UNDISPUTED | Shannon reacts to Lamar totals 179 Pass Yds & 136 Rush Yds in 20-13 win vs Titans

11-Yan, 2021
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UNDISPUTED | Shannon reacts to Lamar totals 179 Pass Yds & 136 Rush Yds in 20-13 win vs Titans

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    Hoàng BiHoàng Bi11 kun oldin
  • Lamar deserved a C+ at best for that performance

    David NunezDavid Nunez11 kun oldin
  • cmon man i know you wanna get your music out to everyones ears, but do have to cut part of the video to do it??? nah just wait until they're finishes talking please! I wouldnt mind watching your videos even if I know we got something coming. I like some of the songs tbh, but I'm not watching anything with your name on it if i know your just going to ruin the ending.

    Nico ANico A11 kun oldin
  • So their not going to talk about the QB he outplayed in a big game who just got a contract maybe save up on that oline before you pay the QB

    Red C1515Red C151511 kun oldin
  • I believe A is a bit high. I’d give him a B

    GeauxGeaux11 kun oldin
  • They will not beat the beat the Bills; Lamar did not play great. The Ravens only scored 20 points; the Ravens defence showed up.

    Ron PriceRon Price11 kun oldin
  • Shannon jacket 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Robert The ApostleRobert The Apostle11 kun oldin
  • bruh hate playing against him on madden

    Sharoy CallahanSharoy Callahan11 kun oldin
  • How does skip have a job

    Cesar FloresCesar Flores11 kun oldin
  • Ravens fans should actually be worried beating the titans scoring only 20 points

    Jerry ColeJerry Cole12 kun oldin
  • Now Shannon wants to give Lamar an A?! But just a few months ago. He was screaming that Lamar will not continue to win throwing for less than 200 yards a game!! Lol.

    mack cartermack carter12 kun oldin
  • I'll Take Buffalo Bills Over Baltimore Ravens

    Santana RossSantana Ross12 kun oldin
  • Tyreek or lamar? Who ya money on?

    2wheelsonly2wheelsonly12 kun oldin
  • Did skip curse 😂😂

    SAVAGE90000640 GamingSAVAGE90000640 Gaming12 kun oldin
  • Lamar feet was fasters than henry in the Game.

    S ChaoS Chao12 kun oldin
  • Maybe the Titans will get Deshaun Watson. That's game over. Period. Oh, Congratulations to Lamar. THAT brother is bad. Cold bleeded.

    Oh NoOh No12 kun oldin
  • I think in 4 years Lamar will be out of football. Once a "running QB" gets hurt.. thats it.

    TR HTR H12 kun oldin
    • @jamah sassafras I guess we will see who is right, 4 years from now.

      TR HTR HKun oldin
    • U don't get paid to think do you

      jamah sassafrasjamah sassafrasKun oldin
  • Can't win a superbowl like this Baltimore.. not 179 pass yards

    DarnelltheGeminiDarnelltheGemini12 kun oldin
  • Did Lamar's run remind anyone else of Kaepernick's run against Green Bay?

    Josh ProvanceJosh Provance12 kun oldin
  • This why I love undisputed they keep it real about everything and they always show my ravens an Lamar love , specially skip bayless every other sports show still finds different narratives

    Darius The-officialDarius The-official12 kun oldin
  • What about Vick lol

    The Hyena ChiefThe Hyena Chief12 kun oldin
  • Shannon Sharpe really showing his ass here. Sharpe "we haven't seen anything like this before" A++ blah blah lmfao... Brady 600+ yards at 107 years old , perfect QB rating and Sharpe says "Skip he really is showing his age here, Should have retired before his last 3 super bowl wins skip"... What a Goon

    Joey GoldJoey Gold12 kun oldin
  • If they talk about legs more then your arm you wont be a great QB

    Jr AlvarezJr Alvarez12 kun oldin
    • @V Supreme can't run your team to a superbowl as a QB, gotta throw! ARM TALENT NOT LEG TALENT

      Jr AlvarezJr Alvarez5 kun oldin
    • @V Supreme will c

      Jr AlvarezJr Alvarez12 kun oldin
    • Wrong

      V SupremeV Supreme12 kun oldin
  • Damn! The criticism of Lamar is ridiculous he threw 1 interception! Big Ben threw 4 int's and instead of talking about how bad he played they make excuses about he doesn't have a offensive line or running backs! The running backs did not throw those 4 int's! And why didn't Big Ben fall on that ball that went over his head near the end zone! Cam Newton got criticized for it in the Superbowl! So i guess Ben gets a pass!

    Ty SmithTy Smith12 kun oldin
  • It’s crazy to think that people care more about passing yards than wins when it comes to Lamar. Idgaf if it he’s not playing quarterback “the right way” if he’s winning games that’s all that matters

  • On the NFL app after that run they said Lamar's top speed on that td scramble was 20.4 mph!! Insane...

    Mack DockeryMack Dockery12 kun oldin
  • Who didnt think they heard skip cuss lamo🤔🤣🤣. "Dumb azz interception". My niga skip 😂lol..

    Yung RichYung Rich12 kun oldin
  • My boy Cap did that with the 49ers

    education654321education65432112 kun oldin
  • Skip cursing today gone be a good day 🤣🤣

    Katorrii TuckerKatorrii Tucker12 kun oldin
  • Won't be easy for Bills against Ravens. Ravens have a solid defence & shut down the best RB of the league. Also they have Lamar. He's gifted

    Jeff JacquesJeff Jacques12 kun oldin
  • Look like Vick running

    brian stillbrian still12 kun oldin
  • raven defence won them the game lamar was avrage at best

    GhisSonnyGhisSonny12 kun oldin
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    Andrew ZeitlerAndrew Zeitler12 kun oldin
  • We never seen this???? Umm, Michael Vick!!!!!!!!! Except Vick was a better passer.

    Charles WilliamsCharles Williams12 kun oldin
    • Chuck, I tell that to EVERYBODY bro. Vick had more accuracy and zip on his passes aaaaand he was a lefty. Lamar checks down too many times on his throws. Buffalo has to make him beat them with his arm

      William GravelyWilliam Gravely12 kun oldin
  • It's refreshing to see skip like Lamar considering almost every other analyst finds a way to scrutinize his playstyle

  • he cant throw....runner only hes a gimmick qb

    Big Frank 2005Big Frank 200512 kun oldin
    • Keep crying "Big Frank"

      V SupremeV Supreme12 kun oldin
  • I would give Lamar a B+ only because not only he threw that bad pick, he got sacked 5 times by the worse pass rushing team that was a division winner, they had 19 all year, and I counted 3 of those sacks on lamar, 2 of those sacks I literally seen open receivers he just didn't see the other one, he climbed and climbed the pocket of nobody is open than run because he had room to pick up positive yards, then he got sacked, those things keep me from giving him a A but he gets a B+

    amare Loganamare Logan12 kun oldin
  • It was the Ravens defense that won ths game, not Lamar. His numbers were quite pedestrian.

    Teknical XtacyTeknical Xtacy12 kun oldin

    Johnny boyJohnny boy12 kun oldin
  • They need to get him WRs next season

    Thaa RealDealThaa RealDeal12 kun oldin
  • They really said terrible ass interception on live tv 😂

    zombiemaruzombiemaru12 kun oldin
  • All he has to do is be the best version of himself stop tryna make him a pocket passer the kid is a beast let him do him

    I AM _ BTFI AM _ BTF12 kun oldin
  • Can’t believe skip said dumbass interception 😂

    Jackson SmithJackson Smith12 kun oldin
  • I feel like this was the first time I have ever agreed with Skip.

    Reggie WrightReggie Wright12 kun oldin
  • Why can’t Skip be this level headed with other star QBs lol

    scarfaceaceoscarfaceaceo12 kun oldin
  • Taking pictures on ur logo i know they was mad that's a rivalry now

    The realistThe realist12 kun oldin
  • He has a bad ass defense.... He had that amazing play though.....i think the media over react to the win in favor of the qb. He losses and it's all about his interception and inability to pass the ball

    Carlos VazquezCarlos Vazquez12 kun oldin
  • An A+??? Y'all tweaking

    Boom or BustBoom or Bust12 kun oldin
  • Skip in bob ross voice “ fwoosh fwoosh “ it doesn’t work unless you don’t make the noises 😂😂

    Fred JerryFred Jerry12 kun oldin
  • B, he made the huge plays with his legs..but with all of that he didn't crack 200 yards passing, no passing TD's, 1 pick and only 20 pts on a bad defense. This works when you shut down Henry but going forward against the Bills or Chiefs you're gonna need better passing

    tino10ktino10k12 kun oldin
    • Passing yards are irrelevant. He threw for 360 in their loss to the Titans last season. But yeah, must score more points

      V SupremeV Supreme12 kun oldin
  • Every quarterback even greats have threw picks in the playoffs shouldn’t affect the grade especially one pick he gets an A it’s his 3rd year smh the hate is real!!

    Shaquan ClemonsShaquan Clemons12 kun oldin
  • Dude look like a Gremlin

    Michael GrattanMichael Grattan12 kun oldin
  • Regardless of what happens against Buffalo lamar cleared his name of tbe idea he can't win big games and he can't lead a comeback

    hard knocklifehard knocklife12 kun oldin
  • Skip says some funny shit on the show lmao “sourpussy” “dumbass”

    General ReseGeneral Rese12 kun oldin
  • Talk about the beeping bills!!!!!

    Joshua LJoshua L12 kun oldin
  • 😄😄😄 tannihill still don't understand how he the QB. Repeat of last season no show 😄😄 keep believing in him tho he will get another 100 mill extension😄😄😄

    Taloot BTaloot B12 kun oldin
  • Lamar just is not good enough a passer for next level.(Buffalo will show it)

    Chitizzle hip hopChitizzle hip hop12 kun oldin
    • @Chitizzle hip hop You've got that "same energy"; but for the Bills. lol

      nirbijanirbija5 kun oldin
    • @V Supreme I want that same energy!

      Chitizzle hip hopChitizzle hip hop6 kun oldin
    • I want that same energy!

      Chitizzle hip hopChitizzle hip hop6 kun oldin
    • @nirbija yeah right Bills by 3rd will be in control

      Chitizzle hip hopChitizzle hip hop10 kun oldin
    • @Chitizzle hip hop So you do have the insight that the Buffalo is going to be made into Beefalo by "post game"? lol

      nirbijanirbija10 kun oldin
  • Bro kill the music at the end of the videos. Let the videos finish.

    UnboxitallUnboxitall12 kun oldin
  • A defensive back in college who played against him said in an interview if you blink he’s gone. It’s insane how fast he is

    terryts2terryts212 kun oldin
  • The ravens need more pass catchers man. Then they will be dangerous

    Dubrea SandersDubrea Sanders12 kun oldin
  • Shock he cussing

    Shalon ThomasShalon Thomas12 kun oldin
  • I love when he says they jump out the window.

    Lulu88Lulu8812 kun oldin
  • If Lamar train with the goat in Florida offseason at the local parks Lamar would be dangerous .

    Money Robb954Money Robb95412 kun oldin
  • So lamar gets an A or A+++ but Brady gets a C.... XD

    Reenier Kendrick Delos ReyesReenier Kendrick Delos Reyes12 kun oldin
  • He a beast but even Kap and Micheal Vick couldn't run to a Superbowl, they going night night against Buffalo because the Bills have a passing attack.

    Erik DegbyErik Degby12 kun oldin
    • Have to give Ravens credit for shutting down Henry that's not easy.

      Erik DegbyErik Degby12 kun oldin
    • @Jerred Thomas True, very good secondary. Will be a good game!

      Erik DegbyErik Degby12 kun oldin
    • Not saying ravens going to win but don't forget about ravens corners. They have a top 5 secondary with Peters, Jimmy Smith and Humphrey

      Jerred ThomasJerred Thomas12 kun oldin
    • Well Kap did run to a super bowl just lost it lol n Vick never made it hopefully Lamar can get some better weapons

      KAM49KAM4912 kun oldin
  • Imagine if Lamar had weapons. MVP last year and play-offs this year with receivers who wouldn't make any other team.

    tyrannosaurus69tyrannosaurus6912 kun oldin
  • Lamar needs to just run the damn ball and playaction. Just run like how russel Wilson runs and Lamar will be a hall of famer. That is where the league is going. Dual threat QBs are the future.

    Jason SanonJason Sanon12 kun oldin
  • bro really said dumbass nicely 🤣🤣

    Dejaun PillayDejaun Pillay12 kun oldin
  • Great play man. Hey life is amazing I have to say yes sir

    Texan Football HoustonTexan Football Houston12 kun oldin
  • Shannon rubbing off on Skip 😂😂😂

    Tyler RobertsTyler Roberts12 kun oldin
  • A dumb ass interception 😂😂😂

    Jay MJay M12 kun oldin
  • Shannon couldn't have said it better,his legs are a gift to him.

    Paul RobinsonPaul Robinson12 kun oldin
  • Skip : “ Dumbass Interception “ Me : 😧

    Theo JohnsonTheo Johnson12 kun oldin
    • Kinda caught me off guard a little bit😂😂😂😂

      AL3JO ARTAL3JO ART9 kun oldin
    • He was quoting Lamar jackson in the interview after the game

      ajmane215ajmane21510 kun oldin
    • ngl I had to rewind that because I didn't think he would actually say that, not saying that I really care or anything but it caught me off guard

      Mason MiddaughMason Middaugh11 kun oldin
    • Ole Unk shay putting that hood in skuuuuupp

      Derrick JohnsonDerrick Johnson11 kun oldin
    • forreal

      HelbeezyHelbeezy11 kun oldin
  • This show is so much better to watch when it's not talking about tom bron mahomes and rodgers lmao

    DjayfeelDjayfeel12 kun oldin
  • Lesson learned: IGNORE the critics. Leverage your strength. Keep going. And your critics will eat crow. Media will keep criticizing his throwing until he takes his team to the Super Bowl.

    frank011ubafrank011uba12 kun oldin
  • Their running back needs more praise

    Straw HatStraw Hat12 kun oldin
  • Skip caught me off guard when he cursed lol.

    The Key To LifeThe Key To Life12 kun oldin
  • The "dumbass interception"??? Skiyup!!!!!

    Hawk 1Hawk 112 kun oldin
  • Lamar played like Lamar I have to give credit to that defense though

    QwanQwan12 kun oldin
  • Wanted unc Shay to comment on wat he said after the touchdown run😂

    Cam CollinsCam Collins12 kun oldin
  • What makes Lamer so dangerous is that he is easily one of the greatest runners in the history of the NFL, regardless of his position, but he is also a solid overall QB who still has much room for improvement. Once he is able to put it all together consistently, he will go on to become one of the greatest football players ever.

    Phillip RilesPhillip Riles12 kun oldin

    future hendrixxxfuture hendrixxx12 kun oldin
  • A+ with two interceptions and his teams scored only 20 pts against a D worse than it was last year.

    Alex Capitan ArmendarizAlex Capitan Armendariz12 kun oldin
    • He only had 1 pick, had more passing and rushing yards than the entire titans offense. Then made the crunch time plays a we expect prime time players too!

      Aaron HugzAaron Hugz12 kun oldin
  • Lamar Jackson is what RG3 should’ve been.

    nickouttacontrolnickouttacontrol12 kun oldin
  • 283th comment

    javier book shadows contributor dujavier book shadows contributor du12 kun oldin
  • Happy for him, didn’t think the Raven would win but props

    Black Man In A KiltBlack Man In A Kilt12 kun oldin
  • Baltimore's defense won the game! Did you guys forget how gawd awful the Titans defense is?! Lamar played ok, that's all. 170yds passing, with an int isn't great. Sure his running was dynamic. But scoring 20 against Tennessee, with a ton of help from your defense does not equal an "A+".

    Ryan SchultzRyan Schultz12 kun oldin
    • Exactly bro, LJ made one good play and they barely won. The Ravens defence saved them

      Ron PriceRon Price11 kun oldin
  • Is this football or track? All they talk about is his legs...then get track people, put them in uniform and watch them go like Techno Bowl. Then in the next sentence they say he needs to grow as a qb. Hypocrites!

    SlickChickSlickChick12 kun oldin
  • I like Lamar I just don’t know how long his style of play can last in the league. Its fine and cool now but I mean 6yrs from now do you think this play holds up. He has to learn to pass the ball better

    Daniel PreseleyDaniel Preseley12 kun oldin
    • @Mexi Cutioner agreed he and run with the vest of them and he’s the qb lol 😝

      Daniel PreseleyDaniel Preseley12 kun oldin
    • @Daniel Preseley yeah but it’s so fun to watch him rn tho

      Mexi CutionerMexi Cutioner12 kun oldin
    • @Julian Clarke true I wouldn’t either lol I just want the guy to be successful long term and not a short career

      Daniel PreseleyDaniel Preseley12 kun oldin
    • I don't think Ravens fans will care if they win a Superbowl during that period

      Julian ClarkeJulian Clarke12 kun oldin
  • I like Lamar and the Ravens, and hell, I want them to win the Super Bowl......but I kinda cringe when analyst/commentators say that they've never seen anything like him before. WHAT? Folks have seem to forgotten Mike Vick before the dog-fighting mess. Vick was the 'cheat-code' before we recently started using that term. Vick was super quick, with a canon of a left arm. Come on man.....don't disrespect Vick by saying we've never seen anything like Lamar before.

    Jaey MarqJaey Marq12 kun oldin
    • All for ratings and hype, my friend. Vick definitely was a better all around qb and that left arm was deadly accurate

      William GravelyWilliam Gravely12 kun oldin
  • Go Ravens fuck there logo!!!

    Leroy ThomasLeroy Thomas12 kun oldin
  • Love that Lamar shut the haters up

    jfraz1992jfraz199212 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe skip actually said dumbass on air lol

    Tim GrinsteadTim Grinstead12 kun oldin
  • Yes it was a bad throw, why say dumb ass interception. Little shit like that makes me mad when talking about black QB. Let's talk about dumb ass interceptions from other QB.

    the goatthe goat12 kun oldin
  • Shannon love the suit my brother

    Brandon SimmonsBrandon Simmons12 kun oldin
  • 'I'm gonna line up for the PAT' :D

    Geoffrey TaylorGeoffrey Taylor12 kun oldin
    • @Welton Spratley it was but you saw the way he jogged after Lamar...like yeah I'm not catching him soooooo....

      Geoffrey TaylorGeoffrey Taylor12 kun oldin
    • That was cold lol

      Welton SpratleyWelton Spratley12 kun oldin
  • Titans didn’t come to play. And also Henry can’t have 40 yards and they expect to win. He has to have a big game. That’s literally their offense

    Zach LyonsZach Lyons12 kun oldin
  • Oh shit new tracks

    Michael LearyMichael Leary12 kun oldin
  • If I was buffalo I will try let Lamar beat them with is arm cause is throwing is off

    jerrod satterfieldjerrod satterfield12 kun oldin
  • Its like a guy riding a motorcycle being pursued by dudes peddling bicycles - he gone

    Steven GriffinSteven Griffin12 kun oldin