UFC 259: Jan Blachowicz vs Israel Adesanya Highlights

7-Mar, 2021
1 332 122 Ko‘rishlar soni

See the highlights from UFC 259: Jan Blachowicz vs Israel Adesanya highlights video from The APEX in Las Vegas.
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  • Mad respect for Israel

    Sythian Shakya KhazariaSythian Shakya Khazaria13 soat oldin
  • Blachowich vs miocic ???

    drdirect directlydrdirect directly20 soat oldin
  • 3:23 uncapable cheerleaders throwing petals onto theirselves

    Alberto MassiddaAlberto Massidda3 kun oldin
  • Always knew Izzys first loss would come with a strong grappler.

    Misanthropic Servitor of MarsMisanthropic Servitor of Mars3 kun oldin
  • I think they should rematch later on. Jan is a great fighter and I think both of them did a good job and was a good fight. It went the distance and neither fighter should’ve been disappointed. It sucks losing but both landed some good shots to each their own

    Hardhitter 50Hardhitter 505 kun oldin
  • Janek showed Izzy where where crayfish hibernate lol

    Jakub HeliniakJakub Heliniak7 kun oldin
  • anyone recognise the heart of surging flame soundtrack?

    Rob seRob se8 kun oldin
  • Hahahaha nice. Karma comes back izzy. Polish power should have taken your cheeks while unconscious just like you did it to Costa 😂 hahahaha

    Yannick FrögelYannick Frögel9 kun oldin
  • Jon jones would totally oblirate him

    Leon KennedyLeon Kennedy10 kun oldin
  • Such a painful picture seeing a serious gent like Blachowicz posing next to to that cringe man child.

    I Am The DangerI Am The Danger10 kun oldin
  • Ending last round saved adasanya he was smashing on the ground very hard

    EBNOLARABY HosamEBNOLARABY Hosam12 kun oldin
  • I'm a Israel fan and I listen to JRE all the fucking time, but this was the most biased commentary of all time, it's like they wanted him to win so bad, they weren't even watching the fight.

    lesson433lesson43313 kun oldin
  • Looking for Izzy's next fight

    Shivaji KirasurShivaji Kirasur14 kun oldin
  • That's Chris Rock lol

    jaychenjaychen14 kun oldin
  • From what I can find, Jan weights 205 and Israel is 201. Is that right? If so, I don't understand what was so brave or great about israel "going up" to fight Jan.

    More CowbellMore Cowbell14 kun oldin
  • The crazy thing about this is Jan is 38 years old, Israel is 31 years old.

    More CowbellMore Cowbell14 kun oldin
  • Jones will eat both lol

    John ColemanJohn Coleman14 kun oldin
  • Show the highlights, don’t tell the highlights

    Kodiak the KarnivoreKodiak the Karnivore16 kun oldin
  • If Adesanya could have stuff those takedowns, he would have been Double Champ!!!..

    ChicoCash Fitness & EntertainmentChicoCash Fitness & Entertainment19 kun oldin
    • Lmao fat chance Jan bulldozed him with those takedowns. The only thing Izzy had going was his better cardio at the later rounds but Jan mitigated that by exposing his shit grappling

      Jim IrwinJim Irwin17 kun oldin
  • No external hormones?

    KBD PLAYERKBD PLAYER19 kun oldin
  • Get a better mic but you are %100 correct

    Nathen MathewsNathen Mathews21 kun oldin
  • Guess someone was listening to Joes commentary 🤣

    Yaro PapiezYaro Papiez22 kun oldin
  • Why cant adesanya get a rematch like fracis Nganou 💭

    Soldier of Almighty GodSoldier of Almighty God22 kun oldin
  • Izz has always been trash

    Alpha MaleAlpha Male22 kun oldin
  • Within striking Jan went inside to get the best hits, he also took the hits from Israel Adesanya coming close to him leading him to leave multiple hits (3 max to 2 minimum) on Israel Adesanya and decent ones to, but within range Israel Adesanya held it down to its greatness, this is due to his doge, leg kicks, attacks it resonates in me of his attribute of being the style bender but in the 5th round the skillset of the style bender was limpy he was probably worn out from maybe giving or spending to much, as you could see he couldn't evade attacks from Jan Blachowizc, his belive he could land hits due to his toughness and coming very close to him (a technique well know from Mike Tyson), overall summarised his victory against the style bender Israel Adesanya, let me know what you think about my assessment.

    Bactay YTBactay YT22 kun oldin
  • Tu es 1 champion Mr francis

    Mathieu PatrickMathieu Patrick23 kun oldin
  • Izzy still a bad man everybody has bad days

    Trav WilsonTrav Wilson23 kun oldin
  • Why do fighters think its a good idea to switch so calmly to southpaw these days...

    Fedi Mayn ToolaidFedi Mayn Toolaid23 kun oldin
  • Must not have watched the fight if u think izzy won on the feet wtf fight were u watching it was competitive on the feet but jan was definitely undeniably winning and it wasn't even a competition on the ground

    Brandon TaylorBrandon Taylor24 kun oldin
  • “Speed advantage” Power is literally force times velocity. Jan has loads of power.

    K BK B24 kun oldin
  • Jon Jones would kill him then

    Cameron ThompsonCameron Thompson24 kun oldin
  • I’m as a boxing fan I’m so confused how UFC forces the fighters to move up. In boxing just a 5 lbs move can be extremely difficult and never few boxers do it. And those that do, fight a few initiation fights before even daring to fight for a belt.

    Schäfer G.Schäfer G.24 kun oldin
  • disneyland fight

    A IdiotA Idiot24 kun oldin
  • Jan looks like a mini stipe

    Kurt HurtsKurt Hurts24 kun oldin
  • Why does the narrator of this video sound like jimmy from gta 5 🤣😂

    Da Goat AcDa Goat Ac25 kun oldin
  • Izzy is so full of himself, big mouth and dont respect his opponents. Serves him right.

    Chikho NienuChikho Nienu26 kun oldin
  • Stfu and just let the highlights

    tommy Dawsontommy Dawson26 kun oldin
  • Good fight

  • Big props to izzy for taking on a new weight class! That being said I’m now a huge fan of Jan!

    Lunespeon -Lunespeon -26 kun oldin
  • I thought my dawg Israel had it let me down

    Yo ToYo To27 kun oldin
  • So, because they are different weight classes, Izzy retains his title? If you lose, you LOSE!

    apagan65apagan6527 kun oldin
  • Lost respect for Adesanya over his rape statements. His response was to justify, not to apologise. He has learned nothing, and certainly not humility. A role model for gutter dwellers only.

    verbatim1144verbatim114427 kun oldin
  • Why did you say "their"? They're both dudes

    StevelyStevely27 kun oldin
  • Do people realise how much 20 pounds is? Not even 10kg. The last transgender got beat easily.

    Dwayne StanleyDwayne Stanley28 kun oldin
  • Knowing that izzy loss broke my heart

    O N I IO N I I28 kun oldin
  • Świetna walka panowie

    Sebastian RSebastian R28 kun oldin
  • First fight with same reach and height and this happened the white won

    Silias Vencr0vSilias Vencr0v28 kun oldin
  • USA fighters can't but Russian Croatia Poland s they are the real white best fighters and some Hispanics as tigo Ortiz Fran shamrock Justin gaethje etc etc rusian and Hispanic always the best

    Silias Vencr0vSilias Vencr0v28 kun oldin
    • Prime fedor would destroy the current hw division

      PeakPhysique DestinyPeakPhysique Destiny25 kun oldin
  • Js play the highlights, we can watch, with our EYES

    Jake UnderwoodJake Underwood28 kun oldin
  • Just shows what Romero could’ve done to Izzy with a better game plan

    Rigged UPRigged UP29 kun oldin
  • Fancy pre-fight dance moves don't make you a tough fighter.

    GinPokGinPok29 kun oldin
  • Izzy the Jan fight just showed u not ready 4 the Mighty Bones & b4 u speak on him again - get ur weight up not ur hate up -

    blax alphablax alphaOy oldin
  • Israel had no chance that guys too big

    Joshua BartleyJoshua BartleyOy oldin
  • Izzy learned the lesson “A good big man always beats a good little man”.

    Bama RaffleBama RaffleOy oldin
    • @Jun tyson

      Charles OdiaCharles Odia21 kun oldin
    • True. Only exception. Manny Pacquiao

      JunJun28 kun oldin
  • Anyone who saw the destruction of Reyes thought a Jan victory was likely. Jan will beat Glover too.

    Bobby CaldwellBobby CaldwellOy oldin
  • A little less commenting a little more action, please!

    Garrik EnglishGarrik EnglishOy oldin
  • Izzy "I got technique, speed, power, intelligence" Jan "I don't care, i'm polish viking"

    che dupreeche dupreeOy oldin
    • @Nikola Trajkovski dude these people seem to think Poland is bred from warriors, but historically they lost to every nation that’s challenged them lol. Like it’s ok to be proud but don’t pretend your country is filled with warriors when it got stomped by the Soviet Union, Germany, Mongolia... the list is just humongous

      FISH HEADFISH HEAD13 kun oldin
    • Poland did not have vikings xD

      Nikola TrajkovskiNikola Trajkovski27 kun oldin
  • Tak selamanya orang jadi atas

    Sem SyaputraSem SyaputraOy oldin
  • Israel is not a light hw he’s a middle weight.His fights will end a lot different when his height & reach advantage are removed. The playing field becomes a bit more balanced and that will put a few more L’s on your resume.

    StellaRhyme3StellaRhyme3Oy oldin
  • Everyone doubted jan and then on Rogans podcast he starts saying it was easy to see from the start that jan would win, bullshit

    Christian BensonChristian BensonOy oldin
    • Izzy fell off his high horse and got to eat humble pie. Good for him

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiOy oldin
  • Good...yes

    Juan NicolasJuan NicolasOy oldin
    • He’s a joke

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiOy oldin
  • Very very impressive performance from Jan B.

    Søren Vestergaard DøssingSøren Vestergaard DøssingOy oldin
  • Adesanya forgot the leg kicks, and tried too hard with the power shots. Compared Jan to Reyes he did pretty good. Compared Jan to Jones vs Reyes a fight between Jones and Izzy looks even more interesting. Jan Is a tough Mutha, but Izzy should have had a better Plan .

    Kirt TrinidadKirt TrinidadOy oldin
    • It was a solid win for Jan Blachowicz! Izzy was dominated both on the feet and especially on the ground!

      dcoog anmldcoog anmlOy oldin
  • could’ve done more damage to Izzy’s face 😵

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiOy oldin
    • @dcoog anml lol. No way with that ass wrestling he would get humped again 😂

      champachampa23 kun oldin
    • Rematch. Styles is the king, he’ll come back

      dcoog anmldcoog anmlOy oldin
  • I call him Bjorn Ironsides. He kinda looks like Bjorn from the Vikings t.v. show lol. It's a compliment. Jan is a humble likable guy

    JohnnyRebKyJohnnyRebKyOy oldin
    • Bjorn was a beast frfr

      989823 kun oldin
  • not that easy when ur not in your prime weight? lol....stylebender got cocky...but respect

    Kjell Arne AldenKjell Arne AldenOy oldin
  • F@$k that izzi you kicked ass bro 🤣 you'll come back and settle that shit

    Joseph GriegoJoseph GriegoOy oldin
  • Jan be like: I won’t allow middle weight like izzy to take my champion belt, and this is the reason I will defeat him.

    Ailsa NiAilsa NiOy oldin
    • We don’t want to here you where are the highlights garbage video

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiOy oldin
  • FAKE

    Jael Alonso Perez SierraJael Alonso Perez SierraOy oldin
  • Good breakdown.

    Deziah RobertsDeziah RobertsOy oldin
  • The pre match staring contests make me cringe

    CGMTBCGMTBOy oldin
    • People getting butthurt cuse Izzy got exposed

      sehhi vootysehhi vootyOy oldin
  • Jan outsrtuck izzy, dont know whay fight the commentators watched.

    OkOkOy oldin
    • People getting butthurt cuse Izzy got exposed

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiOy oldin
  • Izzy Wizzy was so Fizzy Breakdancing made his fans tizzy Thought he’d win a double chizzy Until the Polish man got busy Izzy Wizzy got no ju-jitzi! Now he lookin’ kind a dizzy Can’t double champ if one-dimen-zi! Poor ol’ Izzy’s not so Fizzy

    Marty MillerMarty MillerOy oldin
    • Poland all gassed because they have just been sold UFC like Mexico with Cain Valasquez... when he fights a solid light heavyweight he’s done lol

      sehhi vootysehhi vootyOy oldin
  • Tell him come down he’ll get knocked the f out

    Edward KinneyEdward KinneyOy oldin
  • He’s a joke

    Edward KinneyEdward KinneyOy oldin
  • Izzy fell off his high horse and got to eat humble pie. Good for him

    seeni gztyseeni gztyOy oldin
    • I think this is a great lesson on the path to planting his fist is jon Jones face lol 🤣 But for real: jan deserved the w and izzy learned a lot from all of this

      Corey DrumCorey DrumOy oldin
  • I knew Jan would pull it of! Thanks for the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    русский danskerрусский danskerOy oldin
  • Rematch. Styles is the king, he’ll come back

    Defender 1 NationDefender 1 NationOy oldin
  • It was a solid win for Jan Blachowicz! Izzy was dominated both on the feet and especially on the ground!

    Jason FedderJason FedderOy oldin
  • Izzy for life Blarchowic should fight Jon Jones next

    samjareds' onyisamjareds' onyiOy oldin
    • brain. Izzy knew what he was going against and I admire his decision as it was an obvious one for those who dare to risk for greatness.

      seeni gztyseeni gztyOy oldin
  • could’ve done more damage to Izzy’s face 😵

    ceerw butyceerw butyOy oldin
  • We don’t want to here you where are the highlights garbage video

    Adrian HerreraAdrian HerreraOy oldin
  • Miocic and Blachowich reign supreme in UFC . Poland and Croatia united! Good fighters!

    Neutral ZagrebNeutral ZagrebOy oldin
  • Commentators seemed biased and seem to always be biased for the black fighters and against the European/white ones...

    杰森Jasonジェイソン杰森JasonジェイソンOy oldin
    • 🐂💩🇮🇱

      ceerw butyceerw butyOy oldin
  • Poland all gassed because they have just been sold UFC like Mexico with Cain Valasquez... when he fights a solid light heavyweight he’s done lol

    the Huemanthe HuemanOy oldin
  • People getting butthurt cuse Izzy got exposed

    cash me outsidecash me outsideOy oldin
  • It was hard for to pick either fighter because I like both of them. With that being said, I'm happy that Jan won.

    Thomas NThomas NOy oldin
  • That's some BS to beat the champion you got to knock out the champion Real Talk 💯

    Adrien OgburnAdrien OgburnOy oldin
  • Luke hold lol really

    Nick TarrNick TarrOy oldin
  • Hell yea Poland!

    Nick TarrNick TarrOy oldin
  • He beat a creak head!

    Nick TarrNick TarrOy oldin
  • Izzy is still a phenomenal fighter but one thing this fight showed is that a man with decent wrestling can give him problems. Jon Jones smokes Izzy.

    bocoy noiubocoy noiuOy oldin
  • Thank you Jan good job

    Jens SlothJens SlothOy oldin
  • Spamming the take down I see lol

    maxxpayne309maxxpayne309Oy oldin
    • Great fight the big pol was a challenge for the style bender... rematch?

      bocoy noiubocoy noiuOy oldin
  • The score card was crazy Jan took more real damage than izzy his leg got fooked izzy did even have scratch on him.

    dcoog anmldcoog anmlOy oldin
  • big respect to adesanya for not talking sht the first time he has lost as most of his rivals have done

    Chernio bylChernio bylOy oldin
  • To be honest, before this fight I really didn’t like Adesanya. How wrong I was, this guy is absolutely legit! I’m a 💯 % backing him up from now on. Respect ✊🏽

    christian alexander lopezchristian alexander lopezOy oldin
  • You know... maybe if Izzy had taken enough steroids to grow the other boob he could have stood a chance...

    LP86 EditsLP86 EditsOy oldin
  • He proved his ground game is weak and has got the nerve to talk shit to the GOAT

    bloodassassindebobloodassassindeboOy oldin
    • Yeah it’s good he ainn fight jon jones he woulda died

      Bando BabyBando BabyOy oldin
  • Lol 😆 who is your daddy

    K To AutoK To AutoOy oldin