Two D1 Golfers Challenged Us To a 9 Hole Match... This Is What Happened

20-Okt, 2020
343 748 Ko‘rishlar soni

What a fun time! These Guys are on another level of pure
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  • Sorry for the audio folks! The night before recording, Colin took my battery out and we both forgot to put it back in and didn't realize until getting to the course! Hope ya'll enjoyed!

    gm__golfgm__golfOy oldin
    • Tig looks like Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride with the stash. You’re welcome.

      paul marschpaul marsch26 kun oldin
    • Ratted out the Colin hey? Nobody talks, everybody walks....LOL

      SkinnyCowSkinnyCowOy oldin
    • @Michael Boen 😂😂😂👍

      Joshua BlahaJoshua BlahaOy oldin
    • @Joshua Blaha dont blame it on you being too good to play them. They just had these top ams on here so the point doesn't fit. Im sure they'll see your attitude on here and wo definitely not wanna play with you. So yea like Gareth said, you're still angry

      Michael BoenMichael BoenOy oldin
    • @Michael Boen definitely not angry...I just don’t like people who think they know everything when In reality you know nothing about the situation you’re trying to comment on 🤷‍♂️ that’s where the myob came from not from a place of anger so guess again bud 👍

      Joshua BlahaJoshua BlahaOy oldin
  • These guys are good

    Jack DrueloJack Druelo2 kun oldin
  • He looks like Shawn Michaels lol

    Josh GrayJosh Gray3 kun oldin
  • > if you're smart ... answer this. a | ■□□ b | □■□ (name the shaded ■ squares) c | □■□ 1 2 3

    Evan OukEvan Ouk3 kun oldin
  • I golf in ultra boosts too 🤣

    TyGuy McFlyHighTyGuy McFlyHigh4 kun oldin
  • With that tache he looks like a young Rolf Harris

    Charles BeckettCharles Beckett5 kun oldin
  • He looks like Blake from workaholics

    FrancisFrancis11 kun oldin
  • His last name is about the same as the worlds strongest man

    Gabriel BastardoGabriel Bastardo13 kun oldin
  • In yalls opinion, would you prefer the maverick or the rogue?

    Domanic CuevasDomanic Cuevas16 kun oldin
  • Tig looking like brooks koepka

    taylor morristaylor morris17 kun oldin
  • "Two D1 golfers"... you mean the no. 11 and 31st ranked amateurs in the world who also happen to play for Stanford lol?

    Juan RomeroJuan Romero18 kun oldin
    • Why did you steal that other guys comment? 😂😂😂 bro it’s word for word you absolute clown.

      Mr. SheebMr. Sheeb16 kun oldin
  • Karl is on another level

    mandana vermamandana verma18 kun oldin
  • Micah looks like Chris Pontius

    Cale LourenzoCale Lourenzo19 kun oldin
  • You guys use the THEY ASK YOU HOW YOURE FEELING th8ng way too much

    Justin ThompsonJustin Thompson20 kun oldin
  • Karl has the ability to play professional Garrett NOT SO MUCH lol

    Justin ThompsonJustin Thompson20 kun oldin
  • Karl is one of the best golfers In the world

    Justin ThompsonJustin Thompson20 kun oldin
  • My dog looks like josh Allen with the stash

    Terry TatesTerry Tates20 kun oldin
  • love your videos

    Totally Tech TipsTotally Tech Tips22 kun oldin
  • Yooo I can’t believe you played with Karl!!

    Chris MeyerChris Meyer23 kun oldin
  • 32:52 Garrett: "Well Da-Gum man! Golly Shucky-Darn!" LMAO I died at that, I bet Tig is used to it.

    Adeline WardAdeline Ward23 kun oldin
  • guay!

    TheIgnorantGolferTheIgnorantGolfer23 kun oldin
  • Breast cancer awareness

    JakeanatorJakeanator24 kun oldin
  • Geez... I remember seeing Karl on MTi like 7 years ago.

    Evan 81Evan 8124 kun oldin
  • I think we wear the same pull ups!!!

    Corona ViralsCorona Virals25 kun oldin
  • “That swing felt about as stiff as a 2 by 4”😂 love it

    Michael KramerMichael Kramer25 kun oldin
    • 4:44 Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that the pink cups and flags are for breast cancer awareness month in October. I actually think it's pretty cool that they are doing that.

      Evan OukEvan Ouk3 kun oldin
  • Blake from workaholics

    koby fleckkoby fleck26 kun oldin
  • I played against Thorbjornsen in a high school golf match last year. What a player. Massachusetts represent

    taxman dantaxman dan26 kun oldin
  • Tig looks like Heath Ledger

    Tim ReillyTim Reilly26 kun oldin
  • I was doing so good not thinking about my ex.... up until 8:48. Thanks Garrett

    fysteemiceteafysteemicetea27 kun oldin
    • And then again at 22:50 😒😔

      fysteemiceteafysteemicetea27 kun oldin
  • Micah kinda looks like Hitler with the stach

    Christian BroussardChristian Broussard27 kun oldin
  • anyone else recognise this course because of disc golf?

    VintagepunsVintagepuns27 kun oldin
  • It's not the same without Karl's dad narrating from the cartpath

    James GottschalkJames Gottschalk27 kun oldin
  • UZworld getting too comfortable with these unskippable ads

    Mitch WilsonMitch Wilson27 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Diarmuid O BrienDiarmuid O Brien27 kun oldin
  • Micah looks like a young Jimenez

    Olle WilhelmssonOlle Wilhelmsson28 kun oldin
  • he looks like eric bugenhagen

    SwimmysteveSwimmysteve28 kun oldin
  • tig looks like a swol short JT daniels

    Rob DRob D28 kun oldin
  • Those two are gonna be multiple time PGA Your winners. Super awesome that GM could get them on their channel. Great a Job Garrett and Micah!

    First Last NameFirst Last Name28 kun oldin
  • Karl is insane

    TheShoelace17TheShoelace1728 kun oldin
  • he looks like julian edelman

    Jack NeriJack Neri28 kun oldin
  • tig looks like Blake from workaholics

    Richard SilvaRichard Silva28 kun oldin
  • This is insane. When I clicked I expected a couple guys from random D1. Not the former #1 junior in the world and a US Junior Champion

    Ben Hadden GolfBen Hadden Golf28 kun oldin
  • what is the length of Tigs driver?

    scott nishimurascott nishimura29 kun oldin
  • I hate how “good golfers” do gimmies and just give misses as making it

    Adam RyanAdam Ryan29 kun oldin
    • Calling then “Good golfers” is very much so correct. I bet any of them will smack you in a round

      CrickettCrickett27 kun oldin
  • Wait 6.5 driver!?!?

    patrick whittypatrick whitty29 kun oldin
  • Micah kinda looks like Gardner minshew from the Jaguars

    Sohom PatelSohom Patel29 kun oldin
  • i’ve been watching karl for years

    Matthew SauterMatthew Sauter29 kun oldin
  • Thorbjornsen played at pebble beach in the 2019 US Open when he was 18 and made the cut lol. insane.

    Colton SColton S29 kun oldin
  • I think the guys' miscalculated here. They had a chance to take on two of the top amateurs in the world and they passed it up. Are those guys better than them, yes. But it is a scramble they definitely COULD have won. And the content would have been better. If they lose, who cares. Use the weird chemistry Tig and Garrett have and go win. Also, the Stanford guys might tense up being heavy favorites.

    Kyle BarkerKyle Barker29 kun oldin
  • Love the videos but would honestly be able to watch more if it were a bit more stable (need a gimbal). I get motion sickness after about 10 mins and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Will ManuelWill Manuel29 kun oldin
  • Looks like a young Ron Jeremy

    Justin PhillipsJustin Phillips29 kun oldin
  • Carl all day baby... smooth as butter. What a beauty!!!

    TT29 kun oldin
  • I've watched Karl for years. He's crazy good

    CashMoneyChiefCashMoneyChief29 kun oldin
  • I used to watch all of Karl’s videos! Can’t wait to see his success at Stanford!

    yungjackjackyungjackjackOy oldin
  • so funny at 10:41 you got 290 to the green and you got 2 iron......tig "yea" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    christoph christopherchristoph christopherOy oldin
  • Tig looking like Dale Earhurt

    Rick VaughnRick VaughnOy oldin
  • I love the wii golf sound bits

    Marco GalloneMarco GalloneOy oldin
  • Y’all are dripped out in those clothes. I’ve seen the Instagram ads for them and that brand is a new kind of expensive hahaha

    B. LifB. LifOy oldin
  • rematch

    Kompton TerryKompton TerryOy oldin
  • Tig looks like Rickie Fowler with the stache

    Mack GilbertsonMack GilbertsonOy oldin
  • Michael use a baseball grip?

    lentotheismlentotheismOy oldin
  • first vid from you guys that i actually watched. good job

    Seth MarriottSeth MarriottOy oldin
  • Can Micah ever just say... “nice shot”?

    Matt PersonMatt PersonOy oldin
  • Workaholics, hes a twin for the one guy.

    Thomas CallahanThomas CallahanOy oldin
  • is it just me or does tig look like kent murphy

    DrewskiDrewskiOy oldin
  • shocker micah beats garret again like if you are shocked

    Rusty RacconRusty RacconOy oldin
  • Me and my brother would be down to play

    Trey Ka'ahanuiTrey Ka'ahanuiOy oldin
  • Garret acting like he’s as long hitting 8 smh - cost the match

    Gianluca TruffiniGianluca TruffiniOy oldin
  • Micah without the mustache looks like MLB catcher JT Realmuto.

    EMSEMSOy oldin
  • Tig is looking like Joel Dahmen with the 'stache

    Adam PetersonAdam PetersonOy oldin
  • gm wears pull ups? Seems a little old, but do you bro... keep vibin'

    Zach TZach TOy oldin
  • I wonder if they play for Stanford?

    Gil HodgesGil HodgesOy oldin
  • 5:48, he says it's a "straightaway par 3." Is there any other kind?

    Dennis SvitakDennis SvitakOy oldin
  • Karl is the the goat, I used to watch him all the time

    Jesse GodfreyJesse GodfreyOy oldin
  • Tuck your shirt in! This is golf! Not a rock concert!

    Michael SkupinMichael SkupinOy oldin
  • SO... MUCH... CONTENT.. EVERY... DAY ...

    Nah Really thoNah Really thoOy oldin
  • He looks like austin matthews

    Jay WynnJay WynnOy oldin
  • Will be a great video to look back on when both these dudes are on tour in a few years

    David GrebeDavid GrebeOy oldin
  • Rematch w you two against the d1 guys!

    Joonas KarhuJoonas KarhuOy oldin
  • We need Karl's dad to commentate on the next one

    Steve HyunSteve HyunOy oldin
  • Smart team selection... those guys from Stanford play some serious golf!!!

    Brice ButlerBrice ButlerOy oldin
  • Karl just isn’t a D1 golfer lol he is a top ranked amateur

  • Meh... would like to see what GM golf has against some top college golfers... it’s only nine holes and Micah is plenty long up boys. Garret your a scratch golfer and you play everyday with scratch players and you act like every shot is pga tour caliber .

    DJ RondoDJ RondoOy oldin
  • Ricky Fowler

    Ty HarrisTy HarrisOy oldin
  • I felt Micahs excitement about that prov1 find

    Andrew AndersonAndrew AndersonOy oldin
  • tig looks like a mix between rickie fowler, brooks koepka, and johnny depp

    Grayson FischerGrayson FischerOy oldin
  • is that the guy from workaholics?

    jackie mouajackie mouaOy oldin
  • 7:43 Tig looks like Ricky fowler with the stash 👨🏽

    Southern GolfSouthern GolfOy oldin
  • What is the difference between best ball ans a scramble?

    Rick WilliamsRick WilliamsOy oldin
  • Tig looking like Blake Anderson from workaholics to the teeee(g)

    DKDKOy oldin
  • Been watching Karl since his dad started the yt channel and I’ve seen Michael a lot, this is a dream come true collab.

    Liam BLiam BOy oldin
  • You should find a long drive club and see how far everyone could hit it.

    Olli AlanenOlli AlanenOy oldin
  • Tig looks like my uncle who used to tell me to keep secrets and not tell my parents 🥺

    Cory McculloughCory McculloughOy oldin
  • Karl is the real deal,

    Tendai GTendai GOy oldin
  • Tig looks like Aaron Rogers

    Robert ZyskowskiRobert ZyskowskiOy oldin
  • I played with a D1 golfer once cuz we got matched up on the course. Dude went -5 through 9 and was 100% gir and fir. I’ve never seen anyone so dialed before it was crazy.

    Dan The ManDan The ManOy oldin
  • Think a great business idea would be to sell some GoodGood pitchmark repairers to the club.

    Gideon VisserGideon VisserOy oldin
  • Bro this is cool and all but we all know we wanted GM to take these cats on

    Layne EmersonLayne EmersonOy oldin
  • What’s happened to Garrett’s road to pro journey? Looks like he has some work to do to keep up with the group.

    John ChoiJohn ChoiOy oldin
  • Micah looks like the guy from the princess bride

    Hayden NoelHayden NoelOy oldin