this NEW PKM Class is like AIMBOT! 🤯 (Modern Warfare Warzone)

24-Noy, 2020
608 157 Ko‘rishlar soni

this NEW PKM Class is like AIMBOT! 🤯 (Modern Warfare Warzone)
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  • Way to fix the slowness use pkm with the mp7 or mp5

    Px JohnnyPx Johnny4 kun oldin
  • i run pkm with p90, just trust me

    tristan pinttristan pint5 kun oldin
  • Cant move or jump once the PKM starts clapping them cheeks it doesnt stop it has like body chasing bullets lol

    Luna PetuniaLuna Petunia5 kun oldin
  • Bro I maxed that gun out in 3 hour's and almost won in warzone with it

    Mk SlattMk Slatt7 kun oldin

    nitrospeed 2121nitrospeed 21219 kun oldin
  • play smite on more nick mercs

    Anthony ValenicaAnthony Valenica20 kun oldin
  • Best gun in Warzone

    Frank WhiteFrank White21 kun oldin
  • Instead of tac lazer run it wit 200round ammunition n its best gun in the game before the the newest nerfs to dmr gun

    Johnny DunnJohnny Dunn24 kun oldin
  • Yeet

    CrayCray MoseCrayCray MoseOy oldin
  • How the fuck do you control the recoil like that lol shit must be way different on PC

    Patrick Prass JrPatrick Prass JrOy oldin
  • It’s ADD just an fyi.

    Alijandro SandovalAlijandro SandovalOy oldin
  • Nick let me play with you

    Shandra WattieShandra WattieOy oldin
  • I stop using the m91 couse that gun

    ZYRIXZ_559 alvarezZYRIXZ_559 alvarezOy oldin
  • This (all of yours) thumbnail = You taking a fat one down the throat, and/or taking an ever fatter one up the chilly ring.

    Bow NhurBow NhurOy oldin
  • Hey nick, maybe not a good idea to drink egg whites because cooked eggs actually have more protein available for you than raw eggs. Also, raw eggs make it hard for you to absorb biotin so you'll notice hair, nail, and skin health go down as well as feel more tired than usual.

    Jasmeet SinghJasmeet SinghOy oldin
  • 10:17 Shrek mod activated

    Nefrost On SladNefrost On SladOy oldin
  • I use almost that same build, only difference is i use the untrilight stock. the one that comes on the pre build. its a laser tho and it hits like a bertha

    Joshua JonesJoshua JonesOy oldin
  • Wait what's wrong with the an 94?

    daKooKieMonSter -daKooKieMonSter -Oy oldin
  • Pkm is insane

    Scott9Scott9Oy oldin
  • I tried this class yesterday and got banned today🤦‍♀️

    Kenji TominezKenji TominezOy oldin
  • Hey nick I a 5.9 kid

    Kyson AddisonKyson AddisonOy oldin
  • Nonce

    Sunny A.Sunny A.Oy oldin
  • Rocky drank the whole egg though

    Tone HollerTone HollerOy oldin
  • "no wayyyyyyyy " 7:03

    Aniceto Andres IIIAniceto Andres IIIOy oldin
  • Do u use tactical flipped?

    Peyton ReidPeyton ReidOy oldin
  • Do a finn and fennec loadout

    Peyton ReidPeyton ReidOy oldin
  • Do the M4

    Zachary HardyZachary HardyOy oldin
  • ''How is there chicken on my balls'' NIckmercs: 2020

    YuriNatorYuriNatorOy oldin
  • ur edits in the beginning of the video are fucking insane holy shit

    DroodyDroodyOy oldin
  • i love nick lmao

    DroodyDroodyOy oldin
  • Poor tim

    EpicNoodleGamingEpicNoodleGamingOy oldin
  • 9:20 CAP!!!!!!!!!! Like that's not CAP BRUH

    Daniel QueDaniel QueOy oldin
  • 7:45 Nick my man's en em..... I love you but the chicken in your 👄 should have never reached your balls...... unless?????????? can you say Marilyn Manson anyone.....

    Daniel QueDaniel QueOy oldin
  • 7:25 chicken 🐔 nuts

    Daniel QueDaniel QueOy oldin
  • muh guy run the slaughter house pkm with no stock and put everything else that you have on it though it will bring your mobility up load out name HUMAN CONFETTI

    Daniel QueDaniel QueOy oldin
  • Bro nick u need to try the sks marksman rifle put the rite stuff on it and she bangs

    Horralz_ HuntinHorralz_ HuntinOy oldin
  • PKM has been my main for a min now. Tried to be hip an main the Oden but I had to drop it.

    _ iKabal_ iKabalOy oldin
  • I've been running the PKM and Finnic combo for months. It's elite

    Phoenix GoadPhoenix GoadOy oldin
  • A bit of Halo CTF 🤣you brought back so many memories bro!

    Andy MasonAndy MasonOy oldin
  • If your that good why don't you turn crossplay off and stop your easy console player kills?

    Thomas HuntThomas HuntOy oldin
  • Hey Nick, so I play with the M91. I would love to see you rip with my class or one you create. It low key slaps in trios or quads. Hit me back if you want to see how I run it. As you say "peace and love baby". Keep the videos coming. Love watching you play.

    Daniel OlsonDaniel OlsonOy oldin
  • It was awesome👌🏻👌🏻

    Farbod MahdianFarbod MahdianOy oldin
  • Beatiful play until that last lucky dickhead... Damn that's unfair af.

    TaskinTaskinOy oldin
  • Dual wield m19

    Daniel VasquezDaniel VasquezOy oldin
  • New As Val video??? 👀👀

    Justin JohnsonJustin JohnsonOy oldin
  • why isnt he in his new gaming room ??

    noname duhnoname duhOy oldin
  • All of a sudden people wanna use the pkm 😒😒 i been usin it

    Flawless LegacyFlawless LegacyOy oldin
  • The same shit the whole timeee please make new videos jeses please

    JDJDOy oldin
    • Same

      Tajaun Ellison YTTajaun Ellison YTOy oldin
  • Try Ram 7 with following attachments. Mono suppressor, ranger barrel, 50 round mags, tactical foregrip and gi mini reflex. Your welcome. Lol

    Jeremy GentryJeremy GentryOy oldin
    • @Jeremy Gentry ok i will

      Tajaun Ellison YTTajaun Ellison YTOy oldin
    • I've tried both. Just try the tactical for a game or two.

      Jeremy GentryJeremy GentryOy oldin
    • Ranger foregrip 😒

      Tajaun Ellison YTTajaun Ellison YTOy oldin
  • Imagine a pkm with a 60 round mag

    Brian _31oBrian _31oOy oldin
  • Use the SA87

    Chris RiesChris RiesOy oldin
    • The ak - 47 sister 🤣

      Tajaun Ellison YTTajaun Ellison YTOy oldin
  • did that PKM give nick a black eye?

    Jus300Jus300Oy oldin
  • 11:37 I think its Tourettes

    Ryder AllenRyder AllenOy oldin
  • I started using the PKM a couple days ago before I saw this video and I was just using it to try and unlock the Bruin. I don't need the Bruin anymore.

    Ryder AllenRyder AllenOy oldin
  • Been using the pkm since season 2

    PatrioticPandaPatrioticPandaOy oldin
  • My favorite thing the nick has ever said currently is "why is their chicken on my balls" for some reason this made me laugh so hard

    TAS_underworld _memereviewTAS_underworld _memereviewOy oldin
  • I love you my man keep up the good content

    Califishy _Califishy _Oy oldin
  • 0:49

    NeoSephXNeoSephXOy oldin
  • M91 is pretty pog two

    Jack TonerJack TonerOy oldin
  • PKM has been my go too for 6 months

    Patrick O'BrienPatrick O'BrienOy oldin
  • Nicky Jam are you? Lmao 🤣

    AegeaNAegeaNOy oldin
  • I knew he was gonna bring up Tim’s speed😂😂

    Shawn MorinShawn MorinOy oldin
  • revolver with wood stock and red dot sight

    Kourtney SmithKourtney SmithOy oldin
  • Lmao. Nick’s face @3:15 😝

    maf36maf36Oy oldin
  • What’s the song when he shows the pkm?

    PheanesPheanesOy oldin
  • 3:09 that’s Karma bro

    Marcus Van WoenselMarcus Van WoenselOy oldin
  • Isn't it A.D.D Attention Deficit Disorder

    Coley RosenbergColey RosenbergOy oldin
  • The hit registration of the PKM is way off!!!!!!! I shoot ghost bullets 75% of the time

    XerxiezZXerxiezZOy oldin
  • Revisit the p90 and use the nemo build😃

    TYB goofiesTYB goofiesOy oldin
  • Dude. PKM shreeeeeeds. Almost had it. Ggs

    Benjamin GrossBenjamin GrossOy oldin
  • “why is there chicken on my balls, explain that” bruhhh 😭😭

    John TraubJohn TraubOy oldin
  • nick mercs I feel your using anti recoil with sticky aim on the cronus zen

    NikoTHCNikoTHCOy oldin
  • "I will break you" you under age child.... waIT WHAT NICK????

    Mikey's WorldMikey's WorldOy oldin
  • "damn..half you thought I sucked.....wait what bitch?"...." damn...I thought more of you thought I sucked"

    Mikey's WorldMikey's WorldOy oldin
  • your hung like a stud!!! a stud hampster that is nick!!! :D

    Mikey's WorldMikey's WorldOy oldin
  • Pkm been hittin for me RN so acc

  • Song?

    Den Of DubsDen Of DubsOy oldin
  • What’s ur r9-0 attachments

    Adolf Hitler • 72 years agoAdolf Hitler • 72 years agoOy oldin
  • 25 kills and he’s just having fun playing, thats awesome

    MazGhoul _MazGhoul _Oy oldin
  • More videos of you absolutely SHIDDING on duos while you roll solo 😂😂

    Thomas BuchananThomas BuchananOy oldin
  • Pkm is a BEAST

    Cayden BallantyneCayden BallantyneOy oldin
  • Please do the AN-94 I main that gun and it’s honestly really good

    YouTube AokkYouTube AokkOy oldin
  • U gotta try the mg91 nick trussst

    Ivan DiazIvan DiazOy oldin
  • You need to try the 150 round mag same happen for me when I have the pkm slows down your running a bit but helps a lot it.

    Chase DukateChase DukateOy oldin
  • 1:26 AN-92 😂😂😂

    Isaam VibezIsaam VibezOy oldin
  • I feel like you don’t know the mg42, cause it shreds more than the pkm...

    Im YikesIm YikesOy oldin
  • I lowkey wanna see him do an ISO and AN-94 class setup

    kami somakami somaOy oldin
  • I would love to see a p90 and some melee 2ndary build

    Ryan RadeyRyan RadeyOy oldin
  • The PKM has gotten me out of slot of situations when I'm the last one alive

    Rainy DayRainy DayOy oldin
  • He farted lol

    Fishies ZFishies ZOy oldin
  • Oden! It’s OP

    Matthew PorterMatthew PorterOy oldin
  • I am really loving this “ Just another day at the Office “, vibe

    KKOy oldin
  • Yo I slapped a sniper scope on my PKM a couple seasons ago. Try it and thank me later.

    KKOy oldin
  • Got my first dub rolling with a 200 rd pkm last week. Squad melter

    Iron519Iron519Oy oldin
  • Mp7 plz

    Jonah SantiagoJonah SantiagoOy oldin
  • Damn 25 kills bro. Nice game bro.

    Jacob Richard SheridanJacob Richard SheridanOy oldin
  • SA87 plus VAL as SMG. Super good in solos or duos.

    Damon RobertsDamon RobertsOy oldin
  • Dude the AN-94 is pretty good (definitely not meta but not a cap gun, lol)

    Iván Fernández RamírezIván Fernández RamírezOy oldin
  • Nick: "what that when random shit pops in your head? ACC right" Me with ADHD: *face palm*

    wolfgamerwolfgamerOy oldin
  • @9:30 nick went from 😄 to 😠 in a matter of seconds

    Messier ConstantMessier ConstantOy oldin