Tom Segura & Christina P Got COVID 19 - YMH Highlight

10-Yan, 2021
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In this highlight, Tom Segura and Christina P recap their experience having COVID-19.

  • Just because you had it once doesn’t mean your immune??? You 100% can get it more than once!!

    Nicole EmersonNicole Emerson5 soat oldin
  • "Lick your scrotum "?????? Tom does likes women right?

    tony tigertony tiger7 soat oldin
  • If you look up symptoms of Covid then compare it to symptoms of Radiation poisoning *DingDingDing Beware of 5G network and new WiFi Cell Towers being put in your neighborhoods. Faster wireless internet are what causes flu-like symptoms and cancer. 5G emits the same ultra-high frequencies and EMF Radiation as a microwave. If you try to look this up, Google and mainstream media will lie to you. 5G is Dangerous #Stop5G

  • They made it, just like everyone else I know that got Covid. So far, its uh.... pretty high survival rate.

    1angrykoala1angrykoala23 soat oldin
  • Al jokes aside, the mask is meant to help stop you from spreading it. It won't stop you from getting it if a maskless positive breathes on you.

    Raun ChiRaun ChiKun oldin
  • Rich people problems: "why do I need a nurse.... well because I've got two small kids and the no nanny because it's the holidays" wow such hard lives 😂

    tribextribexKun oldin
  • Oh man you nurse and nanny where not able to come by what do you do!!!! Worst week ever!!! Lol rich people problems lol 🤣 love it!

    GM DerksenGM DerksenKun oldin
  • Just because you had does not mean you are immune..

    jack stands and oil pansjack stands and oil pans2 kun oldin
    • @St.Fiacre I'm not saying get 5 I'm saying your not immune after you get the virus....... I didnt speak code, just regular English.

      jack stands and oil pansjack stands and oil pans19 soat oldin
    • @jack stands and oil pans well,im not taking 5 different vaccines for 5 variations. Be my guest...go for it!

      St.FiacreSt.Fiacre23 soat oldin
    • @St.Fiacre not to mention there are 5 variations....

      jack stands and oil pansjack stands and oil pans2 kun oldin
    • @St.Fiacre no the antibodies are not permanent.

      jack stands and oil pansjack stands and oil pans2 kun oldin
    • @jack stands and oil pans Probably lingering symptoms or a different variant of the virus.But once your immune system has fought off that particular virus, you have IMMUNITY.

      St.FiacreSt.Fiacre2 kun oldin
  • Yup!! 😂😂😂🤣 When I quit doing heroin, I was hella emotional and shat a ton of shit out of my body, into the toilet. It sucked. Don't do drugs. 👍

    Daniel DownsDaniel Downs2 kun oldin
  • So toms knee sabotaged his dunk and his left arm committed suicide, then he gets COVID?!! That’s a bad stretch of luck.

    Dude DabsworthDude Dabsworth2 kun oldin
  • Love the excuses for hiring a nurse.

    Justin ManshipJustin Manship3 kun oldin
  • I don’t like you two but I hope you and your family are healthy and are all gonna be okay. Nobody deserves the hell of this shit.

    Charlie BCharlie B3 kun oldin
  • She deserves a ring

    Meow MeowMeow Meow3 kun oldin
  • What the fuck is scrum?

    Meow MeowMeow Meow3 kun oldin
  • What the fuck is going on here, we started off with Covid 19 then went into a fucking ass eating sex tape kinda that ends in jewelry... Then right back to Covid. What happens on this show?

    GCTFilter snakeGCTFilter snake3 kun oldin
  • So sick of hearing about covid. It's nothing. I had it, my wife had it, my daughter had it. I've had flu way worse than that. I've had colds worse than that. Boohooo, shits for a couple days, tired, end of the world. People are such pussies.

    iempire100iempire1003 kun oldin
    • All those people who died are just PUSSIES

      John WickJohn Wick3 kun oldin
  • Tom Segura is usually funny.

    Shane HulseShane Hulse3 kun oldin
  • I wonder if they got Covid because Tom refused to refund the money from the NYE failed stream?

    OfficialJoeKingOneOfficialJoeKingOne3 kun oldin
  • Christina, get your doctor to print you out your covid history and present it to over worked underpaid front line workers when you attempt to get service with no mask. cuz I agree its totally a drag to wear one. #nannyproblems!

    jbruckbrojbruckbro3 kun oldin
    • Oh no a mask, at least bombs arent being dropped...

      jack stands and oil pansjack stands and oil pans2 kun oldin
  • 1) I haven't been watching lately. Scrum is just the sack & taint, right? 2) You can get Covid more than once. My sister has had it twice, my aunt has had it three times - each time it was more severe. The third bout landed her in the ICU [but she has recovered - albeit with some lasting breathing issues and brain fog].

    Kaylee DeffenbacherKaylee Deffenbacher3 kun oldin
  • No nanny awwwwwww 🙄.

    Whiskey Tango foxtrotWhiskey Tango foxtrot3 kun oldin
  • Have heard doctors talking about some patients have double dipped in rona. Getting it isn’t immunity from getting it again.

    theSPECIALbrew74theSPECIALbrew744 kun oldin
  • You let her think to hard on the exchange you're gonna be getting pegged Tom.

    Swug JugSwug Jug4 kun oldin
  • Okay. Now can we all start to agree that the rona is dangerous to a very small amount of people but to the average healthy person it ain't isht to panic over? Because the majority of experiences i hear are like this one. Including everyone I know who got it. I only personally know 1 person to pass from this. She was 87 and been fighting Alzheimer's for 8 years. All the rest of the people I know have been fine. Panicking over this is like the opposite bizzaro world version of the ant! Vax people.

    Swug JugSwug Jug4 kun oldin
    • @Blake Meding Hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. get vaccinations every year. Out of those hundreds of millions around 1.5 million have died from receiving these vaccinations. Anti vax people use that 1.5 million to argue that vaccines are bad and deadly. When in reality that's a very small number and those people are totally misinformed and crazy as a result of their misinformation and inability to think for themselves. In science and statistics those results are called outliers in the equation. Out of the 23.6 million infected 393,000 have passed away. So out of a 100% variable 98.4% will survive with little to no complications and 1.6% have passed away or their lives were altered permanently.That percentage again is an exception. Now I don't know how many people exactly will lose their taste and smell permanently but I'm sure it's an even a smaller percentage. It does seem to be a common symptom but very rarely a permanent one. And to the people that lost loved ones I'm sure they would thoughtlessly with little to no empathy would look at him losing taste and smell like it's no big deal. But obviously it's a big deal to him. But still the point of my whole comment is to the "Majority" of people this is no big deal and they bounce back from it with relative ease. Your uncle is still a small number or an outlier in the equation. Again. Small numbers and outliers are the exception. Not the rule. I stand by my initial statement. Bringing in exceptions and outliers proves absolutely nothing. Sorry about your uncles luck. But that's one person out of almost 24 million. And I'm telling you all this while I'm dealing with a degenerative disease that is 100% going to kill me. "unless I die in some horrible accident". But again. My disease is also an exception and an outlier. Actually 1 in 10,000%. Doesn't matter how strongly I feel about it. One more time Outliers and exceptions do not make the rule. Plus Dewey Cox was born with no sense of smell and he went on to be the biggest musical sensation in the world despite halfing his brother in twain. Damn wrong kid d!ed. A much bigger threat. About 90 people pass away every day in the U.S. and 1300 a day world wide in car crashes. Thats almost 1.4 million a year. So if the Rona scares you and losing your smell and taste scares you even more, before you lock yourself away you might wanna sell your car too because even a bigger number than 1.3 million of those people survive with crippling life altering injuries. Like paralyzed wheel chair bound colostomy bag and catheter for life. And I haven't even touched on alcohol, heart disease and obesity. All things your 5 times more likely to die from. Especially if you drive everday and don't eat healthy. I'm willing to bet you get in a car and that never crosses your mind. The media told you that you need to be scared of the Rona. Idk. I guess knowing how your gonna die puts everything into perspective a little better than what most people find concerning. You need someone to tell you what you need to be scared of. And you follow suit and do like your told. Thinking and finding information for yourself is to much work anyway. And you don't even get paid for it. On second thought you're right. You should be terrified of what might happen to you. You better do what the news tells you. They're the only thing keeping us all safe. And we should all give up our freedom so somebody will come along and keep us all safe. Amen.

      Swug JugSwug Jug2 kun oldin
    • My uncle got covid like 4 months ago, and still can't taste or smell anything. The doctors aren't sure if it will ever come back. He is 50 and in good shape. If I can't taste or smell anything for the rest of my life, I think that is a pretty F-ing big deal.

      Blake MedingBlake Meding2 kun oldin
  • 70% of people have zero symptoms at all. Lol, the number of people who thinks this is like smallpox.

    wowalinbiewowalinbie4 kun oldin
    • Where did you get that number from? Your ass I suppose

      Radhia DeedouRadhia Deedou3 kun oldin
  • Oh no! They only have a 99.97% chance of survival. Praying for you.

    wowalinbiewowalinbie4 kun oldin
  • Somewhere in the world an Asian Mechanic is laughing at Tom Segura asking his friends if his Injury and Covid test is funny.

    RED MercuryRED Mercury4 kun oldin
  • Who cares about getting the flu, richie's.

    DempsterSlicesDempsterSlices4 kun oldin
  • You’re not immune once you get it. Best friend got it twice, two different versions. First version was the hard to breathe, flu like symptoms, just awful. Then he got it a few months later, the loss of taste version, where he had awful headaches and cold symptoms. He’s had it twice. Not immune

    PlaystationsGHOSTPlaystationsGHOST4 kun oldin
    • Sounds like the second one was more mild, immune system working.

      St.FiacreSt.Fiacre2 kun oldin
  • I give up this is insufferable seven minutes

    ih8myfriendsih8myfriends4 kun oldin
  • PCR test? Yeah, not so accurate it turns out...

    unisonproductions123unisonproductions1234 kun oldin
  • I have covid every week and I love it. It's not a big deal. The attention is awesome.

    Conditionally UnconditionalConditionally Unconditional4 kun oldin
  • They got it from dr drew lol

    N. PelletierN. Pelletier4 kun oldin
  • What happened to the nanny? Wow, Christina...

    Victor MoralesVictor Morales4 kun oldin
  • Who cares if you get it once or a dozen times, its so over hyped and blow out of proportion for the liberal media agenda.. now cue the butthurt sheep to start quoting cnn in 3.. 2.. 1..

    beasst. modebeasst. mode4 kun oldin
  • It’s fear.

    Michael SchneiderMichael Schneider4 kun oldin
  • See this is why people have no clue what covid is. Symptoms are so all over the place.

    Michael SchneiderMichael Schneider4 kun oldin
  • Do they realize how out of touch they sound when talking about the nurse and nanny and all the shit?

    Georgia OverdriveGeorgia Overdrive4 kun oldin
    • Would you prefer it if they pretended to have normal lives like some youtubers do

      Radhia DeedouRadhia Deedou3 kun oldin

      jbruckbrojbruckbro3 kun oldin
  • Her nannys sick so the poor woman has to mind her people have it tough

    mike devaneymike devaney4 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    FamBam funny videos YabutFamBam funny videos Yabut4 kun oldin
  • was your doctor a INDIAN

    trashaccttrashacct4 kun oldin
  • Tom Segura got a medical bed...Didn't he have a bit about people with that retractable bed? Does he have a toilet built into the bed too?LMAO...but with him not at him!

    Joe RyanJoe Ryan4 kun oldin
  • 7:09 queen above 18

    PharaohmonchoPharaohmoncho4 kun oldin
  • c 19 ass eating EXPLOSION across america- thank you rona you da best!

    Nathan MillerNathan Miller4 kun oldin
  • I thought Dr. Drew said COVID is no more serious than the flu?

    benefiel7benefiel75 kun oldin
  • Damn I though you were B positive

    Floyed DenverFloyed Denver5 kun oldin
  • I too get blue and cry alot when I run out of drugs.

    A 1A 15 kun oldin
  • Having had covid doesn't make you permanently immune!🤦‍♂️

    TheCarsitoTheCarsito5 kun oldin
  • Y’all can get it again though

    Niko VNiko V5 kun oldin
  • imagine you werent rich lol

    rob rogersrob rogers5 kun oldin
  • Listening to Tom's recovery stuff is relatable. I went through a similar thing about a year ago. Only I did not have the scratch to hire a nurse or buy a special bed, and instead of a sports injury, I got hit by a pickup truck while riding a scooter (I was wearing a helmet and motorcycle gloves and I had the right of way and the driver was ticketed). But showering while sitting down.... man, that brings me back.

    Christopher HolmokChristopher Holmok5 kun oldin
  • Well I guess broken arms and knees are the newest covid symptoms

    Kevin CrosbyKevin Crosby5 kun oldin
  • A few years ago I broke both my ankles in similar fashion. Hearing Toms pain, the similarities lol. I was in the prime of my life, doing my own thing and suddenly an entire staff assisting me with daily life. I'm doing great now, just takes time to heal. The first time I stood up to urinate a tear came out my eye. ;)

    Elliot KwasekElliot Kwasek5 kun oldin
  • Classic opiate withdrawal reaction. Sitting showers are your best friend lol

  • You can get covid more than once, so you still need to wear a mask. So frustrating.

    walt0373walt03735 kun oldin
  • I guess 99.9 percent survival rate is lucky. Tom got the shits and Christina slept and had no taste. Yup rona is killing everyone lol

    BigBig5 kun oldin
    • @atotalidiot Not to mention theyre getting older and arent exactly healthy

      Callan CCallan C3 kun oldin
    • CDC has the death rate at 1.78 percent.

      atotalidiotatotalidiot4 kun oldin
  • Install bath tub in basement

    Zenn LabsZenn Labs5 kun oldin
  • Do they not know you can get Covid more than once lol

    Larrys no cableguy 83Larrys no cableguy 835 kun oldin
  • Tom"sorry im broken" sugar 😭😭

    karl delalamonkarl delalamon5 kun oldin
  • You’ll both be fine

  • Pro tip if your a normal person and you have just got back from hospital after waiting on covid results dont go near people its tiktok special and selfish

    Dave HDave H5 kun oldin
  • Rich people and their problems. My nanny was on holiday so i had to take care of the kids. Also bring food to my sick husband when the private nurse went away

    e.g Johne.g John5 kun oldin
    • @tError4O4 People will always complain about the worst parts of their life, its not their fault that theirs are just unrelatable to us common folk

      Callan CCallan C3 kun oldin
    • @NotKJJK not simping. I'm trying to bring people together so they can better understand eachother instead of there being a divide between races and classes. And nobody is waiting on these people hand and foot. It's not like the waitress that serves your food at Applebees in hopes that she might get a good tip but if he doesn't want to tip he doesn't have to. I'm pretty much willing to bet the help is paid handsomely. Enough that it might make you say "damn I wish I was making that much just to take care of him and help with some kids. I do that now for free" You don't know until you've walked in someone else's shoes. Like really. What's got your feelings hurt? The fact that he has enough money to pay for help? Or do you feel that since he has money he no longer has the right to bitch and complain about things when he has problems in his own life? What is it exactly that irks you about this mans situation? What pay rate do you have to achieve where your problems are insignificant, and no longer matter so now you no longer have the right to b!tch and complain like everyone else does? How much money would you need so all your problems disappear and you would never complain about anything ever again?

      Swug JugSwug Jug3 kun oldin
    • @Swug Jug Regular people also have busy, demanding lives. Sometimes much more so than wealthy folks. They also have children, careers, and things that demand their attention. What they don't have however, are numerous servants that wait on them hand and foot. Tim and Crystal deserve their wealth, I'm not denying that. But you don't have to endlessly simp for the rich when us common folk rightly poke fun at their vapid complaints.

      NotKJJKNotKJJK3 kun oldin
    • But guys. He's not just sitting back. Dude can't even walk and he has to do physical therapy on top of He's done several tv appearances, podcast, UZworld shows. He's done radio shows call ins. He Never stopped writing and I'm sure he didn't take a break from writing his employees paychecks either and like a regular person he doesn't get to clock out at 5pm and go home. Entrepreneurs don't have that luxury. The job follows you everywhere you go. It's not as easy to make comedy and content as it is for us to sit back and watch them. Making a little 2 hour show takes all damn day and a whole crew of people. Movies and TV shows take months. Comedy specials can take up to a year to produce. There's not one person in that entire production that's just sitting back and chilling. They're all working their @$$es off so much that they have to pay other people to do simple small tasks for them. That's how it works. You're only seeing the product. Not the hours of hard work that goes into it. Peoples inability to consider another perspective is causing a divide and a resentment towards something they don't fully understand. And that mentality trickles down to all assets of life. Compared to someone living in a cardboard box you got it made also and your problems are petty and insignificant. Problems are problems no matter who you are. And the only people that does not apply to is old money, aristocrats royalty and those peoples children. All I see hear is immigrant children who worked their @$$es off and made a sh!tload of money that 15-20 years ago neither of them had a p0t to p!$$ in. Perspective. Real talk ladies and gentlemen. Problems are solved through understanding. Including your own problems.

      Swug JugSwug Jug4 kun oldin
    • Wcoast408 same as me brother. At leaat we can understand each other

      e.g Johne.g John4 kun oldin
  • Can we make a Bob's burgers live action with these two???

    Aurum sostAurum sost5 kun oldin
  • Just ew

    Perry GriffinPerry Griffin5 kun oldin
  • Poor Kristine! Stop pestering her about the scrum eating.. Let her live her life!

    DeclaredJeansDeclaredJeans5 kun oldin
  • Who cares

    KeenKeen5 kun oldin
  • This is weird... Those are all classic symptoms of withdraw.. Almost makes me question these tests... Also must be nice to be able to afford personal fkin nurses...

    America's Least WantedAmerica's Least Wanted5 kun oldin
  • Hey nice necklace . Yeah I licked a scrum for it.

    Chilant K10Chilant K105 kun oldin
  • Too bad she doesn't have any taste or smell because it's scrum-ptious

    bane bukowskibane bukowski5 kun oldin
  • I guess this dork is special. He got a special bed and a nurse. This guy isn't a man, and his wife is glad of it. Embarrassing position for this guy to be in.

    Whenthehammer was t ThomasWhenthehammer was t Thomas5 kun oldin
    • Wtf are you talking about? Cause his wife was taking care of him? That makes him less of a man?!? Ok.

      Daniel DownsDaniel Downs2 kun oldin
  • Christina is lazy af wow

    BadBaruBadBaru5 kun oldin
  • Wait ..... omfg. You took pills for a few days and the ignorant fucking doctors actually said it was withdrawals...... fuck me man what a sad state our medical system is in.

    Mad Mike0082Mad Mike00825 kun oldin
  • I’ve had it twice and had no idea either time. That’s why it’s spreading. Because people think you have to be sick with a fever.

    Mad Mike0082Mad Mike00825 kun oldin
    • No, you had 2 false positives. It happens all the time. Ask the testing place you went to how many cycles they run the pcr test. Anything above 32 will always show a false positive for anything they test for. That's why kelly the guy who invented the test actually stated that pcr test is never to be ran at cycles higher then 30 bc it will show a false positive thus not being a good diagnostic test. That's a fact look it up. Always ask the cycle count. And btw, the cdc last week added all flu and pneumonia deaths are now covid deaths.

      JC LIJC LI4 kun oldin
  • Hahaha this was funny. But you can get rona more then once

    Josh HoughJosh Hough5 kun oldin
  • Christina needs to stfu about her stuff. She's so annoying. Dump this 0 tommy

    Dennis LongDennis Long5 kun oldin
  • she's the worst, never had the vid, now refusing to eat the scrum without quid pro quo.... Tom is being MeToo-ed man. bullshit.

    Spite LipSpite Lip6 kun oldin
  • Oh no, Christina had to take care of two kids and had to make sandwiches for her husband? Someone give this lady a medal, I don't know how she managed. A true inspiration.

    XLNemoXLNemo6 kun oldin
  • Oh rota fortunae.. you wretched beast..

    zacrates _zacrates _6 kun oldin
  • Christina is not a ride or die chick. Get a lawyer. Tommy’s gonna be looking for a new mommy

    wrxsoldierwrxsoldier6 kun oldin
  • Celebs having to do normal things like care for their children and husband.

    subwayjrod1subwayjrod16 kun oldin
    • Yeah. Having the money to pay people to help you is dumb. Giving people jobs is also pretty whack. I'm sure if you had the money you'd be suffering like a peasant in a free clinic out of principle and the suffrage of the common man. 😆

      Swug JugSwug Jug4 kun oldin
    • @Chris723 Na they celebs tho.

      Steven NoblesSteven Nobles4 kun oldin
    • And she got a nurse to do it so normal

      simon barbersimon barber4 kun oldin
    • they are not celebs they are comedians

      Chris723Chris7234 kun oldin
  • Listen Jeans. Call Stanley Steamer up, have them run The Deluxe package on Tom's dirt button and it should be guaranteed safe and warrantied for at least 24 hours. Trust me.

    D.D. SkipperD.D. Skipper6 kun oldin
  • You can still carry the virus and transmit it to others. So pick your friends and enemies carefully.

    SweetZombiJesusSweetZombiJesus6 kun oldin
  • All these nasty people liking tongues where they shouldn't go

    Marth593Marth5936 kun oldin
  • Sounds like both withdrawal n covid. Only say that cuz I went through same thing

    Gravity BeatsGravity Beats6 kun oldin
  • Eat the man FFS

    David BuhagiarDavid Buhagiar6 kun oldin
  • Another great video jeans hope it gets cleaned to fit all standards and Tom as another' big man may I recommend maybe y'all takin a break day from all the stress you been dealing with and top tier dinner I have heard this can help the scrum go down easier and may even double as a gift for the lick ! All though jewelry or returning the favor never hurt!! You got this brooo keep us updated on scrum news!!!

    Brady BarkBrady Bark6 kun oldin
  • Poor Christina she has 2 kids and her nanny is off cause of the holidays and she will have to take care of her kids.

    Bill McdowellBill Mcdowell6 kun oldin
  • Christina, you gotta kiss that starfish

    Roth DRoth D6 kun oldin
  • A positive PCR test actually means jack shit.

    Farben SeherFarben Seher6 kun oldin
    • For reals???

      Daniel DownsDaniel Downs2 kun oldin
  • covid champ

    underweightHaterunderweightHater6 kun oldin
  • Maybe Tom should taper off oxy instead of going cold turkey like a total dumbass? Why go through all that physical and emotional hell?

    Kyoshi Knows BestKyoshi Knows Best6 kun oldin
  • tom segura AKA SCRUM NASTY

  • Sometimes it’s not the jokes but the details that get me. When she said sit down showers...I lost my shit. Just picturing Tom sitting there like a tard, scrubbing himself down is hilarious.

    Mick LopezMick Lopez6 kun oldin
  • 8:15 Just use a dental dam...

    DaKermitFrogDaKermitFrog6 kun oldin
  • So wait im confused. She tested negative?

    Natalie HamiltonNatalie Hamilton6 kun oldin
  • I caught covid. I felt terrible for 3 or 4 days and ran down/tired for several days after that.

    Harvey WeinsteinHarvey Weinstein6 kun oldin
  • My whole family got Covid and right after I got a stomach flu

    AustinAustin6 kun oldin
  • Call me crazy, but without the covid.....he makes that dunk

    Ray AlvarezRay Alvarez7 kun oldin
  • this is super uncomfortable, like tom is being too serious about it

    Jack GrossmanJack Grossman7 kun oldin
  • Man. Everyone is getting the 19.

    Noisy BusinessNoisy Business7 kun oldin