Twin Turbo J Swapped S14 Roars To Life!

28-Noy, 2020
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  • Hell yea!! Stopped on my ladder putting up Christmas lights to watch this!

    • hell yeah!

      RydnorthRydnorth17 kun oldin
    • I’ve stopped to watch a video whilst I was under my car working on it lol

      BishdabBishdabOy oldin
    • @Fishing With Azzy well this backfired on you lol have a great night buddy. Stop being a prick

      Jose DavidJose DavidOy oldin
    • @Fishing With Azzy grow up buddy 🍻

      the rider 2020the rider 2020Oy oldin

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  • Hell yeah. Brazzers sponsored ma boy 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Asad WarraichAsad Warraich12 kun oldin
  • Oh Lawd

    Loren SheltonLoren Shelton14 kun oldin
  • twin turbskissss

    RydnorthRydnorth17 kun oldin
  • First test drive solid atleast 4 lol 😂😂😂

    Coty GrayCoty Gray19 kun oldin
  • What are y’all thoughts on a j swapped brz?

    Ryan’s Speed LabRyan’s Speed Lab21 kun oldin
  • looking to put a big turbo j35 in my 02 blazer, any tips?

    Beta PlaysBeta Plays22 kun oldin
  • Would've taken too much heat saying you're going for a Leroy look? Honestly didn't much care for the channel before, but since the move to Florida I'm loving the content. Good move on your part man.

    Joe BJoe B22 kun oldin
  • What trans are you guys using for this?

    twisted turtle garagetwisted turtle garage25 kun oldin
  • What is the intro song?

    Lenart ZupanLenart Zupan29 kun oldin
  • I dare you guys to race th mr 2vs hunacorn i dare you

    Qiuck boosted QiuckmasterQiuck boosted QiuckmasterOy oldin
  • Great video :)

    OJ RazaOJ RazaOy oldin
  • is that twin charged?

    Christian ReibigChristian ReibigOy oldin
  • Only one choice in this world matters: 1) Will you build YOUR kingdom and serve yourself as you prop yourself up. 2) Will you serve God and submit to His Kingdom. Serving others than yourself. Get to know Jesus before it is too late. 8)

    Jeremy RobbinsJeremy RobbinsOy oldin
  • Love you kyle! Stay safe bro

    sharpflickzsharpflickzOy oldin
  • when you have enough money to call a fully built v8 swapped twin turbo'd race car a "shit box" wonder what that makes my e46 with mismatched panels and only 5 running cylinders that overheats every other month :( can you send me turbos for it so i can blow it up in peace and then ill send you the video of it

    Brendan HoworthBrendan HoworthOy oldin
  • Wyatt is a great addition to your channel

    Legoman585Legoman585Oy oldin
  • What engine

    Nick KirklandNick KirklandOy oldin
  • Congratulations on the New shop

    The Lude 915The Lude 915Oy oldin
  • bring that to the Hoonigan Burn Yard and shred some rubber

    Edgar VargasEdgar VargasOy oldin
  • Hey men, nice job keep it that way. (MAYBE DE CAR NEED SOME PAINT JOB) :). Hi from Argentina

    Dieeguitto RoddriguezDieeguitto RoddriguezOy oldin
  • Really hope that solid trans mount isn't permanent. That's a MAJOR point of failure. When your chassis twists, it also twists the motor/trans and they love to break the bellhousing. There's videos of that happening and sending flywheels/converters thru the floorboard. This isn't hate, this is me trying to keep you from amputating your right foot.

    Hydrocarbon82Hydrocarbon82Oy oldin
  • Hell yea sweet build man...was in my sub! AWESOME WORK! BEAUTIFUL CAR!

    Ben CharnockBen CharnockOy oldin
  • You feel better with a "LOAD" on it???? LMFAO

    Tommy BowlingTommy BowlingOy oldin
  • I laughed SO HARD I dropped my phone when "we ran her dry" and you revving the shit out of it

    eioshen boboieioshen boboiOy oldin
  • I like how the Florida sheriff just went nothing new here lol

    sehhi vootysehhi vootyOy oldin
  • Respect

    Boosted FoolBoosted FoolOy oldin
    • Amazing video man

      eioshen boboieioshen boboiOy oldin
  • You tube sucks anymore I don't get notified videos are up untill 6 days after they were put up. What is the point of turning notifications on.

    DanDanOy oldin
    • Can someone get these guys a battery sponsorship...

      sehhi vootysehhi vootyOy oldin
  • Anyone know what transmission they are using

    Chris FowlerChris FowlerOy oldin
    • Nissan CD00A

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Oy oldin
  • Brazzers!!!! Lol

    Deph The PoetDeph The PoetOy oldin
  • is that a new intro? it's terrible

    Paul AguirrePaul AguirreOy oldin
  • What j platform is he referring too?

    Lem johnsonLem johnsonOy oldin
  • This thing is gonna be nasty when it’s fully done, tuned and dynoed

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytOy oldin
  • Was thinking about getting that sticker for all the ricers and clapped out trucks here in north Florida, people will rice out shite here like a mid model Chevy Cruze turbo and throw 20 brand stickers when it don’t even have a cone.

    Brady ArnoldBrady ArnoldOy oldin
  • that intro was fire

    kamisamakamisamaOy oldin
  • Where in the hell can I find one of those work lights!?

    Dakota McElroyDakota McElroyOy oldin
    • Search Amazon for: Astro Pneumatic Tool 200SL

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Oy oldin
  • This Cletus inspired build

    T-Hobbies G45T-Hobbies G45Oy oldin
  • what brand is that light?

    itsDASHitsDASHOy oldin
    • Astro Pneumatic Tool.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Oy oldin
  • Leroy is his inspiration lol

    Lorenzo CasperLorenzo CasperOy oldin
  • What the boosted bois need is a battery sponsorship. 😂

    Brandon HudlerBrandon HudlerOy oldin
  • I love how consistently make hood exits on your projects

    Jacob MorrisJacob MorrisOy oldin
  • seriously crazy creature😎

    M&M MM&M MOy oldin
  • Can someone get these guys a battery sponsorship...

    Shawn ODonnellShawn ODonnellOy oldin
  • I wonder at which point car youtubers start getting sponsor money from hearing aid companies.

    HulluJanneHulluJanneOy oldin
  • Run it on methanol so you don't need an intercooler.

    BoostAddictBoostAddictOy oldin

    Adam PattersonAdam PattersonOy oldin
  • Badass brother!!! 😎 but hey skinny Mimie you need to start eating more. Your loosing meat n fat on dem bones ! EAT BOY!!!!!

    Adam PattersonAdam PattersonOy oldin
  • Bro you got any engines for sale ?

    Jordan OchoaJordan OchoaOy oldin
  • Alright what song is in the intro it slaps....?

    Brandon HildebrandBrandon HildebrandOy oldin
    • @Brandon Hildebrand You're welcome. Enjoy!

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Oy oldin
    • @Flat4Buggy 2 Thanks dawg! 👌🏼

      Brandon HildebrandBrandon HildebrandOy oldin
    • Nbhd Nick - Like Whoa

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Oy oldin
  • Just begin your happy holidays with electronics Diamondboxx. Com electronics

    Daniel MartinezDaniel MartinezOy oldin
  • Tie that throttle cable down to the intake with those little foldable clips, little shit like that drives me nuts also make charge piping before you drive it around would have made for better content with the turbos working properly.

    Eric AndersonEric AndersonOy oldin
  • If you know you got a vacuum leak why on earth would you tune or try running it WITH A VACUUM LEAK ? cmon Kyle, take ur time man. A little extra work goes a long way man trust me...

    adam sadam sOy oldin
  • Spectre is overpriced GARBAGE corner autostore products , their filters are exact same as ebay specials but cost 10x the price

    adam sadam sOy oldin
  • How are you not deaf?

    Jimmy BroadbentJimmy BroadbentOy oldin
    • Because he listened to dubstep when he was younger, dur

      D. ThomasD. ThomasOy oldin
    • @ALPHA6IX that’s what I said hahaha

      Spencer BellSpencer BellOy oldin
    • Jimmy Broadbent what!?

      ALPHA6IXALPHA6IXOy oldin
  • Drift week 3?

    jzz20jzz20Oy oldin
  • fuk your 2jz we got the real J.

    Kay BeeKay BeeOy oldin
  • I was blowing spectra couplers right off the intercooler left and right on just 20psi on a stick t25 turbo. 1995 Eclipse gst 5spd

    Boost JunkieBoost JunkieOy oldin
  • Gotta love the pornsight sponsored s14!😂

    spiess7spiess7Oy oldin
  • What motor is that ?

    6Dott Bgm6Dott BgmOy oldin
    • Honda J32

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Oy oldin
  • Someone just stole my project car yesterday. Your channel is my inspiration for me to work on my car. I hope to find it in one piece soon so I can keep learning and working on it . Please keep the pink on that car it’s gorgeous.

    AvapireAvapireOy oldin
  • classic "Honda bounce" idle, gotta love it hahahaha

    Josh RemyJosh RemyOy oldin
  • All that custom work to get that motor in, why use a log manifold that is so in efficient ?? Why didnt you just build a custom equal length tubular manifold ?

    You TubeYou TubeOy oldin
    • They were trying to get the car done in time for Cleetus and Cars. (Which they were unsuccessful)

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Oy oldin
  • Make it your drift car

    Martin Ruiz DuranMartin Ruiz DuranOy oldin
  • Twin turbski camaro check it out!!

    Mike HawsMike HawsOy oldin
  • new shirt ( turbo your shitbox)

    Jeremy YearganJeremy YearganOy oldin
  • Sketchy day

  • son,your going to loose your hearing. use ear protection

    Rick GlowRick GlowOy oldin
  • 15:50 if you were trying to break it and it didn't break only means you put a bunch of stress on it and it didn't break. So you stressed the hell out of some parts and you think they are good to go? Doesn't stress on something weaken it? You should at least take things apart and make sure you see no signs of abuse. It's a win win for you because you need content... so just take it apart be informative from every aspect check to see if its hurt and put it back together.. BAM! super easy video and gives you peace of mind...

    Greg ScottGreg ScottOy oldin
  • Ugh! I had a fuel tube fail like that on a '91 Caprice that I had. Took a while to narrow down!

    MBartonMBartonOy oldin
  • Come for the bad ass cars and content stay because it makes me happy kyles happy.

    goooogie69goooogie69Oy oldin
  • Nice

    bassment03bassment03Oy oldin
  • should low mount the turbos in the front just behind the lights, get a smaller throttle body and intake and you could put a hood on it

    Mike HuntMike HuntOy oldin
  • I feel like this chanel secretly leveled up the awesomeness of its content and we thank you for it!

    James RogersJames RogersOy oldin
  • ive been waiting for this since the day you brought her home, just a dream come true bro.

    Baylan Maverick LegacyBaylan Maverick LegacyOy oldin
  • Thats so cool, even sounds like a lawn mower. Love it

    KnownAsPandyKnownAsPandyOy oldin
  • @7:02 Dude, I have perforated 👂eardrums from blowin' s**t up (too big by norad's standards, or too close regardless) as an army combat engineer. I just retired at 42, and I have to lean in like my aged father because I can't hear ya past the background noise of a strong breeze. The car (and Darwin's Law) gave you fair warning by blowing out the far pipe. Had to push it and try to lose an eye. Then you'd be selling yer friend's t-shirts at events.

    ZachZachOy oldin
  • This all thanks to cleetus

    RogerRogerOy oldin
  • 1106 w old hillsborough ave seffner fl 33584 I figured out your home address in less than 2minutes from watching your buddys video just from him revealing to much with a street sign an Flagg Stadium on his gps. It took me less than 2 minutes. Oh an Google earth confirmed it also from your video from your new shop location. Btw it was my first time watching his video I clicked on it because he won one of the el Caminos...

    Dallas AustinDallas AustinOy oldin
  • Lowkey There was like three sponsors in the video 😭

    Jeremy MontalvoJeremy MontalvoOy oldin
  • yeeee

    HoLY.RusteD AndyHoLY.RusteD AndyOy oldin
  • 2000 likes and Kyle has to itasha wrap the s14

    Nicholas MansfieldNicholas MansfieldOy oldin
  • You didn't need oil you just need to buy a longer oil dipstick

    jacob brauerjacob brauerOy oldin
  • “We’re just over here turboing our shit boxes” needs to be on a shirt!

    Arloc MadugaArloc MadugaOy oldin
  • Wonder if the clutch issues have anything to do with the bleeder valve being on bottom? Unless he noticed and fixed it off camera?

    Tyler SiskTyler SiskOy oldin
  • 'good job we didnt run it long' edit to Kyle Bozoku reving,,that was very funny indeed :)

    ANDYblacks13ANDYblacks13Oy oldin
  • It’s be sick if the S14 got a BoostedBoiz wrap get the hook up from Cleeter lol

    Alexis FeredinosAlexis FeredinosOy oldin
  • You should flip the throttle body upside down so the tps and throttle cables aren’t routed weird

  • When you guys going to California to sand dunes or witch sand dunes make a little even I’ll definitely go I live down there!

    Boostipher FilmzzBoostipher FilmzzOy oldin
  • How do you get your cars to run so easily? We just fully rebuilt an h22a for a prelude and cant get it to stay running on hondata :(

    EvO xNikeEvO xNikeOy oldin
  • What kind of light was that?

    soundqubed killersoundqubed killerOy oldin
    • Astro Pneumatic Tool 200SL:

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Oy oldin
  • 7:06 mark? took him right out the game.. Dam.

    sabromsabromOy oldin
  • Shoot this 240 has a ton of potenial!!

    pFbSpecVpFbSpecVOy oldin
  • Hey Kyle I've messaged all your friends on UZworld I'm trying to figure out what company has an adapter for a 325i bmw 2001 to put t-56 in if you message me on Facebook or something thanks for your time

    Clay CarpenterClay CarpenterOy oldin
  • J Swapped as in Honda J- series motor or Toyota JZ motors ?

    Hajile SerpudHajile SerpudOy oldin
    • @Flat4Buggy 2 Damn bro !!! No way... that sounds like a V8 , WOW !!!.. I Have seen 1 or 2 J series turbo but this car sounds like a monster

      Hajile SerpudHajile SerpudOy oldin
    • Honda J32.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Oy oldin
  • I’d rather see built “s*** boxes” then bought super cars

    Miro TumaMiro TumaOy oldin
  • Kyle perfectly described 2020... It’s a little janky but it still works 😂

    ImportRacer4LifeImportRacer4LifeOy oldin
  • i think its gonna sound good from behind haha

    Justin SickJustin SickOy oldin
  • Hey Kyle I was wondering if you had any jdm h22 crankshafte

    chase auchchase auchOy oldin
  • 7:05 LMAO what did you think was gonna happen bro!

    based_willbased_willOy oldin
  • Put some ear plugs in ya dummy.

    Cooking In HalifaxCooking In HalifaxOy oldin