Two German Shepherds with ZERO Training Cause Chaos | It's Me or the Dog

9-Yan, 2021
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These two german shepherds have received no training at the age of three and are causing chaos at home and one walks, can Victoria Stilwell make up for lost time and start the training now?
It's Me or the Dog USA Season 1 Episode 9
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It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
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  • 1st off--- those dogs arent full GSD.....they've husky in them. They pull---- I've 3 huskies and 1 german...I can only walk 1 at a time. 1 time I tried walking 2? I ended up face down, broken nose & chipped teeth. 1 dog at a time..always for big dogs

    Stormageddon Dark Lord of AllStormageddon Dark Lord of All20 soat oldin
  • Isn’t this the same couple from her previous video 2 months ago with the spaniel mix that chokes itself on walks? Do they have 4 dogs or are they actors or something??

    Kerri CrawfordKerri CrawfordKun oldin
  • What type of treats do you use? Or which one do you find to be the best beneficial in training?

    Angela CumbeeAngela CumbeeKun oldin
  • This couple is so cute with their treat bags ❤❤

    Hannah SpeagleHannah SpeagleKun oldin
  • the beauty of what Victoria does is to explain the psychology behind why the dogs do what they do and what the owners need to do. It sounds like so much to take in but it is really simple and can be very easy and rewarding. it takes consistency and confidence from the owner. if someone as petite and soft spoken as Victoria can show how easy it is anyone can do it. you just have to want to

    Joel MarbleJoel MarbleKun oldin
  • They’re not fully German shepherds they’re a mixed breed between pug and German Shepherd

    Joshua BonifacioJoshua Bonifacio2 kun oldin
  • i love german shepherds

    Gsd DIXGsd DIX2 kun oldin
  • those are Belgian malinois honestly they look 100% Belgian malinois

    Oriya EngelbergOriya Engelberg2 kun oldin
  • It's so sad that people buy dogs and don't know that you have to work with it. Every dog needs exercise, every dog can learn. But the working dogs, like these two, need much more work. That's why they were bred.

    rayaofwakefieldrayaofwakefield2 kun oldin
  • These 2 dogs are beautiful .

    Chucky YukChucky Yuk3 kun oldin
  • Victoria: turn around turn around turn around Owners: *turning around* Dog: 👁️👅👁️

    Stefania MarkouStefania Markou4 kun oldin
  • My aunts dog isn’t motivated by anything and he has LITERAL ZERO TRAINING LIKE HARDLY HOUSE TRAINED TYPE ZERO

    Foxx GirlFoxx Girl4 kun oldin
  • Every time they said Sofia or Sophia (whatever) i turned around to look for who is asking. Name are weired.

    Sophia FrenaijSophia Frenaij5 kun oldin
  • My German Shepherd was 4 when we adopted him and he had zero training. He wasn’t even house trained, but slowly it got much better and with time he’s almost perfect now 😁

    C AC A5 kun oldin
  • Ok so why is he walking them together? Separate the pack and build control ps never have siblings

    Lewis ThompsonLewis Thompson5 kun oldin
  • Victoria: 'Sophia' Sophia: comes into the room & goes straight to Victoria Victoria: 'Sophia sit' Sophia: sits Victoria: 'Sophia Watch me' Sophia: does, twice Victoria: 'Good Girl'. Frank its yr turn. Frank: 'Sophia' Sophia: Totally ignores Frank & walks out of the room(lol)!?!

    Helen HowardHelen Howard5 kun oldin
    • Sophia is a very smart dog tho 😂 but she didn't listen to Frank

      Renee Narin WanRenee Narin Wan3 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or does he kinda look like Shrek nicest way possible 👁👄👁

    That one GirlThat one Girl6 kun oldin
  • Those are not German Shepherds lol mixed maybe

    Fantasy ファンタジーFantasy ファンタジー6 kun oldin
  • THeY ARe BElGiaN shEPheRds

    Oscar_Oscar_7 kun oldin
  • Dogs must have to be Trained, especially German Shepherd dogs because they are aggressive dog breeds .if they don't Trained then they will behave badly

    BB FactsBB Facts7 kun oldin
  • These are not german shepherds

    origaeorigae7 kun oldin
  • 8:23 this guy is hilarious 😂

    alice greenalice green8 kun oldin
  • I think sister and her dog need to be on this show because as soon as she moved back in with me and our parents she lended all her responsibilities to me! If I don’t feed her dog I get yelled at, if I don’t walk her dog I get yelled at same with washing and playing! Her dog has no training at alll!!!!!!!!! Her dog runs away from home, chases people to her home if the door is left open for 1 second she zooms. we even have to block the Porch stair and way to the backyard with her crate because we don’t have a fence. Then, when I’m talking about to my mom how I’m going to stop doing stuff for her like 5 minutes later my mom yells at me for not talking my sisters dog outside! The other day I tried to tell her what type of food her dog can’t eat and she started yelling at me and telling me those were just suggestions. So anyway her dog jumps on the table and steals chocolate and my sister doesn’t even care and passes off like nothing.

    ProVenomProVenom8 kun oldin
    • @Hogger I thank you for understanding

      ProVenomProVenom5 kun oldin
    • Your sister clearly doesn’t take responsibility of the dog and clearly only cares for the vanity of it, so my suggestion would be to get your own dog to make an example of or to maybe move out as soon as you can, because clearly the responsibility and work of owning a dog is put on you even though you don’t own it! Maybe train your family and let them learn from example, they see a well behaved dog, then they’ll listen to what you suggest.

      HoggerHogger6 kun oldin
  • very nice this is dogs breed everyone can visit my channel for knowing it

    jack jonsjack jons9 kun oldin
  • I learn so much from this woman. I love and respect her so much!

    Heather halloweenHeather halloween9 kun oldin
  • Thank you for this one. I have a GSD who is obedient when it's just us but, reacts just like this dog when she sees another dog. She blows me off just like this. Now I have a better idea how to deal with her lack of attention.

    Stitch BlueStitch Blue9 kun oldin
  • I love seeing people who actually listen, instead of act like they're totally innocent in all of this and can just do whatever they want.

    SummernyxSummernyx9 kun oldin
  • Lol barking for something to do is basically barking for attention is it not?

    Sashy PoohSashy Pooh10 kun oldin
  • where are the German shepherds?

    cazan marcuscazan marcus10 kun oldin
  • I don’t know why people get dogs if they don’t want to train or walk them? My oldest that past last year I had since he was 3 weeks old and he was born in Canadian winter and loved the minute the snow fell every year! The best times we had were walking in the snow, him rolling in snow piles! The cold never fazed him even as a puppy making mazes with his nose through the yard. I miss him terribly this year. My other dog has an immune disease and can’t really go out too much in the cold weather so I’m missing my other boy so much more.

    ᔕɧყ Lunaᔕɧყ Luna10 kun oldin
  • he really should have gone to another trainer

    Poppy wildePoppy wilde10 kun oldin
    • Why her training was working

      hopeless heathenhopeless heathen7 kun oldin
  • 8:55 burned

    Lala LaLala La10 kun oldin
    • What?

      Adam MeekisAdam Meekis10 kun oldin
  • The Dogs are completely justified.

    Robin The God - Fake ASMR Is Being StupidRobin The God - Fake ASMR Is Being Stupid11 kun oldin
  • Walks them once or two in a month??? That's way too little 99% of the dog breeds.

    Gerardo PagotoGerardo Pagoto11 kun oldin
  • Don’t get a German Shepherd if you can’t train them and handle them

    kaykay Kailahkaykay Kailah11 kun oldin
    • @Der Foerster vom Silberwald I just said that

      kaykay Kailahkaykay Kailah10 kun oldin
    • Please train your dog. Last summer I had a very frightend situation ? 🥵🥶😭😱

      Der Foerster vom SilberwaldDer Foerster vom Silberwald11 kun oldin
  • They don’t look like german shepards though. More closer to malinois but hey what do I know.

    IAmYouIAmYou11 kun oldin
  • Idk what ppl think is gonna happen if they don't train their pets

    Kaylie LobeKaylie Lobe11 kun oldin
  • Worst dog trainer alive.

    Dobby TheElfDobby TheElf11 kun oldin
  • When simple training turns bratty dogs into good boys an girls 😍

    Ks SheKs She11 kun oldin
    • @Der Foerster vom Silberwald LMAO

      Isken •Isken •7 kun oldin
    • Please train your dog. Three older women, with a big gog surprised me, as I pooped in the woods. The dog ran up to me and barked, I was so scared. 🥶🥵😭😱What do you think ???

      Der Foerster vom SilberwaldDer Foerster vom Silberwald11 kun oldin
  • Man, does this woman, this so called trainer, even know dogs?? If those are german Shepherd mixes, I am a guy. They are Shepherd for sure, but belgian ones...

    Marie RepeczkyMarie Repeczky12 kun oldin
  • The owners are doing a great reinforcing their pups and training them after receiving some great advice from Victoria.

    Ashley MAshley M12 kun oldin
  • My husband thinks dogs should already be trained..... ridiculous to say the least!

    Jennifer HC SmithJennifer HC Smith12 kun oldin
  • you know, those slip lead chain collars would be WAY more effective if they were IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

    Service_Dog_AdventuresService_Dog_Adventures12 kun oldin
  • Low key Victoria is 🤤🥰😍😉

    henry Sansonhenry Sanson12 kun oldin
  • Let's get a dog.... why?.... so we can ignore it but at least it goes with the wall paper.

    Raven ASMRRaven ASMR12 kun oldin
  • Those aren’t German Shepherds. Maybe a mix. They look like Anatolian Shepherd mixes. Also, never get siblings. Littermate syndrome is a very real thing in dogs. But in cats it’s actually better for them to get pairs.

    M SM S12 kun oldin
  • These look way more like belgian malinois to me than German shepherd

    Chrisna ReaganChrisna Reagan12 kun oldin
  • To all the ignorant people in the comments having a dog is not much of a different than having a baby and I feel if you can't take care of a dog you damn sure can't take care of a baby they need love affection time energy and discipline and you have to start as soon as possible or else your outcome is destruction

    Fran JohnsonFran Johnson12 kun oldin
  • I’m really bad at the positive sounding voice of ‘let’s go’ my voice is monotone as hell haha

    E GE G13 kun oldin
  • It's just a lack of training not a lack in care

    stoner stevestoner steve13 kun oldin
  • I really love ur video and enjoy them so much it is really fascinating to watch u train the dogs

    Barunika Dhar 10 CBarunika Dhar 10 C13 kun oldin
  • Let's appreciate for a moment how often instead of the dogs, Victoria is actually training the humans.

    King BratoryKing Bratory13 kun oldin
  • its the german accent for me

    hannah bananahannah banana13 kun oldin
  • When they said they walked their dogs once a month i gasped. I walk my dog 3-4 times a day. Its good that victoria came over!

    Valentia PauwelsValentia Pauwels13 kun oldin
  • They should have just got small dogs but at least they are trying to fix it, but they not totally not trained, also this good if someone takes on a dog. But I not think that they are that bad

    Claire ByrneClaire Byrne13 kun oldin
  • You don't train dogs with food. The moment the treats are gone you're game over. Bad trainer

    Sakurakyo37Sakurakyo3713 kun oldin
  • Anyone here experienced a german sheperd that hates walks (always wants to go back home)?

    inosingenglishinosingenglish13 kun oldin

    Zozo AnimalsZozo Animals13 kun oldin
  • Why am I watching this I don't even have a dog 🐕

    1379 taranpreet1379 taranpreet13 kun oldin
  • besides the pulling and barking and stuff sofia was really gentle lol

    debbie boeckhoutdebbie boeckhout14 kun oldin
  • 700th comment

    Jorshua MendezJorshua Mendez14 kun oldin
  • I wish my dog was like that not pulling me

    love dogs 576love dogs 57614 kun oldin
  • When I was trained I was told to never wrap the lease around my hand.

    Georgia Cinq-MarsGeorgia Cinq-Mars14 kun oldin
  • They’re not pure GSDs, looks like a type of Turkish shepherd breed is in the lines by their tail, face, colouring and overall stance. That makes a completely different dog to deal with

    James ArburyJames Arbury14 kun oldin
  • Hey I'm just a kid but my dog keeps growling and threatening strangers and it needs to stop but idk what to do

    the dumb girl YTthe dumb girl YT14 kun oldin
  • Would LOVE to see the full episode of this one!

    sharkifyificationsharkifyification14 kun oldin
  • I love seeing a family get trained on how to train a dog. When they have the aha moment i could cry. At least this family isn't in denial of their failures.

    WillowyMilkWillowyMilk14 kun oldin
    • Yes, training is good. Three older women, with a big dog, suddenly came, as I urgently pooped in the forest. The dog ran up to me and barked. 🥶🥵😭😱 I was very scared. That was not fair. What do you think ??

      Der Foerster vom SilberwaldDer Foerster vom Silberwald14 kun oldin
  • I want to marry Victoria and I'm straight. She's a treasure.

    Sandra PlümacherSandra Plümacher14 kun oldin
  • 0:34 *what my two dogs look like when they see a stray dog while the third one is following the stray dog trying to make out:*

    No NameNo Name14 kun oldin
  • don't get the breed if you can't train/handle it.. even my 7 month old puppy is difficult WITH lots of training on walks. he's still on leash training, he pulls a lot nearby other dogs. this breed needs training to get to a good place, you can't just buy one and expect it to be trained when it grows up. it doesn't work like that.

    kitrakitra14 kun oldin
  • I´ve watched this show dubbed as a child, this brings back memories. I love Victoria´s voice.

    Lucia SoósováLucia Soósová14 kun oldin
  • Sophia is soooo cute !! ❤

    Sammy PSammy P14 kun oldin
  • Where do you see " two German Shepherds " ?

    Mark HoffmanMark Hoffman14 kun oldin
  • Those aren't full blooded german shepherds, they look like they were mixed with something

    Alessandra ZavalaAlessandra Zavala14 kun oldin
    • They actually say it in the video. It's German Shepherd x Labrador

      Panhead BlackyPanhead Blacky11 kun oldin
  • i got my 2 dog when they were 7 years old and they had never been on a walk or had any training or met any other dogs

    Nina DerrickNina Derrick14 kun oldin
  • the man doesn't need to learn how to train his dogs, he needs to learn how to be an alpha in his own family! he is so weak (not just physically) that his own dogs think he is a joke! honestly seeing these type of weak owners just makes me cringe

    Joey JojoJoey Jojo14 kun oldin
  • Both easy to train!!!

    D. RD. R14 kun oldin
  • Rex is quick to learn!

    D. RD. R14 kun oldin
  • They are not full breed GSD's bc GS tail never curls over their backs.

    D. RD. R14 kun oldin
  • Same old actors as before she has been on this like 20 times. Plus what is this 1990 they all got fannypacks🤣🤣

    King Kyle 611King Kyle 61114 kun oldin
  • It is frustrating that people don’t train their dogs (one of my close friends has a reactive dog with a very similar temperament to Rex) but I must say this couple is adorable, one of the few I was happy to watch! They were so receptive and eager to help their dogs out, so refreshing to watch

    Natalie MarroneNatalie Marrone14 kun oldin
  • Give 👏 us 👏 Cesar! 👏

    Murder MouthMurder Mouth14 kun oldin
  • You are too good

    angshuman rajbongshiangshuman rajbongshi14 kun oldin
  • SCARY! We had a beautiful german shepard/doberman mix when I was a little girl. My dad set the rules and we were all consistent with Trooper. I was only 4 and I would hand feed him. He was a good boy. :’( I'll love him forever.

    icouldjustscreamicouldjustscream14 kun oldin
  • Honestly, high energy dogs are not so bad if trained early, given structure and properly socialized. I have a GSG and Golden and both are fine sitting in their kennels for 18 hours if needed. I tested this theory when I had to leave for a emergency out of town and my BIL couldn't come feed or let them out till the next day. In fact, if they're out roaming the house and their kennels are open, they prefer to be in their kennels when chilling. Both of them are 1.5 years

    Linda XiongLinda Xiong14 kun oldin
  • Police Harassment:

    Agent XAgent X14 kun oldin
  • Ummm those are not German Shepherds

    SHaylee SkinnerSHaylee Skinner14 kun oldin
  • im sure theyre a nice couple but as a shepherd owner i will never *ever* understand people who would get a shepherd (pure or mix) without planning to have it properly trained *much less having two* :/

    TheGlo-ohBishTheGlo-ohBish14 kun oldin
  • This is how my dogs act when they see other dogs from the window 🤦🏾‍♀️chorkie n a poodle 😂 they so bad help me please

    Ms MicAMs MicA14 kun oldin
  • I really need help with my shih Tzu and pit bull mix they keep running out of the yard and making holes in the fence

    Gamer WolfGamer Wolf14 kun oldin
  • I'm currently struggling with the exact same issues with my 1 yr old German Shepherd pup. I did take her to a couple training sessions, but lost a job during COVID and currently getting her trained this week. I am also pregnant so this video is refreshing to see that these issues are manageable with the right training and hope to get to where these dogs are now before its too late.

    Edith CerdaEdith Cerda14 kun oldin
  • These kinda look like Kangals to me, or is it just me?

    Flarestorm :3Flarestorm :314 kun oldin
  • These are not german shepherds, they are crossed with some other breed to get the curly tail, short coats and Soph's flappy ears. Maybe not even germans but belgian malinois or shepherd.. in any case very clever dogs :)

    Marketa PiecuchovaMarketa Piecuchova14 kun oldin
  • Wow an actual healthy couple just trying to balance their lives with these dogs. This is nice 👍

    NeenaNeena15 kun oldin
  • Good video. An untrained dog is like an untrained worker. Not fair to the worker or dog. Once the dog knows his/her place in the family and how to act, they become so relaxed I find. I love dogs.

    Ron SimonsRon Simons15 kun oldin
  • No... the dogs did not cause anything. The owner has plenty of cash to pay for classes for each dog separately and did not do it. The owner is the problem... not the intelligent breed of dog

    Doug H. in VADoug H. in VA15 kun oldin
  • This is clearly not a German Shepherd Labrador mix but definitely Kangal

    Lea KLea K15 kun oldin
  • People need to understand how boredom can be so detrimental to such intelligent creatures (especially GSD’s) they will test you and your neighbors relentlessly if you don’t stimulate their minds 😹

    Tanea BreeTanea Bree15 kun oldin
  • They aint GERMAN SHEPHERDS !!

    John McCarronJohn McCarron15 kun oldin
  • You’d think he would walk them one at a time

    DR. Otto OctaviusDR. Otto Octavius15 kun oldin