this Wave Pool Cost $100 per SECOND to ride

27-Sen, 2020
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  • casey slept in walmart parking lot

    Auston OšlapasAuston Ošlapas27 kun oldin
    • I heard target

      Alexander KiriakiAlexander Kiriaki3 kun oldin
    • Hey m8 I hated you at first could not stand ya but now But now I think your the bomb you make great vids DRONE BOY

      Reunite as o.N.e11Reunite as o.N.e113 kun oldin
    • Yeah what's walmart

      NEXIDA CFNEXIDA CF3 kun oldin
    • @Ryan Walmart Parking Lot Expert

      Y0UTUBEY0UTUBE7 kun oldin
    • from goose sports

      Gutter Gator Thinks BVD isnt a SelloutGutter Gator Thinks BVD isnt a Sellout8 kun oldin
  • but...... 1 hour of 100 dollars a second is 360k an hour so how is it only 50k for a whole day

    orangejacketJorangejacketJ35 daqiqa oldin
  • He B yootoobin'....

    BoatmarkBoatmarkSoat oldin
  • That money would keep me Hawaiian for quiet a while.

    framfullframfull11 soat oldin

  • Investors should build ten more of these across the USA right away.

    Robby WilskiRobby Wilski23 soat oldin
  • Casey, Loved it!

    Abishai BarshikarAbishai BarshikarKun oldin
  • my immediate response to the title: ...... why?

    LazirussLazirussKun oldin
  • 6:08 hahahhaha best part of whole vlog!! Stoked!!!

    Tiny House LifeTiny House Life2 kun oldin
  • is this the "ocean" everyone's talking about?

    Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IVGrand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV2 kun oldin

    Jesse RomineJesse Romine3 kun oldin
  • hundred dollars per second?! must be a special wave I guess

    The PudgeThe Pudge3 kun oldin
  • 🙄 oh boy!

    Mathieuasselin AsselinMathieuasselin Asselin3 kun oldin
  • the deleted fight at the end would have been the best part of the video.

    UN-common Sense AUSUN-common Sense AUS3 kun oldin
  • over produced hipster garbage

    UN-common Sense AUSUN-common Sense AUS3 kun oldin
  • The "music" was as terrible as wet paper.

    Chef Matt HammerschmidtChef Matt Hammerschmidt3 kun oldin
  • Holy moly that’s the best goddamn camera quality , I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing

    WC BRUNTWC BRUNT3 kun oldin
  • Exactly. Sum it up: (1) create a lake in SoCal (2) spend megajoules per wave, carbon footprint scary (3) sign up with surfrider and spend 2h picking up scarce empty plastic bottles on the beach... (4) assert your eco-commitment. No, Kelly, no.

    Thomas RebotierThomas Rebotier4 kun oldin
  • is this summit 1g

    EpicPlayz 29EpicPlayz 294 kun oldin
  • Only here 4 some of your subscribers 2 come on over my way!!

    Wolftrax PrintsWolftrax Prints4 kun oldin
  • Your blessed to be able to enjoy all these gifts.

    DropHammer77DropHammer774 kun oldin
  • cool... Let's set the planet on fire to create a wave

    Invisble Ninja5000Invisble Ninja50005 kun oldin
  • Bsr cable park in Texas has one too under a 100 for 30 minutes

    Bob JohnsonBob Johnson5 kun oldin
  • So an hour is 360000 dollard

    Xyz MonoXyz Mono5 kun oldin
  • bro I can make better waves cause I'm built different

    TeamTameTeamTame5 kun oldin
  • LOL your wife is all that LOL> S.T.O.K.E.D., new word. lmao oh god too funny

    Ned StudiosNed Studios6 kun oldin
  • So how much that was? Like 2k

    Stefan AlexandruStefan Alexandru6 kun oldin
  • the guy looks like a silvestore Stallone clone that went horribly wrong.

    BaySideTVBaySideTV6 kun oldin
  • I don't even surf but good vid ! I want to get away from my kids but when I do I MISS THEM !!!

    davetileguydavetileguy6 kun oldin
  • Shit I thought it was weird that a train was going by right when Casey took that wave! Lol

    Kiko MacKiko Mac6 kun oldin
  • i’m STOKED to see candice SHRED sometime

    rae hour!rae hour!6 kun oldin
  • Was Casey in project power?

    Evan SamuelEvan Samuel6 kun oldin
  • There’s like a thousand checkmark profile users that commented on this video

    T. HammT. Hamm6 kun oldin
  • It’s not a wave pull it’s wake pool y’all wake surfing 😂

    Biggest PyroBiggest Pyro6 kun oldin
  • I've missed you dad!!!!

    Will RawlinsWill Rawlins6 kun oldin
  • I missed Casey Man .

    Appearing through dimensionsAppearing through dimensions7 kun oldin
  • You can spend your whole life searching for the perfect wave... or pay $50,000.

    D RD R7 kun oldin

    epic railsepic rails7 kun oldin
  • Its cool not 100 dollars a second cool tho

    Mark GreenMark Green7 kun oldin
  • There's one in the UK,bristol called the wave its awesome and super cheap for what you get.

    Charlie thomasCharlie thomas7 kun oldin
  • Great use of worlds resources lol.

    nigelsheffieldnigelsheffield7 kun oldin
  • Why is this man so rich?

    Manel evManel ev7 kun oldin
  • Its 90 for a full hour you liar

    shir okoshir oko7 kun oldin
  • women suit😂

    Danial HakimDanial Hakim7 kun oldin
  • My mans in my towns backyard let’s go

    Minato A3Minato A37 kun oldin
  • What about the kids?! “I see them everyday” 😂 👍

    John JohnJohn John7 kun oldin
  • This dude reminds me of Sean Penn for some reason, how about you?

    Randy GRandy G7 kun oldin
  • SOMETHING is WRONG, at the beginning ( 2:10 ) Casey says that an all-day cost 50.000$, but if a second cost 100$ it makes an hour cost 360.000$ so ... How???? A great discount code or just losing money?? :D

    Afterbang77Afterbang777 kun oldin
  • mans spent 800 dollars in the first few second

    Avoked RogerfnAvoked Rogerfn7 kun oldin
  • Meanwhile ppl starving loosing their homes instead of going to a free ocean you waste money on paying for waves. Gj could of fed over 20 families but i guess wave riding is more important

    Seize the DaySeize the Day7 kun oldin
  • 100 a SECOND! hell nah. Family trip ruined

    Sam StratfordSam Stratford7 kun oldin
  • Greed is good ?

    timexironman100mtimexironman100m7 kun oldin
  • No way!! You were in central Cali bro!! Whattt!!?

    Jay RevJay Rev8 kun oldin
  • Do you need anthimg buitl

    Bob THe BuilderBob THe Builder8 kun oldin
  • I would’ve thought the waves came from the jetski

    Exotic GahExotic Gah8 kun oldin
  • The thumbnail makes it look like your just at the ocean

    Numm NuttsNumm Nutts8 kun oldin
  • Expensive but nice

    Vorkian GamingVorkian Gaming8 kun oldin
  • Come to Cornwall and surf Millook, its a world class wave and...its free. While you're here you could pop over to the wave garden in Bristol which creates a pretty sweet wave for £40 an hour. Judging by your performance, you'll have as good a ride, if not better, because you'll be able to spend way more time in the water, and you can work on pulling into a barrel;)

    Brad ClarkBrad Clark8 kun oldin
  • Candice is the best 😂🖤 love seeing her in the videos !

    Klára NedbalováKlára Nedbalová8 kun oldin
  • For just a dollar a second you too can sponsor a child.....

    Jonni ArmaniJonni Armani8 kun oldin
  • Where does the wave come ?

    Sk UNICORNSk UNICORN8 kun oldin
  • 50k per day..... Does it run everyday? ⊙.☉

    Paul SummerfieldPaul Summerfield8 kun oldin
  • reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    GobroGobro8 kun oldin
  • A minute and 40 seconds for 10,000 dollars? Nah that’s a lie

    Lord, Faucet FailureLord, Faucet Failure8 kun oldin
  • Humanity probably say you need $1 to breathe next

    Morgan LeoMorgan Leo8 kun oldin
  • Ok really. How much did it cost?

    nicolemking1nicolemking18 kun oldin
  • Who is BILLY . 0:36

    Umair KhanUmair Khan8 kun oldin
  • I don’t wonna sound like a 101 idiot, but 10 years/15mil? It’s an object moving water creating a wave, i can do the math and the engineering in 1 week for free...

    MarioMario8 kun oldin
  • So 1 hour would be 100000 dollars to ride it

    Myname0165Myname01658 kun oldin
  • Bro you vlogs are fr like a tv show

    Yeet ManYeet Man8 kun oldin
  • Dude like your style and you crack me up 😂 Contact me, want to tell you something Gerry and a small number of us know and more should know.

    Aaron Dodson, P. E.Aaron Dodson, P. E.8 kun oldin
  • Are you kidding me $100 a sec, not me, not Rich like Casey

    Lewis ThomasLewis Thomas8 kun oldin
  • this is like the water of the roller coaster '^^

    Master ObliteratorMaster Obliterator8 kun oldin
  • Love how he called a million dollar invention a chu chu train

    I don’t get the jokeI don’t get the joke8 kun oldin
  • The waves at typhoon lagoon are still bigger

    Reagan PatchReagan Patch9 kun oldin
  • Just.... ride a real wave

    Kenny TranKenny Tran9 kun oldin
  • That’s like $360,000 for an hour

    Not_h4rry10 On rlNot_h4rry10 On rl9 kun oldin
  • I love how his wife feels so guilty when she tries to say she wants another hotel night.

    Lars NeunfingerLars Neunfinger9 kun oldin
  • Id rather ride an electric surfboard

    NagataNagata9 kun oldin
  • 5 Sec PS5

    iQMT7- PS4iQMT7- PS49 kun oldin
  • But does it cost $400,000 to fire it for 12 seconds?

    SpyTiColeSpyTiCole9 kun oldin
  • How brave is a man that tells his wife she was too long shopping.

    HotwireHotwire9 kun oldin
    • My mum takes over 3 hours usually

      Andy PiperAndy Piper7 kun oldin
  • he gives me bill nye vibes 😂

    TiiannahTiiannah9 kun oldin
  • thats too much

    Steven HusmannSteven Husmann9 kun oldin
  • I live in lemoore

    Dawson's Lego'sDawson's Lego's9 kun oldin
  • It costs 400,000 thousand to fire this gun for twelve seconds

    Trash BanditTrash Bandit9 kun oldin
  • $100 dollars a sec is stupid

    Short Fro gamingShort Fro gaming9 kun oldin
  • I know a place where the waves are free, and they travel thousands of miles just for you!

    XXXHoodooXXXXXXHoodooXXX9 kun oldin
  • The one and only thing to do in lemoore. And it costs thousands of bucks.

    ChairForceChairForce9 kun oldin
  • Cool 😀 looks good, don't be nerves 👊

    Popp Up the WorldPopp Up the World9 kun oldin
  • U can do this in the ocean for free lol

    kindred hammerkindred hammer9 kun oldin
  • And the ocean is free.

    Double Barrel ShotgunDouble Barrel Shotgun9 kun oldin
  • Brilliant storytelling. Brilliant editing. Brilliant music.

    Jonathan ArenaJonathan Arena9 kun oldin
  • That airstream tho

    Jonathan ArenaJonathan Arena9 kun oldin
  • He also went to the dispensary in Lemoore I think I saw him there or dude look like him haha

    Classic JayClassic Jay9 kun oldin
  • 100 dollars per second lol no thank you , with that money I get a massage with a happy ending, shiiit

    Alerta 11 11 oficialAlerta 11 11 oficial9 kun oldin
  • Me : ok so I was in for a minute to fetch my football back,I guess I’ll pay for the time I was in. Me : what is the final total Woman at counter : ok that will be $6000, cash or credit? Me : ok let me just go to the toilet real quick

    Bayley PughBayley Pugh10 kun oldin
  • Where you buy your lips made in China 😉😝

    kil lerkil ler10 kun oldin
  • 50k to operate athats too much

    T i q ø iT i q ø i10 kun oldin
  • Your wife is a cool-ass chick brother! Having her on board completes your channel!

    Gerry LandyGerry Landy10 kun oldin