30-Sen, 2020
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Website: www.blackscoutsurvival.com
Twitter: @Black_Scout
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Black-Scout-Survival/664083850312780?ref=br_tf
Instagram: instagram.com/blackscoutsurvival

Website: www.blackscoutsurvival.com
Twitter: @Black_Scout
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Black-Scout-Survival/664083850312780?ref=br_tf
Instagram: instagram.com/blackscoutsurvival

  • So I just found your channel recently and I’ve been watching some of your stuff, it’s really a breath of fresh air from all of the media. I appreciate how you not only except people’s different opinions, but embrace them. I’ve had enough of listening to zealots screaming about “the enemy” and I’m ready to just stop paying them attention, because that’s what they want. They want to turn us against each other, they want victory for their side. But I don’t want that, I see what we can do to improve our country, rather than being fixated on the few radicals. What happens is that we see radicals, and we become radicalized by them. I don’t want that.

    Nicholas LengyelNicholas LengyelKun oldin
  • Interesting use of a hip hop type of beat as your into and alluding to the ‘types’ who are being aggressive by the couple video clips... interesting indeed.

    Electrical Dr.Electrical Dr.2 kun oldin

    NAMVET6566NAMVET65663 kun oldin
  • Good job

    Richard BluteauRichard Bluteau3 kun oldin
  • This is an important perspective on the current state of affairs that merits serious consideration and increased exposure. Thank you.

    Michael LabozzettaMichael Labozzetta5 kun oldin
  • Absolutely 💯 on other countries want to use this situation to have us torn apart...and then they pounce!!! We are stronger together. The battle should be with our elected officials! They should do better.

    Eric PattonEric Patton5 kun oldin
  • I just feel in my spirit that folks will NOT be peaceful come this 2020 election. Both parties are too desperate for power and have been gnashing at each other throughout this pandemic. Folks are already trying to cheat with the mail in ballots. Folks better prepare now! Hey Mr. I like your southern twang. 😊

    Cry Aloud and Spare NotCry Aloud and Spare Not6 kun oldin
  • China will pay Mexico to use their land to invade the US from mexico. While Russia uses air power to attack the west coast.

    Lucian WolfLucian Wolf7 kun oldin
  • About time some one who will say it the way it should be said

    John SittingdownJohn Sittingdown7 kun oldin
  • Preparing for the worst, praying for the best.

    Sy Co PathSy Co Path7 kun oldin
  • Dude i love when you talk about what's goibg on just in life. Love neighborhood group. Stay up man you rock and keep it up.

    Stephen MarzolaStephen Marzola7 kun oldin
  • America, I still love you.Despite all the troubles and whoas... In my eyes you are still the greatest country of them all...

    Joseph Hurry Sr.Joseph Hurry Sr.8 kun oldin
  • This is only a few weeks away from the election I've been off Facebook an only on u tube watching an learning what to do the right way, an avoid fake news. An my corna doesn't have a virus lol, BE SMART STAY ON YOUR PROPERTY AN RUSSIANS HAVE BOUGHT MORE LAND IN TEXAS THIS YEAR ALONE I LOOKED AT THE STATICS ! AN DID RESEARCH. AN BE SMART AN VOTE SMART

    Matt KeetonMatt Keeton8 kun oldin
  • I think the only thing that's really happened that i have experienced really bad was , I went to Walmart to grab my grandparents prescriptions an when I came out the Trump sticker on the back windshield an bumper had been keyed an torn so I went directly to there security an asked let's see an watch an they told me to go have Trump do it so I left an didn't bother i was out numbered an there was no real officer there at all, just typical anti AmericanMart

    Matt KeetonMatt Keeton8 kun oldin
  • United we stand, divided we fall.

    NorthStarS SolutionsNorthStarS Solutions8 kun oldin
  • Great wisdom and solid info.

    MarcusMarcus8 kun oldin
  • keep it 💯 brother. love the content . love the intelligence that goes into the responses and content.

    Dan HessDan Hess8 kun oldin
  • Ditto. Exactly.thank you for keeping people on reality. Puppermasters driving antifa and others to keep us apart.

    Anthony HeardAnthony Heard8 kun oldin
  • How many people remember the government has the ability to turn off the internet at will? Think about how you're going to communicate when that happens.

    HHHH9 kun oldin
  • Well said and spoken sir thank you for putting these videos out

    Tien 936Tien 9369 kun oldin
  • The problem is my neighborhood is all liberal loons. I'd be the only one protecting the whole neighborhood?

    Joe EroticJoe Erotic9 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the great information.

    GunbowpapaDGunbowpapaD9 kun oldin
  • Thank you sir for your service and I appreciate how much you are trying to educate us!!! 👍🏼

    Sean YoungSean Young10 kun oldin
  • My best friends and I say "We agree it's OK to disagree with each other". Isn't that called an opinion?

    Mark JacksonMark Jackson10 kun oldin
  • May God spare us from war. Let us win our freedom and liberty with out it.

    CalvinCalvin10 kun oldin
  • Thanks for you cool head.

    CalvinCalvin10 kun oldin
  • If that day comes can I be on your team lol

    Justin LaVentureJustin LaVenture11 kun oldin
  • Solid advice.

    theelitespottheelitespot11 kun oldin
  • ‘Tis not civil war, but revolution; for a civil war is between the people, but a revolution is against the government by the people.

    Brendan BlevinsBrendan Blevins11 kun oldin
  • The Left is better armed than most people think. They been planning this for a while.

    Darrell DunnDarrell Dunn11 kun oldin
  • Two Wrongs Don’t make it right it’s just going to turn into conflict that goes on and on. . . It’s crazy all this stuff is going on... N I’m a juss a black dude in south Florida enjoying life lol. Wake up head to the beach Wave and smile at passerby’s that are usual fit af white dudes jogging... mighty peaceful idk what the heck is going on everywhere else...Can’t find 9mm to hit the range with my beretta APX that’s a bummer tho lol other than that I hope this peaceful way of living doesn’t change anytime soon lol...Love This Mf Country

    MoncleaMonclea11 kun oldin
  • The ‘war mongers’ will have their unrest one way or another...Trump refuses to start any wars so what do they do??? ya it’s part of it

    SOC1970SOC197011 kun oldin
  • As I watch manny of the Hollywood movies these days they are all made to push an agenda while people get all caught up in the special effects and cool stuff they are whispering evil intentions in the background....it's crazy that it's so obvious to me now. Lastly I saw statues of Lincoln and Adams were torn down and desecrated and it stirred my inner spirit to the point where I was so angry and disappointed because these are our history that these people are going after almost like they want to take anything down that would remind someone where they come from. Lincoln was the president to abolish slavery so I don't get it but know it's more than just a race thing.

    Mark MexcurMark Mexcur11 kun oldin
  • thanks for the tool analogy

    Robert DesrosiersRobert Desrosiers12 kun oldin
  • It’s time for people to wake up and like you said take care of yourself and family first. The Bible says be watchful and discerning!

    Tracy PeppersTracy Peppers12 kun oldin
  • Stone hinge a saying. said to have control over the people you to cut down the population

    Antonio BocanegraAntonio Bocanegra12 kun oldin
  • I really respect you brother your unbiased and don’t push the left or right agenda ! God is the only correct choice

    Kingdom Warriors ministryKingdom Warriors ministry12 kun oldin
  • I see a lot of Leftist trashcan mouths like 'Minority Report with Sam Seder' poking fun at Tim Pool for even suggesting that there could be a Civil War in light of the fact that AntiFa CONSTANTLY says, "This is war" and "We are at War!" Do these Armchair/SillyClone Valley Revolutionaries REALLY believe that Anarchists and BLM are not pushing war? Terrence Popp has all kinds of videos about AntiFa/BLM using burner phones and encryption as well as shadow-funding, etc. A lot of CommSymps that I argue with are former Military/Disabled Vets who are addicted to war.

    N. H. MorenoN. H. Moreno13 kun oldin
  • I wish I could afford this equipment... looks amazing

    Christy WillsChristy Wills13 kun oldin
  • Semper Fi Devil Dog

    Brian SkehanBrian Skehan13 kun oldin
  • I’m gonna be guessing it’s the politicians who get in front of microphones and divide us. I mean come on man if you hate a group of people because your politician or favorite biased news source told you to and they reside here in the United States you might not be fighting Tierney, you may be fighting for Tierney. Voting is a very simple, you have to get people to vote for you the best way to do that is for you to hate the other guy and everybody he hangs out with. For the good of our country be wary of your politician even if you like him/her.

    Keith McConnellKeith McConnell13 kun oldin
  • I agree with not illegally tampering with voting system. But please keep an eye at what Trump is doing too. There are alot of law abiding patriotic democrats who are very distrustful at what trump has done to USPS, and nervous that his mail-in vote fraud rhetoric is just projection that he will try to find a way to disqualify legitimate mail-in votes because more democrats are choosing mail-in. Especially when historically voter fraud, including mail-in in this country is very low.

    Jeremy TinesJeremy Tines13 kun oldin
  • Washington said a two party system would never work

    INFIDEL 1-75INFIDEL 1-7514 kun oldin
  • Big question, what will stop this?

    Vutha PrengVutha Preng14 kun oldin
  • follow the money! the REAL looting is being done at the US treasury, forget the protests watch munuchin and powell

    brett harmanbrett harman14 kun oldin
  • Subbed

    Matthew CarpenterMatthew Carpenter14 kun oldin
  • Great vids and highly informative

    CW cadetCW cadet15 kun oldin
  • The crecent is from the Fort Moultrie flag. If anyone is wondering.

    Dylan VansyckleDylan Vansyckle15 kun oldin
  • If you've not hooked up with fellow patriots, now is the time to start. The trouble with neighborhood militias is that they are generally weak and easily crushed by a more organized, better armed enemy. You should know that in almost any engagement it is not about accurate fire but fire superiority and maneuver that beats most enemies. Contact front, suppression fire as elements flank and destroy. The bolder plan is neighborhood militias binding in mutual protection packs with nearby neighborhoods, drilling together etc to get to know the terrain and people. That requires the sort of leadership that is not real common in this scenario.

    Prepper TrainerPrepper Trainer15 kun oldin
  • The thing I’ve been seeing lately is that ‘militia’s’ are being blamed for stuff that ‘a well regulated militia’ would never do. Kidnapping for instance. They’re being vilified by MSM which WILL make ‘well regulated militias’ look bad. Stay vigilant folks.

    Tina GarberTina Garber15 kun oldin
  • I view the mob as the ignorant sheep that have been lead here by the indoctrination, I mean education, system and the MSM that has followed up on the programming so diligently. These people are the tools or pawns being used to tear down our system and our culture. I try not to hate the soldier fighting for what they believe is truly right. When you ask yourself "If I believed the leftist media in everything they say and accuse the right of, what would I be doing right now?". If I had been a part of this young generation and not learned better about the media and govt. I might be a part of this movement myself. I'm pretty sure these kids don't actually see their cause as communism or tyrannical. Some do for sure, but most of the misinformed and disinformed normies think that they are the patriots and we are the zealots. So while I will not hesitate to do what I must to defend what is mine from them, I do not see them the same as a hostile enemy from somewhere else. Ultimately, the goons of the left are still fellow Americans and may even be savable, if we can get them to challenge what they trust to be true. The elites in the swamp of DC and elsewhere are fighting tooth and nail desperately for their own survival or at least survival of their way of life they have come to enjoy and believe they are entitled to. This is why all this has come about during Trump's time in office. He is the threat to it all for them and no one else will reveal them for what they are. He hasn't been divisive, he has only revealed what has been there for a loooong time. The dems and especially the MSM have been the source of this division among us. In short, my war is not with some spoiled and clueless college kid that thinks she is privileged and feels guilty about it. My war is with the people that made her think and feel that way about herself and her people. This has taken a couple generations of programing to bring about and the professors that planted those seeds were the product of the same crap fed to them. It will take at least another generation or two to turn things around, I expect. Until then we will be blamed, accused, and cancelled until we do.

    WhoWouldWantThisNameWhoWouldWantThisName15 kun oldin
  • 🇺🇸

    Brian YountBrian Yount15 kun oldin
  • Nine ballots sounds more like a mistake/incompetence rather than an attempt to change outcome. Also, neither the Chinese or Russians want to take over America. They just want us weakened so that we can't challenge their desire to expand their regional hegemony. Otherwise, I appreciate your restraint and appreciation of peace, rather than entertaining foolish ill-advised fantasies of civil war; both rare traits in some crowds.

    Otto MetzgerOtto Metzger15 kun oldin
  • I got my subtle stuff ready and just ordered an 8 wk food package to go along with my already stocked pantry. So when it drops I can go protect my mom and dad.

    washburnbillywashburnbilly16 kun oldin
  • Spot on sir!

    Greg FacklerGreg Fackler16 kun oldin
  • What about u it looks like you have a lot of things

    Master NinrodMaster Ninrod16 kun oldin
  • there are people in America working to destroy out nation. Follow the money..

    triangle whiptriangle whip17 kun oldin
  • This guy seems legit ....outside of NFAC

    C DubC Dub17 kun oldin
  • 👏🏼👏🏼 well said

    Derrick SuggsDerrick Suggs17 kun oldin
  • I wish that all my brothers and sisters understood that we are in this together. My father was put in camp when he was younger and and he still fought for America. We all need to live with honor. America is the last stand for the world. If we fall the world falls. Every time I see people around the world singing our national anthem and waving are flag and cry. They understand what America is better than a lot of our own citizens. God bless America.

    D ZD Z17 kun oldin
  • Amen Brother !

    Randy SnyderRandy Snyder17 kun oldin
  • I agree Black scout. When people start trying to kidnapp Michigan governors.....crazy terrorists.....we need to stick together. You can't trust the left or the right. Especially those crazy as white supremacists.

    bigdaddy9247bigdaddy924717 kun oldin
  • And you won't get Covid-19 unless you watch that TV

    Mythical TruthzMythical Truthz17 kun oldin
  • All I'm gonna say is. Locate close with and destroy

    NWFL_PATRIOT OoRahNWFL_PATRIOT OoRah18 kun oldin
  • Bro the only circle we keep going ia the drain all these protest would be shut down hard in every country but the great united states

    Richard HayesRichard Hayes18 kun oldin
  • -Better listen Facebook just did something that will end all life on Earth. They deleted my Facebook which was a Buddhist temple and the Rissho Ankoku Ron is clear if you destroy the Buddha Dharma the world will eclipse into dust. The Christian Right has for 30 years exterminated the Buddhist, terrorized me the Dharma teacher and they took my temple and now they have erased my teachings online. They just made the cause to end all life on earth by the Mandate of Heaven and it will happen.

    Nolan WildeNolan Wilde18 kun oldin
  • The media plays a huge part into what we hear from the top individuals rather its "incorrect or correct ". Then it falls on to us as an individual to take what we hear and what we know as fact to go on with our lives and move forward. Not all but a vast majority seem to take what they are told and hearsay as enough to call factual and not seeing the facts for yourself. People seeing is believing! seeing you. You can hear what people are saying but until you see it for yourself you shouldn't just take the words for fact. Actions speek louder than words.

    Jason OstrusJason Ostrus18 kun oldin
  • Another great video!

    Dave FedackDave Fedack18 kun oldin
  • Your not going to be able to reach the head of the snake. I agree with most of your analysis Devil Dog, however, without the body, the snake can't slither. These radicals are NOT americans anymore, once they disavowed everything that made America what it was, and embraced Socialism and Communist doctrine. They are pushing for this fight, not us.

    gousmc1983gousmc198318 kun oldin
  • What would you do during a coup led by high ranking traitors in the military? Both active and retired. What can you expect in the event Trump is forced out of office by the traitors?

    manila thrillamanila thrilla18 kun oldin
  • Man you make me feel better about shit going on. Also to hear a lot of the comments as well. There’s a lot of smart people out there. Thank God.

    Danny SibertDanny Sibert19 kun oldin
  • People better be ready to do what’s necessary!

    Peder HalversonPeder Halverson19 kun oldin
  • Kung Fu is the art of learning how not to fight.

    Proud CanadianProud Canadian19 kun oldin
  • I know I have to get out of NY as soon as possible. I only concern myself with my home, myself and my family, I use to think to myself like yeah let me head out there and beat on some "antifa" asshats, now I think differently.

    Logik ReksLogik Reks19 kun oldin
  • In regards to the sport part. Dead on! I still play Ball and have for 15 years. You absolutely don't get along with everyone. But you're exactly right, you burry that shit to win

    Home_Run_Kid72Home_Run_Kid7219 kun oldin
    • 100%

      Lindsy WojtasczykLindsy Wojtasczyk14 kun oldin
  • Pray for our enemies...Christians. soldiers of Christ...

    Surmount PicturesSurmount Pictures19 kun oldin
    • Your enemy is someone you don't understand

      Surmount PicturesSurmount Pictures19 kun oldin
  • Thank you

    Amber LevieAmber Levie19 kun oldin
  • Many people believe that Corruption is inherently evil. I think corruption is more of a tool. Two examples, one fictional and one non-fictional. Jim Gordon turns his cheek to batmans actions instrad of arresting him, he is a corrupt cop for the right reasons. There are times when loopholes or flaws in our system or systems must be dealt with illegally by criminals. The second example are revolutions. All revolutions and civil wars are illegal. Politicians who side with the revolutionaries are corrupted, but for the right (or quite possibly wrong) reasons.

    John DoeJohn Doe19 kun oldin
  • 4:50 his name is satan

    KillerDiaguRKillerDiaguR19 kun oldin
  • So good so far with the sub thing with all my subs who warn me

    Eddie jamesEddie james19 kun oldin
  • You got that right brother the people in America working against America are called democrats

    Sig SlieckerSig Sliecker19 kun oldin
  • @5:38 Straight up brother. Let's see who hits that barbed wire.

    Top Feed CocoTop Feed Coco19 kun oldin
  • Well said 👍🏻🇺🇸

    Larry SchmittLarry Schmitt19 kun oldin
  • Saying violence is a tool and your comments on mission focus bring back memories of the Q-Course. It's been thirty years since Bragg, but I still remember the speach Colonel Beckwith gave us. Keep up the good work.

    Wayne HagerWayne Hager19 kun oldin
  • The military is going to side with Donald Trump and turn against the DYSTOPIC DEMOCRAT REGIME!!

    Gregory CaseyGregory Casey20 kun oldin
    • By murdering millions of unarmed people? got it

      Tony WarsTony Wars15 kun oldin
  • Completely agree with you brother

    Tony PTony P20 kun oldin
  • There are so many “leaders”, military, political, business, scientific, medical, and sports teams that are on the CCP or $oro$ payroll. The check clears they give two F’s about what happens to everyone else.

    SheldorSheldor20 kun oldin
  • interesting....so a bunch of people have taken the Chinese money to post garbage... and ban conservative speech and freedoms.... and just yesterday i told my son that "Calm" or at least "composed" is a superpower.. We shoot and train to the best of our abilities...and thank you for your service and helping to adjust my thinking to respond in these situations... i wasn't in the military but in business for 30 + years.. that in itself is an experience... awesome videos too... God bless and keep America

    Larry Gene NTexLarry Gene NTex20 kun oldin
  • It's the wayward sheep the wolves find and devour. All need to have the what of talk with your neighbors. If you got one or two woke you got enough to make something happen . This man has spoke nothing but the truth . This isn't a democratic or Republican thing this is an American thing . While we squabble there are wolves in the hills lying in wait .Also a man defending his home is more dangerous then 10 trained . Get familiar with everything around you if you already havent . Start mapping exits both conventional and non conventional. BE VIGILANT ALL. THERE ARE WOLVES IN THE HILL. TIME FOR YOU TO BE THE RAM IN THE FLOCK

    qm38av1qm38av120 kun oldin

    Jared GillettJared Gillett20 kun oldin
  • Corona is a man maid fear tactic.

    Tracey KeithTracey Keith20 kun oldin
  • Their is a deep state apparatus in America. It strives to keep the same order such as the democratic/communist order is operating in. The Call vet 19

    Tracey KeithTracey Keith20 kun oldin
  • Check out the china biden connection on blazetv here on yt 🤯

    dirtdiver5050dirtdiver505020 kun oldin
  • Thank you for your thoughts. Patriots are watching. Hopefully they will never have to use force. In order, to secure our liberties. But they are always ready, to do so. If the time comes.

    Craig PhillipsCraig Phillips20 kun oldin
  • The most violent man in the room, can often be the most peaceful, yet most feared.

    This F#ckin GuuyyyThis F#ckin Guuyyy20 kun oldin
  • 8:42 This is why "bugging out" is not an option for me. I'm a little older, a little out of shape and have women to protect. For me.... bugging out is not an option. It is for others and Im not knocking that one bit; just not for me. I'll run a safe house for street warriors but I can't bug out. If Trump wins.... problems in the streets. If Trump loses due to mail in cheating and voter fraud..... trouble in the streets.... looks like trouble no matter what.

    Alabama WoodsmanAlabama Woodsman20 kun oldin
  • You use literally NO factual or statistical evidence to back up your conspiracy theories and that’s a problem if you want to be taken seriously. Those that blindly follow along with these theories are not the type of people you want on your side if you plan on fighting a war. At least, not if you want to win. This comment isn’t meant to just criticize or put you down-were on the same side. I just figured you’d probably rather hear it from someone who shares your beliefs than from the opposition.

    camas77721camas7772120 kun oldin
  • Please post your videos on Rumble and Bitchute ! Please,,,.

    Josey WalesaJosey Walesa20 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the sharing.

    carl jonescarl jones20 kun oldin
  • Keep bringing the sage prose Brother.

    Roy H. BarrettRoy H. Barrett20 kun oldin