Tractor Mowing deep trails, obstacles & food plots, Bushwhacker MD 144

7-Iyl, 2019
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Join me in the cab for some fresh air and to see how the Bushwhacker MD 144 12 foot batwing mower does through some deep woods, hidden clover food plots and several serious obstacles! Of course the Branson 7845c, (aka Megatron) handled it quite well through all of the tangles, downed trees and steep creek crossings on the Kapper farmstead. This episode takes place on our beautiful 150 acre Southern Illinois homestead farm, July 01, 2019. Thanks for joining us, please share this video if you've enjoyed it. Hit the Like button to give us some support and subscribe to follow all of our land management projects, tractor projects, excavator projects, and country living adventures! (Oh, and don't forget about our new 'bug out' farm in Kentucky, aka 'Kentucky 201!) Thank you! Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, one acre at a time.

  • Many thumbs up for you listening to Rick Springfield’s song jesses girl in the background . 👍👍👍👍👍!!! Lol . Loved Rick Springfield back in the 80s

    Danny BoyDanny Boy6 oy oldin
  • What a bit of kit Gk Uk 🇬🇧

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  • Within 5 seconds of your video I already like your style.

    Billy HighfillBilly HighfillYil oldin
  • Dropping another LIKE on your video! Watching and Supporting!

    Ray Hayden, J.D.Ray Hayden, J.D.Yil oldin
  • That's right take out this Locus has

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  • You need one of your kids to come out and run the bushwhacker for you help you catch up!

    barry huizingbarry huizingYil oldin
    • That would be fun for sure! :)

      Kapper OutdoorsKapper OutdoorsYil oldin
  • Would like a video on the pros and cons of the different blinds you use.

    Seeping Springs FarmSeeping Springs FarmYil oldin
  • Kapper that batwing with the tractor front is a super one two punch. I never heard that Expression “Go find a Home” 😂 I loving these videos of the batwing. Are you able to turn off the side deck blades Independently or do all the blades spin when you activate the PTO? Sorry for my ignorance I have just never seen even a brush hog going except on your channel.

    Brett SBrett SYil oldin
    • Thanks bud. All of the blades are either on or off together. Still works pretty good though seeing how it can still run with the wings all the way up.

      Kapper OutdoorsKapper OutdoorsYil oldin
  • Hey Kapor, Schickster here. If you wouldn't have misplaced your keys to the tractor when I offered to run that, I would have gotten that done in half the time. Could of freed up time for you to work on something else. Anyway Jake, even though the camera work was a bit shoddy, still great video.

    Schick HappensSchick HappensYil oldin
    • Gee thanks Schickster!!!

      Kapper OutdoorsKapper OutdoorsYil oldin
  • That Bush-Whacker does a good job, a wise decision on buying it!

    arkansas13arkansas13Yil oldin
    • yeah no doubt, double the work from the 6 footer, and heavy duty, thanks.

      Kapper OutdoorsKapper OutdoorsYil oldin
  • Nice work on the trails/plots with the Bushwacker Joe!

    photocontrolphotocontrolYil oldin
  • Good to see you get back to Bush hogging/farm work.

    jon2564jon2564Yil oldin
    • thank you

      Kapper OutdoorsKapper OutdoorsYil oldin
  • Nice did a great job...

    • Thank you, glad you tagged along!

      Kapper OutdoorsKapper OutdoorsYil oldin
  • That bright colored tree the leaves looked like autumn olives locust is bad news. Be safe Kapper and GOD BLESS you and your family Amen

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  • I thank I’m headed towards a right hip replacement or major surgery one. I go have X-rays tomorrow morn to be sure.

    Randle RichardsonRandle RichardsonYil oldin
  • Lot of people hate painting in a house but I enjoy it. Guess I’m the oddball lolllllllllllllllllllllll. I enjoy hogging to.

    Randle RichardsonRandle RichardsonYil oldin
  • That’s right Kapper one day at a time buddy

    Randle RichardsonRandle RichardsonYil oldin
    • Roger that!

      Kapper OutdoorsKapper OutdoorsYil oldin
  • Yeah clover just needs to tops knocked off more or less

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  • I’d help you for just bow huntin there.

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  • I’d like to just come help you Kapper I like bush hogging myself. Relaxing job.

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  • I’ve bout hit little baby deer when cuttin hay. They won’t move till your on them I bout stepped on a little baby one day. Scared the you know what out of me lollllllllllll

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  • Hey Kapper

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  • I really like that 12' cutting width. Would be great for getting some ditches cut but I have a lot of wooded trail cutting so I'll stick to my 10' 3pt mount for maneuverability. My I just need both! Not sure my Kubota 7040 wants to cut another 2' though.

    kb7722kb7722Yil oldin
    • lol just ask Schickster, I bet that Kubota can do anything!! :)

      Kapper OutdoorsKapper OutdoorsYil oldin
  • Disappointed with the Shick grand fanale.

    stayingawake20stayingawake20Yil oldin
    • oh we filmed a whole mini series! we will sprinkle them in for quite awhile :) Some fun stuff, thanks.

      Kapper OutdoorsKapper OutdoorsYil oldin
    • You won't be...🙂

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  • Rent you a skid steer with a forestry mulcher once a year or so.

    Gary CrumrineGary CrumrineYil oldin
  • Looks like some1 was having a lil fun out there łøł. 🇺🇸 God Bless 🇺🇸 Thanks for sharing Sir.

    Doug BucherDoug BucherYil oldin
    • Thank you, take care, appreciate it

      Kapper OutdoorsKapper OutdoorsYil oldin
  • That bushwacker sure does a good job

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  • That batwing must save u so much time and fuel amount of work it can get through 💪💪

    Bob PatersonBob PatersonYil oldin
    • yes, I'm spoiled already compared to the 6 footer.

      Kapper OutdoorsKapper OutdoorsYil oldin
  • Nice footage, Kap. I think you should have had the Clark-ster out there in front of you with a tractor and grapple. He could have cleared the airways while you plowed through brush-trimming the entire way. That batwing mower is really a nice piece of equipment. Take it easy, Kap.

    Houndsman OneHoundsman OneYil oldin
    • Thanks bud, S/F

      Kapper OutdoorsKapper OutdoorsYil oldin