TIG Welding with TOOL STEEL filler?!

26-Sen, 2020
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Lay down hard tool steel weld beads... tell me that ain't nuts!
Fix chipped or broken tools, make your own chisels... mushy pie crust? Not anymore!
Music: Kate's Waltz - Bad Snacks

  • A little off topic but worth sharing. Some day your daughter will find that special someone who she's going to look at with blinders on, but will spend far too much time comparing him to her father (who was the consummate example of manhood in her life). find out what kind of tools her husband has been wanting, and for his next birthday gift she says she was thinking about getting him the cordless hammer drill he's been hinting about. He'll have been eyeballing that Dewalt or Milluakee every time he takes her to Home Depot for bathroom tiles. Purchase the cheapest Black and Decker version of it, then give it to your daughter for him. Tell her, "Now he doesn't have to go buy one because you already got him just what he wanted."

    Chris CromarChris Cromar16 soat oldin
  • Great video Tony !! I'm not sure what i enjoy more .... the TOT videos or reading all the comments from all your loyal trolls 😯 I meant loyal VIEWERS 🙄🤦‍♂️ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • We need a new video! Come on man. Shoot poop if you must, but post something, please!

    Wm. SriteWm. Srite20 soat oldin
  • Great for reconditioning valve rocker things that have lost their hard facing :-P

    Kirk ClaybrookKirk ClaybrookKun oldin
  • Tony you funny guy!

    zaphbeeblebroxzaphbeeblebroxKun oldin
  • where you been man? you didn't get the Rona did you?

  • My lawnmower blades are about to become really badass. Pine cones be damned!!!

    Pix2GoStudiosPix2GoStudiosKun oldin
    • Or not ....

      Pix2GoStudiosPix2GoStudiosKun oldin
  • What an amazing product!

    Liam RLiam R2 kun oldin
  • 8:04 - heh :) Is it just me, or does that cut-out look like a great big c&b?

    Pete MundyPete Mundy2 kun oldin
  • I'm trying to became the TOT applied to rc cars, i appreciate any hints from his followers.

    As it Should BeAs it Should Be2 kun oldin
  • 🤔 where’s nowadays TOT .? anticipation turning into depression.!! 😣 hope you doing ok pal.

    Shahin PortohfehShahin Portohfeh2 kun oldin
  • You got to be a teacher. Of the dedicated kind. You make learning hilariously funny. Thankyou. Ps. I am sharing this beaut of a vid.

    Wayne RaathWayne Raath2 kun oldin
  • Dude, it seems your filler is listed in the EN 14700, either Fe3 or Fe8! So if you search for filler with this EN14700 types, you will get what you have shown us in the video. Eg: CORODUR WZ 55 8:48 after sharpening a blade, this feeling is awesome. You took the right music :D

    qwertz33qwertz332 kun oldin
    • if you want to see another type of hardfacing, i tested UTP 75 En14700 Fe20 (with carbides), file wont help anymore lol: watch?v=CNsp8BKB2kI

      qwertz33qwertz332 kun oldin
  • You could squirt oil all over Ron Covels English wheel anvils, sprinkle them with metal shavings and dirt and Ron would look at you and Smile. The guy is as cool as a cucumber, unflappable, Hell of a panel beater too. So Tony go easy on our gentle bearded metal shaper when you start throwing Men Without Hats at him.

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  • Been a few week now ole friend

    MrPlumberguy23MrPlumberguy233 kun oldin
  • Have you thrown us away? The kids are screaming, the ladies all swooning and grown men gnashing teeth and cursing the internet for no quality content. Come home Old T, all will be forgiven... we miss you!

    JonseyJonsey3 kun oldin
  • cool hack !

    Mechanics DIYMechanics DIY3 kun oldin
  • Damn, my favourite TOT!

    Leone PieraccioniLeone Pieraccioni3 kun oldin
  • well you have successfully figured out a not cheap but quick method of achieving a hardened edge blade like that of a traditional Katana which is has a hardened forge welded edge and soft steel core.

    Jonathan McClainJonathan McClain3 kun oldin
  • Lawnmower blade you suggested....warms up Tig welder.

    African ElectronAfrican Electron3 kun oldin
    • @This Old Tony Will your autograph my foot stump sir?

      African ElectronAfrican Electron3 kun oldin
    • !

      This Old TonyThis Old Tony3 kun oldin
  • So long! I am unsubscribing and dumping UZworld because UZworld has been dumping channels that deliver the Truth! I won't be watching anything on UZworld from this date forward!

    Gordon MuthGordon Muth4 kun oldin
  • Very COOL - thank you! Cheers

    Centurion WizofidCenturion Wizofid4 kun oldin
  • TRUMP 2020! WWG1WGA!

    red7fiftyred7fifty4 kun oldin
  • "I've been playing with it for a week now..." Old Tony, you are a master at subtlety.

    embieembie4 kun oldin
  • awesome bender!!! i want one

    Tyler LesjakTyler Lesjak5 kun oldin
  • This Old Tony. have you seen this video about building a michining vice uzworld.info/player/video/oanKptlnitKpqmc These asian guys seem all to be crazy IMHO. But the skill and beauty of this build is undeniable

    Jan SeidelJan Seidel5 kun oldin
  • Hey tony i was curious about if i could get your contact info for a part i need made. Plus it could be made into a video about our favorite topic... GEARS!! Worm gear specifically but it would be awesome if we could work something out.

  • Looking forward to your pasta machine collab with Handtool Rescue!

    NSUC Congregational LifeNSUC Congregational Life5 kun oldin
  • Mild steel, surface hardening , Casehardening works well. Mixtures are sold to diffuse Carbon into the red hot steel surface, this works well. You can also diffuse Carbon into the surface of mild steel with a O2 - C2H2 torch, running very rich (low O2 on the torch, black excess carbon diffuses into the steel) hard as a MF.

    Fred RosseFred Rosse6 kun oldin
  • Tony i have a idea and would like your advice is there a way we could get in contact? I live in Saskatchewan Can.

    Dale SatherDale Sather6 kun oldin
  • Plus 🔔

    تدابير ووصفات ام البناتتدابير ووصفات ام البنات6 kun oldin
  • Tony, I have ran out of your videos to watch. Tig welder filler rod is great, all of the videos are great. Since I have watched all of your videos, many more then once. You tube has become boring, now the content I see from others is barely satisfying my brain. Do you think you could give us more , more often? I know your not out of ideas? Keep it coming

    brian silerbrian siler6 kun oldin
    • He's trying to get a handle on it.

      LowJack187LowJack1876 kun oldin
  • Yes, I liked it. You have given me some ideas for in my shop.

    Jeffry BlackmonJeffry Blackmon7 kun oldin
  • Hey tony I'd like to send you some free lathe tooling. let me explain my situation; I'm trying to convince my boss to let me retool the shop and the best way I can think to do it is to bring in a really good lathe tool. if your willing to test my tooling before I bring it in I'd really appreciate it.

    nate Leuthnernate Leuthner7 kun oldin
  • Hi again sorry but if you see this could I would like to please buy your design the scissor lift. I'm currently in college in Ireland and designing my third year project for the year. I'm not the best in my engineering course but I know with your design it would help me a lot to design a porotype for my project. Please and Thank you.

    Jerry IdahorJerry Idahor7 kun oldin
  • Hilaaaarioussss😂😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Ahmed KhanAhmed Khan7 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/bZ_PpqSQYca8dqY

    Noan YoBisenissNoan YoBiseniss7 kun oldin
  • i have been welding quite a lot with a similar wire made by meltolit. the hardness level of the tig wire i have been used is high enough for a flappy weel to have a hard time getting through it and make a mark. i should try to do something similar to what you have done here and try to make an axe or a knife or something along those lines cause that could be super cool, just haven't thought about it. but for everyone watching this video, i personally haven't had a problem welding hardening filler as long as the base metal is clean. follow the same procedure as you do when welding something important with regular wire and you should be golden. heat settings should be kept roughly the same as you use when welding regular mild steel but if you're able to should you speed up your weld speed slightly, at least with the tig rod i'm using.

    Isak sIsak s7 kun oldin
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    kerryithm2kerryithm27 kun oldin
  • Hey Tony, I love your channel and would love to see MORE welding videos where you have details that other channels just don't offer... plus, you're funny, or at least funnier than them. Nice Christmas Story reference there with the, "ohhhh fffudge!" 😉👍

    Raw GageRaw Gage8 kun oldin
  • Nice!!

    Robert KohutRobert Kohut9 kun oldin
  • You know what This Old Tony? Octopusses have beaks. Hard beaks, like a parrot. Hard enough to break shells. But you may wonder: "Luiz, but octopussies are soft and can squeeze in tiny spaces, how he beak don't cut through their own muscles and flesh?" Because the beak is anchored in layers of tissued that are progressively soft, so there is a gradient of hardness of the octopuss tissue until we got into the shell breaking beak. Just like you did welding this fancy filler into mild steel.

    Luiz Fellipe CarneiroLuiz Fellipe Carneiro9 kun oldin
  • hey tony i was wondering what is the name of your blue book that use to reference thread cutting and other things? you have made me very interested in trying to be a hobby machinist!!

    Blake CaseyBlake Casey9 kun oldin
    • @This Old Tony Hey This old, any plans for another video any time soon? Having withdrawal symptoms...just a little. Also absolutely cannot wait for your guest appearance on the FitZall podcast! Much love from a 26 year old traditional woodworker/product design teacher in England!

      Ilyas DeghaIlyas Degha7 kun oldin
    • machinery's handbook. warning... it's quite dry. reference really. no good characters.

      This Old TonyThis Old Tony9 kun oldin
  • Hi. My name is Vadim, and I have an important question for you. I would like to ask your permission to translate video for the Russian audience (because there is no such analog for Russian fans). I want to do video translation and voice-over. I am from Belarus and guarantee high quality of my work, and all the original sources will be listed in the description below of video (links to your channel) I just need your permission so that all rights (UZworld's policy) are protected. If you have any conditions, I will accept them with gratitude. You can leave me your contact details if you agree

    Jolly InquizitorJolly Inquizitor9 kun oldin
    • @This Old Tony Hi Hi. I understand that there are a lot of comments, maybe mine is just difficult to see, is it possible to somehow discuss the work separately? Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, or what do you use in your country? :)

      Jolly InquizitorJolly Inquizitor5 kun oldin
    • @This Old Tony Hello! I’ve started translation and voice-acting. Do you mind if I ask you send me your UZworld channel’s logo? I need that picture (high quality please) so I can use it as preview. Thanks a lot :)

      Jolly InquizitorJolly Inquizitor7 kun oldin
    • I will turn on collaboration... send me a message here in a few days if it doesn't work. and thanks! great idea.

      This Old TonyThis Old Tony9 kun oldin
  • Bike Lifter Hi Tony, hopefully you see this comment. I saw a clever lever mechanism that might be suitable to replace your broken bike lift. either way a wonderful piece of mechanical engineering: uzworld.info/player/video/iY7fjJuwlLG5pms

    Paul van DintherPaul van Dinther10 kun oldin
  • Careful with shock loads on thumbnails!

    5starmachine ko5starmachine ko10 kun oldin
  • Quench it !!!

    Lead SledLead Sled10 kun oldin
  • I see a future of MIG rolls!

    the4thjthe4thj10 kun oldin
  • I'm building an aqua-mining attachment for my wet/dry vacuum to help me dig out a tree stump by sucking out the dirt below it, and I need to put some teeth on the mouth so I can cut thru small roots. However, they need to be hard enough to survive contact with dirt and rocks too. Your video reminded me that I have some OLD hard-facing stick electrodes that might be good for this. I will try knocking off the flux and TIG my way to happiness. You may be no Jody Collier under the hood, but your videos are a hoot and an inspiration.

    Ralph WatersRalph Waters11 kun oldin
  • Old Tony, remembering your video of the mod water cooler for the TIG, I'm wondering if you have an induction forge and what your thoughts are for using one and using your water cooler for said induction forge. What say you, Old Tony?

    Dan GrubbsDan Grubbs11 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know how to get in contact with Tony? I have free welding rods i want to give him.

    C RichC Rich11 kun oldin
  • That's a really cool way of hardening the edge without actually hardening it.

    Jon JonJon Jon11 kun oldin
  • We need a video about groving on mill and lathe please

    Yazan AltarawnehYazan Altarawneh12 kun oldin
  • I found This Russian Tony uzworld.info/player/video/hIfXgZVofarIl5Y

    Shawn RawlingsShawn Rawlings12 kun oldin
  • 👍👌

    Gacheru MburuGacheru Mburu12 kun oldin
  • Tony I don't know if you remember you videos on the mini lathe but I remembered having the same trouble with the plastic gears my solution was cutting the same in metal as you did but the gears were still a bit big for rate of feed I wanted so what about an extra little sun gear or two just a thought hope your all well

    Berrnie MccannasterBerrnie Mccannaster13 kun oldin
  • How you cut internal keyway without broaching tool? I would like to see some tricks on that. Maybe with milling.

    omveer singhomveer singh13 kun oldin
  • I watched this video when it came out 2 weeks ago, but can you make another video on it? I am incredibly impressed.

    Master of ButterMaster of Butter13 kun oldin
  • Tony, You have yield and ultimate tensile mixed up. - Back to metallurgy class with you!

    Mathew MolkMathew Molk13 kun oldin
  • You say it’s a terrible idea to do lawnmower blades. That’s the first place my brain went.

    Max RowlandMax Rowland13 kun oldin
  • Can’t mild steel be hardened with dull drill bits and tap magic, the way the barbarians did it?

    Tim MarshallTim Marshall13 kun oldin
  • Dear ThisOldTony, I just wanted to say thank you for all the things I've gotten to learn from you. I'm good at finding info and learning, so I likely would've ended up here regardless, but I've really enjoyed learning from you. A while back, you did a video about welding telling people to not go welding a trailer together. Well, I've gone a different direction. I made a race bike. The bodywork is still in rough shape, and this isn't it's final form, but I thought you might enjoy seeing something you've helped someone else design and build. I especially like to go back to the video where you explain Young's Modulus. Anyway, here it is. imgur.com/gallery/16VI2Jq

    chipmunkshavenutschipmunkshavenuts13 kun oldin
  • 7:48 I thought "what the heck is he doing" .... Then "oh hooo hoooooo...." FYI - Weld Mold has about 100 different alloys. You'd need to be an engineer to determine which one to use. But, amazing info!

    smportissmportis13 kun oldin
  • 2:13 ?? Somebody clue this noob in. I don't get the joke.

    smportissmportis13 kun oldin
  • Are you aware of a Colchester lathe group? : colchesterlathe.groups.io/g/main

    pmailkeeypmailkeey14 kun oldin
  • Hey so I have all this Delrin and ABS, HDPE, and Teflon(PTFE) plastic laying around. Would you like it? It would mean a lot to me if it got used for an educational video.

    Kevin TofuriKevin Tofuri14 kun oldin
  • its like discovery and tlc had a baby with comedy central. I dont think another human could make a "filler rod" joke actually funny .

  • This could mess up Tony for a really long time. Of course I'm posting it. uzworld.info/player/video/fKOvgNprXaeUanw

    LowJack187LowJack18714 kun oldin
  • YOU need to be more careful tony, this FIRST thing im putting this on is my LAWNMORE BLADE EDGES ! !!! LOL . my first "this old tony inspired video" uzworld.info/player/video/f2u4jtqrh6arfJo

  • Hey Tony, you ever try (intentionally) friction welding on the lathe?

    Alex ZhaoAlex Zhao15 kun oldin
  • LOL and the hatchet blank/ negative space...

    Peter JensenPeter Jensen15 kun oldin
  • All the crap on TV and radio gets ya down and pisses ya off. Then their is the old Tony bringing smiles and laughs back and possibly some education , not sure yet . Don't stop Tony , im pretty sure something will melt down if you do starting with my garage . Love love your videos !!!!

    Eric TurnerEric Turner15 kun oldin
  • Pretty cool! Wonder what happens if you do proper heat treatment on this stuff?! I suspect the grain structure could look quite bad straight after welding like this. Some normalizing, a good quench and you could be hacking your way through 1" nails with no problem! :)

    Torbjörn ÅhmanTorbjörn Åhman16 kun oldin
    • @Torbjörn Åhman if you search for products Fe 3 or Fe 8 on EN 14700 you will find this or similar products. Eg CORODUR WZ 55 or Alunox AX-650 or a whole roll for MIG welding (MIG = pure Argon) www.weldingtool.eu/mig-schweissdraht-utp-a-dur-650-en14700-s-fe-8.html

      qwertz33qwertz332 kun oldin
    • @aserta Sweet!

      Torbjörn ÅhmanTorbjörn Åhman15 kun oldin
    • I've done some experiments and it works pretty nice, doesn't look nice tho. :)) Kinda like a long worm. HOWEVER, that being said, you can make patterns if you double or triple the number of wires held at once, and it kinda ... kinda looks like a hamon line if you wiggle enough. It's difficult tho.

      asertaaserta15 kun oldin
  • be good if we could see him anneal the tool steel and case harden the chisel and then give a comparison see if there is a difference if any

    tyran coxtyran cox16 kun oldin
  • is weld mold 938 air hardening like 958?

    dan suppleedan supplee16 kun oldin
  • of course the *guy* is Frank. (12:17) What...he's gonna be a Dustin?

    David BeamerDavid Beamer16 kun oldin
  • hey you. i know you enjoy cool stuff. this guys got himself a real handy project. uzworld.info/player/video/cIOYa86eeJGtnIw

    SkandranonOwensSkandranonOwens16 kun oldin
    • i stand corrected. THIS is the one.. uzworld.info/player/video/jqK8oqZ6l8iZeXg

      SkandranonOwensSkandranonOwens16 kun oldin
  • ToT had a video where he had to scare a missing screw out of a cat. Can someone please tell me which one that was?

    W.D. CallahanW.D. Callahan16 kun oldin
  • you ROCK Tony!

    Craig PrestonCraig Preston16 kun oldin
  • Great video, thanks! Although I can't seem to find the "salt" setting on my TIG machine.

    Dan DuncanDan Duncan16 kun oldin
  • @Thisoldtony you should check out uzworld.info/tost/v1xxFkEiAdCVy6foEEUIvwvideos This dudes hand looks like something off a terminator!

    No Shave NovemberNo Shave November16 kun oldin
  • Tony! How can you fill a gap on cast Iron?

    juanmangeritajuanmangerita16 kun oldin
  • Is there an equivalent product for stick welding?

    SalzarSalzar16 kun oldin
  • I wish someone would make a welding/machining video for just white noise That's how I get to sleep

    WTL TVWTL TV17 kun oldin
  • Oh yeah, mortising hinges with a rusty dull flathead screwdriver. That's me

    Just Gonna Get BetterJust Gonna Get Better17 kun oldin
  • 5 minutes in i thought of my mower blades....

    Pete HPete H17 kun oldin
  • Hey there, I'm trying to find some of this 958 filler rod. Google searches brought up the site for the manufacturer but did you buy it from another location?

    Juston SchmidtkeJuston Schmidtke17 kun oldin
  • Just soiled myself when the cutter came close to the clamp

    George BoaruGeorge Boaru17 kun oldin
  • GREAT video, VERY useful info, thanks TOT

    Alex McLeanAlex McLean17 kun oldin
  • Hey TOT which was the video you made about tig torch button

    Just DreJust Dre17 kun oldin
  • Where to get these?

    Boosted98gsxBoosted98gsx17 kun oldin
  • Hi ToT, I’m 16 years old and I’m cleaning my father’s lathe. I’m inspired to learn how to work with it because of your videos. The lathe is a “AVM Mas 140” I can’t find much info on it but I think it’s about the same size as your lathe(maybe a bit smaller). Now is my question which tools should I buy for a starter? If you or someone has useful info to get me started please comment.

    Barthold van der SluisBarthold van der Sluis18 kun oldin
    • dont wear loose fitting long sleeve shirts ! or go to bed with strangers.

  • Gee, thanks TOT.

    Bad BatchBad Batch18 kun oldin
  • You need an upgrade in your shop Tony uzworld.info/player/video/oajSbNp9nZGtpWs&ab_channel=TungaloyUK

    Sasha ZSasha Z18 kun oldin
  • The HRC point is a diamond cone with a rounded tip. When used on softer grades of steel, the diamond holder will get damaged, because the tip goes in too deep, and the holder contacts the work. I've done it. The lab tech in charge was not impressed. "You should have tried it with a file first!"

    Matthew MorycinskiMatthew Morycinski18 kun oldin
  • Man I'd kill for a signed Machinery's Handbook from ToT.

    Corey BCorey B18 kun oldin
  • Now technicly you could weld yourself(son) a katana 😁😁

    JellyCarrotJellyCarrot18 kun oldin
  • Hey Tony can you help me build a free energy device, I will send you the blueprints with explanation and I just want to see it work you can contact me through cezar@cezarmachinery.com. I really want to build it my self but I don't have the tools needed

    Out Of NothingOut Of Nothing18 kun oldin
  • Do you have a ToT welder's cap merch? ("Never underestimate the power of the moich", President Scroob Yogurt , "Spaceballs" circa, 1987.)

    John MorganJohn Morgan18 kun oldin
  • Do You know some equivalent in europe?

    maro255imaro255i19 kun oldin