oldin
  • I text my friends if they wanna be in a call because I don't wanna just call them and they're at the grocery store or with family.I also don't wanna be rude because what if they're doing something and they gotta take time to decline my call and text me hey sorry I'm doing something.I also don't like long pauses so if I'm in a call it has to be a group call like me and two other friends so at least someone is talking.

    Armando .Vantes8561Armando .Vantes856114 kun oldin
  • kat von d 0:49

    Peyton FarmerPeyton Farmer14 kun oldin
  • Points to Pete for putting Katya’s shoes on that bear in the first scene

    AndrewAndrew14 kun oldin
  • I also hate texting. Like it has ruined many friendships lol

    Sean OgleSean Ogle14 kun oldin
  • The TRUE BEAUTY of Katya in this video is the apex of all cultural production

    LetMePlayWIthIT BroLetMePlayWIthIT Bro14 kun oldin
  • Katya looks gorgeous! I always comment that but I can't not! I absolutely live for uhhhhh

    KittyPawDollKittyPawDoll14 kun oldin
  • Tracy martel is really serving Melania Trump vibes today

    Julian ViñuelasJulian Viñuelas14 kun oldin
  • I need that pink sweater!!!

    misshannahanastasiamisshannahanastasia14 kun oldin
  • Wait... is Bianca reading the questunhhhn's?? Totally sounds like her XD

    Amanda HoustonAmanda Houston15 kun oldin
  • Even if i'm french, hearing katya speaks french is one of my kink.

    Sweetie BaeSweetie Bae15 kun oldin
  • Lol one of my close friends lives like a 5 min drive from me and she shows up REGULARLY OUT OF THE BLUE and sometimes it s annoying but I’ll never kick her out cuz we always end up having a Good AF time lol

    Captain TeekoCaptain Teeko15 kun oldin
  • dont facetime or call me ever.

    Ray's RoomRay's Room15 kun oldin
  • The perfect serial killer drag queens 👍👌👏

    Tina CicconeTina Ciccone15 kun oldin
  • Katya's right. She does pronounce it as MMmhhH instead of UNHhhh

    ArifArif16 kun oldin
  • The alternative for vaccinations had me like xD

    Morris MaliceMorris Malice16 kun oldin
  • "Does the quality of my voice inspire erotic feelings?" uhmmm yes. it always does! love katya

    Clarise Williams VlogsClarise Williams Vlogs16 kun oldin
  • Katya looks soooooo GEWD

    Jenn JennJenn Jenn17 kun oldin
  • Sorry katya is wayyyy hotttttttttter!!!!

    mark pmark p17 kun oldin
  • Can't wait to Cobe my kids into a dirty lake.

    Lil manLil man17 kun oldin
  • 💟💙💟💙💟💙💟💙💟💙💟💙💟💙

    jade ann natasha Merrileesjade ann natasha Merrilees17 kun oldin
  • tortellini marlboro's makeup is on point 😌💅

    fendifltr -was chuuphoria-fendifltr -was chuuphoria-17 kun oldin
  • Katia ton Français est parfait :p

    CEDRICKBCEDRICKB17 kun oldin
  • Katya il faut que tu parles français plus souvent vraiment I'm living

    LaurèneLaurène17 kun oldin
  • I honestly experienced few things that were more unattractive than sexting. It feels so stupid and boring and try-hard, like no one would say shit like that. If I wanted to read bad dirty talk I'd go download wattpad.

    steph.annie.msteph.annie.m17 kun oldin
  • When the editor said “F this fan”😂😂

    Lemon eyesLemon eyes17 kun oldin
  • I looove Trixie's Klarna accent!

    Amanda BourkeAmanda Bourke18 kun oldin
  • "fuck this fan"

    Hannah TansoschHannah Tansosch18 kun oldin
  • Why have I never thought about the fact they have the same name before

    Alex CAlex C18 kun oldin
  • I don't answer my phone unless it's my parents or my roommate , otherwise you better text I got too much anxiety.

    Nicholas McLoughlinNicholas McLoughlin18 kun oldin
  • 6:18 😂😂😂😂 I can't anymore. Give way! 2020 coming in.

    Ka MiKa Mi18 kun oldin
  • I like to be texted before someone calls so i can prepare myself how to sound genuinely pleasant in a conversation even when im not in the mood for a talk. Its like actually doing the laughs rather than just typing lol with a straight face

    PearPear19 kun oldin
  • Lots Of Love

    Rodrigo Antonio MorellRodrigo Antonio Morell19 kun oldin
  • This video had me checking my phone every 5 seconds 💀

    Holly SHolly S19 kun oldin
  • I'm a native french speaker. WHY IS KATYA SO GOOD AT FRENCH

    Anais ChampignonAnais Champignon19 kun oldin