Tommy Is Moving In With Tubbo [Exclusive Stream]

8-Yan, 2021
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Tommy Is Moving In With Tubbo on Dream's minecraft server! This was insane... [Exclusive Stream]
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Today TommyInnit is on the Dream SMP! The Server made by Dream in Minecraft with lots of laughs and funny moments.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my friends having fun on the Dream SMP! POG CHAMP!!
Channel managed by Rudy, big thanks to him -

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    TommyVODSTommyVODS18 kun oldin
    • 500th yay

      Uma The PoptartUma The Poptart15 kun oldin
    • You had a stack of carrots in your chest...

      Starboy UchihaStarboy Uchiha16 kun oldin
    • Amen

      K 41K 4118 kun oldin
    • Pogchampn't

      K 41K 4118 kun oldin
    • I'll do everything I can to do it!

      K 41K 4118 kun oldin
  • 22:53 the marvel reference🤣🤣

    Kenzie SpearsKenzie Spears6 soat oldin
  • Damn looks like some one installed the laser eye mod to clear all this up 🤪

    Its_BeeIts_Bee12 soat oldin
  • 39:10

    amanda wilonaamanda wilona13 soat oldin
  • Rudy what the FUCK??

    Jacob InnamoratoJacob Innamorato15 soat oldin
  • o7

    Lemon FruitLemon FruitKun oldin

    Tom WilsonTom WilsonKun oldin
  • Is this cannon

    Yulian GraciaYulian GraciaKun oldin
  • A part of me dies inside whenever he says how much he hates Americans. If I do a really good Minx accent can I be apart of the non American community? :,(

    Spencer StriderSpencer StriderKun oldin
    • Dude don’t worry he is joking

      Ryan’s Stop motionsRyan’s Stop motionsKun oldin
  • I think Techno was in the right sorry Tommy

    Twizard 32Twizard 322 kun oldin
  • The begining of this vod made me remember this song: I imagine death so much it feels like a memory Like a memory I wrote some notes and melodies This is my legacy Sing it all for me [PRE-CHORUS] Rise up We will wise up And keep our eyes up Remembering [CHORUS] Rise up Open your eyes and you'll Wise up Open your eyes and you'll Eyes up Open your eyes and you'll Rise up Open your eyes and you'll [VERSE 2] I planted seeds in a beautiful garden that I will never see They'll become tall trees I left some loving fantasies This is my legacy Dream it all for me [PRE-CHORUS] Rise up We will wise up And keep our eyes up Remembering [CHORUS] Rise up Open your eyes and you'll Wise up Open your eyes and you'll Eyes up Open your eyes and you'll Rise up Open your eyes and you'll [OUTRO] Open your eyes and you'll see Open your eyes and you'll Open your eyes and you'll see Open your eyes and you'll Open your eyes and you'll see Open your eyes and you'll Open your eyes and you'll see Open your eyes and you'll

    TheGoldenDragonTheGoldenDragon2 kun oldin
  • The beginning is painfully cringe

    NoaerrrNoaerrr2 kun oldin
  • Bruuuuu 14:20 denial denial denial bitch....DANGIT IM IN DENIAL

    •MIMI• Edits UwU•MIMI• Edits UwU2 kun oldin
  • Why did he sound exactly like tubbo 5:48

    •MIMI• Edits UwU•MIMI• Edits UwU2 kun oldin
  • Omg😔 endgame, plz no more, this is so cringe lol.

    Nepo KennyNepo Kenny2 kun oldin
  • Is no one gonna talk about a certain game on his desktop 🙂 20:00

    It'sMe DafniIt'sMe Dafni2 kun oldin
  • 1:05:07 "That_One_Clapped_Kid" 🤣🤣🤣

    Orange AustronautOrange Austronaut2 kun oldin
  • Yes,

    melxdiq doomsmelxdiq dooms3 kun oldin
  • Look in the bright side you can now use that to find diamans (im the only one who though of this lol)

    Kit kat kitty catKit kat kitty cat3 kun oldin
    • No, you're not the only one that thinked that

      Julián VincentJulián Vincent2 kun oldin

    lialia3 kun oldin
  • That demon thing was a wither

    Nora BeattyNora Beatty4 kun oldin

    Nick LordNick Lord4 kun oldin
  • "this is an EXCLUSIVE stream!" me watching the vods: *haha, you foolish mortal.*

    MidicoreMidicore4 kun oldin
  • 8:00 Carrot

    BunnycatpuppyBunnycatpuppy4 kun oldin
    • 52:40 Executive

      BunnycatpuppyBunnycatpuppy4 kun oldin
    • 50:00 Twich

      BunnycatpuppyBunnycatpuppy4 kun oldin
    • 38:00 Ranboo memory lose

      BunnycatpuppyBunnycatpuppy4 kun oldin
    • 34:40 Swears

      BunnycatpuppyBunnycatpuppy4 kun oldin
    • 30:40 Vikkstar old room

      BunnycatpuppyBunnycatpuppy4 kun oldin
  • Why are two toddlers trying to rob a grown man with Alzheimer’s in a block game?

    PieSmellsGoodPieSmellsGood4 kun oldin
  • nobody: tommy: breaking the LAW. heYY GUYSS- ( 53:27 )

    Amy StudiøzAmy Studiøz4 kun oldin
  • First of all why the hell will techno blade and dream destroy l man burg and to the bedrock 😂

    Rakesh SundaratRakesh Sundarat5 kun oldin
  • lol i thought you they were moving with eachother in real life

    dani danidani dani5 kun oldin
  • Hello

    elioisblueelioisblue5 kun oldin
  • 14:16

    FrostedBlakesFrostedBlakes5 kun oldin
  • L'woman burger (Random comment sorry)

  • 12:18 RIP techno blades brother

    JokieJokie5 kun oldin
  • 25:22 His morals hurt but they are his morals. We live by morals and we die by morals. It is our own choice to trust those and form a bond with someone whom we know has opposing morals as we do and yet we still choose to be with them and in the end, we hurt ourselves. Not the person we choose to trust knowing their morals form the get go, but ourselves by leading on.

    Golden KingyoGolden Kingyo5 kun oldin
  • “why do you trust me?”- Ranboo “cus you have memory problems”- Tubbo

    Tall Pers0nTall Pers0n5 kun oldin
    • 38:10

      Tall Pers0nTall Pers0n5 kun oldin
  • He

    BarseeedBarseeed6 kun oldin
  • 55:40 lmfao ranboo

    rarirurariru6 kun oldin
    • @rariru Hahaha I get it now. Thank

      BarseeedBarseeed19 soat oldin
    • @Barseeed no I know it’s not him it’s what he said “UH who’s Rudy?”

      rarirurariru6 kun oldin
    • That's not

      BarseeedBarseeed6 kun oldin
  • 51:42 Why does Ranboo sound IDENTICAL to techno here?? That scared me for a hot minute.

    KimKim6 kun oldin
  • Most of the vods now are just tommy saying you know what or here’s the thing without thinking. Of what to say

    Alpha PlaysAlpha Plays6 kun oldin
    • Haha

      BarseeedBarseeed6 kun oldin
  • POG

    Bartosz SBartosz S6 kun oldin
  • yall what if they cover it up and clean up and light up the bottom and turned it in to like a super cool cave hang out owaysis thing

    Shawn PolizzoShawn Polizzo6 kun oldin
  • 900,000,000% SEXZ

    iiuhbkh jdsuhfdfiiuhbkh jdsuhfdf6 kun oldin
  • Tommy:Ghostbur I got to go but can I speak to you soon Ghostbur:No

    Salty- CeriSalty- Ceri6 kun oldin
  • tommy has a furry hotel game will i judge him no will i point it out and chuckle a little yes

    XomXom6 kun oldin
  • Quirk as in anime my hero academia

    Marites SerenadeMarites Serenade6 kun oldin
  • dream being so salty ab being homeless he blows everyone's homes up

    ella ,ella ,6 kun oldin
  • Strange I’m like almost 15 and I have 10x more facial hair than tommy

    Talha KhanTalha Khan6 kun oldin
  • Lmanburg is the people not the place, I say move to the exile island

    Talha KhanTalha Khan7 kun oldin
  • 2 months later tubbos house gets robed

    Ghosty Boi flogsGhosty Boi flogs7 kun oldin
  • Why is it called an exclusive stream

    Chick3n ManChick3n Man7 kun oldin
  • I’m unsuding to dream

    Susie McIntoshSusie McIntosh7 kun oldin

      Igne _Igne _4 kun oldin
    • WHat did he do

      BarseeedBarseeed6 kun oldin
  • Its not pog...Its... *Bonezone!!!*

    Satan / LuciferSatan / Lucifer7 kun oldin

    RbthamayneRbthamayne7 kun oldin
  • Dw Tommy i’m also blonde and have brown eyebrows

    Idun PlahterIdun Plahter7 kun oldin
  • Anybody see that roblox player at the left top😳😳

    FrizixFrizix7 kun oldin
  • Ranboo kinda sounds like techno lol

    OGR AcidOGR Acid7 kun oldin
  • Tubbo and Tommy tormenting Ranboo for his armour : 38:05

    FreyaZworldFreyaZworld7 kun oldin
  • Pearl to technos house and rob his shit lol

    OGR AcidOGR Acid7 kun oldin
  • How tf did all of u not notice a massive a massive obsidian grid being built💀💀😂

    OGR AcidOGR Acid7 kun oldin
    • @AngelicCinnamonBun honestly the comment section is full of people thinking this is not scripted like cmon, and they make comments about unsubing to someone for example dream blew up lmanburg I go to comment section and see people saying they are going to unsub to dream LMAO-

      Igne _Igne _4 kun oldin
    • Because it's scripted, dude

      AngelicCinnamonBunAngelicCinnamonBun7 kun oldin
  • pog i remember switching between tubbo's and tommy's streams

    Brownie_21_11Brownie_21_117 kun oldin
  • Hey! I’m trying to locate myself better between the videos uploaded by this channel and the twitch stream, does someone know under which tittle this video is on twitch?

    colomba torrescolomba torres7 kun oldin
  • @TommyVODS you should switch to youtube

    Fa3e OngFa3e Ong8 kun oldin
  • im confused now isnt tommy and tubbo already ghosts now?

    Kiana HardyKiana Hardy8 kun oldin
    • They have one life left

      JawshwichJawshwich5 kun oldin
  • Wait I'm older than you 19:15

    Skull lord 123 Skull lord 123Skull lord 123 Skull lord 1238 kun oldin
  • And make a you need an army like a lot of

    firex filorfirex filor8 kun oldin
  • Hi, I just want to say that I am a girl and you are own of my favorite❤️❤️❤️🥺

    yam Matzyam Matz8 kun oldin
  • Twitch removed America but at what cost

    Matthew BoocockMatthew Boocock8 kun oldin
  • 1:03:52 ending stream i can't reply to Tommy's comment

    IlikeDragons UwUIlikeDragons UwU8 kun oldin
  • I can’t even have twitch so I watch techno

    ꧁Tʜᴇ ɢᴀᴍᴇʀ Mᴀʏᴀ Kᴜɴ꧂꧁Tʜᴇ ɢᴀᴍᴇʀ Mᴀʏᴀ Kᴜɴ꧂8 kun oldin
  • 28:40 what’s funny about this is that my buddy is blond with brown eyebrows and I’ve had the exact same conversation

    Nolan PhamNolan Pham8 kun oldin
  • Tommy do you know what the word betrayal actually means?

    Jacob FeiwusJacob Feiwus8 kun oldin
  • now vod out

    BDG_RoseBDG_Rose8 kun oldin
  • To be honest the way lamanberg has a big hole to bedrock is pretty funny

    MrVeno 76MrVeno 768 kun oldin
  • I would have liked it better if you stayed with technoblade

    Digital loopyDigital loopy8 kun oldin
  • R.I.P l'manberg😞😞😞 WELCOME L'MANBERG MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Team RealuxTeam Realux8 kun oldin
  • Why do I have a filling that they will atucik kill dream

    Shiro maniaShiro mania8 kun oldin
  • are you gonna do another video on dream smp

    jake lehanejake lehane8 kun oldin
  • "I studied therapy in law school" -TommyInnit 2021 LMAOOO

    PVTZ3R00PVTZ3R008 kun oldin
  • Tubbo save you last video

    Gabby AsherGabby Asher8 kun oldin
  • I thought they mean IRL when I read the title, would be cool if were roomates-

    HeyoHeyo8 kun oldin
    • Heyo where's frizz and ice bear?

      FrizixFrizix7 kun oldin
  • When you said Why can’t we have are government you sound like WilburSo stop

    Max MarshMax Marsh8 kun oldin
  • bruh tommy techno tried to save you

    Adhnan Ak1234Adhnan Ak12348 kun oldin
  • Tommy is magically dodging the power of copyright Nintendo and marvel: we didn't see nothing

    Čült õf ĆøffêëČült õf Ćøffêë8 kun oldin
  • Why does he act like he's 28?

    Pickled CucumberPickled Cucumber8 kun oldin
  • *yes*

    sacredsacred8 kun oldin
  • My favorite is when the loud British one makes under handed and obscure Hamilton quotes. Or at least Hamilton inspired lol

    Khrispy KremeKhrispy Kreme9 kun oldin
  • love wilbur joining the vc and tommy going “uh oh what did I say” on impulse fjdkkfksjfjskf

    PastelWastelandPastelWasteland9 kun oldin
  • My face when Tommy says quirk 😃 # my hero academia

    RavenRaven9 kun oldin

    Toadstool_Toadstool_9 kun oldin
  • also any important streams always are when I'm in school :(

    RLSPOOF _RLSPOOF _9 kun oldin
  • I just want the tommy who bobs his head side to side :L

    RLSPOOF _RLSPOOF _9 kun oldin
  • You can tell that Tommy and Tubbo are best friends, they've been in it since the start, and even after Tommy was exiled they're here now together singing the Avengers theme in a boat 😂😂

    ThomasThomas9 kun oldin
  • 5:07 "we're going to have to focus on the positives." the background: *CRY*

    donutdisturblivball *:.。.donutdisturblivball *:.。.9 kun oldin
  • ive literally never had a house on this server and the one time I did it was burned down. twice 🤣

    _Jellocup_Jellocup9 kun oldin
  • TOMMY do not go to dream with tubbo he has built a prison with 15 layers of obsidion and he may put you in the prison to torment you

    elaine ledsterelaine ledster9 kun oldin
  • 51:43 i thought that was TechnoBlade

    Josh DavisJosh Davis9 kun oldin
  • Good animating BICH

    shadow Legendshadow Legend9 kun oldin
    • Bitch*

      Igne _Igne _4 kun oldin
  • I thought, they would move in together irl..

    Liam LMAOLiam LMAO9 kun oldin
  • I love the fact that some discs started a damn war 😭😂

    Nadeen DeisNadeen Deis9 kun oldin
  • 20:53

    GroomyKianGroomyKian9 kun oldin
  • He has 51 Carrots and go to outside and says have no food

    Calvin YassieCalvin Yassie9 kun oldin