TMG feat. Quinn XCII - Daddy (Official Video)

30-Apr, 2021
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Prod. Diamond Pistols
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  • didnt see the video until the bts reminded me it was already out damn this reminder feature

    V1RU5420V1RU5420Soat oldin
  • They remind me of “the lonely island “

    Allie BoyAllie BoySoat oldin
  • Daddy 🥰

    anglitanglitSoat oldin
  • can't get over Noel trippin' when he carries the water

    Sally CouchSally Couch3 soat oldin
  • AHOY

    jordana moonjordana moon3 soat oldin
  • D A D D Y

    Weird DoggoWeird Doggo3 soat oldin
  • This song was written for me

    Tanner NipperTanner Nipper4 soat oldin
  • how much for the noel candle

    corn griffincorn griffin6 soat oldin
  • now why is noel such a dilf

    lilly bethlilly beth8 soat oldin
  • I think this is the first time Cody had a better verse than Noel and I love it.

    liamCAliamCA9 soat oldin
  • As a 22 year old father with friends in 30s and 40s who are also dads it’s sad how true this life is.

    Yung BooMarYung BooMar10 soat oldin
  • noel was meant to rap I swear he's so good at it

    Casey ChristensenCasey Christensen12 soat oldin
  • Cody looks so young! Its great

    Daniel FloresDaniel Flores13 soat oldin
  • daddy 🥺

    Merry CrimpsMerry Crimps14 soat oldin
  • This made my quarantine 10 thousand times better

    Merry CrimpsMerry Crimps14 soat oldin

    Merry CrimpsMerry Crimps14 soat oldin
  • Noel's flow is just too fucked up

    Tag ­ScreamerTag ­Screamer14 soat oldin
  • These gender reveals are getting out of hand

    2022 Calvin Kahlich2022 Calvin Kahlich14 soat oldin
  • noel is a DILF idc

    Elizabeth ValdéElizabeth Valdé14 soat oldin
  • "go to applebees, clean the plate, and tell the waitress that i hated it" is one of the most used dad jokes on the planet. lmfao

    CarlosCarlos15 soat oldin
  • 1:35

    rylee wojtalarylee wojtala15 soat oldin
  • Why does Noel look like a grandpa?

    AmandaAmanda15 soat oldin
  • Yo Cody’s verse? BARS

    b boatb boat16 soat oldin
  • Fire

    kendall hildrethkendall hildreth16 soat oldin
  • On repeat !!!

    Lamia MehjabeenLamia Mehjabeen17 soat oldin
  • With cody's hair,it should be called "mommy"

    Canilyna MendozaCanilyna Mendoza18 soat oldin
  • Goddamn i love this song

    The lucky Jog hurtThe lucky Jog hurt18 soat oldin
  • AHOY!

    ParisParis19 soat oldin
  • "I love to play poker" I played that part over too many times

    ShantelleShantelle19 soat oldin
  • Who has their bio as “daddy” and why would he want people to call him “father” is why I think the hook is low key not good 😂 I was vibing and I get what you guys are saying, but it also doesn’t make sense.

    Andrew BAndrew B20 soat oldin
  • 1:32 1:42

    Maggie KimMaggie Kim20 soat oldin
  • I love Quinn sm, love this

    Still RenderingStill Rendering20 soat oldin
  • can't wait for cody and noel to become DILFS

    various microwave noisesvarious microwave noises20 soat oldin
  • 999k subscribers lets go

    Axel VazquezAxel Vazquez20 soat oldin
  • fuckin great

    Martin BartošekMartin Bartošek23 soat oldin
  • Yo this shit bangs, thanks guys

  • ⛵AHOY⛵

    Jordan PapeJordan PapeKun oldin
  • When Cody said “Ahoy!” I felt that

    seiom jvonyseiom jvonyKun oldin
  • I can't stop listening to Cody's verses , they're so good lmao

    Giovana BilhãoGiovana BilhãoKun oldin
  • Can we stop talking about Noel's voice (which is no doubt daddy tier) and focus on how Cody's rapping has really popped off

    GoshaGoshaKun oldin
  • the ending with the grill burning is very reminiscent of my Sims game a few weeks ago

    Evelina ZEvelina ZKun oldin
  • The song even slaps at .75x speed.

    Zane ColinZane ColinKun oldin
    • Codys adlibs are always the funniest shit

      seiom jvonyseiom jvonyKun oldin
  • unironically such a good song

    Silas ReimerSilas ReimerKun oldin
  • i love to play p o k e r 😎

    Infinite NikoInfinite NikoKun oldin
  • this video just confirms the fact that i would absolutely continue losing my mind over these two when they’re 50 year old dilfs

    clementineclementineKun oldin
  • Incredible!!! Keeps getting better!

    Eric ShepperdEric ShepperdKun oldin
  • What did they use to make those wrinkles?

    valerie boudreauvalerie boudreauKun oldin
    • Idk for sure but probably liquid latex + makeup

      ParisParis19 soat oldin
  • Just became a dad. I needed this song. I feel much better

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovKun oldin
  • So close to 1,000,000 subs!!!!

    Lord TachocolateLord TachocolateKun oldin
  • Pls make a song with nakey jakey, I beg, like fr, pls

    Pigs And baconPigs And baconKun oldin
    • God that would be absolutely perfect combination the chaos they could generate would be insane

      Rhea KybeleRhea Kybele18 soat oldin
  • And i looove Quinn

    L WL WKun oldin
  • Yall sleepin on Noel too 😂😂😂 his rap voice is the shit

    L WL WKun oldin

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovKun oldin
  • Looove lol

    L WL WKun oldin
  • they only forgot one line, "im hungry, im coming for you all. Hey hungry, im paul"

    Gavin PetrucciGavin PetrucciKun oldin
  • When your own song gets you copyright striked

    JakeyWakeyJakeyWakeyKun oldin
  • Codys adlibs are always the funniest shit

    Vahva CheddarVahva CheddarKun oldin
  • why are most dads better renovators than qualified professionals

    Mike HuntMike Hunt2 kun oldin
  • Still trying to figure out if they made them look old for the video or if 2020 really was that rough lol

    Omega ParadoxOmega Paradox2 kun oldin
  • Just became a dad. I needed this song. I feel much better

    dolita windodolita windo2 kun oldin
  • No one talking about the name implying it would be the dad jokes song

    Da PandaDa Panda2 kun oldin
  • The length of Cody's hair really makes this video

    Jenna KeeganJenna Keegan2 kun oldin
  • noel: director, aleena: executive mv producer, diamond pistols: producer love to see it

    firm apefirm ape2 kun oldin
    • done with bigger names than theirs

      dolita windodolita windo2 kun oldin
  • *where can i get a jesus noel candle?*

    facadefacade2 kun oldin


    soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 kun oldin
  • The color grading on this video is *chef kiss* perfect

    WHEEETWHEEET2 kun oldin
  • The way Cody hit his chest while laughing because he started coughing instead made me die 💀👏🏽

    Olivia C.S.Olivia C.S.2 kun oldin
  • imagine kelsey is pregnant and this is how they decided to do a pregnancy reveal lol

    Joey Van LoganJoey Van Logan2 kun oldin
  • Cody`s quads are massive, strangleeee uhm, yesssss, no how much u squat tho? Step back

    Andreas channelAndreas channel2 kun oldin
    • This ain’t it chief

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 kun oldin
  • Wow these "younger self" filters have gotten so advanced! Cody looks like he's actually 30

    Lindsay MLindsay M2 kun oldin
  • I would pay real money for that candle with noel's face photoshopped on Jesus

    Joanna BeerJoanna Beer2 kun oldin
  • Damn. Cody didn't skip leg day.

    Michael LewisMichael Lewis2 kun oldin
  • As a friend I will be honest with you, Cody's parts kinda suck.

    Mason StevensMason Stevens2 kun oldin
  • Reminds me a lot of Danny Gonzalez's song, Daddy.

    Mandy MeadowsMandy Meadows2 kun oldin
  • I'm so glad they were able to make a song with Quinn. He's been my favorite for a few years. Even though he's not he biggest name, I'm glad Cody and Noel are getting songs done with bigger names than theirs

    Jadon SchwartzJadon Schwartz2 kun oldin
  • Cody and Noel could make non parody rap and still kill the game fr

    Renegade the RapperRenegade the Rapper3 kun oldin
  • 🥺😍💖

    Paige BlanchardPaige Blanchard3 kun oldin
  • Saw the ad now I’m listening to this on replay bro

    Dreams GamesDreams Games3 kun oldin
  • Dr. Phil bumping this rn

    Lil RabbitLil Rabbit3 kun oldin
  • spend dollars Whenever I go to Home Depot

    dcoog anmldcoog anml3 kun oldin
  • Only clicked cause the thumbnail made noel look like 50 i needed to calm down

    say hi to papisay hi to papi3 kun oldin
  • I became a father on saint Patrick’s day this year. I’m down to try to fix anything my to be fiancé ( proposing on mother day) need but I ain’t painting shiiiiit. My uncle got me into my chosen career. I’ll ask my father for tips on building a deck. Cooking or grilling is all on my soon to be wife though. Gonna play her this song after I get some proposal sex though. Edit: how tf they make Cody and Noel look so old. And power tools are the shit fuck manual work.

    Saiyan XVIISaiyan XVII3 kun oldin
  • This ain’t it chief

    SoggyBreadSt1cksSoggyBreadSt1cks3 kun oldin

      dcoog anmldcoog anml3 kun oldin
  • I love that their skin looks sooo dry lmao

    Pandulse123Pandulse1233 kun oldin
  • Bruh wtf is noel expressing: 2:10

  • This won’t get out of my head

    JGB 18JGB 183 kun oldin
  • The way i know that entire bucket of props at the end is from exactly 3 aisles in the seasonal/sporting goods section of target.

    RaeRae3 kun oldin
  • Finally Cody acting his age

    Megan WilsonMegan Wilson3 kun oldin
  • Yes Daddy

    Random Videos and MusicRandom Videos and Music3 kun oldin
  • cute song

    pawsandbreathepawsandbreathe3 kun oldin
  • i love how Aleena is the executive producer LMAO

    sagesage3 kun oldin
  • Are you gonna drop Mommy two weeks before Fathers Day too

    Lovie LoveLovie Love3 kun oldin
  • My boys are getting old

    tinetakayatinetakaya3 kun oldin
  • That’s a lot of dad energy

    APAP3 kun oldin
  • Daddy Noel wow.

    Cynick72Cynick723 kun oldin
  • it's so cool that they got Quinn on as a collab

    ayywolfayywolf3 kun oldin
  • I like how they didn’t have to make kody look older

    Frank VarellaFrank Varella3 kun oldin

    bouytt guytbouytt guyt3 kun oldin
  • wow Grandpa learned how to sing! So amazing

    Teddy W GardnerTeddy W Gardner3 kun oldin