Undercover FBI Agent in the Gambino Family Takes Down 32 Mobsters

6-Yan, 2021
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Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit-down with former undercover FBI Agent Jack Garcia. They talk about the life as an undercover in the mafia and how he infiltrated the Gambino crime family. Order his book "Making Jack Falcone: An Undercover FBI Agent Takes Down a Mafia Family": amzn.to/35gCW8z
About the Guest: Joaquín "Jack" García is a Cuban-American retired FBI agent, best known for his undercover work infiltrating the Gambino crime family in New York City. García is regarded as one of the most successful and prolific undercover agents in the history of the FBI.
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  • I wish he'd take down Cuomo!!

    Sherrie EvansSherrie Evans48 daqiqa oldin
  • Good interview....this guy was good, seams like a well grounded dude

    daz6704daz6704Soat oldin
  • Really cool interview. Although I think it's very one-sided to say these mobs are "nothing but criminals" and "it's in their DNA". I understand they're not choir boys. But a person isn't born a criminal (unless you're born a completely unfunctional psychopath). A lot of these people are born in poor neighborhoods, exposed to crime since a young age, probably coming from families where violence is a regular thing and sometimes already connected to the mob. I'm not excusing organized crime. But it only exists because society sucks and it's rotten, not because they're "nothing but criminals".

    pancakefroyopancakefroyo3 soat oldin
  • In the height of the Narcos in the 80's 90's, as much effort the FBI, DEA etc did to stop or hinder it, the POTUS G. H. W. Bush Sr was using the CIA to bring in massive amounts of unchecked dope into America.

    Jr's HouseJr's House5 soat oldin
  • the exact opposite of Joey Diaz LOL

  • them cubans have the best genetics, i swear. this dude is awesome

  • Couldn’t get hired as a regular policeman but the FBI wanted him.

    BluRedBluRed15 soat oldin
  • I think the most corrupt group in general is Politions.

    T RitchieT Ritchie18 soat oldin
  • I like how Patrick lets people tell their story without interrupting

    icerocketicerocket22 soat oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/sa6qr9OVm6LSqog

    Sylvia tzviya Burstein HummelSylvia tzviya Burstein HummelKun oldin
  • FBI is the dirtiest of all govt agencies. CIA brings in most of the drugs though.

    Gang Of FourGang Of FourKun oldin
  • Right. And the Mob includes the recent president, DJT. If it makes a comeback he will perhaps make it possible.

    Alison ArmstrongAlison ArmstrongKun oldin
  • I heard they also took down Jimmy Falcone

    akaTylerakaTylerKun oldin
  • Brilliant interview

    Cully XCully X2 kun oldin
  • Bias kicks in at 1:05:50

    straferstrafer2 kun oldin
  • Anybody else thought he was Phil Anselmo from Pantera?

    Jason SJason S3 kun oldin
  • Patrick, your interviews are terrific. But, the suggestion on investigating politicians' corruption should also be interesting. I think political corruption is lot more dangerous to the country than what the Mafia poses.

    javaid haiderjavaid haider3 kun oldin
  • He went undercover for a 80 year old man lol

    Donnie CalabreseDonnie Calabrese3 kun oldin
  • FAIKE NEWS!!!a! Strait bull Tgis guy is fake

    Mike willMike will4 kun oldin
  • I’m still waiting for you to address what happen at the US Capitol and how Trump has undermined the US Constitution

    Mr. CMr. C4 kun oldin
  • The aboriginal staircase definitely suggest because slope orally post regarding a complete rhinoceros. absent, complex chime

    Carmen HughesCarmen Hughes4 kun oldin
  • It was chilling how Jack said “they’ll be back” as strong as before and by the sound of it they never left.

    A Face in the CrowdA Face in the Crowd4 kun oldin
  • I expected a totally different voice from the big fella lol. Patrick, you need to add Nipsey Hussle to that mural behind ya, if he's not up there. :)

    ILLiteSocietyILLiteSociety4 kun oldin
  • Sorry, but really movie Serpico persuaded him to be in lawenforcement? :-)) Serpico was a police corruption whistleblower:-)

    cano26martincano26martin4 kun oldin
  • The glossy pasta immunochemically interest because beggar plausibly touch an a absent scorpio. unnatural, near eight

    Omair BalabblesOmair Balabbles4 kun oldin
  • Jesus saves!!!

    Juan BenjumeJuan Benjume5 kun oldin
  • This host really hates the FBI....Christ man “Who’s more evil, Satan, Voldemort or the FBI and why is it the FBI?”

    Patrick MarekPatrick Marek5 kun oldin

  • Its a shame that Joe Coffey (NYPD/NYC Organized crime task force) is dead allready. He would have been great to interview here. The man investigated mafia ever since early 60s, was assigned to protect Joe Frazier during the fight of the century, was part of the task force that catched Son of Sam, was part of several big mafia investigations like Commission case, participated in taking down Gotti etc. He was your stereotypical tough Irish cop.

    joonas lehtonenjoonas lehtonen5 kun oldin
  • I feel like PBD thinks he is waaaaayyyy better at interviewing than he really is... The guy is dying to get Rogan’s attention ugh...

    Drummerboy139703Drummerboy1397035 kun oldin
  • The Italian and Sicilian mobs are just as ruthless as the cartels they do the same type of stuff they’ll kill everybody so the mob in America it is ruthless as a cartels but in Europe whole different ball game that’s facts

    glen dentonglen denton5 kun oldin
  • Thank you Patrick..

    Frank AtlasFrank Atlas5 kun oldin
  • Gonna explain so you understand from your experience,your expertise,etc gonna let you know a little bit about me and what I've done who I encountered,etc so u can help out.I worked in several restaurants like Taco Bell,McDonald's,knott's,disneyland resort. Wearhouses,etc played for the Anaheim angels right outfielder one year. $600k one year. Nba Knicks,Lakers,warriors,king's. One year extensions. Average salary is $6 million so do the math? NFL bucaneers,dolphins one year each. Million dollar contract. Oracle ceo for one year larry Ellison vacation . I knew enough to do the role.i did ebay selling, did other side hustles converting money. Example living off $2000 monthly,etc basically a billionaire showed the PayPal , bank balance over the internet. Got hacked,etc.I remember I had gangster friends from cartels ,etc I preferred or chose military,police,fbi,cia,etc. Took the test got highest scores or history. Read all the books mafia,fbi,cia,etc from kid years to today. All salary I got used to buy and resell for profit online. Ebay. Bought stocks, etc repeated Im not perfect got in trouble. Turned in everyone I could via fbi tips, dea tips,etc for reward money of course and making the world safeter for ppl I was hated in high school Remember the white kids having this hatred towards me for some reason. Been stabbed,shot. Usually pressed charges against the person if my medicare or insurance did not cover. But other then that moved on. I graduated from high school the best school in orange county. Was getting high scores.Till I went to the hospital clinic lost some consciousness , intellect,etc but perspired on. Got into boxing,ufc fought all over the world 170 lbs to 250 lbs. Was again bruised,stitches,etc fought 50 times ufc,pride,bellator wanted to be historic. My mentors trainers were legends and hardcore like wanderlai Silva the brazilian , fedor emelinko the russians , matt Hughes ,randy couture frank Mir etc all ufc gods mma. I was living overseas at the time needed a place to think . Had my own trail,river,etc did all I could. Kept overcoming over and over. Kept praying to Jesus Christ "lord use me" like your archangel Michael referring to the abilities,powers,etc man my bones felt melting. Switched it up. Was born in los angeles grew up in orange county traveled. Curiosity, events , nba,nfl.etc man we were spoiled loved every moment used the players to get their autographs like grant hill,kobe,Eduardo najera,etc was shocked got them for free seemed. Like they gave me every auto or most. Jesus still keep in touch the phones keep getting leaked,stolen,etc. From time to time. I was shocked but after I explained all this they were ackward intimidated etc. Still support them , love them,etc I think my mistakes over the years was writing to foreign countries my life story have had evil dolls shipped , etc. Nazi ppl hated blacks,latinos,etc they knew who I was felt that racial tension the celebs were constantly calling me names,etc. Wanted to sue me,etc some were envious jealous like Sundar pichai google ceo, scott McKenzie ex wive Jeff bezos. Etc the bodyguards were rude,etc filed many complaints to courts,agencies,etc for peace or conciliation. Had my phone's stolen,hacked,leaked,computers,etc lots of guys wanted to pimp, exhort,etc ppl were lashing out. Were two faced insulted my family etc. Several fights,etc lost my youngest brother back in 2009. Was In contact with pastors gene kim, Joseph prince,Gregory dickow,jentezen franklin,isaac pitre,etc have 1 step brother joel macias, step sister Michelle rodriguez Gonzales. Cynthia macias. Mom Lorena erendira rodriguez navarro . Father wilfredo giral (deceased) 1997. Only problems joel and Michelle drink beer , smoke cannabis etc and gang affiliated. Pray against this way of living. Need your help or expertise lots of perverts,stalkers,etc big issue in Fullerton,cali. And the ppl hold a ignorant state when confronted . Want big money for no effort.etc

    Midasnetwork TheofficialkingmidasMidasnetwork Theofficialkingmidas5 kun oldin
  • Gambino's are child's play, try being an undercover FBI informant on the agency itself.

    Jeff NagataJeff Nagata6 kun oldin
  • Undercover Feds infiltrating Families are more corrupt and dishonest than the men who they are setting up through lies and deception.

    SteveSteve6 kun oldin
  • Great interview Patrick, really enjoyed it.

    Jeff SearsJeff Sears6 kun oldin
  • Hilary is still free.....just sayin! The evidence is unimpeachable; she is un-indictable!! What an organization once was is no indication of what it is now. It only takes a few at the top and wala you have a new gestapo.

    Chalmer BashamChalmer Basham6 kun oldin
  • Is Jack still alive?

    JOE AJOE A6 kun oldin
  • This guy Is a superb guest.

    Mr47ShotsMr47Shots6 kun oldin
  • good verses evil, they will do what they have to for money and power

    birgitta gaskellbirgitta gaskell6 kun oldin
  • Very interesting interview 🤔 thank you 🙏🏼

    America MishimaAmerica Mishima6 kun oldin
  • At least the mafia has balls. The FBI isn't as corrupt as the CIA, but they're close. Nothing but a bunch of cowardly, government pension whores. How many innocent lives were destroyed by these corrupt scumbags ?

    Tim MathewsonTim Mathewson7 kun oldin
  • Man was a professional which made the interview

    Victor SperandeoVictor Sperandeo7 kun oldin
  • Wuahh ? Sammy has been forgiven?

    topasiotopasio7 kun oldin
  • Is that Dutch from RDR2?

    sean nolensean nolen8 kun oldin
  • Great book.

    John MontagJohn Montag8 kun oldin
  • Great interview... Of course he'd say no corruption in FBI lol

    Mike NMike N8 kun oldin
  • 1:09:51 Thank you Patrick!!!

    Love VLove V8 kun oldin
  • Works for CNN... "Most honest people I know"... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ozark Mountain WandererOzark Mountain Wanderer8 kun oldin
  • Whoever brought him into the crime family is dead now 😂

    Jackson LayJackson Lay8 kun oldin
  • Jack Falcone should of gone as Jack Trac-phon. He once gave out free phones to a bunch of wise guys at a dinner and they were all bugged lol.

    Silo-RenSilo-Ren8 kun oldin
  • thig guy patric thinks this shit is all fun and games and play time its fucking really childish

    Courageour KnightCourageour Knight8 kun oldin
  • thatquestion about joe pistone was so childish im gona have to unfollow you.

    Courageour KnightCourageour Knight8 kun oldin
  • communism is free masonry. elon must is lab created clone (robot).all the news (Live) comment section has been disabled. the only evil organisation of this world has stolen all the entertainers of each country , transgendered them at birth and abused them. it is what the evil free masonry (WHO ROYALS UN GOVERNMENTS) do.there is no corona virus and pfizer forcing people to take the vaccine against their will. . many people have died because of it. it is in our constitution . we cannot be forced. many people have died because of the covid vaccine . Jesus Is The ONLY Power!!

    TsambikaTsambika9 kun oldin
  • all governments operate the exact same way this guy says the mafia operates. all local government and state and feds give contracts to all their friends/associates.

    mustaffa1611mustaffa16119 kun oldin
  • Anybody Seen Richie?

    Sig Of Wall StreetSig Of Wall Street9 kun oldin
  • Wonder how many federal crimes this guy commites while "undercover". In the mob you dont get a promotion without killing people in cold blood. That is a fact

    Lemony BaconLemony Bacon9 kun oldin
  • Undercover? You mean full employment. Like the Panthers 90% of the mob are feds. They only lose that fed protection when they "run their mouth" get greedy etc. Then they become criminals.

    Lemony BaconLemony Bacon9 kun oldin
  • Outstanding interview

    Steven LujánSteven Luján9 kun oldin
  • Sammy was the killer and is alive and well and gotti in the dirt ..life is definitely weird

    PlayBoyHustlazTVPlayBoyHustlazTV9 kun oldin
  • Jack Garcia said the FBI isn't political...I almost died. How long has the FBI had Hunter's laptop and still no trial or prosecution. Either Jack is naive or is trying to paint his former employer in a good light.

    BanksBanks10 kun oldin
  • Somethings strange here. To get in the Mafia’s door, your parents must be of 100% Italian as well, and they are supposed to check that history. What happened here?

    Frank CaratelliFrank Caratelli10 kun oldin
  • American goverment has always and will always be the biggest mafia in the world dont fool yourself.

  • "They're nothing but criminals" So is 85% or more of the Government. End of statement.

    Quantum Effect ResidueQuantum Effect Residue10 kun oldin
    • so are* learn english. end of statement.

      Courageour KnightCourageour Knight8 kun oldin
  • Hahahah @ the Hiliary Baldwin reference!! 🥒

    Sean PiscitelliSean Piscitelli10 kun oldin
  • The mob may wanna shake up Patrick I’m just saying he has all their IP address lol

    PlayBoyHustlazTVPlayBoyHustlazTV10 kun oldin
  • This guy wanted to be American so bad that’s where the infiltration started lmao

    PlayBoyHustlazTVPlayBoyHustlazTV10 kun oldin

    EvelynEvelyn10 kun oldin
  • Cosa Nostra, NOT LA Cosa Nostra. Sammy the Bull taught me that from your interview.

    Adam W-MAdam W-M10 kun oldin
  • Patrick I would like to see you interviewing member of the Muslim brother hood you find a lots of them in Las Vegas Nevada

    sam Leamansam Leaman10 kun oldin
  • He's not turning me off to mobsters, I'm actually amused.

    Clinton FussellClinton Fussell11 kun oldin
  • Never heard of this guy, but damn good interview.

    William EmersonWilliam Emerson11 kun oldin
  • Normally a fan.....but this guest, and the entire episode is actually torture, to watch

    Michael CMichael C11 kun oldin
  • i lived in riverside in miami, now its called little havana, in other words a piece of shit in miami. i went to riverside elementary. thank god i ended up in southwest miami.

    Joe FlintJoe Flint11 kun oldin
  • The chunky limit cranially scrub because refrigerator secondly reply in a smart plate. wet, overwrought dew

    craig mackcraig mack11 kun oldin
  • “Who were you in high school “ it really blows my mind this guy really asked dumb ass questions 🤣 I’m guessing he was a kid that went to school? Do you expect people to say I was a killer in hs or a kingpin? This guy clearly watched to many movies that revolved around americas high schools. 😂 honesty might as well ask who were you in jr high and elementary? Might as well ask “what type of man are you in bed?”

    Rick JamesRick James11 kun oldin
  • Not true about the FBI giving up on the mafia no way they'll ever give up

    Labarichi DeStafanoLabarichi DeStafano11 kun oldin
    • They've not given up but the numbers of Agents on mob cases has been reduced.

      Cosimo de' MediciCosimo de' Medici11 kun oldin
  • Of course hes not gonna label law enforcement or the Gov. In any corruption....he still has a life to live.

    JohnnyIbbsJohnnyIbbs11 kun oldin
  • I’m surprised he still around

    William AyalaWilliam Ayala11 kun oldin
  • "I used to live under communism", you're about to live under it again, bud.

    David ChavezDavid Chavez11 kun oldin
    • @Carlos Santana Lol Patrick has attracted a lot of whack jobs because of some of the conspiracy nutcases he's had on. His mob related stuff is usually really good though.

      Hail SaganHail Sagan5 kun oldin
    • ewwew Biden.....

      masterful mackmasterful mack5 kun oldin
    • Relax 😂

      Carlos SantanaCarlos Santana8 kun oldin
    • Be wary of Cubans who whine and boohoo about communism.

      Gaenor ReesGaenor Rees9 kun oldin
  • Would rather hear from a legitimate guy like this than that Fake-Assed Gianni Russo!

    Mark BondarMark Bondar12 kun oldin
  • The only crime family that’s left in America . Is the one that has been elected by the people . Go get them jack.

    Betsy RossBetsy Ross12 kun oldin
  • Saw a UZworld video today, by cubbies edits, "HUGGE: Internet Provider Blocks Facebook & Tweeter . . . ." from accounts of costumers who requested it be done.

    Rosa FraustoRosa Frausto12 kun oldin
  • This guy is great👌👏👏👏Awesome story teller...I'm buying his book

    Ernie Frias MErnie Frias M12 kun oldin
  • Let’s start up an agency to where we the people infiltrate the fbi etc and trap corrupt agents and expose them I bet we’d never be out of work who’s with me show me with likes and comments

    lindo gostosolindo gostoso12 kun oldin
  • these days are backwards how do u guys admire rats

    John SmithJohn Smith12 kun oldin
  • Absolutely fantastic interview

  • about mafia being done... 'Ndrangheta makes like 50 billions € every year ... Italy isn't all Sicily

    Manuel GManuel G13 kun oldin
  • I remember this guy's story. I said it back then and I say it now, why haven't they made a movie about this guy?

    Frank SerpicoFrank Serpico13 kun oldin
  • But jail is like going to Oxford 😂👌 love the guy!!!

    Bushy phokuBushy phoku13 kun oldin
  • Stop cutting them off Man let the Guest Fkin talk.

    JOE MADDOGJOE MADDOG13 kun oldin
  • Patrick, I was hoping you would ask what was the feeling once it was known who Donnie was? Was Jack thinking of getting out given the obvious tension in the mob? What were the conversation those in the life were having?

    WilWil13 kun oldin

    dan jonesdan jones13 kun oldin
  • The ultimate CON MAN is the undercover

    dan jonesdan jones13 kun oldin
  • Of course he is glad they police themselves...crooked as shit as he is asking them who is most crooked wow!

    Pistol PetePistol Pete13 kun oldin
  • Thank you for the work Mr. Garcia. We cannot thank you enough for putting your life at risk for busting criminals.

    Daniel MichealsDaniel Micheals13 kun oldin
  • 1:00:10 very but very true

    Viscaya ConstruccionViscaya Construccion13 kun oldin
  • 41:00 is been happening I believe they’re called invisible generation

    Viscaya ConstruccionViscaya Construccion13 kun oldin
  • 40:20 make note 📝

    Viscaya ConstruccionViscaya Construccion13 kun oldin
  • 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷😈🏃🏻‍♂️🔫

    Viscaya ConstruccionViscaya Construccion13 kun oldin