This Is The STRONGEST Gun in Warzone! 🤯

10-Okt, 2020
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This Is The STRONGEST Gun in Warzone! 🤯
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  • Nick your just hella a good Player🏋️🏋️

    Neil AmistadNeil Amistad4 kun oldin
  • You should use the vlk rogue the one in the battle pass it has dragon breath it’s so good

    Jack RodriguezJack Rodriguez15 kun oldin
  • Thanks for making my day Nick

    Fabian MartinezFabian Martinez16 kun oldin
  • Play with the vlk shotgun

    Fabian MartinezFabian Martinez16 kun oldin
  • Sks is trash

    Sudhi SharmaSudhi Sharma16 kun oldin
  • Sks is an amazing gun I use it a lot

    Tucker ChubbTucker Chubb18 kun oldin
  • Every video is the strongest gun in warzone... fucking get a better title pussy

    ls1camaro867hpls1camaro867hp18 kun oldin
  • Please use the AN-94!

    carlosleon6carlosleon619 kun oldin
  • The Jak with explosive rounds????

    kota Boykota Boy19 kun oldin
  • That gun showcase music has me vibing

    Blitz BalloonzBlitz Balloonz23 kun oldin

    Nolan SchwartzNolan Schwartz25 kun oldin

    Andrew SedilloAndrew Sedillo26 kun oldin
  • Idea for challenge: You can only be at the center of the circle

    DepointDepoint28 kun oldin
  • lowkey nick you should use the rytech AMR with explosive rounds

    Leo BLeo B28 kun oldin
  • sub to both of his channels it takes 2 seconds

    SolzSolz28 kun oldin
  • Wrong, wrong, and wrong! The sks is the most versatile gun in the game, yes: no stock, stock with grip for long. Your set up is awful. Why would you shoot a .762 rd gun with no stock and grip. I would be petrified to shoot that shit.

    • Well it’s single fire and it has little recoil in this game

      BananaBanana28 kun oldin
  • M13 ax50

    Ryan lannyRyan lannyOy oldin
  • The m19 please... 🇿🇦

    Levi JohnsonLevi JohnsonOy oldin
  • The subtitles had me gaggin lmaooooo

    Jordan CruseJordan CruseOy oldin
  • I have a great secondary idea to run over the MP5 Take an M13 Shortest barrel available Mono suppressor Merc grip No stock 60 rd mag Definitely isn’t a range weapon but I melted super multiple different rounds with this build and can run s as fast as you can with an MP5 Add it with a sniper or primary of your choice.

    I am Red RyanI am Red RyanOy oldin
  • Make a vid on the fal? Is it good after the nerf?

    Benjamin AbrahamBenjamin AbrahamOy oldin
  • Try FAL

    Jacob EnriquezJacob EnriquezOy oldin
  • Yea I’m going with the AS Val and SKS in Warzone now. Loving it

    Chris AlphaChris AlphaOy oldin
    • Can u share the loadouts that u use please???

      Myles ArmstrongMyles Armstrong25 kun oldin
    • Fire loadout

      James BairdJames Baird28 kun oldin
  • I actually didn’t know i was in the second channel

    Mercy100kMercy100kOy oldin
  • You should try out the ram 7 it’s broken

    Nikolas IsbyNikolas IsbyOy oldin
  • Ram 7

    Nightshade J456Nightshade J456Oy oldin

    Lane GriffinLane GriffinOy oldin
  • Better AMAX build: ruberised/tac, mono suppresor, 45 round, zodiac barrel idk what its called

    Santiago Ruiz MogasSantiago Ruiz MogasOy oldin
  • Nick p90 and kar

    sandrohdsandrohdOy oldin
  • Oden 😂

    Legitimate ChaosLegitimate ChaosOy oldin
  • A good challenge would be to run a sniper probly kar98 along with a rocket launcher, I think that is a good challenge its tough 🤣 good luck with it. I ran it a few times and highest I finished was 5th in solos

    Danny SwiftDanny SwiftOy oldin
  • Pkm with monolithic, longest barrel, tac laser, vlk optic, and commando foregrip

    Jacob T MossJacob T MossOy oldin
  • 1 weak late sorry but how about some ak love in warzone? i am sure you and the boys have almost never used it

    deadwarriordeadwarriorOy oldin
  • Awesome video, Nick! Sub 2 Tim

    PrimoOutlawPrimoOutlawOy oldin
  • The AN-94 shreds

    Brandon HamiltonBrandon HamiltonOy oldin
  • EBR-14 monolithic, forge tac 22, tac laser, Amy scope, any underbarrel

    FrotoGPFrotoGPOy oldin
  • Love the sks I run it all the time.

    Deplorable SOBDeplorable SOBOy oldin
  • W

    colin mcnallycolin mcnallyOy oldin
  • Famas- monolithic suppressor, 24" sniper barrel, commando foregrip, 60 round clip, vlk 3x optic with single fire... practically a 60 round FAL

    Facetious WrathFacetious WrathOy oldin
  • Bruh I LITERALLY had no idea I was on the other channel, I had to sub lol

    Huzaifa MuzaffarHuzaifa MuzaffarOy oldin
  • Oden

    Lucid CubingLucid CubingOy oldin
  • I have been waiting for this one

    Smokie FrmoutwestSmokie FrmoutwestOy oldin
  • Can we play

    Operater GG-OPOperater GG-OPOy oldin
  • Bizon

    Livid.carsonLivid.carsonOy oldin
  • Y did u not use th gun

    gamez okygamez okyOy oldin
  • Throwing knives and riot shields challenge?

    Macgregor MusallMacgregor MusallOy oldin
  • Makes a video, barely uses the gun💀

    iQx JaXxiQx JaXxOy oldin
  • i died inside when he left the key card

    That1DoodThat1DoodOy oldin

    Insert NameInsert NameOy oldin
  • If you’re wanting a low key banger look no further than the ak47 . Mono supp 23.0 rpk barrel operator grip tac laser 5.45x39 ammo. Don’t see anyone using it which is great for me nobody using it nobodies nerfing it.

  • The SKS is the best gun in the game change my mind

    The password is 12 Or m4h477The password is 12 Or m4h477Oy oldin
  • First time seeing nick mercs video. Would y’all recommend ? On a scale of 1-10

    Stephen SoursStephen SoursOy oldin
  • Nick we cant put notties on your content is made for kids change it Like so he can see

    FORMLESx870FORMLESx870Oy oldin
  • What's the main point of this video?

    Not Another Tik Tok PageNot Another Tik Tok PageOy oldin
  • Do a video for m13 class setup it’s super nice and on the low key

    Its24vLukaIts24vLukaOy oldin
  • You know what ensted of super store call it walmart like you want to land on Walmart

    Ghost NinjaJpa750 coldGhost NinjaJpa750 coldOy oldin
  • Nick got that streamers loot at the start tho

    Mr_BlaCk_BeaRdMr_BlaCk_BeaRdOy oldin
  • U should u the ram again. You used to fry w it. People slept on it.

    Christopher Olivier Herve RichmondChristopher Olivier Herve RichmondOy oldin
  • Use the AK with RPK barrel, mono, ranger foregrip, 40 rounds, and holographic with blue dot.

    James TJames TOy oldin
  • use the uzi

    abelcapalot -abelcapalot -Oy oldin
  • U should try using the holger, the only issue is that it doesn't have a decent barrel that comes with it

    Fishguy2264Fishguy2264Oy oldin
    • Big issue

      MrLoesoeMrLoesoeOy oldin
  • Overkill two SMG’s, AR’s or LMG’s

    Jacob SwallowJacob SwallowOy oldin
  • I’m on that M13 train

    Carson DuncanCarson DuncanOy oldin
  • SKS lowkey is underrated!

    Noah RaskinNoah RaskinOy oldin
  • K It’s so funny when he goes kerpaza 🤣🤣💯

    Marcus SmithMarcus SmithOy oldin
  • Good weapons to try that I don't see too many videos on... AN or AK

    Michael BoiceMichael BoiceOy oldin
  • Make the intro shorter

    Fraser PriceFraser PriceOy oldin
  • Best gun out there that requires some accuracy -mk2 carbine, tac laser, longest barrel, monolithic suppressor, sport comb, and either a sight of ya choice or sleight of hand 👌👌👌

    Avery MecherAvery MecherOy oldin
  • he just did not even use the gun he was talking about lol

    Emmett NewellEmmett NewellOy oldin
  • Tell you what bruvha I’ll sub to this and like if you reply to my comment

    Eden OdishoEden OdishoOy oldin
  • I’m already tired of nickmercs with these damn videos all being the same with the same message

    HavokHavokOy oldin
  • Fennec 1st barrel longest suppresser not monolithic 40 round mag ranger foregrip and tac laser

    Huh yaboybtd2Huh yaboybtd2Oy oldin
  • The Sks with the reflex sight you find in boxes and flour loot slaps. I got 4 quick kills I wouldn't normally get with AR or smg. Suprised me. Had to build one for loadout.

    Ben ToondersBen ToondersOy oldin
  • Do an AK or an AN-94 video bro!!

    Michael MorosoMichael MorosoOy oldin
  • The best loadout for warzone is an m4 with a corvus marksmen barrell, commando forgrip, 60 round mag, and vlk 3.0 sights. with a r90 as your secondary with fire rounds

    Ben RussellBen RussellOy oldin
    • Amax with the jak12

      Deplorable SOBDeplorable SOBOy oldin
  • Nick I’d like to see you run a P90 setup. IMO a very underrated SMG. I’ll run that for close and an AR for long range.

    cashxrscashxrsOy oldin
    • He has already made multiple videos on it

      Jaedyn WardJaedyn Ward11 kun oldin
  • Oden please plz 810 mil barrel colossus suppressor holo optic tac laser or stippled

    John GillespieJohn GillespieOy oldin
  • wtffff how did he know i didn’t know this was a morenickmercs vid

    Jordan ScottJordan ScottOy oldin
  • Use the striker 45 with akimbo deagles

    Bradley WightmanBradley WightmanOy oldin
  • I got the gun#!!! A.k 47 only with the blue dot holo sight....the barrel that looks doubled up... 40 mag. Reg. Stock with muzzle compensator and u can pick a perk dude it dont move and I think it would it dont move I SWEAR ON MY MOTHER...PLZ USE

    Mike HazelMike HazelOy oldin
  • Wait I actually didn’t realize I was on his 2nd channel till he said it lmaoo

    ErosXOErosXOOy oldin
  • By far my money favorite UZworldr for call of duty. You always kill the intros! 🙏🏾

    Derrik StaleyDerrik StaleyOy oldin
  • Watch nickmercs for his gamplay❎ Watch nickmercs for his funny opening✔️✔️✔️

    fixlol 1234fixlol 1234Oy oldin
  • Run the vlk dragons breath. Super op

    Jordan PriceJordan PriceOy oldin
  • please make a grau set up

    esteban jesusesteban jesusOy oldin
  • use the vlk 🙈

    facevilfacevilOy oldin
  • I literally don’t play War Zone but I just watch the videos for the intro they are hilarious keep it up 👍

    Wry VolcanoWry VolcanoOy oldin
  • If Nick liked and comments on this post I will sub to both channels.

    Lieutenant PythonLieutenant PythonOy oldin
  • amax secondary

    Pate HansenPate HansenOy oldin
  • Four corner challenge! Please please please!

    RiZe BernieRiZe BernieOy oldin
  • Use the M91 with monolithic, Corp holo, Ads stock, stippled grip tape, and commando foregrip. Pretty snappy hard hitting lmg

    Tito SmiffTito SmiffOy oldin
  • use SaS monolithic supposer tac laser merc for-grip vlk.3 optic

    that's tuffthat's tuffOy oldin
  • Is it me or am I tripping that he got bounty’s on his game and I don’t got any bounty’s since start of season 6🧐

    Sahil MahtaniSahil MahtaniOy oldin
  • I swear every gun you use is “the strongest gun in warzone”

    Gunnergaming 123Gunnergaming 123Oy oldin
  • Run the m13 with VAL as a sub just run fully loaded on Val

    Peacefuleagle34 //Peacefuleagle34 //Oy oldin
  • .41 ae rounds in the Uzi actually melt just sayin

    Psych0TYK GamingPsych0TYK GamingOy oldin
  • The satchels are the only way I get plates anymore? If they are gonna patch that they better put more as ground loot

    Shayne McGowanShayne McGowanOy oldin
  • It slapsss

    JOSH navarro -_-JOSH navarro -_-Oy oldin
  • The dragonov is low keyyy

    JOSH navarro -_-JOSH navarro -_-Oy oldin
    • Nah it has way to much recoil

      Jaedyn WardJaedyn Ward11 kun oldin
  • Bro why does he have his forehead IN his camera

    Toasty ToastToasty ToastOy oldin