Tory Lanez Officially Faces Charges For Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

9-Okt, 2020
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  • To everyone saying charged doesn't mean convicted.. Duh, we know that! The charge has to come first for the conviction to follow. But it's a step in the direction of justice.

    Toni SaraToni Sara3 kun oldin
  • This fool has a whole album out that Can and Will be used against him. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Toni SaraToni Sara3 kun oldin

  • This situation is way deeper than any of yall innerstand, if yall really really do yall homework n open yall 3rd eye yall would kno that a cpl months ago Torey was gon drop a video exposing the industry,where he fucked up majorly... This is why he in the situation hes in now, the powers that be will make u n break u, when they break u they destroy your character and turn the whole world against u. Any of yall ever watched enemy of the state!!! Yall better stop believing wut these folks tell yall and do ya own homework b4 ya so quik to judge... Bottom line is torey said he was gon expose the grimy ass "industry" now look at him.

    Chedda BoyChedda Boy10 kun oldin
  • We Bless God. I pray he is deported.

    P EmP Em11 kun oldin
  • He shouldn't have shot her. She has a career and is worth money. He was jeopardizing all of that for her. I know america don't think he should have shot her or they lost their minds like the trump cult.

    Night ShineNight Shine11 kun oldin
  • They gave Megan more popularity and money 💰 to get Tory lanez framed how you doing music videos 😅😅 if you shot in the foot with the semi auto pistol

    warden of deathwarden of death12 kun oldin
  • I mean "at face value" meg ain't deserve to be shot...i aint making no judgement though cuz theres not enough real info ive seen and theres 3 sides to every story..theres, yours and the truth. But shame on y'all rooting for a person to rot in prison...especially those who put "the act" on irl...then come on here CRYIN.

    Jesse LucianoJesse Luciano12 kun oldin
  • Im waiting on the conviction, y’all believe her cause what she said and i believe him cause what he said🤷🏾‍♂️

    Sunny KarterSunny Karter12 kun oldin
  • I think the media had more of an affect on the case than anything else.

    Sky N DoughgirlSky N Doughgirl12 kun oldin
  • Nah they were investigating to try to bring a strong case

    JDub 44JDub 4413 kun oldin
  • Good!! What he did was pitiful and it was a crime!

    Ayanna BrownAyanna Brown13 kun oldin
  • Is there any way I can vote from U.K 😂

    Marni GramsMarni Grams13 kun oldin
  • 22 years wtf

    George QuavoGeorge Quavo13 kun oldin
  • They're both trash so who really cares besides people who live in new york?? She ugly, he ugly. No where near the complexity of the average person sooo.?.?.?. Beneath the average with a music platform.

    Quantez WattsQuantez Watts13 kun oldin
  • He shot her for a reason

  • Seek God’s will daily. Proverbs 16:3

    Lisa Love MinistriesLisa Love Ministries13 kun oldin
  • If hes innocent will half the comments retract what they said ?

    Triskent95Triskent9513 kun oldin
  • They never dropped it 😂he asked multiple times

    Jaden TyreseJaden Tyrese13 kun oldin
  • Good


    FunTheGoatFunTheGoat14 kun oldin
  • North Carolina can still register to vote in person. It was the last day to register to Vote ONLINE

    Paris LawasParis Lawas14 kun oldin
  • He hasn’t been CONVICTED

    Retro GamingRetro Gaming14 kun oldin
  • Hip hop culture is trash. Throw the whole community away ffs

    Milly FeeMilly Fee14 kun oldin

  • They cut Charlemagne off quick towards the end.

    GRUSTLERGRUSTLER14 kun oldin
  • 22 fucking yrs. Wtf!? That's jus ludicrous smfh

    Karla HazelKarla Hazel14 kun oldin
  • I just want to know something, if tory really shot her was a shell casing ever recovered?

    C WoodsC Woods14 kun oldin
  • She snitching

    Jà RinellJà Rinell14 kun oldin
  • All I see is CTG backtracking. He was Champion for Megan then said wait for all the facts, now he's saying "was it social media and chatter that got him charged" make up your mind Sir. He is truly a part of the problem that's not forgetting his rape allegations

    William HillWilliam Hill14 kun oldin
  • don't listen to Charlemagne about talking to the have the 5th amendment right and the Miranda right to not be a witness against yourself or help law enforcement charge you. know your rights and remain silent!

    PANTYEATR1PANTYEATR114 kun oldin
  • It's crazy how tory gets charged for Shooting megan but the cops who killed brianna taylor still free with no arrests SMH

    Miami ADMiami AD14 kun oldin
    • People pay attention to the wrong things

      Retro GamingRetro Gaming14 kun oldin

    Eric BanksEric Banks14 kun oldin
  • Have You Heard The Pussy Man Song ?

    JayLa IncJayLa Inc14 kun oldin
  • So Meghan thee stallion out here linking up/turning into the devils puppet. Meanwhile Tory owns all his music and can fund his own projects now that he’s released from the “behind the scenes” manipulators (his old label). I’m on Tory side🤷🏽‍♂️💯

    Confetti 24Confetti 2414 kun oldin
  • I like how no one is talking about the fact that these are multi-millionaires or better yet these are big people in the game why wouldn't they say hold up on the charges let him make some money and then lock his ass up😭

    J Stylez Get'WildJ Stylez Get'Wild14 kun oldin
  • Found out it was a man and not a woman and he shot him, what's the big deal?

    Yahru IsRealYahru IsReal14 kun oldin
  • It's about time

    edgarjx1edgarjx114 kun oldin
  • Where the gun people at? Can someone explain what a .40 cal would do if it hit a foot? I would imagine off the body and back to Houston from LA.

    MrSammwellMrSammwell14 kun oldin
  • Is it me or when Obama was president, the house was republican, now trump president, the house is democrat ?🤔🤷🤦 Democracy is only good for not getting any thing done.

    You TubeYou Tube14 kun oldin
    • @You Tube I'm not voting this year at all actually. And Trump is lying. A quick Google search shows you who runs House. Trying to disprove my point because of my political alliance doesn't make your dumb ass comment any less dumb.

      HGM TengokuHGM Tengoku14 kun oldin
    • @HGM Tengoku so who is trump blaming and who was Obama blaming for not getting anything done🤔🤭 bet you voting for Joe Biden 🤦

      You TubeYou Tube14 kun oldin
    • Imagine not knowing what you're talking about and posting it on public 🤦🏿‍♂️

      HGM TengokuHGM Tengoku14 kun oldin
    • You Tube because of who is in the house of senate and the president... kinda can’t be forgotten

      BK BastardBK Bastard14 kun oldin
    • @BK Bastardforget the name of the branch and focus on the fact that nothing gets done

      You TubeYou Tube14 kun oldin
  • Lol, the courts dont give af about “Public Opinion” 😂😂 wtf is charlamange preaching to people

    Realize RealiesRealize Realies14 kun oldin
  • They'll plea the unregistered gun charge and he'll get 7 months and house arrest

    MannyTwiceMannyTwice14 kun oldin
  • Charlamagne is 100% right about the social media public opinion

    Lebron FlamesLebron Flames14 kun oldin
  • CTG didn’t keep the same energy with Tory

    john pichonjohn pichon14 kun oldin
  • Damn Troy is done for now they got evidence and now he got charged

    Paris ArmourParis Armour14 kun oldin
  • Ha ha 😂😆 Tory lames...gets what he deserves.

    Talib MooreTalib Moore14 kun oldin
  • Wonder how Angela feels? Didn’t see once date Tory?

    Jerome McCallaJerome McCalla14 kun oldin
  • Short men got short tempers I don’t deal

    PasharaPashara14 kun oldin
  • Idk. This whole thing is still just weird. The timing is way too suspicious. It just is. And since when have we trusted the police to do the right thing anyway? I'm not swaying either way. I'm reserving my judgement on this one. Obviously, if he's guilty then he's guilty. But REMEMBER that it's innocent until PROVEN guilty, not the other way around. And sometimes (especially when it comes to black artists, their masters, and record labels) things ain't even right at the end of that. Let's just keep our eyes open, that's all I'm saying, really.

    Youtubethinksmynameisfake JohnsonYoutubethinksmynameisfake Johnson14 kun oldin
  • I’m just ready for the video footage to drop already!!

    chattowncutiechattowncutie14 kun oldin
  • Just make sure ur local offical take care of u the people vote right

    DjMadnassScrewedDjMadnassScrewed14 kun oldin
  • Hu? I want the last 5 min of my life back

    Bill ToomeyBill Toomey14 kun oldin
  • Tory Lanez: (on "In the Air") "The blogs only want my words just to switch 'em more What do you do when the court lawyers is tellin' you not to talk And as soon you don't, you playin' the villain for it?"

    YT Tha GodYT Tha God14 kun oldin
    • A quick & simple 'I did not shoot her' would have sufficed. Also he was advised not to talk, however he released an album apparently saying enough since people are convinced of his innocence after hearing it.

      mimi J.I.R.mimi J.I.R.13 kun oldin
  • (In a Charlemagne voice) "F Tory Lanez forever!!!". (In a 3 Stacks voice) Forever ever, ever ever.

    wondiefivewondiefive14 kun oldin
  • He stupid

    King PhoenixKing Phoenix15 kun oldin
  • Obama has majority house and senate and didn't do shit for the black community 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Calvin HCalvin H15 kun oldin
  • Charlamagne: I'm tired if old white male leadership Also Charlamagne: I'm voting for Biden Dumbass

    AlmostBenderTVAlmostBenderTV15 kun oldin
  • I feel like Meg she be charged to for withholding information if she would have said something months ago things would have been taking care of I don't want to hear I was trying to protect a blk man girl you got shot the only reason she really came out and said something because of the fans dragging her so she felt like let me say something cause something don't seems right to me but the truth will come out sooner than later

    tuga tugatuga tuga15 kun oldin
  • I'm Going to vout For Tory lanez His Innocent 😶

    hip hop Daily news IND they were not famouship hop Daily news IND they were not famous15 kun oldin
  • He will be there For 5and 5months And his out They can't just Arrest Artists that makes million And they Treat Different when compared To Artist

    hip hop Daily news IND they were not famouship hop Daily news IND they were not famous15 kun oldin

    • @Yes Sir you know better..smh

      JETLAG CHOCJETLAG CHOC14 kun oldin
    • Speak for yourself

      Yes SirYes Sir14 kun oldin
  • When she said bw are the least protected, then who was she expecting to protect her if Tory was the one who shot her? She was sounding like she was expecting Tory to protect her from who shot her. Alot of this just don't make sense. Now that Tory finally has gotten arrested then maybe some of the truth will surface.

    Distant QuasarDistant Quasar15 kun oldin
    • @Cassie Casimir She first came out talking bw are not protected about a month before she came out and said that Tory shot her. People assumed it was Tory before she came out and said it. Alot of people did make fun of her because of the way she carries herself. She puts on this act like she can protect herself then when the the stuff hits the fan then she looking for someone else to battle for her, it don't work that way. First people have to respect you and like you if you want someone to stand up for you. If you running around acting like a low life that what people going to treat you like. You talk about the Kardashian's well they got some stuff with them too but they still don't act like they saying f_ _k the world and then when things get heated they looking for people to feel sorry for them and they need protection, they stay in their lane they ain't out there acting like they gangsta. You can have plenty of fantasies but there is only one reality and sometimes it takes reality to sit you on your as to realize it.

      Distant QuasarDistant Quasar14 kun oldin
    • She didn't sound like that at all. Tory shot her and the entire world memed her like it was funny. Black lpl said it was her fault. That's why she's saying there's no protection. Bc had tory shot Kim, Kendall, kylie, or the old one in the foot the world would've been up in flames. He would've been under the jail.

      Cassie CasimirCassie Casimir15 kun oldin
  • But still no justice for Breonna Taylor... why can’t they charge the white man as quick as they can charge Torey Lanez he ain’t even kill nobody

    Keith SweatKeith Sweat15 kun oldin
    • Doo more research into the Breonna Taylor case. It was a trap house situation and her boyfriend on body cam blindly shooting at cops through a door clipping one of the officers. Cops shot back and breonna taylor was caught in cross fire. Btw the cops were there with arrest warrants on breonna and her boyfriend for drug charges.

      NeedaMoraNeedaMora14 kun oldin
    • facts

      Caesar TCaesar T14 kun oldin
    • exactly

      zayzay14 kun oldin
  • Envy look like Carlos boozer

    Everyday StruggleEveryday Struggle15 kun oldin
  • 😂 all of this is for the civil settlement

    MadmarcaganMadmarcagan15 kun oldin
  • A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Christopher HobbsChristopher Hobbs15 kun oldin
  • Why didn’t they drop on the clues bomb

    Estefani BowenEstefani Bowen15 kun oldin
  • Never judge someone without knowing the whole story. You may think you understand but you don't.

    The Original Kilo XThe Original Kilo X15 kun oldin
  • Don't like listen to Uncle Charles. Never talk to police. Under no circumstances. You can only incriminate yourself. Your words can and will only be used against you.

    Wow FactorWow Factor15 kun oldin
    • Charla

      Wow FactorWow Factor15 kun oldin
  • He should have stfu, loooool.

    CheckDisOutpeepsCheckDisOutpeeps15 kun oldin
  • What about the cops who shot.....Yunno what nvm🤦🏾‍♂️

    Zyon ImanZyon Iman15 kun oldin
  • How can you get shot in your fucking ankle and walk wtf stallion legs must be strong as f

    Nashane KellyNashane Kelly15 kun oldin
  • I’m just surprised it took this long... that’s why I feel like he got a chance of being right

    Chico B.Chico B.15 kun oldin
    • If he shot kylie Jenner nobody would doubt it.

      PeachesPeaches13 kun oldin
    • Tanisha W when they try to make it clear cut what happened and no one is charged. There’s a victim, a weapon and a man in custody, it shouldn’t be that difficult to convict him. She came out talking too much and doing too much, and dumb people getting mad at Tory like if there’s an open case no one should be talking cause now your tampering with your own story. And we have yet to hear what happened..

      Chico B.Chico B.14 kun oldin
    • You haven't been paying attention to all of these cases during the Summer, have you? You really think taking long to charge someone means that the situation is in their favor? Google is your friend.

      Tanisha WTanisha W14 kun oldin
  • Tory is innocent and Megan is a dirt bag liar.

    Rick ManigaultRick Manigault15 kun oldin
  • 2:45 wtf was that

    SheyShey15 kun oldin
  • did he get his US citizenship?? if not he getting deported if convicted

    Tommy StrongTommy Strong15 kun oldin
  • Charges aren't convictions Prayers to them both. I don't watch awards shows but I'm a huge fan of the 85 south show. Big ups to those guys

    Robin Hood BurnsRobin Hood Burns15 kun oldin
  • #85south

    YOSHYYOSHY15 kun oldin
  • Why nobody drop the bomb for charlamagne 🤣🤣

    mrgreen_photographymrgreen_photography15 kun oldin
  • Im sorry but i dont think he shot her

    HunnebunnC 83HunnebunnC 8315 kun oldin
  • More than one comedian on stage is just weird to me idk

    cedric wadecedric wade15 kun oldin
  • Looking more and more like a Publicity Stunt by the day.... Tory the fall guy. Megan gon do all this and go GOLD.

    Cardi YayCardi Yay15 kun oldin

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and facts15 kun oldin

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and facts15 kun oldin

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and facts15 kun oldin

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and facts15 kun oldin

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and facts15 kun oldin
  • Quick to give Tory Lanez his charges but slow to charge the officers involved in Breonna Taylor's death. 😑 I need to hurry the f**k up, get my bachelors degree, and move to another country outside of the U.S.

    The Jeneral J.U.-ICEThe Jeneral J.U.-ICE15 kun oldin
    • @So What I lived in Japan bruh with plenty of Africans, Japanese, and Brazilians. The white man's law ain't valid over there at all.

      The Jeneral J.U.-ICEThe Jeneral J.U.-ICE13 kun oldin
    • @megan dicaprio Well my family comes from a third world country, this is NOT a third world county , tired of people saying that, I know plenty of people living good, own homes, travel , etc, and they all Latino and African American

      Ana TejadaAna Tejada13 kun oldin
    • The Jeneral J.U.-ICE right!

    • Move to Canada bro weed is legal everybody cool af that’s my goal Canadians seem like very nice people

      Donovan CaesarDonovan Caesar14 kun oldin
    • So What it’s really not that bad compared to USA. I bet money on that. As people say USA is a third world country with a Gucci belt. First world countries don’t manage their country like USA

      Megan DicaprioMegan Dicaprio14 kun oldin
  • Tory lanez new album fire 🔥 🔥 🔥👌

    Jeremy BainJeremy Bain15 kun oldin
  • People keep saying he wouldn’t be charged if there was no evidence. How many black men are sitting in jail off of false allegations right now? How fuckin soon we forget. Wasn’t we just fighting for injustice? Or does that only apply when it’s not a half naked chic shaking her ass telling the lie. If you all don’t hear those lies in Megs story you mother fuckers are a part of the problem. I’m still supporting Tory and yes I am a black woman but I’m a black womanizer that listens to every damn detail and Megs details don’t add it. Like he said the truth will come out. Ole girl just don’t wanna admit she was trippin over Tory. Tell the truth and shame the devil because in the end I bet he walks on that charge. #HeInnocent

    TastieTeenaTastieTeena15 kun oldin
  • f tory bro that was the moment he realised you fukd up...well done 85 south show you man deserve that win especially loose legs lol

    Aj JohnsonAj Johnson15 kun oldin
  • *Uncle Luke def need his flowers...if it wasnt for him all of these mfs wouldve still been fighting to say what they want on a record....respect that man💯*

    TREE HOUSETREE HOUSE15 kun oldin
    • @Tanya B. yeah. Before Luke....Congress was arguing against freedom of speech and explicit content shouldn't be heard...uncle luke was the 1 who went to court and fought against that and won the right to atleast put the parental advisory label on cds....everybody in music owe that man debt...

      TREE HOUSETREE HOUSE12 kun oldin
    • I did see about 2 years ago Luke was given a special award at the bet hip hop awards. So someone acknowledged him. Cardi had just blown up with Bodak yellow, and he said he was asked who he was excited to see and he said Cardi. He mentioned it during the speech. I’m not a major fan or anything because I only really know the song do do brown lol but I did see that.

      Tanya B.Tanya B.12 kun oldin
  • He really going to need the most high again to get outta this shit smh

    TREE HOUSETREE HOUSE15 kun oldin
  • Free Tory...

    Tk HannibalTk Hannibal15 kun oldin
  • What if Kylie actually fired the shots....

    Tk HannibalTk Hannibal15 kun oldin
  • Protect Native Black Women from Canadian-Caribbeans. ✊🏿 🇺🇸

    lev luvlev luv15 kun oldin
  • The girl was dancing n walking a week later , bout 22 years 🙄

    giver Fontainegiver Fontaine15 kun oldin
  • Good for master p but u give it to him b4 uncle luke....

    Sirgeo EllisSirgeo Ellis15 kun oldin
  • 22 and 8 only the sleep don't catch the ritual

    troy ltroy l15 kun oldin
    • I’m not good with the numbers yet please explain 😩

      Camisha BanksCamisha Banks14 kun oldin
  • 4:17 Why the hell they have a gay flag over Nipsey Hussle face??? And any public defender will tell you not to talk to the police they're not trying to get you a deal or better your situation just get you to incriminate yourself so you can solve the case for them yourself and give you more charges if possible, wth you talking about Charla

    Public OpinionPublic Opinion15 kun oldin
    • Public Opinion you spitting hella facts. Silence isn’t an admission of guilt, it’s our constitutional right to remain silent so it’s very stupid to open your mouth to the cops so they can use that evidence against you in court. Charlemagne has been saying some weird shit lately that doesn’t make sense

      Y DubY Dub15 kun oldin