Tyla Yaweh - All the Smoke (Official Music Video) ft. Gunna, Wiz Khalifa

7-Yan, 2021
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"All The Smoke" available at: TylaYaweh.lnk.to/AllTheSmoke
Official Audio: uzworld.info/player/video/g5icqbJvg6SWaqY
Official Lyric Video: TylaYaweh.lnk.to/AllTheSmokeLyricVideo
Director - Chris Villa
Executive Producers - Ryan Huffman & Tes Siyoum
Producer - Sina Pars
Production Company - Huffman Creative
Head of Production - Luke Arreguin
Production Manager - Ashley Lynch
Production Coordinator - Katie Sarrels
Director of Photography - Logan Meis
1st AC (A Cam) - Chris Pinto
1st AC (B Cam) - Taylen Anderson
2nd AC - Spencer Wood
Steadicam - Aser Santos
1st AD - Jakob Robledo
2nd AD - Atena Assiaee
Key Grip - Kip Rodriguez
BBG - Daniel Boynton
Grip - Jake Crumley
Grip - Chris Van Lieshout
Production Designer - Rick Ramirez
Art Director - Tony Barber
Set Dresser - Jonathan Clemson
Set Dresser/Leadman - Spencer Howard
Art Assistant - Jesse Guzman
Camera Car Driver - Joshua Lakatos
Crane Operator - Pete Tommasi
Drone - Will Markquart
Drone Assistant - Sammie Saing
Stunt Coordinator - Nhan Vo
Stunts - Roberto Edme
Stunts - Mitch Povee
Stunts - Jay Cruise
Stunts - Chris Cole
Stunts - Jason Britton
Stunts - Webster Whinery
Editor - Chris Villa
Color - Bryan Smaller
VFX - Jackie Dunnett
Title Animation - Fifty Rock
Sound Design - Ayodouson
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Ayy, Benjamin, he got benjamins
Fast car, I want all the smoke
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, all the smoke
Porsche 911, can't see me no more
I be up high, but I want some more
Fast car, I want all the smoke
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, all the smoke
Porsche 911, can't see me no more
I be up high, but I want some more
Fast car, I want all the smoke
Yeah, all the smoke
Porsche 911, can't see me no more
I be up high, but I want some more
Yeah, in a Porsche, yeah, Aventador, yeah
She might wanna ride, but it better be a foreign, yeah
Make it roar, yeah, yeah
Said her ex was a joker, no locked doors
Takin' what you want from me
Tell a bitch, "Throw it back like it's all yours"
Lock it up and throw the key
Speed it up like a NASCAR Autosport
Speedin' in that Porsche
Livin' life fast, I'm goin' all around the course
Ain't no competition, got the ball in my court
Screamin' "fuck the opposition" every time that we score
I'm the one and only with the rawest report
I ain't crossed no twenties like I bought from the store
Gunna bought her Pucci and that Juicy Couture
We made a rated movie, had her pussy a lil' sore (I can't wait to go back on tour)
I copped a new toy
They gon' see the smoke, I changed the mode, sport
Maybach to the yacht, left in a Rolls Royce
See them haters, they done left me no choice
She love me and she say I make her so moist
Dippin', dodgin', in and out a new Ferrari
I don't want her, she be fuckin' anybody
If I'm in, then I'ma drop the top on that
Yeah, she got a fatty, but her top is whack
I might hit her bestfriend, I'm somethin' like a legend
I'm smokin' on that kush and you can tell by how it's smellin'
Say she got a curfew, gotta be in by eleven
If I roll up all this weed up, better make sure you inhale it
(C) 2020 Epic/London Ent., Inc.
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  • 0:42 😲what happened to his mouth

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