UNDISPUTED - Shannon impressed LeBron's No-Look celebration before hitting 3-pter in Lakers-Rockets

13-Yan, 2021
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UNDISPUTED - Shannon impressed LeBron's No-Look celebration before hitting 3-pter in Lakers-Rockets

  • I Don’t Care If They we’re younger What Happened to the Big 3 In OKC ?

    xGenerous_ BlessingZxGenerous_ BlessingZ7 kun oldin
  • GOAT James isnt even trying and hes averaging over 20 pts, doing no look 3s, dudes ata whole new level man, 18years in the league, 36 years old and #1 in the MVP race, come on man, give this man his respect, witness greatness!

    Expedito SèrgioExpedito Sèrgio7 kun oldin
  • All the shit going on in the world today, and seeing Labron and everybody having fun put a smile on my face.

    Bang my tight Little Poopie PotBang my tight Little Poopie Pot7 kun oldin
  • absolutely hate skip bayless he oozes prejudice all god n country people are like that.

    Discovery 2 LR2Discovery 2 LR28 kun oldin
  • I wanna see this Lebron more often! I wanna see him clown ppl who check him as he emotionally break them like an emotionally abusive father!

    imahelpfulpersonimahelpfulperson8 kun oldin
  • i love shannon

    TreyTrey9 kun oldin
  • The bubble marbles 😂😂😂 skip skip skip

    Sunday VibesSunday Vibes9 kun oldin
  • Harden was like yeah I'm out

    Talkin MyTalkin My9 kun oldin
  • Calls Bron a front-runner but also criticizes him for not being aggressive on offense.....lmaoooooooooo

    Morris BurnsMorris Burns9 kun oldin
  • but when Steph Curry does it....skiupppp

    Rev. Robin Kay Monk SelfRev. Robin Kay Monk Self9 kun oldin
  • Shannon was close!

    Rev. Robin Kay Monk SelfRev. Robin Kay Monk Self9 kun oldin
  • Turns a negative into a positive 🤣🤣

    Llyennel PinderLlyennel Pinder9 kun oldin
  • Love how even after LeBron got the ball stolen, he hustle down court. Not just sitting there complaining to the refs or standing there watching. I love how his leadership and hustle reflects on the team

    Garrick BrownGarrick Brown9 kun oldin
  • Skip a big ass baby 🍼

    GNG Fitness TrainingGNG Fitness Training9 kun oldin
  • Shannon blushes when mentioning lebron, "what he do"? 😂

    zachary minorzachary minor9 kun oldin
  • lmao lets go!!! lakeshow baybeee!

    Armando HernandezArmando Hernandez9 kun oldin
  • Skip "LeBron can't make free throws" Bayless

    Johnriel MaglasangJohnriel Maglasang9 kun oldin
  • Front running Lebron. They always put Lebron in the game rite when they have a double digit lead smh let skip tell it.

    Jay AwesomeJay Awesome10 kun oldin
  • Skip really mad bout 2 missed freethrows lol boy

    magnifecent1swaggmagnifecent1swagg10 kun oldin
  • skip should of said most clutch front runner ever LMAO

    OSC FitnessWithFitOSC FitnessWithFit10 kun oldin
  • I hate you skip just shut up

    E jenksE jenks10 kun oldin
  • Are you kidding me everybody saying that LeBron James hit the best three no-look ever, it looks like he looked at the rim and then took a shot, Steph Curry took so many threes turn around and started heading down the court and knew he was going to make them, yes I am not a LeBron James fan, but I have been a Laker fan since 1974, everybody says LeBron brought three championships to three different teams, so funny the first championship he crawled to the great Dwyane Wade because he needed somebody to help him win championships, I give him the Cleveland Championship even though he needed better players around him there too, so he comes to LA where he knows they have money and will bring better players for him so he can win, if LeBron was going to be great maybe he should went to a team that hasn't won a championship in many years or hasn't won a championship at all like the sun's, LeBron James give me my damn respect, is that the greatness you all want somebody begging, just because he thinks he deserves it, you never heard Kobe you never heard Magic Johnson ever say that or any other great NBA player, LeBron James is the biggest crybaby ever and disrespect every great basketball player by calling himself the goat, if LeBron won 20 championships he still would not be the goat

    Hash MoncriefHash Moncrief10 kun oldin
  • Idk how but the Lakers gel-ing way more early than their last two seasons. While everybody still trading and stuff they smooth sailing

    ZaNaco SkatesZaNaco Skates10 kun oldin
  • Bout time skip ain't hating on Lebron

    Northeast MookNortheast Mook10 kun oldin
  • And he got it!!! ... 😅😂

    The Man KitThe Man Kit10 kun oldin
  • Skip lol only issue with lebron is the free throw line lol

    Sergio BlancoSergio Blanco10 kun oldin
  • 9:42 Shannon almost predicted today's 26-7-6

    JaphethJapheth10 kun oldin
  • "AD AD...thank you"😂😂

    Cortavious BaileyCortavious Bailey10 kun oldin
  • Wait..Skip just said "it's the Thunder, there's no CP3." As If CP3 is guarding Bron all game.

    bjr816bjr81610 kun oldin
  • Skip "stupid forever" baseless

    Mohamad MustafaMohamad Mustafa10 kun oldin
  • Plot Twist: Lebron turn around and ask schroder if the shot went in

    Pound TraderPound Trader10 kun oldin
  • Didnt kobe bet money during a fee throw 🤔

    joseph walkerjoseph walker10 kun oldin
    • @Charity Rodriguez doesnt matter made a bet period... i dont see the big deal im sure jordon did it

      joseph walkerjoseph walker9 kun oldin
    • 500,000 dollars, but Lebrons is just as impressive if not more so a no look 3> A free throw

      Charity RodriguezCharity Rodriguez9 kun oldin
  • Sorry this is so unimpressive! He turned his head after releasing the ball. That's a look away after release. I've seen Steph look away before release a few times. He not only measured the distance he already looked thru the shot! In the voice of Chris Carter, " Come on Man !!

    Kevin LewisKevin Lewis10 kun oldin
    • I agree but cmon still sound like ya hating. Steph has done it both ways too

      Mee AcowntMee Acownt9 kun oldin
  • Lebron is too powerful to shoot freethrows... thats y he shoots half court jumpers with ease

    LeRaymone JamesLeRaymone James10 kun oldin
    • 😭😭😭😭...I can't...

      hulkdaddy71hulkdaddy719 kun oldin
  • "My guy is playing for all the marbles" " wht my guy playing for"? "Huh"? Lmao! 😁😁😁

    TDNR G29TDNR G2910 kun oldin
  • I think that 3team trade was pointless. They didnt get someone of any real value back. They gave up the whole Thanksgiving turkey for a 4lokos and a pack of Newports. Im not sold on any of these future draft picks AT ALL.

    home9dog2bluehome9dog2blue10 kun oldin
  • pause @ 9:15 HAHAHAHAHHA this sums up the entire show HAHAHAHAHAH

    Dansuy GamingDansuy Gaming10 kun oldin
  • Skip talking about how lebron was 2-4 from the FT line 😂😂😂

    justaguy123_justaguy123_10 kun oldin
  • Skip loves to say that Lebrons front running . But when it was Jordon or Kobe doing it . It’s killer instinct!!! They are stepping on the opponent’s throats!!! This dude...

    Bryant RodriguezBryant Rodriguez10 kun oldin
    • When you're up 21 points, what do you think it's called? The difference is that Kobe and/Jordan would have done it against real competition, just to demoralize the opponent. Smh...

      hulkdaddy71hulkdaddy719 kun oldin
    • Skip is a clown

      Jelany JecanyJelany Jecany10 kun oldin
  • Skip will always, always find something

    Mike UzumakiMike Uzumaki10 kun oldin
  • Lil Wayne probably sold his rights to that intro/outro too! Smdh

    D OneThousandD OneThousand10 kun oldin
  • Starts at 6:30

    WillyWilly10 kun oldin
  • That’s a nice shot for brons legacy 😎

    dc jaycdc jayc10 kun oldin
  • Skip sucks lol diminishing Lebron's performance to a 2-4 FT stat and a turnover LMAO what a hater

    Macon OvercastMacon Overcast10 kun oldin
  • Skip is just playing the heavy

    Juvenal CatullusJuvenal Catullus10 kun oldin
  • He went to the nets

    Trill JTrill J10 kun oldin
    • @hulkdaddy71 - yeah i agree but right now if I was the nets I would trade kyrie ASAP for defensive players

      Trill JTrill J9 kun oldin
    • @Trill J It's reported that they wanted Ben Simmons, Tyrese Maxey, Matisse Thybulle, and a bunch of unprotected first round picks. Naw, we don't need Harden that badly

      hulkdaddy71hulkdaddy719 kun oldin
    • @Trill J not just the picks, Bro. They also lost Levert, Prince, and Afro Samurai....

      hulkdaddy71hulkdaddy719 kun oldin
    • @hulkdaddy71 - idk man picks are overrated asf man they should have taken Ben instead from the sixers

      Trill JTrill J9 kun oldin
    • And the Nets gave up entirely too much for him. Just to have him for two years.

      hulkdaddy71hulkdaddy719 kun oldin
  • Kylie misses 4 games because of his "feelings" but yet you hate on LeBron for free throws. Wtf?

    Shakori EasterShakori Easter10 kun oldin
    • @hulkdaddy71 Jesus Christ you're back? WTF? What happened to ✌🏿. You're starting to be a little weird dude😒

      Shakori EasterShakori Easter9 kun oldin
    • @Shakori Easter God has nothing to do with your lack of understanding.....😭😭✌️

      hulkdaddy71hulkdaddy719 kun oldin
    • @hulkdaddy71 Thank God 🙌🏿

      Shakori EasterShakori Easter9 kun oldin
    • @Shakori Easter Dueces..😂✌️

      hulkdaddy71hulkdaddy719 kun oldin
    • @hulkdaddy71 Jesus Christ. Once again maybe we should stop talking. Have a good day.

      Shakori EasterShakori Easter9 kun oldin
  • How many times curry did that not that big deal

    Corey DavisCorey Davis10 kun oldin
    • Exactly... And ppl are acting like it was something phenomenal and never seen before

      hulkdaddy71hulkdaddy719 kun oldin
  • Trick Bayless, is straight overrated, debate skills straight trash! Made a career on LeBron hate! This crap is half pass tired!

    Edward CostonEdward Coston10 kun oldin
  • Bro, it was a good shot but this is why people hate fucking Lebron fans. Why are you acting like this was so amazing? Stephen Curry has done this lots and lots of time. Lebron fans are delusional and think if Lebron takes a shit, it is the greatest turd ever ejected from a butthole.

    lxl KHARMA lxllxl KHARMA lxl10 kun oldin
  • Unnnnccccc!!!!!! Lol😂

    Jason YearwoodJason Yearwood10 kun oldin
  • What’s the deal w/ skip’s obsession w/ free throws ??

    edriv44edriv4410 kun oldin
    • The free throw can be valuable when you're playing against a poor free throw shooter, or team. Prime example being the Hack-A-Shaq technique, when Shaq was playing

      hulkdaddy71hulkdaddy719 kun oldin
  • They broke it up for harden😂😂

    og skin headog skin head10 kun oldin
  • 6:35 is what the title brought you here for. You're welcome.

    BoDanGRUzBoDanGRUz10 kun oldin
    • thanks man

      swae rodswae rod2 kun oldin
    • I love u

      Bobby ShmurdaBobby Shmurda9 kun oldin
    • Thnx

      Tai AdewoyeTai Adewoye10 kun oldin
    • Many thanks!!

      Phil LaguerrePhil Laguerre10 kun oldin
  • Skip always highlights the free thrown %. He acts like one pointers are the most important shots in the game

    CLBCLB10 kun oldin
  • Acting like Steph and Gilbert Arenas wasn't doing this already....😭😭😭

    hulkdaddy71hulkdaddy7110 kun oldin
  • That Schroeder freethrow line bet comment by Skip was cold man.😂😂😂

    Lord BeerusLord Beerus10 kun oldin
  • Lol skip knows he liked thay lebron shot .. but he's fronting for TV 📺

    oskiworld1oskiworld110 kun oldin
  • 6:40 ... Enough said!!!

    AweSum PowerZAweSum PowerZ10 kun oldin
  • Skip still unable to see through the hate😂😂

    efree345efree34510 kun oldin
  • At 10:23 it sound like skip asked “Nigga, what about them?” 😂😂😂

    K PK P10 kun oldin

    Dimitris GreenDimitris Green10 kun oldin
  • Bet you won’t make a free throw 🤣 skip is funny

    Antonio SilvaAntonio Silva10 kun oldin
  • Harden and Embiid can be a helluva pick and roll tandem "IF" Harden put his ego to the side... both can avg 25pts plus

    Leroy SandersLeroy Sanders10 kun oldin
  • Every shot Bron makes is a shot to Skip's ❤

    Sean FlanaganSean Flanagan10 kun oldin
  • I'm starting to think that skip really needs some help.

    Terry FlemingTerry Fleming10 kun oldin
  • 👑 James be like.. It’s all about the Benjamins Dennis 😈😂👑👑👑👑👑👑

    Colvin CrudenColvin Cruden10 kun oldin
  • Golden State could make it happen Wiggins Oubre 2 first round pics

    James-Earl BonezJames-Earl Bonez10 kun oldin
  • Lecurry James. . Skipp so upset he has nothing Ever team he backs against the king are having issues. As a lebron fan. This just might be the easiest cake walk to a ring of them all. And we laughing about it.

    jon GEEjon GEE10 kun oldin
  • Toxic bayless

    Chris RossChris Ross10 kun oldin
  • What if they get rid of princess kyrie and get harden

    Bazan1122Bazan112210 kun oldin
  • Watch the 76ers make finals , or the bucks . Nets not making till 2022

    Ant TonytonytAnt Tonytonyt10 kun oldin
  • Legoat James ! 4x finals mvp

    Ant TonytonytAnt Tonytonyt10 kun oldin
  • Shannon sounds like he's playing a game of 2k with the player lock on when he talks about LeBron.

    cali obzvrcali obzvr10 kun oldin
  • Skip yeah the bubble marbles

    Dominic BlanchardDominic Blanchard10 kun oldin
  • Lol skip acting like mj wasn’t a front runner. Dude would be up 20 and make a shot a stare ppl down and talk trash. Skip your hypocrisy is really shining

    J LJ L10 kun oldin
  • I love how shannon refers to lebron as we

    no peaking young bloodno peaking young blood10 kun oldin
  • Skip "Water Pistol Pete" Bayless

    Jon ManriquezJon Manriquez10 kun oldin
  • 6:30 Lebron no look shot

    C TorresC Torres10 kun oldin
    • @hulkdaddy71 Yes...? ik how it happened. It's actually what curry does it's more Curry's thing. Regardless LEGOAT made it look good! 👍

      C TorresC Torres10 kun oldin
    • You do know he was looking when he shot it... He turned around after it left his hands....😭😭😭

      hulkdaddy71hulkdaddy7110 kun oldin
    • Preciate it

      Westbrook LoverWestbrook Lover10 kun oldin
  • The lakers could win by 60 and bron goes 7 for 8 from free throws. Skip will say what bout that free throw. We watch skip blame the time for a loss .

    Mr. HMr. H10 kun oldin
  • That was a pretty boss move by Lebron, and I'm not particularly a fan of his.

    DNICE41DNICE4110 kun oldin
  • He's averaging 25-5-10 so I can't say he's not performing

    Keep It 100Keep It 10010 kun oldin
  • Shannon out career 😂 lol stop

    Aj SandersAj Sanders10 kun oldin
  • Lebron's statline from the charity stripe may be lowering but it won't matter...yet. Especially when your team is up by 20-24+ points and the defense is stellar like it has been. The Lakers' goal is to have the best defensive rating in the NBA. And I believe he will still make his free throws WHEN HE NEEDS TO!

    Michael ElliottMichael Elliott10 kun oldin
  • skips way,when there is nothing he can say about brons game,free throw

    ZHANG MANZHANG MAN10 kun oldin
  • Shannon os constantly interrupting Skip. He should make his weak argument and stf.u

    Jamar RippyJamar Rippy10 kun oldin
  • James doesn’t want to have to go through lebron he won’t win.

    jon GEEjon GEE10 kun oldin
  • "It was schroder's fault" 😁😁

    Daniel KasakulaDaniel Kasakula10 kun oldin
  • I love Dennis bringing the dog out of LeBron

    keian rothkeian roth10 kun oldin
  • The moment we were all waiting for!

    Righteousgenius 1990Righteousgenius 199010 kun oldin
  • “James Hardees” 😂😂

    J REELZJ REELZ10 kun oldin
  • Skip what seed is clippers ???? Lol skip what seed is Nets????? 😂

    HarryJr StephensHarryJr Stephens10 kun oldin
  • !! Skip frontrunning really he will say anything anything to throw jabs at bron that was a great turn around shot

    Dontress SmithDontress Smith10 kun oldin
  • I felt nervous when I heard, “ I bet you can’t make it at the free throw line.” Idk if I would bet in favor of Lebron there 😅

    Unknown GuyUnknown Guy10 kun oldin
    • @Taylor D you don’t know basketball bro, I’m a professional when it come to this

      B RealB Real7 kun oldin
    • @B Real who does Jordan have a better free throw percentage with his eyes closed, than Lebron has for his career? 😭😭😭

      hulkdaddy71hulkdaddy717 kun oldin
    • @Taylor D 😭😭 Jason Terry WORKED a Prime LeBron...

      hulkdaddy71hulkdaddy717 kun oldin
    • @B Real dirk and jason terry destroyed your queen😂 pathetic

      Taylor DTaylor D8 kun oldin
    • @Taylor D nobody ever “destroyed” LeBron... whenever LeBron doesn’t play well it’s because his own personal issues... he can’t be stopped

      B RealB Real8 kun oldin
  • Im sick of this man trash talk on Lebron, its sickening.

    V. RoseV. Rose10 kun oldin
  • Isnt it funny how its the weak east when lebron was there but suddenly now its the weak west🤔

    king Bazooking Bazoo10 kun oldin
  • Skip is a mess bet you won't make those two free throws lol

    Narada ReidNarada Reid10 kun oldin

    Millz MulaMillz Mula10 kun oldin
  • Skip need a new bag of marbles!

    Robert WiggertonRobert Wiggerton10 kun oldin
  • As a Miami fan I'm still appreciative of King James

    Robert WiggertonRobert Wiggerton10 kun oldin
    • 🗣️ BAAANG ....tie game!

      sequeritysequerity6 kun oldin
    • @Smity Will 🤡

      Idris PalmerIdris Palmer8 kun oldin
    • @Smity Will I’m older than u , born 94 and know way more ball than you .

      Ant TonytonytAnt Tonytonyt9 kun oldin
    • @Ant Tonytonyt 🤡

      Smity WillSmity Will9 kun oldin
    • @Ant Tonytonyt ur obviously a kid. Only CASUAL butthurt salty lehelp fans try n diss the GOAT

      Smity WillSmity Will9 kun oldin