Trump & Biden Had a Hangout In Nashville

23-Okt, 2020
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James Corden kicks off the show just before President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden face off for their final debate before the election. And James recaps the "60 Minutes" footage Trump decided to release.
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  • Probably right but it affects Canada to so ya and your right I’m stressed about a lot of shit but trump is an idiot that’s my option and I have a right to one

    Anne McLaughlinAnne McLaughlin6 kun oldin
  • I am reaching out to you as a veteran with major concerns with the government's systemic failures and Judge Cynthia Beemans complete Incompetence. I had a severe crisis back in June 8th 2020, Uneducated Curry County of Oregon treated me as a criminal and caused undue emotional and physical trauma due there severe lack in education. I am truly disheartened and at a loss for words. I am specifically reaching out to you because I believe you are one of the few with an intelligence level that may understand. I have assembled all my data as clearly as I could on a website. Please review Thank you. Most Sincerest, William O'Connor "The Pedals of the Lotus are Many, But the Flower is Just OnE! Philosophy, Politics, Religion are Many, But the TRUTH is Just ONE!!!" Shame on Dishonorable Cynthia Behman, Shame on Curry County, Shame on Deputy DA Kevin Kelly, Shame on all of you. Lets get ourselfs educated and prevent these disheartening behaviors in our communities. Please watch Attachments area Preview attachment KIMG0472.JPG KIMG0472.JPG Preview UZworld video Censored Images of Iraq's Invasion by USA Censored Images of Iraq's Invasion by USA Reply Reply all Forward

    WHOWHO17 kun oldin
  • *_Me knowing Trump is probably subscribed to James_* 👀

    CaitlinCaitlin18 kun oldin
  • im so glad im not american dude, i dont have to worry about this right now, my coutrys election is next year.

    astrid wikstromastrid wikstrom24 kun oldin
  • Get a life all you do is talk about people and make money😭

    Hunter HitchensHunter Hitchens26 kun oldin
  • It’s funny how if republicans make fun of other people they’re racist but this fat frick comes in and talks so badly about trump

    Hunter HitchensHunter Hitchens26 kun oldin
  • One of the best monologues ever!

    paulfestpaulfest27 kun oldin

    Shriya HoskereShriya Hoskere27 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe that they didn’t throwback to West Point when he had to use two hands to drink water. Did anyone else notice that during the 60 minutes interview when the glass first came into frame he was supporting it with his left hand?

    Alex OrpinAlex Orpin28 kun oldin
  • The Machiavellian Republicans aren't stealing the seat, there Hijacking the seat! For doing Underhandly and grimmy dealings is in there D.N.A!! Like the big old tax scam they pulled off for the rich, this shouldn't be new to you, this is how they get down!

    jose rodriguezjose rodriguez28 kun oldin
  • .Yeah it was Trump . Not the Corruption of the Democrat party and their Censorship of the Biden China, Ukraine, Russia Scandal with a Corrupt Mainstream Media. Joe Biden 47 years in the Corrupt Swamp Pay to Play Reveled, You are seeing the rabid-leftist takeover of the Democrat party and their absolute Embrace of Cancel Culture, the Rabid leftist BLM/Antifa militia burning down Cities, Murdering and Intimidating people in the street, Looting and burning businesses, Threating anyone daring to Dissent from their Marxist narratives. TRUMP NOT A POLITION. CHINA OWNS BIDEN Marxist History = Watch Your Back (YOU WILL BE NEXT)

    H HH H28 kun oldin
  • Regarding the interview: He got all the questions before, they were all cleared and approved, and still he could not sit through it. Trump used it for his misogyny against an educated woman again. Kind of good that everybody gets to see what usually goes on behind closed doors with men in power.

    NiNi NaNiNi Na28 kun oldin
  • The tax comment 100% on point!

    Ali SheikhAli Sheikh28 kun oldin
  • January first we get to see White House staff drag trump out

    Willie WhopperWillie Whopper28 kun oldin
  • The medium wellness joke was bloody *awful*. Please keep up the good work.

    didderjadedidderjade28 kun oldin
  • Tweet, tweet Tweety Bird..🙃😃😂🤣

    Donna Hartwell-GroverDonna Hartwell-Grover29 kun oldin
  • I jus cant comprehend y anyone is supporting this orange clown...

    t clarket clarke29 kun oldin
  • Who else watched this after watching the debate

    Games For NoobsGames For Noobs29 kun oldin
  • Why, Reggie, why..You can do much better things than laughing at the corner

    Moto ArgMoto Arg29 kun oldin
  • love how he said president Obama, he’ll always be the best president for me

    LotteLotte29 kun oldin
  • I wish they would do the entire monolog with the camera pointed at the Bass Player, BEAUTIFUL!!!!, okay maybe not the entire show, but the jumps to her is why I watch... oh yea he's funny too, but she plays the bass!!! #bassplayersunite #babeswitbasses

    Melodic ThoughtsMelodic Thoughts29 kun oldin
  • "worldwide pandemic"

    erebus krakenerebus kraken29 kun oldin
  • VOTE HIM OUT!!! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🗳💙🗳💙🗳

    Deborah ZalDeborah Zal29 kun oldin
  • Trump 2020 🇺🇸

    Sean TellierSean Tellier29 kun oldin
  • Imagine one of Trump's kids went against him... *Please for the love of god make that happen*

    DayenibatmanDayenibatman29 kun oldin
  • 3:41 he was talking about pee

    TiyathTiyath29 kun oldin
  • I fact check everything. Trump refuses to turn in his taxes. He has 3 sets one he inflates value for bank loans, one so he deflates value and pays no taxes. And a real set he keeps. Trump has committed so much tax fraud he shoutd be locked up for that alone 25yrs per count not served consecutively. Trump and McConnell stole $3.4Trillion from Social Security and $698Billion from Medicare and Medicaid. Trump has gone to court 15 times to remove everyone with previous conditions from any healthcare. 15 times to court to eliminates Obamacareand replace it with nothing. He is trying to eliminate Medicare and Medicaid plus Social Security completly. Trump was informed November 2019 Covid was coming and did nothing for America. He did sell thousands of ventalators to Russia and China. But refused to help America Kushner sold many to his friends stating all the ventalators the White House had were theres to do as they wished. WRONG WE YHE PEOPLE PAID FOR THEM. Then Trump tells each state go and buy your own. All while millions become I'll and 223,000 die. Millions left withing term effects. As Trump has only taken our money used it as his personal piggyback. Golf alone has cost America $330Billion including secret service. Trump has a clothing business in China that is run like a sweat shop. He never brought it back to America Says well they are used to this and they have a job. Ones a secret bank account in China deposits $17million withdraws $15million next day. That is money laundering. Trump has told 380,000 lies since in office. This does not include all his retweets and campaign rally lies restated over and over again. Trump has been impeached. He is a traitor to America and so is Barr. Trump supports boogaloo boys, white supremacy, Nazi, is a proven and self proclaimed peta file, preditor, bigamist, bully, bigot, sexist. Racist. Trump has locked up thousands of children ripped them out of parents arms and still has 538 children they can not find parents. They begged to stay stated they will be killed if they go back. Now they cannot locate them. All while he brings his in laws over to America buys there Citizenship. Keeps all his illegal alien workers stating they are very good workers. Taken part in human trafficking. Supposed to not profit from his time in office and broken that law countless of times. Pardens all his criminal buddies so they can do it all again, and again. Was proven he has allowed Russian collusion. Allowed Russia to hire hit men on our military. He has removed all big company standards for clean air, water, land and is allowing dumping again. Plus removed all endangered species from any form of protection. Then issued 45 hunting licenses for his work associates and 2 sons. Yes, this is the man who self proclaimed Second coming. Did not say of what but has proven to be as bad as Hitler or Stolen truly equal to the devil himself. This is who you call your good man???? Who are you kidding. Keep drinking that kool aid glug glug. Life is wonderful with blinders on. You must do all the same things Trump does since you support him. YOU need to fact check.

    Barbara SquireBarbara Squire29 kun oldin
  • I miss Obama, so much...

    mgvignalmgvignal29 kun oldin
  • Questions trump was prepared to answer. Mr. President. When it comes to KFC do you prefer light or dark meat? Is it true that you enjoy golf? Can’t think of anymore! I am now going to find a cow to hug🐄🤔🤔🤔😷🇨🇦

    Margot GullifordMargot Gulliford29 kun oldin
  • if trump is going to die in prison he's going to make sure he kills enough of the idiots with him

    Gilbert JacobsGilbert Jacobs29 kun oldin
  • Trump's a fking coward. No wonder he feels picked on by ANY interviewer.

    Colin SkeldingColin SkeldingOy oldin
  • Please please research the rapture and the things that lead up to it in DETAIL

    Ello MateEllo MateOy oldin
  • Please please research the rapture and the things that lead up to it in DETAIL

    Ello MateEllo MateOy oldin
  • Zuckerberg: "We really have to shut this guy down. Can you believe the nonsense he's saying?" Dorsey: "I'm way ahead of you. I'll make sure he can't send out even one tweet." JOHN 10: 9 "I AM THE GATE. WHOEVER ENTERS THROUGH ME WILL BE SAVED, AND WILL COME IN AND GO OUT AND FIND PASTURE." Zuckerberg: "And I thought I had a huge ego. Listen to this guy." MT. 12: 30 "WHOEVER IS NOT WITH ME IS AGAINST ME, AND WHOEVER DOES NOT GATHER WITH ME SCATTERS." Dorsey: "He sounds paranoid. Nothing a good psychiatrist couldn't cure. We have to silence this madness." Zuckerberg: "I agree. I'm doing everything I can to do that." JOHN 14: 6 "JESUS SAID: 'I AM THE WAY; I AM TRUTH AND LIFE. NO ONE CAN COME TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME.' " Zuckerberg: "You mean except through me and Dorsey. We decide what people hear. We are the Gateway to Speech. " LK: 22: 36 "HE SAID TO THEM, 'BUT NOW ONE WHO HAS A MONEY BAG SHOULD TAKE IT, AND LIKEWISE A SACK, AND ONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE A SWORD SHOULD SELL HIS CLOAK AND BUY ONE.' " Zuckerberg: "This guy is dangerous. He's promoting violence." 1 COR. 5: 11-13 "BUT I NOW WRITE TO YOU NOT TO ASSOCIATE WITH ANYONE NAMED A BROTHER, IF HE IS IMMORAL, GREEDY ..." Zuckerberg: "And this guy Paul is such a racist and so prejudiced. We'll ban him too." JOHN 10: 27 "MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE; I KNOW THEM, AND THEY FOLLOW ME." Dorsey: "And I thought I was a Narcissist." Zuckerberg: "The fact is his sheep won't hear his voice. We're going to Censor it. We decide what people hear, what they see." Bible: "..........................................................................................................................."

    paulie deepaulie deeOy oldin
  • why not he talks about his wife??

    Shawn&Inna BarrettShawn&Inna BarrettOy oldin
  • Picked up his water like a TODDLER! Used 2 hands! @5:20

    Linda FreemanLinda FreemanOy oldin
  • Cows. When I was young, I was shuttled off to my uncle's farm in Kansas for, like a week at a time. As I was somewhat sickly, I had no chores to do. Now, being on a farm with no chores is the definition of boredom. No dogs or cats to play with even. Just...cows. The calves were completely skittish and the bull was something to never go near. So, cows it was. You got to watch them chew cud, try and wisk flies off theirs back and possibly drop a cow patty. But they were extremely docile. You could pet them and hug them til you got bored with that. The cows could not have cared less. I have oddly fond memories of these periods of intense boredom.

    byron pbyron pOy oldin
  • Vote, Vote, Vote Enough incompetence, ignorance, racism, disunity, populism, demagogy, greed .... Enough! VOTE AMERICA FIRST IDB / HARRIS 2020

    Ricardo FaleRicardo FaleOy oldin
  • I love your car karaoke.Ive watched u 4 so long.Me and a lot of my friends have decided 2 stop watching u.We don't like how u disrespect our president.sorry

    pamela dunkinpamela dunkinOy oldin
  • Biden, who suffers from Alzheimer's, cannot speak at all without reading the manuscript. Biden is a waste. The election of Biden is simply the number one scourge in the world. Only President Trump can rule the CCP. Biden has been vice president for 8 years and 47 years in politics. He just talks and does nothing, like a waste Biden is too poor, so Biden’s son is greedy of CCP’s money and Ukraine’s money. Biden has been committing crimes. Criminals like Biden are immediately arrested and sent to jail. Trump 2020 Trump wins the United States wins, and Biden wins the CCP win. Biden is already ill Biden is obviously unable to hold the post of president. That is the hardest job in the world, so he has been hiding in the basement. It is only He Jinli's ultra-left puppets supporting Biden.,

    mo momo moOy oldin
  • Biden, who suffers from Alzheimer's, cannot speak at all without reading the manuscript. Biden is a waste. The election of Biden is simply the number one scourge in the world. Only President Trump can rule the CCP. Biden has been vice president for 8 years and 47 years in politics. He just talks and does nothing, like a waste Biden is too poor, so Biden’s son is greedy of CCP’s money and Ukraine’s money. Biden has been committing crimes. Criminals like Biden are immediately arrested and sent to jail. Trump 2020 Trump wins the United States wins, and Biden wins the CCP win. Biden is already ill Biden is obviously unable to hold the post of president. That is the hardest job in the world, so he has been hiding in the basement. It is only He Jinli's ultra-left puppets supporting Biden.,

    mo momo moOy oldin
  • You choose your leaders and place your trust As their lies wash you down and their promises rust Vote BLUE Biden/Harris

    Cameron RenwickCameron RenwickOy oldin
  • Trump is always funny a real mc coy donald duck

    Rene DulnuanRene DulnuanOy oldin
  • South KOREA MOON Jae-in is either a diplomatic genius or a communist set on destroying his country ( bbc) South korea 's liberal rulers unleash their inner authoritarians ( the economicst) South korea is now under martial law / South Korea Rigged Election CCP Out

    South Korea Rigged ElectionSouth Korea Rigged ElectionOy oldin
  • This show saves lives! 😂😂😂😂😂

    whataboutismwhataboutismOy oldin
  • I was wondering if Trump's Twitter account ends with the Presidency. He surely can't use the same handle

    Kimberly MorrisKimberly MorrisOy oldin
  • The piece of Trump and Pence pulling the gang up on a female reporter because you can't answer the questions That behavior tells you everything about these assholes. Chauvinistic, misogynistic creeps. People who you don't want to give power and purse strings to.

    Kimberly MorrisKimberly MorrisOy oldin
  • many people think that donald ducks covied was a hoax!!!!! i do to!!

    Morten HMorten HOy oldin
  • many people think that donald ducks covied was a hoax!!!!! i do to!!

    Morten HMorten HOy oldin
  • wylin'.

    ItzEienItzEienOy oldin
  • James Cordon is by far my favorite of the late night hosts. Funny but also sweet...

    Elizabeth Du ValElizabeth Du ValOy oldin
  • Thank you for making me laugh, under a lot of pressure and as they say laughter is the best medicine

    Susan HiltonSusan HiltonOy oldin

    Lisa HoukLisa HoukOy oldin
  • I get the impression this show hates Trump and the people who like Trump. James Corden your not funny either.

    M OshadeyM OshadeyOy oldin
  • you forgot that you were a poor man, a nobody ... fame has gone up to your head ... and you go from being an ignorant to a celebrity ... I understand you ... you sell your soul for fame and money to the highest bidder......the higher you put your pedestal, the harder the fall...

    AeshmaAeshmaOy oldin
  • She warned him. She was being polite. Actually.

    Dorothy CollinsDorothy CollinsOy oldin
  • QUITE BASHING OUR PRESIDENT!!! You are absolutely disgusting! If you don’t like our leadership, go back and live in the UK!!!

    Luke MarksLuke MarksOy oldin
  • What?!?! WHATTTTT?!?! 😂😭😭😭

    Jennifer LuoJennifer LuoOy oldin
  • ( Biden Family Badly Corrupted ! )

    Gheem samuelGheem samuelOy oldin
  • Republicans have been doing crazy theories since the 60's

    Barbara McCoyBarbara McCoyOy oldin
  • That's my kind of dinner international

    Barbara McCoyBarbara McCoyOy oldin
  • What?!

    Rodolfo LeyvaRodolfo LeyvaOy oldin
  • I appreciate the laugh!!

    M LongM LongOy oldin
  • Trump is a guff we'll miss his crazy character 😜

    DavidDavidOy oldin
  • This show feels different after quarantine, it’s like everyone is being forced to laugh

    Idil IsmailIdil IsmailOy oldin
  • I miss Obama so much 😢

    Jay SterJay SterOy oldin
  • I'm stressed out about this election and I don't even live in America

    Vfx StarVfx StarOy oldin
    • Dont worry, biden wins

      i play gamesi play games2 kun oldin
    • If you're stressed out about things that doesn't probably affect your life in anyway, I'll bet that you have bigger problems to be worried about in your own life...

      Papa GroundsPapa Grounds26 kun oldin
    • I’m just prepared for another 4 years it’s bound to happen. I think that’s what caps off 2020’s list of bad news

      External ShockwaveExternal Shockwave27 kun oldin
    • Me to for some reason cause I hate trump

      Anne McLaughlinAnne McLaughlin28 kun oldin
  • I’m aware that this is not the most important thing right now, but can people just stop saying stuff like “world wide pandemic” or “global pandemic”. A pandemic is already a global thing. Saying “a global pandemic” is redundant.

    Marochka MinkengMarochka MinkengOy oldin
    • I vote we call it an omnivirus!

      Rob KRob KOy oldin
  • This guy sucks BIG time!

    Steve ForsytheSteve ForsytheOy oldin
  • james is hilarioussssss im here laughing my butt off

    AmandaAmandaOy oldin
  • Theres a goat in the audience 8:38

    Benson CaseBenson CaseOy oldin
  • Maybe Leslie should have ask what is favorite milkshake is?

    ldbagwellldbagwellOy oldin
  • Oh how I wish you were vegan James. Xxx

    Liu LiuLiu LiuOy oldin
  • Biden the thief is old news children of the network workforce.

    dannygitmodannygitmoOy oldin
  • interesting that he was using both hands to lift his glass again...

    SuzannaSuzannaOy oldin
  • Sum up the last 4 years, try summing up the last 4 months in the UK! America is appealing 😬

    Christopher CrockerChristopher CrockerOy oldin
  • 🧚🏿✨Sung to Cotton Eyed Joe....... Where did I come from, where do I go, I'm so lost, I'm cotton brained Joe. I'll take your jobs and steal your money and give your daughter a face full of honey. I can't think, I'm so slow, that's why they call me, umm, you know man, cotton brained Joe.✨🧚🏿

    John BrownJohn BrownOy oldin
  • Biden got washed by trump again. i think Biden is very weak.

    Turbashaash FamilyTurbashaash FamilyOy oldin
  • What? What? Obama 4ever

    MzCatherine ValkyrieMzCatherine ValkyrieOy oldin
  • Obama gangsta

    MzCatherine ValkyrieMzCatherine ValkyrieOy oldin
  • Obama is literally like "I set you guys up! You were golden!! How did you fuck this up so bad??" He's like the manager that stacks your shift but then you have 6 call-outs and he's like ?????

    Rachel BRachel BOy oldin
  • This is ridiculous 🤦‍♂️

    N&N MusicN&N MusicOy oldin
  • James you're the one person I hear verbalize what i was thinking- that is he wanted to give VP the virus then swing the reports that VP give to him as some assination attemp or something but it backfired when VP tested negative.

    Demerara GoldDemerara GoldOy oldin
  • why is there a goat in the audience at 8:39?

    PPOy oldin
  • TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 🙋‍♀️

    I love 1DI love 1DOy oldin
  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    IamCeaBeeIamCeaBeeOy oldin
  • Biden said, " If I dont win, the riots will continue!." I guarantee if he wins, riots will be worse! After four years of democrats trying to upend an election by hook or crook, there is no way they dont get back 10 times what they gave!

    Michael BakerMichael BakerOy oldin
    • That's right Biden horrible in the debate

      The-wrench1989The-wrench1989Oy oldin
  • Re: Obama's PA speech, if you haven't watched it I encourage you to do so. He's speaking at you FOR you, and about what you've been thinking - especially "WHAT?" for the last four years. So well done! I remember when...

    Ills SolutionIlls SolutionOy oldin
  • with so much at stake for America can anyone vote for an independent now. the major reason being is, people, vote for independents because they don't like trumps manner or they don't trust lying Biden on china. you may not like someone but you can trust them, but you can't like someone you don't trust. trump2020 save the free world

    stan manstan manOy oldin
  • James is just killing me with these flippin jokes

    John VillanuevaJohn VillanuevaOy oldin
  • The trump idiots tried to set up the 60minute interview as a gotcha trying to gotcha.. but they were not trying to gotcha.. 😂

    curro termscurro termsOy oldin
  • I see the 'needing 2 hands to lift a glass of water' moment made another appearance😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #fatlazyorangebuffoon

    Cherrie BombeCherrie BombeOy oldin
  • Obama still so darn handsome!!!

    Jenna AndrewsJenna AndrewsOy oldin
    • @The-wrench1989 whatever helps you sleep at night hahahahaha

      Jenna AndrewsJenna AndrewsOy oldin
    • To bad Obama was such a crappy president Trump 2020!!!

      The-wrench1989The-wrench1989Oy oldin
  • this crowd laughs while America burns while America divides this crowd laughs and insults Trump, tells us the world is laughing at America, only the haters are laughing it's like madness that taps into their anxiety because they know joe just won trump the election. keep yapping man

    stan manstan manOy oldin
  • James Corden is worse than Covid

    LaughterVanguardLaughterVanguardOy oldin
  • Yawn. Soooo tired of lame Trump jokes.

    Heather D.Heather D.Oy oldin
  • No other president has been on TV daily through their entire term. Most presidents don't get airtime unless there's a big problem they have to tell us about. Trump is the problem

    Daniel LawsonDaniel LawsonOy oldin
  • UZworld search "1985 Joe Biden says the N-Word TWICE" here is the link Very sad how Dems will cover up for Joe, although Kamala gave Joe an ear full during their Dem Debate. #BLEXIT movement is real and happening, because the Dems new plantation is Socialism.

    Jordan AceJordan AceOy oldin
  • We miss you, Obama 😭

    Sabrina KopkeSabrina KopkeOy oldin
    • nah

      AustinoAustinoOy oldin
  • The audience-sounds button is brilliant. Not for everyone but James is hitting it just right. The pizza/orange chicken response totally deserved an ovation.

    SaltRiver PirateSaltRiver PirateOy oldin