30-Sen, 2020
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Today we unboxed a small fish shipment with some awesome fish, one of them is the most desired catfish in the world.
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  • This guy lost my respect I bought 2 fish from him and he has no customer care Whatsoever for questions Or concerns. I have a big issue and this guy can’t even have anyone return a call with knowledge of the rare fish he sells. I see he and his wife are all about making videos and money he lacks customer care or professionalism within the hobby. He doesn’t have the passion and care for the fish he proclaims. This man could not even return my phone call, very sad. But him and his wife Make videos daily. Be real man.

    OldskoolsgirlOldskoolsgirl25 kun oldin
    • @DANKdaHERBALIST karen

      Dre ClementDre Clement17 kun oldin
    • Jason Chow lol what a simp

      ॐ गणेश ॐॐ गणेश ॐ21 kun oldin
    • Plot twist : I AM PAULA

      ॐ गणेश ॐॐ गणेश ॐ21 kun oldin
    • Maybe should have done some research instead of buying fish you know nothing about and how many fish go through this store? They're not going to know everything and like he said, they had to search it up just like you should've. What a dumbass Karen!

      Mike DavisMike Davis21 kun oldin
    • And Paula seems to not return your call or messages! She knows she a Karen and just trying to start shit. Lady, his customer service is the less of my worries and obviously he knows what he's doing and actually doing the work if he has this big of a company and big of a following.

      Mike DavisMike Davis21 kun oldin
  • Im gonna name it lisa🤣🤣

    Dre ClementDre Clement17 kun oldin
  • What were those fish that were in with that place you just got? They look similar to a sevrum at 17:45?

    Dugan GantDugan Gant17 kun oldin
  • Wow nice idol.

  • Is that fish dead at 4:45? 😢

    shammishammi20 kun oldin
  • I wish the bg noise was a lil less...🥺🥺....

    Ankan MannAnkan Mann21 kun oldin
  • Cadê o vídeo no canal do Brasil

    Davelr_ RibeiroDavelr_ Ribeiro22 kun oldin
  • Hey guys those two temensis peacocks that have those you thought were scrapes that's hole in the head disease I don't know if anybody's told you yet but you better get them in a tank by themselves and treat them and watch your other tank mates they were with

    Melissa TaylorMelissa Taylor22 kun oldin
    • Hello Melissa, good observation but this particular case is not hole in the head 2 of them hit their heads on top of the tank when they were getting caught to be shipped to us. It’s almost all healed up already 👍🏻

      Predatory FinsPredatory Fins21 kun oldin
  • A o bitoca

    Gusttavo SantosGusttavo Santos22 kun oldin

    anthony abrihananthony abrihan22 kun oldin
  • How is the saltwater pond

    DJS FishDJS Fish23 kun oldin
  • Need a better camera person

    Anthony ReyesAnthony Reyes23 kun oldin
  • Parça oq q é aquele boca de jacaré enorme q vc tem no teto da loja?

    YevaszYevasz23 kun oldin
  • Just another big long advert. Getting a little bit fed up with these types of videos. Just my opinion, not going to give it a thumbs down but they are so repetitive..

    LightYerPipeLightYerPipe23 kun oldin
  • Awwww, it was cute that he didn’t want to show the eaten baby catfish 😂

    alex sixalex six23 kun oldin
  • Como poço fazer para ter uns peixe seus

    Luis GomesLuis Gomes23 kun oldin
  • Hey Rod and Lisa, I love your channel and appreciate the rare and cool stuff you bring in. I live in Alberta, Canada and I was wondering why you drip acclimate fish when you receive them? There is science that proves it is actually detrimental to the fish. I recently purchased some fish that were over nighted from another province. These instructions came with the much longer than picking up at your local store. The total ammonia (NH3 & NH4) levels in the bag can get quit high from fish breathing, but the CO2 produced by the fish lowers the waters ph. This converts the total ammonia (NH3 & NH4) to the non toxic form (NH4). Opening the bag releases the CO2 and causes the water PH to rise instantly. This converts the non toxic ammonia form (NH4) to the very toxic form (NH3). Thus we recommend getting the fish out of the opened bag ASAP. In addition to t

    Ryan GilliesRyan Gillies23 kun oldin
    • In addition to this they recommend adding ammonia remover if you are drip acclimating. I always thought they should be removed from the rotten water ASAP because it’s nasty. I have never lost a fish from shipping or acclimating to my tank using this method. I even used it on rays shipped from the Netherlands with success. You handle a lot of fish so I was curious if you’ve tried this and what results you may have had? I love your content. Keep up the good work.

      Ryan GilliesRyan Gillies23 kun oldin
  • Breed the albino basses already

    0owesleyo00owesleyo023 kun oldin
  • How old is that dorodo cat I got a baby one my self

    Bart SimpsonBart Simpson24 kun oldin
  • Those fish look beautiful

    Jeremiah SmithJeremiah Smith24 kun oldin
  • What is the species of that fish which act dead?

    Aanima VilisAanima Vilis24 kun oldin
  • Keep the catfish you want. Didn't really catch the name. Lol. That aside you do so much already so consider it as a small reward for all your hard work. Keep him. You know you want to.

    Amanda StaufferAmanda Stauffer24 kun oldin
  • Caralho, teu sotaque é mto foda. Desculpa perguntar, mas vc foi pros EUA moleque? Abçs

    LSFANDOLSFANDO24 kun oldin
  • Great video as always.

    Their World AquaticsTheir World Aquatics24 kun oldin
  • Rod and Lisa . Please keep one of the tigirnus catfish. It would be cool with you guys growing it out . I can't afford that awesome fish but at least I can watch it on your channel. Thank you.

    SG Aquatics VlogsSG Aquatics Vlogs24 kun oldin
  • It's hilarious sitting here watching the video and listening to Rod say the scientific name for the badass catfish, the Tigrinus, and hearing "tiger anus" every time he says it. Not hating.

    Kapitan916Kapitan91624 kun oldin
  • Can you tell me whats your water parameters?

    Cristian PiccinnoCristian Piccinno24 kun oldin
  • woow.. this is looking so beautiful. 😍😍 i love aquarium fishes. this is so nice.

    Wild Fish HuntingWild Fish Hunting24 kun oldin
  • Love from India ❤️

    sg gamersg gamer24 kun oldin
  • Sure you aren't going to quarantine them for 6 weeks like everyone reckons they do? (I don't believe it for a second) I mean if someone wants to buy a fish, no businessman out there is going to say "sorry, I can't sell them, I have to make sure they're healthy for 6 weeks in a separate tank"

    Jerry BoicsJerry Boics24 kun oldin
  • Sou fã de vcs

    Luiz Bernardo TeixeiraLuiz Bernardo Teixeira24 kun oldin
  • Love the video!! Bought fish from recently and will probably get a catfish this week!!

    MikeLovesLife AquaticsMikeLovesLife Aquatics24 kun oldin
  • Watch my channel nates fishing

    tilly Espinozatilly Espinoza24 kun oldin
  • For everyone going on about no quarantine on the fish i think he keeps them 2 weeks before selling but I could be wrong. Might be thinking of another youtuber.

    1raidsugarbabie1raidsugarbabie24 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one that doesn’t speak Portuguese but still watches the Brazilian Chanel?

    Brito’s AquaticsBrito’s Aquatics24 kun oldin
  • Damn I love catfish and If I had the space I'd totally try to buy a dorado! Always beautiful fish

    Kyle DKyle D24 kun oldin
  • How much for the pregnant looking Lisa 🐟

    todd trierweilertodd trierweiler24 kun oldin
  • Hey bro what's the name of the beats you had playing in the video?

    jazzy. Tjazzy. T24 kun oldin
  • New Jersey 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Brian PBrian P24 kun oldin
  • Penonton indonesia like👇

    orang orangorang orang24 kun oldin
  • Hi there ... my tank is of around 100g and around 24 fishes are in it. Which includes a silver arowana too (size= 6 to 7 inches ). i brought one more silver arowana of same size ..but my older arowana is hitting my new S. Arowana ..pls tell my what should I do ... thanks for reading.... and ♥ from INDIA...and pls tell why no do not import fishes from india and if i'm wrong which fishes u import ???

    Om RastogiOm Rastogi24 kun oldin
  • Sir I am a big fan of Paul from India I saw u in his video from then I am your big fan love your videos and love your beard too😀 pls see this message and pls show this too paul Pls🙏pls🙏

    SYED ALISYED ALI24 kun oldin
  • Love your videos, I hope lisa is doing great with her pregnancy, you guys are going to be great parents and good luck when the sleepless nights start. Be strong lol. Love all the content.

    ashley fernandezashley fernandez25 kun oldin
  • RIP to Paula. He ripped her head off in the comment section.

    marinebiologistboymarinebiologistboy25 kun oldin
    • The kicker is he pinned her comment to the top lol

      Nick GreenNick Green23 kun oldin
    • i mean he is right. He cannot be held accountable for her tank params crashing. He sells fish, and his main concern is to make sure he sells healthy parasite free fish. So that when you buy them, they will survive in your tank as long as your tank is healthy. Also notice how she clearly must of put her new fish in her established tank. Meaning she probably did not even have a quarantine tank. I know many people do this but its essential to ensure your livelihood of your fish. Shes out here on youtube blaming him when she could just youtube her way in how to take care of her fish.

      Yony FernandezYony Fernandez24 kun oldin
  • Hi Lisa and rod those fish are gorgeous

    Daniel GonzalezDaniel Gonzalez25 kun oldin
  • subtitle indonesian please🙏

    Hafiz MauliddinHafiz Mauliddin25 kun oldin
  • When are you getting in the sturgeons?

    754 we Live754 we Live25 kun oldin
  • You should keep up on cleaning the glass on the outside. You'll get better video footage

    Aaron The PhoenixxRisingAaron The PhoenixxRising25 kun oldin
  • Rod you all get the MOST BEAUTIFUL species of aquatic life! Gage had always had a love for outdoors and animals buy YOU and the rest of the guys have TRULY educated & influenced him and created a MONSTER! Lol😀 He wants to be a "Fish& Sea creature Dr" and help abused fish! He really has learned so much from watching the way you and Lisa care for your fish . Thanks for allowing us a look into your world and God Bless! Prayers are with you and Lisa ad well as the Little one👍🙏🏻😀

    JT LynnJT Lynn25 kun oldin
  • That white goldfish 🤩🤩😍😍

    Nate VeithNate Veith25 kun oldin
  • Hi bro I'm from India I'm your fan😍😍😍😍

    Kamalesh RedKamalesh Red25 kun oldin
  • If it wasn't for all that water change crap and water ph blah blah nonsense i would have a ton of fish...I love staring at tanks with fish but just don't wanna deal with the water stuff

    Jancarlos CoimbreJancarlos Coimbre25 kun oldin
  • I wish u could ship india😭

    Harihara Sudhan.kHarihara Sudhan.k25 kun oldin
  • Quaurtine

    Sally DorseySally Dorsey25 kun oldin
  • You don’t quartile

    Sally DorseySally Dorsey25 kun oldin
  • shout out jersey

    Sean MadisonSean Madison25 kun oldin
  • why dont you remove the background noise of the air pumps in the editing

    Sujit RaikwarSujit Raikwar25 kun oldin
    • @1raidsugarbabie hahahaa maybe

      Sujit RaikwarSujit Raikwar24 kun oldin
    • I always wonder this myself eventually came to the conclusion of A time B he she they whomever does the video's doesn't know how to.

      1raidsugarbabie1raidsugarbabie24 kun oldin
    • My guess is because he is busy running an online business, making videos for our enjoyment, running his physical store, getting shipments, sending out shipments and having family time.

      Nate VeithNate Veith25 kun oldin
  • *beautiful fish* hehe

    dinusha liyanagedinusha liyanage25 kun oldin
  • Rod, is there albino arapaimas in the world?? I didn't see any till now 🙄🙄

    rafi thodengalrafi thodengal25 kun oldin

    Ericson CruzEricson Cruz25 kun oldin
  • I love all your videos but I do have to say. Your wife always do amazing camera work. Awesome video

    Cale GallowayCale Galloway25 kun oldin
  • Always i like the video before i watching them .because I know everyday something special coming up

    Anuradha Kasun PremathilakaAnuradha Kasun Premathilaka25 kun oldin
  • Sou brasilero to vendo teus videos sem entender

    FAIT strengthen FFFAIT strengthen FF25 kun oldin
  • Please please please get a shipment of platinum baby rtc in December/January I plan on buying more fish and upgrades in those months because of Christmas and my birthday

    Cristian Santana BarmohaCristian Santana Barmoha25 kun oldin
    • Or today today works too lol im waiting as well i have a normal rc and want one more to grow out with him.

      1raidsugarbabie1raidsugarbabie24 kun oldin
  • Dude I wish I could get that everyone that likes this comment will get one for free but 200 dollars shipping

    Yash DeshpandeYash Deshpande25 kun oldin
  • Look out Rod looks like Lisa is carrying twins to little necks running around i think you wuould loose your mind lol

    SnaggleTooth GamingSnaggleTooth Gaming25 kun oldin
  • Anyway you can turn down the brightness or whatever setting on your camera? It's blinding as you focus on the white boxes and then can barely see the fish. Great vids man and I have and will order from you again!

    Adam SarantinosAdam Sarantinos25 kun oldin
  • Waiting for those two albino peacock bass to be moved in the isolated tank for breeding

    Steven SaldanhaSteven Saldanha25 kun oldin
  • Rob the one positive about your memory span is whenever you forget who is one of the most wonderful women in the world is. Look across to the mother of your future child. Lisa will remind you every time. Best of luck happiness and health to you both.

    michael shawmichael shaw25 kun oldin
  • Bro please ship red asian arowana from indonesia

    lala hutalala huta25 kun oldin
  • Those catfish are pretty epic

    Peter’s AquaticsPeter’s Aquatics25 kun oldin
  • If you want any of you bigger fish to breed they need there own space and for the peacocks you need to mimic there nesting habits

    Lucifer Morning starLucifer Morning star25 kun oldin
  • You straight up have the best job ever 😯😮🤯😍

    Neurotic AquaticNeurotic Aquatic25 kun oldin
  • Keep grinding more with Paul, we'd love to see that😇

    Informative CanineInformative Canine25 kun oldin
  • Beautiful cat fish almost looks as good as mine does

    Lucifer Morning starLucifer Morning star25 kun oldin
  • Do a video of fish that you keeping not in the stock

    demon xdemon x25 kun oldin
  • am from India and a big fan of yours hoping one day to meet you

    rounak duttarounak dutta25 kun oldin
  • Thanks guys

    Andy AtkinsonAndy Atkinson25 kun oldin
  • Fish is great. Approval from MKS

    MoeKipSin 2020MoeKipSin 202025 kun oldin
  • Nice video bro

    Nihal AhmedNihal Ahmed25 kun oldin
  • 6:30 wow! Emperor body cat fish . Cool.

    百万百万25 kun oldin
  • salve bitoca

    Vinicius BassiVinicius Bassi25 kun oldin
  • 11:14 ia that a goldfish? HUGE

    Bob S.Bob S.25 kun oldin
  • Yes it kind cool 😎😎😎

    Vaibhav VadnereVaibhav Vadnere25 kun oldin
  • Hey Rod.. how do u ensure the new fishes coming in don't end up with diseases. I don't see any quarantine system

    karthik448karthik44825 kun oldin
  • 65th comment here!✋

    Jcob MedulJcob Medul25 kun oldin
  • What do you feed your vampire fish?

    jay jayjay jay25 kun oldin
  • Im 64th comment😍

    Jasper Renz ErminoJasper Renz Ermino25 kun oldin
  • Learning out fishes eveyry time a new vid comes out and my love and interest grows

    BlueNarrowSky92BlueNarrowSky9225 kun oldin
  • I want one

    Christopher DeckerChristopher Decker25 kun oldin
  • Beautiful fish

    Christopher DeckerChristopher Decker25 kun oldin
  • Does predatory fins ship to Canada

    Seth TubeSeth Tube25 kun oldin
  • What happened to your acclimation station? I also like how you pour a giant bag into a tank then credit you not spilling to bartending. What type of hillbilly bar did you work at pour full bags of wine into Karen's trough

    Benjamin MarquartBenjamin Marquart25 kun oldin
    • The tanks with the blue backs are the new acclamation and quarantine tanks.

      geraldine ricegeraldine rice24 kun oldin
  • first INDONESIA

    Yas NauYas Nau25 kun oldin
  • 5:15 Is that goldfish that looks like juninho?

    Rafael SoaresRafael Soares25 kun oldin
  • Your English is skittish. Good morning by the way. Love your videos.

    F CasillasF Casillas25 kun oldin
  • the Ryukin is so cute... how come theyre not fighting ?

    arzentarzent25 kun oldin
  • Jet leg is what I heard. And if said correctly you cant get jet lag from Jersey to florida rod. Dont make an excuse for your verbal skills.

    F CasillasF Casillas25 kun oldin
  • Very good bitoca!👊👊👊

  • congratulations for the content I accompany you here from Brazil

    Diego AlvesDiego Alves25 kun oldin